Welcome to this rather late #sundaypics – the theme is ‘water‘.

There were quite a lot of entries for this, so I have tried to put them into categories. The first category is…

These were mostly because these were left over when I’d sorted everything else…

First up, we have a lovely ‘wish for snow at Christmas’ taken by @BestofTimes.

Now @ed_moose reflects upon the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, @Braziel messes about in boats, @00spiltmilk00 bends the rules slightly with ‘bloody expensive saline solution’, and @Alliterative looks down – at the Science North butterfly garden.

@flossieTP’s “student” washes himself in it, @sarahpez washes her caffetiere in it, and @little_mavis finds it in Tamlane’s Well.

Next up, Animals
We start with @matt_cochr’s unusually named spaniel ‘Excuse’ (I might have misunderstood his tweet), @greythorne has water for dogs, while @OldMotherRiley has water for horses…though there is something a bit ‘doggy’ about those footprints.

@nixielulu presents her cat ‘Awwww’ when it was a kitten (again, I’m not sure I read her tweet properly), @hastillonlyme bathes pigeons, while @MacJude sprays cats.

First we have ice, as photographed by @kirtle (with vodka) and the lovely @white76.

Next @Snowgirl1972 reveals where all the damn glasses are, @Ironthighs manages a blurry ‘morning after’ picture, and @ScullyScully starts early with a healthily proportioned G&T.

The rather dramatic ‘In To The Void’ by @jonbradbury was taken at Ladybower Reservoir in Derbyshire.

Next we have @andromedababe and the famous Maid of the Mist beneath Niagara Falls, the feed from Delph reservoir taken by @zevans23, and the fountain at Somerset House by @rosamundi.

@Ariadnes_web brings us Buchanty Spout in Perthshire – people go there to watch the salmon leap upstream apparently, and pretty waterfalls from @TheTiniestVole and @CymraesCoch.

A second picture from @TheTiniestVole – and judging by the very low point of view, I am starting to suspect that she is actually a vole. Then a smashing picture of the wonderfully named Minnehaha Falls from @ButMadNNW. Two words describe wombat76’s offering: Don’t. Blink.

Lots of watery pictures here, beginning with this lovely tarn from @fraggle_red23.

This next pic is from someone ‘not on Twitter’ (no, I don’t understand that concept either) called JanineinSD, and shows her OH Barry & dog Ranger walking on water. Next @edinburghjo brings us the pond at Figgate Park, complete with a young man in a catalogue pose. Then @babymakingfiles finds Mercury in York.

@davidtims describes “A couple of random runners being rained on at Dorney Lake”, @Island252 takes a great shot of Boston’s Charles River (that’s the Boston in Massachusetts, not Lincolnshire), and @ButMadNNW has a bloke fishing in Lake Harriet (Minnesota).

Another shot of Dorney lake, this time from @JohnRands_TMTL. Apparently it is the site of the 10k run he was about to do. Presumably he runs around the lake….unless you know something about him that I don’t. Also, we have a great shot of some water lilies from @talojo.

@lizardsimpkins found this picture in a box of old photos, and quite correctly states “They don’t make them like this any more”, and another lovely pic from @CymraesCoch.

@catinabaglady brings us Derwent from Friars Crag, and @AliceMerray Far Ings Nature Reserve, North Lincs.

Finally, a colourful (though probably rather toxic) shot of water from @Keith_C_Jarrett.

I had expected more shots of rain for this #sundaypics, but these ones will more than suffice – especially this one from @Janegoth.

Now we have a trio of international rain pics, American rain from @ButMadNNW, Canadian rain from @Alliterative and good old British rain from good old British @Nortoner.

Though this first one isn’t strictly a river (it is the pond at Dinton Mill by @Toffeegirluk) I’d already sorted it into this section, and I’m not about to change it. So there!

Another shot from the tireless @ButMadNNW – the mighty Mississippi. @Underbundle brings us a bridge over one of Venice’s many canals (which are a bit like rivers – shut up), and @starlitwolf’s fine shot of the Shropshire Union Canal (which is really starting to undermine my system).

@SarahTregear is messing about in boats on the River Thames (yessss), @keithy73 shows us the River Wear at Durham (come on!) and the smashing @mikeybaer has the River Thames at dusk (in your face River-denyers!).

I can’t work out if this pic of the beach at Bamburgh is very romantic, or incredibly sad – I’ll let you decide (or you could ask @LilianLouvaine).

Three lovely shots here of a little supervised paddling. Frist @aMeadey seems to have forgotten the swimming trunks, second, I show The Boy the sea for the first time, and finally, @ElsieAssap misses the summer.

@davidtims rather modestly described this as “yours truly at the beach” – but forgot to mention that it is in Dubai. Swanky. Judging by the colour of the water in the next picture, @jonbradbury’s picture looks like it was taken rather closer to home, as does @IanRobinson’s rather enigmatic aerial photo.

Beachy head by @miffybarker, Cardif Bay by @xkylet and, er, somewhere else by @coradevine.

I’m not sure what this one is of – I should probably ask @thedarkglove [update: it is Brighton West Pier – thanks @xkylet]. This second picture from @FBishWife apparently features @dustmotes, but I’m not sure if he is the heroic surfer, or the guy watching from the safety of the beach.

@Miss_Ripley opens with the picturesque Maramris in Turkey, @Sobster counters with Seaton beach in Cornwall, but @andymcf trumps both with Josh in Biarritz.

Rub your hands together, stamp your feet and make ‘brr brr’ noices while you enjoy these chilly pictures.

@Discombobul8r says simply “Hard Water”, @ButMadNNW shudders with “Brr”, but @AvenSarah is both proud and inclusive when she says “I went patriotic (sort of!) with our lake in winter. Snow & ice are water too!”

Finally, we have a brace of sunsets. The first is from @jamerz3294 of the “Big Waters” of Lake Michigan, and the second is @inhumanbeing’s Crete – this summer.

Well, that’s it (thank god!) I think you can all feel very proud of yourselves, and thanks for not badgering me for not doing this for 2 months.

Go on now, go away – have you any idea how many tweets piled up while you were reading this??



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A Yorkshireman in the green hills of Lancashire, UK Not a real wombat, obviously, or typing would become an issue. I do have short legs and a hairy nose, however. Oh, & a distinctive smell.

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