The Game is Afoot

See what I did there? I failed to resist the temptation to attempt a punnish title in the style of a tabloid newspaper. Sometimes my banality surprises and annoys me. Not this time, though. Anyway, on with the feet, and first let me introduce you to the soundtrack for this week, courtesy of @johnrands_tmtl. Tis that wee video over on the right, and although the appropriate song doesn’t begin until three minutes in, I’ve left it intact so you can appreciate the full range and musical genius of Mr. Bresslaw.

Paws, mostly

This week I’ll be amusing myself by grouping the entries into several, well, groups. I begin with our furry friends.26clevergirlbuffy-These are my beautiful pink feet sundaypics clean and soft and (of course) quite lethal to small mammals24goodboyben19snowgirl1972-Ok, here's my feet for Sundaypics (with a friend20butmadnnw-Keegan n I present our feet for

26tonihill79-7 week old kitten that is smaller than my size 9 feet Bless

 47starlitwolf-Not sure if this'll work My feet and friend sundaypics feet got cold, first pr socks I grabbed

First up is our very own @goodboyben, scrawming in the sun. He is followed by @snowgirl1972’s painted lady nails (with friend), and then by @clevergirlbuffy with her delicate paws. Below these we have @tonihill79 and her feet which are bigger than a panther. No wait, that’s more like a kitten. Bigger than a seven-week-old kitteh then. Aww, lookd at the eyes on @starlitwolf’s canine companion. Lovely – but what’s going on with those socks? Finally we have a dual header – sorry, ‘dual footer’ from @butmadnnw and Keegan.

Serious shoes

These are the photos that look like footwear that means business, and is getting on with a real job. But what would I know about that?07oldmotherriley-If you had any ideas that I might be glamorous, now is the time to forget them 15exnavygirl-This is picture of my footwear and gear I had for Pack Run this morning, taken outside farm shop 12xkylet-Shiny shoes, helping out at RAF Lyneham a few months ago 

 23hebbie-my Receptioning foot

35fraggle_red23-Half way back down Cadair idris

38captain_doodle-My feet (Winter) Plodging in the deepest snow since back in the day

“If you had any ideas that I might be glamorous, now is the time to forget them” screeches @oldmotherriley, owner of the wellies and whatever the hell that is that she’s driving. Spit and polish next, as @xkylet shows us his shiny shoes from when he was helping out at RAF Lyneham. When I worked on RAF stations, I just wore my old trainers. Speaking of military, that pic top right looks like it means business – it’s @exnavygirl all ready for a Pack Run. I feel exhausted just typing ‘Pack Run’. @hebbie shows us her sexy receptioning foot next, followed by snowy @captain_doodle ‘plodging’ in his wellies. Finally we have @fraggle_red23 half way down Cadair Idris. Impressive.

Why Don’t You Slip Into Something More Comfortable?

These look like shoes to take it easy in. Ma Severn would not be impressed, for I have just ended a sentence with a preposition. A preposition is osmething you should never end a sentence with.00wombat 16greythorne-My giant feet in my best running shoes They have sparkly laces They are also a size 9 Yes, Nine 08bestoftimes-Fantastic Vibram Five Fingers shoes on Yellowcraigs Beach And yes, that peculiar dead colour is usual for Scottish feet For too long this was my most viewed picture on Flickr



38captain_doodle-My feet (Summer) Relaxing by the boundary after a morning cricketing

23mikeybaer-I don't like my feet naked so here they are with shoes

45thom_white-My feet, in Trickers A gentleman's shoe49ajonesie-My feet in my poor old ratty Converse They're like a member of the family after 4 years   18flossietp-or the favourite 'suede, ribbons and heels' feet up


OK, here we go – top left is ME, in a field catching some rays. Next is a pair of I-have-no-idea-what worn by @bestoftimes. Oh, it says here they are Fantastic Vibram Five Fingers shoes on Yellowcraigs Beach. And yes, that peculiar dead colour is usual for Scottish feet. For a very long time this was @bestoftimes ‘ most viewed picture on Flickr. Third up – @greythorne’s giant feet “in my best running shoes They have sparkly laces! They are also a size 9”. Sparkly laces AND size nine. How showbiz! Who’s that relaxing by the boundary when he should be bouncing about at Silly Mid Maiden or something? Why, tis @captain_doodle! (I don’t understand cricket, can you tell?). @mikeybaer doesn’t like his feet naked, so quite sensibly he’s wearing some nice brown shoes. Next, finally a pair of Converse! They’re a bit ratty though, belong to @ajonesie, and apparently are like a member of the family after 4 years *wrinkles nose*. @flossietp puts her feet up in the favourite “suede, ribbons and heels”, and finally debonair man-about-town @thom_white wears Trickers, a gentleman’s shoe.

