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You knew it had to come one day. Oh aye, its only a footy #wander – got your hat and scarf on? DSC00930 Let’s go then, and treat ourselves to a Botulism Burger before the match, unless you’d prefer chips & cheese, with a side order of toffee apple?

A quick visit to the shop will show you that the home team play in a disturbing mix of pale blue and dark brown. The two octogenarian ladies who sit behind us refer to these as DSC00931“them shit shirts”.

As in – “Yer rubbish, you lot! You’ll never win anything wearing them shit shirts!”. They are gentle, grey-haired, polite old ladies. Except at the footy. That’s enough blather for now, Wombat, get on with the photos –

The South Stand turnstiles. Notice how busy they aren’t.




DSC00939South Stand filling up:







DSC00940 <—Programme.


Now, I’m going to blather a bit more about this programme, and show you the full front cover, because… well, you’ll see. Take a look –


Dsc00940aYou’re right! It IS a footballer in a mini skirt. And if anyone can tell me what exactly is going on in his groinal area, I’d be more than interested. The best that Twitter could come up with was that he’d been infected by an Alien which had attached itself to an orifice other than his mouth. And, with that thought, look! Cheerleaders!

dsc00941a (actually, that’s a shot from a different day, cos I wasn’t close enough this visit, but I couldn’t let a footy #wander go by without mentioning the cheerleaders, could I? I might be rapidly aging, but I am male after all)

Two flags! One, a corner flag, and the other… not.







Here’s a seat with a great view, but I wouldn’t want to sit there –


And finally, a shot which sums up Bury’s traditionally fervent support –



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