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Yo readers. Ben’s been getting really bored today stuck inside because of the constant rain. I try to take him out, but he just gives me a look that says “You must be joking!” So I’ve decided to let him do a blog. It turned out to be a bit hard to type with his paws, so I’ll proof-read it and correct any errors. Over to Ben –

Ahem. Woof, and so on.
Today I’ll be telling you about a recent walk, and showing you some of the wonders of nature I come across as I take Beardy Bloke on rambles around the countryside. First, we’ll just get over this wall into the next field…
…which is full of brilliant long grass! Can you see me? I’ll leap up and down a bit as I run so I can keep an eye on you and make sure you don’t get lost.Over the far side of the field is this wonky tree, which we call the Wonky Tree. There’s some pretty pink flowers in front of it, look. Usually, we turn left at the Wonky Tree, which leads us to…… Fallingdown Wood. I think Fallingdown Wood is dead good, cos it smells of oldness and moss and insects and dog-wee and rotting wood. Its very quiet usually, except some birds do tweeting and stuff.Here’s Beardy Bloke in Fallingdown Wood, to show you what I have to put up with.After the wood, we walk uphill past a gate that sometimes we climb over (or through in my case – Beardy Bloke bends the wire) if we want to go further and swim in the lodge. There’s a scary bridge that way though, so I’m glad we went past this time. Beardy Bloke told me that when he was a puppy, they called this white plant Mother-Die, and all ther boys thought that if you touched it your mother would die, or you’d wet the bed or something.Buttercups! There are buttercups everywhere, and if you want to see if you like butter, this is what you have to do with them –Some of the wildlife we see, includes fish – can you see it? Look, where I’m pointing. I’m pointing at it.Signs of more mysterious wildlife, now, and these strange droppings show us that the creature has passed by recently. Actually, it smells quite tasty…And there it is! Ssshhh – don’t spook it.Brilliant, I’ve found a stick! I love a good game of chase the stick. Beardy Bloke does the chasing, of course, I just run away from him. I always win cos I’ve got four legs, and he’s only got a measly two. Its a bit small, actually. I wonder if I can find a bigger one? YES! Chase this, Beardy!Oh, he got it. Right, you bugger, throw it. Go on, throw it! Throw the damn stick already!And now I’m knackered after all that chasing. Its quite hard work walking up the hill.Time for a sit down. Hmmm, looks like it might be clouding over.Oh yeah. Definitely a storm coming. Wonder if we can get back before the rain starts?Erm… nope. I’m all soggy now, look. Ew.But I do love getting towelled off! Wheeeee!I’m all dry now, Beardy Bloke. Any chance of a dog-chew? Stick some Metallica on the stereo while you’re at it.

About wombat37

A Yorkshireman in the green hills of Lancashire, UK Not a real wombat, obviously, or typing would become an issue. I do have short legs and a hairy nose, however. Oh, & a distinctive smell.

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  1. Hi Ben~ My what an adventure you and Beardy Bloke had! Good thing you were there to make sure he didn't get lost. With his short legs and all, it might have been forever before he came home.
    Ace the DufusDog thinks this blog is neato, and gives it 2 woofs and a tail wag!


  2. Oh Ben I did so love the way you shared your thoughts…actually got a little lump in my throat as I read your adventures and thought about how much I would love to share a walk with you…and you could bring Beardy Bloke too, I have determined he would be good company.


  3. This made me cry.



  4. Me too, Kim. Every day.


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