Socks and rugs and rock and roll

Being a collection of socks wherein you have to play your own rock ‘n’ roll for the header to make sense.10nessgoddess-monkey feet 34lilianlouvaine-here's my foot, in a sock I knitted, in a holiday cottage in Bamburgh 30miss_ripley-Spotty feet


 46avensarah-But instead I decided to use this feet in hand-knit socks, now that the weather's changed 57alliterative-My feet in Aran socks hand knit by avensarah 37nortoner-Got a smart pair of Monster feet slippers upstairs but can't be arsed to fetch em So

Monkey feet, spotty feet, holiday feet, pregnant feet, lazy feet, Arran feet.@nessgoddess waves her monkey feet in the air, @miss_ripley tilts her spotty feet knowingly at a flirtatious angle, and @lilianlouvaine flaunts her expert knitting skills in a holiday cottage in Bamburgh. Bottom left, this is a view that @avensarah herself can’t see due to her bump, @nortoner points his feet at the corpse of a baby seal that he has lying around the place, and @alliterative displays the knitting skills of the beautiful @avensarah. Yes, the one that’s up the duff.

You Sexy Thing

Remember that Hot Chocolate song? “I believe in nurgles… na na na na… you sexy thing, sexy thing ooo” or something. Anyway, here are some shots that float my boat.04jackpot73 11toffeegirluk-Naked foot just seemed wrong so clothed it with my fave shoe 48fbishwife-My Dorothy style shoes sundaypics & another as the shoes r so purty oh n my feet

31catinabaglady-2 of 2) and this could be the result 31catinabaglady-(1 of 2) with a moral to the story Get pished whilst wearing these@jackpot73 gets me, I mean us, going with a pair of sparkly come-hither sandals.  These are followed by @fbishwife’s Dorothy style shoes, which look oh-so-purty. And look at the cheeky blue nails peeping erotically from the toe of @toffeegirluk’s favourite shoes there. My happy ending is guaranteed by the stern heel of @catinabaglady’s offering  – although you should not wear these while “pished” she says, or your foot may end up like the one in the right-hand photo.

As Nature Intended

By far the biggest group is this one of naked feet showing everything, toes and all, in all their full-frontal provocative glory. I’ll probably break these down into three groups of six, since at my age so much nakedness at once makes it hard.02boolbar-Im early, but I already have pic of my feet pre-operation from last November Be afraid 25lottedh-Wiggle your big toe 17ironthighs-My feet, right now

03smallcasserole-observe my elven feet and the troll-like feet of happymouffetard40ariadnes_web-My feet enjoying a little wiggle on the beach in Elie, Fife32crofty-Hold on to your tea sundaypics - my foot in the buff It's not pretty, but is a tribute to the dexterity of Mr Saha who rebuilt it for me

A pre-operation photo of @boolbar’s feet from last November starts us off. Didn’t they have any full-length beds, I wonder? Next from @ironthighs is probably my favourite pair of feet of the entire lot. I’m thinking I should have put them in the sexy group, they’re so damned gorgeous. I want to have those feet’s babies. @lottedh’s feet do their toe-wiggling in a surprisingly clean car, to be followed by what is NOT a pair, but @smallcasserole’s elven left foot and @happymouffetard’s troll-like right. Bet the grass felt nice. @crofty warns that his foot is not pretty, but is a tribute to the dexterity of Mr. Saha who rebuilt it for him. I wonder if that’s Luis Saha, the Everton footballer? Probably not. Last in this sextet, @ariadnes_web wiggles her toes in the sand of the beach at Elie, Fife.

