Cat on Tour visits Carlisle

Mary drove Cat two hours North to the Brampton Road campus of the University of Cumbria; this is collated from her notes. The campus is small, on the north side of Carlisle. Apparently, non-sequiturily, there are a lot of Swedish students. There is one other campus in Carlisle, and others in Lancaster, Ambleside and Penrith. The campus tour was with a large group, which included a noisy toddler, with the result that some things the guide said couldn’t be heard. The area being created for computers was interesting, being a balcony in the library building (see right).
The presenter for the talks, in a very small lecture theatre, was engaging and interesting. The University does not guarantee campus accommodation for all first-year students, but they will find accommodation for them . All students (we think) get a bursary of about £1000 per year, although we do need to check this if Cat decides the place is for her. IT facilities are available round the clock at Fusehill Campus and in the library. Students can do evening classes in Media, Textiles, Ceramics, Woodwork, and Jewellery and in any case can use the equipment in any area (band saws, sewing machines etc.) once they have completed an induction session.
Illustration, which is Cat’s particular interest, is a BA degree. Students who the tutors feel are not quite ready for the course but show promise may be offered a place in year 0 which is a foundation entry course and is actually another year in Further education (no fees but no grants/loans). NOT to be confused with a foundation degree. In the first year, Graphics and Illustration do the same course. Workshops are communal 1st year students work in the same area as third years. Most work is marked on screen and need not be printed. Colour copies are 75p each. Students will typically fill three or four sketchbooks per term.
The second year sees Graphic Design and Illustration beginning to separate, although there is still some common ground. In Year 3, students are expected to concentrate on their strengths, and are expected to work on at least four projects.
In year 1, three weeks are given over to a language project, while one week is spent on Creative Writing. In Year 2, students produce a website. Work Placement is undertaken in Year 3. The University has connections with the design company, Pentagram.
Overall, Cat was pretty impressed to the tune of 8/10, but says that Loughborough leads the way still. Here’s her thoughts at the moment –

  1. Loughborough
  2. Cumbria (Carlisle)
  3. Derby
  4. Glyndwr (Wrexham)

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