A few more Loughborough pics

Thought I might as well whack up a few more photos I took in Loughborough, but didn’t use in the last post. These are the fairly crappy ones, so you’ll miss nothing by skipping this particular blog entry.

First, just below, is Cat with the Town Hall waaaayyy up the end there behind her.Dscf0245

Dscf0256Next we have a shot of the Age Concern bookshop, which I took mostly just as a reminder that there are a lot of charity shops in Loughborough.

And here’s one of a number of shopping arcades that are to be found around the town. Up those stairs at the far end is a rather nice-looking coffee bar (or pizza place, or something).Dscf0259

Dscf0261 Next (over on the right there) is an example of the traffic that winds through this pleasant town, surprisingly little of which actually gets in the way of the meandering pedestrian – and yes, the tractor did drive through the red light which appeared as I took the photograph.

Here’s a shot of Churchgate (apparently the oldest part of the town), which did have some interesting little shops, not least the one called Mary Mary, which sold somewhat distinctive women’s clothing. Dscf0269Since my own Mary Mary is also somewhat distinctive, that’s hardly surprising.

Dscf0265 There was a beautiful old tree in the churchyard of the 14th century parish church, which I attempted to capture through the panorama feature of my camera. This failed, due entirely to the fact that I stood way too close and confused the function with bendy perspective.

I have therefore attempted to join the three parts of the tree manually, using good old Paintshop Pro. You can still see the lines where I couldn’t be arsed to meld the lighting and little offsets, but I reckon you still get the overall effect.

From where she is standing beneath the tree, Cat took the photograph below gazing up through the branches at the pretty blue sky.



Now, what’s left? Oh yes, a combination teddy bear / guitar shopDscf0272





in THIS arcade,Dscf0274





which sold these –Dscf0273




Yes, I know, ladies – Awwwww!!




And finally, a typical pub (all together, men – Awwwww!!)Dscf0260


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