28tigerbaps 39BvO79-my foot doing what should be done on a Sunday-hiding under the duvet waiting for roast beef 36ameadey-Hate feet but here's my contribution to sundaypics You'll never guess what my weekend has involved42kaPOWed-hey if sundaypics is about feet this week, check these bad boys I posted earlier out -freaky 56little_mavis-No pretty suntanned feet here I'm afraid But they are very clean 50watty62-Apologies to all for my sundaypics entry Should have come with warning not for those of a nervous disposition

Cool rug, Lindsay, for they are indeed @tigerbaps’ tootsies top left. Next are @ameadey’s. She tells us that she hates feet “…but here’s my contribution to #sundaypics. You’ll never guess what my weekend has involved” Erm, naked feet covered in white satuff…. I’d better not. Whose is that foot doing what should be done on a Sunday and hiding under the duvet waiting for roast beef? Why, it belongs to @BvO79! Painted toenails, described as freaky by their owner @kapowed, start the bottom row, closely followed by someone else not happy about their feet – “Apologies to all for my #sundaypics entry. Should have come with warning: not for those of a nervous disposition” says @watty62. Finally, my beloved @little_mavis – “No pretty suntanned feet here I’m afraid, but they are very clean” says the love of my life.

41coradevine-Bit rushed this, but hey so what 53mrsactive-My feet are having a snuggle 51sportology55mallrat_uk-my feet (and reflection) in bed - their favourite place 54luciemr 59liam54-double the amount In bed too Lush PS I hate feet Mr Wombat, not my favourite theme “Bit rushed this” says @coradevine, trying to kid us on that she’s in some Caribbean paradise. You don’t fool me with your painted wall, however beautifully it is done. @sportology uses his feet as an artistic frame, while @mrsactive’s feet are “having a snuggle”. There are four feet in @mallrat_uk’s photo, given the huge mirror by the bed (her feet’s favourite place, apparently). Another mirror by @liam54’s bed doubles his podiatric contribution too, while @luciemr luxuriates in the sudsiest bath ever. Don’t stick your toe up the tap dear.


That’s my guess at the Latin for ‘many-footed’ (correct me if I’m wrong) cos this group of entries all display many feet.01janine 09m73ichelle 05andymcf- You want feet 22white76-my feet Or should I say our feet 58littlebit_bod-from April a pic commemorating 1st journey beyond the ward, yes those are surgical stockings 43MacJude-is mine and skydivemacca's in a very clear river in Florida last October I am aware that my husband has very hairy legs52intruth-My entry for this week's foot-themed sundaypics For 10 points can you guess which foot is mine

The first photo is a non_twitter entry, from Janine in South Dakota: when she met up with four ‘internet’ friends for the first time, Mr. Janine sent them money for a nice night out to dinner and something special. They chose a pedi (sic). Second we have @andymcf – his are the feet without black nail varnish. The others are “Alicia’s”, and he a[pologises for all the bed #sundaypics he posts. “Not trying to lower the tone. Honest”, says he, as if that were remotely possible. The third photo is from @m73ichelle and the fourth from @white76 – Cute City! @macjude sends us a snap of her and @skydivemacca’s feet in a very clear river in Florida last October. She particularly points out her husband’s very hairy legs. Each to their own, and yes, I’m confused about the riverbed too. The sixth photo is from lovely @littlebit_bod, a pic commemorating her first journey beyond the hospital ward, and yes those are surgical stockings. Finally here, we have a five-legged entry from @intruth. For 10 points (he says) can you guess which foot is his? Apply to him for your points.

