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Tweet Seats

Last week, amid all the kerfuffle that went with @goodboyben’s accident and death, I completely forgot about #SUNDAYPICS and ended up desperately trying to think of a theme at the last minute. I came up with the somewhat uninspired and insipid “Your Favourite Place to Tweet”, but as usual you lot came up trumps and made it far more interesting than it might have been.

00wombat37For a change, I got the ball rolling with my own entry at a minute past midnight. The laptop there is running Tweetdeck, naturally, and all the books are waiting for eBay to snap them up. You may also spot the famous Wombat Scales with which I frequently try to tell the time.

01captain_doodle - Right, I'm off to Wembley all day tomorrow, so here's my early sundaypics Oh, hang on, technically it's Sunday so scratch that early morning tweet spotClose behind me (oh lucky me) came @captain_doodle, whipping his entry into the box early, as he was off to Wembley all Sunday to watch some American sport and obtain a giant foam finger. This is his favourite early place to tweet. Looks like he’s about to phaser the lampshade.

02inhumanbeing - Night time tweeting with a fat cat and the TV switched off BlissAlso posting in the early hours of Sunday was dirty stop-up @inhumanbeing, night time tweeting with a fat cat and the TV switched off. This, apparently, is bliss to the inhuman one. Vanilla web Twitter for Bob, I see. I imagine he configured it with those particular colours to complement his carpet. Probably chose the cat for the same reason.


03snowgirl1972-here's my daytime tweet view The observant amongst you may notice a similarity with my evening view03snowgirl1972 - Here is my night time aka kid free tweetspot sundaypics do a daytime one in the morning Night guysOn the left there you can see – heh heh heh – @snowgirl1972’s daytime tweet view. Note the huge amount of cuteness in the room, just about to get in fornt of the telly. The observant amongst you may well notice a similarity with her evening view, on the right. With the exception of the cat (I assume it’s a cat; could possibly be a squirrel), this time her view is kid and cuteness free – oops sorry, I was wrong. There’s Mr. Cuteness himself over by the window.


04flossietp - This is my favourite place to tweet, because if I'm here and tweeting it must be a non-work dayYou ready for a bit of philosophical thinking along the lines of René Déscartes? “This is my favourite place to tweet, because if I’m here and tweeting it must be a non-work day”. It’s @flossietp’s favourite place to tweet because it’s her favourite place to tweet. She tweets therefore she is. Or something. Lost myself there.

05scullyscully - I do most of my tweeting on the train, but my favourite place would be bed - relaxed, toasty n comfyApparently @scullyscully does most of her tweeting on the train, but that is not her favourite place. No indeed, her favourite place would be bed – relaxed, toasty and comfy, and looking at a way complicated bedroom light. I wonder if it moves, recalling the  intriguing dance of celestial bodies? Probably not.

06ironthighs - I asked my son to demonstrate my favourite tweeting positionNow here’s an idea – why not bully someone smaller than you to take part in #SUNDAYPICS? @ironthighs did, forcing her son to demonstrate her favourite tweeting position, although he doesn’t seem too upset. So far, then, the favourite tweeting position of Twitterland appears to be lounging on either the settee or the bed.

07lettyp1 - his is the alcove off our dining room where I read and tweet also my lovely iPadPerhaps @lettyp1 can change the growing image of Tweeters as Couch / Bed Potatoes… nope. Settee. This is the alcove off her dining room where she reads and tweets. Also “my lovely iPad”, she says.

08m73ichelle - Favourite tweeting chair, but will tweet anywhere@m73ichelle does NOT have a settee – instead she has a really comfy looking chair – her favourite tweeting chair no less, but of course, like all of us, she will tweet anywhere. That’s her photo on the left there, in case you’re losing track, which also features multiple devices. If Michelle can use all three at once, I’ll eat my hat.

09keithy73 - My fave tweeting location - Sat on the sofa while playing with my ballsIt’s a bit unlike #SUNDAYPICS to have got this far without a soupcon of double-entendre. Luckily, here comes @keithy73, and I can do no better than to let the man speak for himself, and then we can all go ‘fnarr’ together. Ready? “My fave tweeting location – Sat on the sofa while playing with my balls” All together – “FNARRR”

10johnrands_tmtlI am lost for words on this entry from @johnrands_tmtl since I can’t make out it’s raison d’etre, and like a fool (a mad fool who’d just lost his dog obviously), I neglected to make any notes at the time. Let me know what you all make of it.

11babymakingfiles - my favourite place to tweet On my iPhoneElecting to take a slightly different tack, @babymakingfiles tells us that her favourite place to tweet is… on her iPhone. Its over there on the right.

