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Ou sont les neiges d’antan? Bloody here, matey.

Recognise this? Check the title bar above.DSC07383



So where the hell’s my flying car?

flyersA tweet by @simonpegg on Twitter alerted me. We were lied to! In the Fifties and Sixties, that is. We were promised that in the unimaginably distant future (ie now), we would be glorifying in a magical world. No one would work, for obedient robots would do everything for us. We would all have wrist televisions, anti-gravity boots, and – the most thrilling to my impressionable young mind – flying cars. Well, Mr. Fifties Pundit, where’s MY flying car?

PLANETAMUJERES2Mind you, there were also predictions of telephones without wires, a screen in every home linked to other homes, AND they predicted Hole In The Wall extremely accurately – see left.

Which sets me thinking: what will we be seeing in our lives in 2060? Here are my forecasts:

Automated trolleys in supermarkets will scan your shopping list and go fetch your shopping while you amuse yourself in the Virgin Holosuite (today: An Oasis In The Desert). We will be able to order children from Amazon using the power of thought. Cars will run on dog crap, thus solving two big problems of today’s city living. We will be able to buy realistic programmable androids of Yvonne Strahovski (PLEEEESSEE!). The speaking clock will be sponsored. Huh? What, really? Oh.

Look, if I’m wrong, be sure to look me up in the Wombat Home For the Terminally Bewildered, and I’ll take you down the pub (sponsored by McDonalds Alcoburgers).

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