That’s Entertainment

For a final group, those entries which tried something a little different in order to bring a little joy into your humdrum lives. Full marks to those of you who made that little bit more effort – I’ll do these in threes, since a few require a bit of explanation.06johnrands_tmtl-To quote Churchill 12xkylet-No sundaypics of naked feet, I've got horrible big toe nails so I cover them with shoes Lots of shoes 13looshine-My sundaypics contribution It may be small but it'll melt your heart

You got the first one from @johnrands_tmtl yet? Think Winston Churchill…… OK, I’ll tell you. Churchill famously said “In war, resolution; in defeat, defiance…” Got it now? Good. @looshine says of her entry “It may be small but it’ll melt your heart”. She’s not wrong. Thirdly, @xkylet decided not to post pics of his feet cos of his horrible big toe nails. Instead he showed us his shoes. Lots of shoes. He even provided a list, which I’ll post at the bottom, in case you want to make notes.14keithy73-Here's my feet acting out the movie 'King Kong 29dartacus-From Catalonia last year, our attempt at an arty family holiday snap 27sarahpez-Like the weather, not sure what to put on my tootsies these days

Spot the Movie above! Go on – @keithy73’s feet are acting up a storm up there on the left. Yes, of course, it’s King Kong. In colour, so not the original, but never mind eh? I found @sarahpez’s entry amusing, cos she’s got different shoes on! Ha ha ha ha! She says it’s because of the unpredictability of the British weather. Arty stuff on the right from @dartacus, taken in Catalonia last year. That wouldn’t go amiss as a poster on a wall.21talojo-Are you all ready for this SUNDAYPICS with a bit of a film reference, can you guess which film it is 60heidivodka-heavenly feet lol 33louwiseman- Five of my little piggies

Another film reference above for you to guess from @talojo. I had no idea what it was, was told, and have forgotten again. As time goes on I have fewer and fewer grey brain cells and more and more grey pubic hair. Sorry, TMI moment. Let’s move swiftly on – @louwiseman’s little piggies are self-explanatory, and gave me a big old smile. Then I imagined her writing the notes and actually sticking them on, and I smiled all over again. And those heavenly feet on the right belong to @heidivodka.32crofty-here are my hasty 'should-be-mowing' feet with Katy in the background (wombat37 if yours are naked later I might show my scar) 61jamerz3294-HammerToeNails

“Here are my hasty ‘should-be-mowing’ feet with Katy in the background (wombat37 if yours are naked later I might show my scar)” says @crofty. You wouldn’t thank me for a sight of anything of mine naked. And penultimately, @jamerz3294 makes a pun on Hammer Toe Nails. And that’s it! All over.

“But wait, Oh Mighty Wombat” I hear you say, “You used the word ‘penultimate’. Surely that would indicate a further contribution is in store for our delectation?” You are correct, dear reader, and surprisingly articulate tonight. Yes, there is one more that I cannot embed. @shelley279 sends us a little early festive cheer. To see it, you’ll need to CLICK HERE.

And that’s all for this post, my lovelies. Now that both Wombettes are sorted at University, my big rush is over and #SUNDAYPICS blogs will become more concurrent again. You’ll also have noticed the wonderful guest bloggers who have offered their help appearing from time to time. This will mean that the growing popularity of #SUNDAYPICS won’t mean its demise. Hurray!

@Xkylet’s shoes

“I decided to have a tidy up of my shoes, and counted 27 pairs

Two pairs of Blundstone boots – brown and black
Two pairs of Converse – hi in multi stripe, lo in orange
Six pairs of DMs Brown shoes, brown brogues, two pairs of brown 1460’s, orange 1460, blue 1460
A pair of Timberland brown shoes
A pair of Clarks brown shoes
Two pairs of brown Reebok trainers
One pair of blue/orange pro-keds
One pair of Tsubo grey/orange trainers
Two pairs of Salomon trainers
One pair of Adidas cross trainers
One pair of Merell hiking boots
Two pairs of Ecco city shoes – brown and black
One pair of green suede Koudenberg
One pair of green suede Vans (Made in USA)
One pair black dress shoes
One pair of Asics running shoes
One pair of random brown shoes that I don’t remember buying, and I don’t even like
(these are going down the recycling centre later)

It’s not that I buy lots of shoes, I get maybe one or two pairs a year, but the last pair I can remember throwing away was in 1996”


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A Yorkshireman in the green hills of Lancashire, UK Not a real wombat, obviously, or typing would become an issue. I do have short legs and a hairy nose, however. Oh, & a distinctive smell.

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  1. For those still unsure… the film reference from @talojo : Happy Feet – the film about the dancing penguin…


  2. Oh yeah, I remember now. Stupid old Wombat.


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