Room 101

I have the honour of presenting the blog today, to spare our beloved leader some of the onerous work that his brilliant creation of Sunday Pics has produced. Please forgive my lack of witty commentary… I’ll do my best, but I know it won’t be the same!

So, this week’s theme was Room 101: Your Greatest Fear. Given that we needed to post original photos, this posed an interesting challenge for many people, who either didn’t want to get near enough to the source of their fear to photograph it, or had more abstract phobias. But it also produced some pretty impressive creativity! (Fortunately, this meant that there weren’t too many terrifying or grotesque photos, which had somewhat worried me as the person responsible for posting them all!).

I’m not sure of the order these were posted in, so I think I’ll try to organise them by theme, roughly. First, a set of things that I would describe as “intense hatreds”, rather than true phobias:

On the left, @ameadey tosses this into Room 101, to start things off. In the same vein, @ariadnes_web really hates weeding (though she’d have liked to post “a picture of an old man tutting while I park”, but didn’t have one, I guess.

@FBishWife quite reasonably points out the total idiocy of this particular household implement (left), while @Ironthighs isn’t “scared of this, but I REALLY HATE IT.” (right)

And @keithy73 seems to feel even more strongly about his food dislike: “May open a hornets nest here, but these are the worst thing ever I will have nightmares tonight Horrible, chalky, custardy nightmares”.

I think I need to make these pictures a bit smaller, or this will take forever! Ok, next we have some sets of somewhat “typical” phobias — the ones we’ve all heard of, and may share:

@butmadnnw captures the feeling of “Heights, falling, feeling unsteady”; @little_mavis shares that fear, when it comes to bridges at least, and so does @starlitwolf.

@kirtle doesn’t like “small, dark enclosed spaces”, @oldmotherriley doesn’t like bats so much that she says there are “Real ones above my garage, but I’m too scared to photograph anything but a rubber one”, and @talojo assures us that “It’s the dark – not bears”.

Creepy-crawlies were, unsurprisingly, a frequent motif. @tonihill79 and @captain_doodle share a dislike (represented literally by the former, and with all the trappings of a horror movie by the latter), @scullyscully doesn’t like wiggly worms, while @louwiseman shows us the (former) home of her nemesis:

And three of us share a very common phobia — that none of us could bring ourselves to photograph in the flesh! Left to right, it’s the contributions of @white76, @macjude, and myself.

Still on the theme of “fears that we’ve at least heard of”, @alliterative and @jamerz3294 would both like to consign needles to Room 101, especially when they’re used to draw blood, or filled with battery acid(!). @inhumanbeing’s phobia, on the other hand, while certainly understandable (ack!) is a little more idiosyncratic: “Pens Good, Eyeballs Good, Contact between the two Very Bad”.

Now we move into slightly more unusual fears/dislikes. I’m worried about the state of @mikeybaer’s mouth — 15 years without a visit?! @julesb1612 “can’t stand” poor little hoppy frogs; and I’m not sure whether @nathanpottinger is worried about smoke, fire, or the smoke alarm itself!

Even more, um, unique: @andromedababe “Can’t bear smell or feel [of newsprint.] Smell of wet newspaper makes me sick”; @sarahpez hates, of all things, cotton balls (the squeak? the feel?), calling them “spawn of the devil”; and @sarahtregear won’t let anyone powder her feet — I think?

I’m not quite sure what @crofty’s representing here — the fear of being turned into a vegetable? — while @daisydaisy66 says “other mummies scare me SILLY”, and I think @dirtyflirtybird doesn’t like cocks. Heh.

Three more pictures, this time of things that might not count as phobias, but are definitely things I, too, would definitely consign to Room 101. @snowgirl1972 dreads the tell-tale red light that shows the baby’s NOT happy, @ed_moose fears the impending storm, and @xkylet emphatically doesn’t want to be alone.

And now back to some “fears” that are perhaps not so strictly serious… @hastillonlyme has a dirty domestic secret (though I think it’s rather nice that the Christmas cards are still being enjoyed!), while @dutch_bitch and @gfraggle_red23 have rather complementary concerns — or at least, the former (fear of an empty bottle!) results in the latter (a dreadful hangover), I’d guess.

And @thatlauraknox dreads the office…

Only two more to go! First, a more creative (or speculative) fear: @watty62 says “I thought that I’d draw a monster based on an 1840s image by Grandville. I’m not sure what the monster is but wouldn’t care to meet it if it popped from under the bed.”

And finally, in the traditional last place, Maestro @wombat37 shares with us his most peculiar dread:

Everyday life must be full of torment for you, dear Wombat!

And that, folks, is that. Thank you for your patience, and your contributions; you certainly all rose to the challenge wonderfully, and I hope I did your pictures justice!

Yours faithfully,

PS from Wombat – due to a cock-up by ME, this Room 101 entry from @Toffeegirl_UK was missed off, and its bloody BRILLIANT – “ToffeegirlUK: #SUNDAYPICS Room 101. Fear of drowning! 😦


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