Mum’s chums on “the internets”

Dscf0175 Mum being eighty-two (and wonderfully spritely with it, I must say), we headed to her place in Knott End to spend the day with her. I had told my “internets” (as Mum calls the friends whom I have never met), and she had scores of Dscf0177online good wishes for her day –mostly on my Facebook page, but also from some lovely Twitter peeps.. which reminds me, I must get around to collecting them all together (I foresee lots of Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V in my future) and printing them out for her to keep.

After Mum had opened a couple of small gifts we had taken for her, which included a pair of tiny Guatemalan Dscf0176worry dolls (“but what have I got to worry about?” she said), and a rather fine “wine-coloured” scarf (which you can probably tell me the real colour of), we showed her the collected Happy Birthdays from the online world (hurray for mobile broadband!).


Here is her response –

Mum had also received a book from the Wombettes Cat & Ellie, together with our Julia’s sons Michael & Danny, expressing the love and respect they had for her. This, of course, was the best gift of all. Here she is leafing through the book while having a bloody good gossip –

And finally, because you couldn’t see them that clearly in the above vid, here are the kids personal greetings to their Granny. I’ll do them in age order, because I’m congenitally unable to put them up randomly:






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