A wander

Twitter chum @thom_white recently started going for an occasional  wander in his native Nottingham, taking photographs of whatever took his fancy as he meandered, and inventing the #wander hashtag in the process. Here’s MY latest #wander.

01 market That’s the market sign. The second item is a black pudding, which should give you a clue as to where I was wandering. Or you could just look at the tags for this post.

02 Respect the past and look to the future The motto here translates roughly to “Respect the past and look to the future”, which is the motto of the Royal Grammar School in Worcester. Oddly, this is on a bank.

03 1874 “1874” proclaims this rather nice window on what used to be the Co-op bank building, and now houses Swinton Insurance. Not sure of the meaning of “Union Club”, and a quick Google search has discovered nothing.

04 Church

The church looking impressively solid. I waited ages for the wind to take the flag out enough to see the cross of St. George, and took about a dozen photographs in the process, but this was the best one of the lot. Sometimes you just have to bow your head to fate and give in.



05 commerceThis proud young lady wearing what looks like a designer scarf apparently represents Commerce, and can be found on the plinth of a statue of Robert Peel near the church. Not that I often consider the gender of abstract nouns, but I never thought of Commerce as being female.




06 tiles Some interesting tiles on an otherwise completely ordinary red-brick building. Odd decision to place them there.

07 escape

I call this piece “Escape”, although I haven’t the faintest idea what’s meant to be going on. Twitter opinion was that this was a creepy demon child and I should leg it forthwith out of what wa obviously Satan’s Garden. There then followed some amusing by-play about Satan gardening in his spare time, but I’ll not bore you with it here.



08 memorial

The memorial by the Royal Fusiliers Museum, which I didn’t bother to go in because they charge a fair whack for entry. Museums, like Art Galleries, should be free and ask for contributions to provide funds. Speaking of Art Galleries, the next photograph is of a window in the gallery across the road from the Fusiliers Museum. I can identify the anvil and the weaving shuttles, but why are they torturing the poor ram?

09a window Not sure what’s growing in the bottom right hand corner, either.

09 the cruel sister I adore this painting – The Cruel Sister by John Faed. Which of the ladies do you think is the Cruel Sister of the title? As I write this, there’s a better image here.

Lunchtime – I seem to have quite the choice here –

10 menu Tony and Tony use different fonts for their signs, and given how particular food outlets are about their font-usage, Twitter opinion was that they were not related. However, they probably unite to make Mr. Second Base’s life a misery. There was also some gossip about whether Second Base, given the suggestive name, might be an establishment of quite a different nature altogether. The chippy, though, was closed 😦

11 piesBut luckily here’s Mrs. Ogden to the rescue, with her butifull meat & tater pies.

12 saint This is St. Wilfride, and he can be found outside the Catholic Church. Thanks to the delightful @rosamundi (follow her on Twitter for laughs and thrills and spills), I can point you to this page of information, where St. Wilfrid appears to have a weirdly-shaped head.

13 bank Extreme flower-pressing, again found on a bank. What is it with banks and unusual decorations on their buildings? 13 market squareAnd finally, here’s the memorial in the triangle on Market Street, atop which an angel is waving I-have-no-idea-what.

This #wander malarkey is great fun, and the feedback has been dead encouraging, so I’ll definitely be doing it again. Meanwhile, the next time you go into town try looking up instead of straight ahead, and you might see something interesting. Maybe you’ll even have a #wander, eh?


About wombat37

A Yorkshireman in the green hills of Lancashire, UK Not a real wombat, obviously, or typing would become an issue. I do have short legs and a hairy nose, however. Oh, & a distinctive smell.

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  1. Thanx for the lovely tour! Amazing how you can find interesting stuff to look at, even in your own home village!
    I might hafta try a #wander thru my woods>


  2. That's be really good, J. Why not Tweet it as well, using the hashtag #wander and join the #wander revolution!


  3. loveitloveitloveitloveitloveit. Especially The Cruel Sister!


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