Here’s our latest meander, courtesy of a quick drive up the M6 to deliver Ellie back to University. Lancaster’s a lovely city, and when there are stalls out on the streets selling all sorts of knick-knacks, bric-a-brac, oojamaflips and wossnames, the place hums with a happy babble. Here, people gather outside… well, can you guess what the building is?

 Dscf0900 Dscf0901 

Mary bought herself Chinese food from a street-vendor, while I moved along a couple of stalls and had the tastiest biriani.






This lass was something else – nice powerful thighs there….. sorry, drifted off for a moment. To preview her ‘Strongwoman’ act, she hoicked a bystander off his feet and carried him off. Much to the distress of his child (on the right), and the amusement of his OH (upper right).


Up the hill is the castle, but it costs a fair whack to be toured around, and as regular readers will know I am a Yorkshireman, and if it’s not free, it can bloody well bugger off. Here’s the outside of the castle with a pretty tree.


In the castle grounds, ‘jolly re-enactors’ were teaching children to fight with swords, maces and other weapons. Cos that’s ALWAYS a good idea.

Dscf0909 From the castle grounds you get a lovely view. NOTE: Tom Wigam, apparently, is a dirty emo and a tramp.


Next photos – gargoyles on the church, and Mary nomming her Chinese. I make no comparison. No comparison at all.

 Dscf0911 Dscf0914








And here’s the very pretty church interior.


Another view from the castle, this time of the monument in Williamson Park. You can probably see Ellie’s house from here as well (not pictured).

Dscf0917 Lovely curves, both on the street and on the photographer (Mary took this one).


And here’s Ellie looking picturesque while resting on the castle steps.

Dscf0924A red door yes, but WTF are these hooks for by the lamp? I can’t imagine, personally. (well, I can, but I doubt my weird ideas are anywhere near the actual truth)










Despite the prominence of the signpost, I have absolutely no idea of the name of this square. Pretty though, int it?


Houses looming like vultures over the corpses of two garages (poetic, eh?)




On the old Co-op building. Something about co-operative insects or something, probably.




And here’s this post’s obligatory sweet shop.


Interestingly, the streets of Lancaster are paved with old pennies and stuff, all glued into the pavement. Look closely, and you’ll see quite a few foreign coins as well (well, not in the photo you won’t, but if you were actually THERE you would)


Finally, the sexy Queen Victoria towers greenly above us as we take our leave.



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