12ariadnes_web- I like to tweet in the kitchen, because it's quiet, warm from the Aga and I can watch the birdsBack to a more geographical interpretation with @ariadnes_web on the left, who likes to tweet in the kitchen. Can you guess why? If it was me, it would be so that I was closer to the food, yes you’re quite right… but @ariadnes_web does it there (am I allowed a ‘fnarr’?) because it’s quiet, warm from the Aga and she can watch the birds. Also, she has bunting in the kitchen.

13thom_white-My favourite tweeting place The Quiet time with The Boy, before all hell breaks loose againHere comes @thom_white now for some “Quiet Time” with The Boy, before all hell breaks loose again. I notice that Thom is sitting in Helen’s place here (see @snowgirl’s earlier pics), before moving to the seat by the window in the evening. SO versatile, that chap. Also, I shall forebear from mentioning the “elephant in the room” (or more accurately, the “elephant on The Boy’s nose”)

14macjude- where else but in bed, on the iPad with a curious kittyAhhhh, look at the tweeting kitty cat! So pretty – I do like tabbies. @macjude (for it is she) seems surprised that she should expect her to be anywhere else but in bed, on the iPad with a curious kitty. This looks like a recipe for cat-snot on the iPad screen.

15kirtle-My corner of the sofa with essential blanket and netbook just missing coffee or wine to be complete#SUNDAYPICS this week has more settees than DFS, and I quite like this one cos of it’s cornerness. I also like that laptop ‘tray’ – tis just the sort of thing I could do with. This is @kirtle’s corner of the sofa with essential blanket and netbook. Just missing coffee or wine to be complete, she says. Wine Ducks, always choose the wine.

16andymcf-my favorite Tweet seatHere’s someone who likes to stand out from the crowd, in that @andymcf’s favourite Tweet seat is not one of DFS’s finest. Oh no! He tweets either in the pub, or just possibly he has a room in his house decorated like a pub. Either way, Respect!

17miss_ripley-My favourite place to tweet Can you spot the catSpot the cat on @miss_ripley’s entry now. Obviously, I don’t mean that the cat is called Spot, but that you, dear reader, should discern the location of said feline. Oh, also, Tweetdeck for the win. See Spot snooze.

18thetiniestvole-2I had three choices from @thetiniestvole, and I chose the comfiest looking one. I love that room – I love the lampshade, the mirror, the windows, the games (except maybe Halo); there’s even my favourite household item, an iron! Excellent.

19fraggle_red23-the tweeters eye viewI almost went with @fraggle_red’s photo of her settee, complete with doggy and arse-print, but we’ve already had a shedload of settees so I’ve gone for the tweeter’s eye view instead. Tweetdeck – hurray! Willy Wonka – hurray!

20toffeegirluk-Favourite place to tweet is on my iPhone usually whilst lounging on the sofa“My favourite place to tweet is on my iPhone, usually whilst lounging on the sofa” says @toffeegirluk. Luckily, rather than send us a photograph of yet another settee, she preferred to show us her iPhone. Any embarrassing apps? Hmmm, nope. Bugger.

21underbundle-This tree is over 250 years old I like to sit under it in fine weather and read, surf and tweetAh now, here’s a different entry from @underbundle, who says about his photograph “This tree is over 250 years old. I like to sit under it in fine weather and read, surf and tweet” So pretty. The tree, not Bill, I hasten to add. Not that Bill isn’t as pretty as a picture… oh stop talking, Wombat.

Hang on. How does Bill know the tree is over 250 years old? You’ve not – ulp – given it a quick chop and counted the rings, have you? Say it’s not true Sad smile

22matt_cochr-Re-using this photo for sundaypics I took it to demonstrate my visit from the clutter fairyNow this may be the messiest photo of the week – I mean.. whoa. I shall let @matt_cochr describe it in his own words: “Re-using this photo for #sundaypics. I took it to demonstrate my visit from the clutter fairy”. I imagine the clutter fairy to look a bit like a Womble, only wearing a tutu.

23mallrat_uk-well here it is, including pic of my screenAnother choice for me to make now – either a (somewhat blurry) tweeter’s eye view of a settee and telly, or a pic of a screen with ME on it. ME ON IT! How could I resist. Thank you, @mallrat_uk.

45ericafairs-his is my home tweetbase As you can see am relegated to corner of dining table Loud rock music playAnd yet another choice for Mr. Wombat. @ericafairs showed me her work Tweetdesk, cos her firm has a Twitter account, but that was a bit too, well, officey. Instead, I have chosen to show you her favourite home place which unusually has no settee. Oh no, she is relegated to a corner of the dining table. Loud rock music plays. Apparently. Nigella Lawson, dear? Tut tut.

25thatlauraknow-My favourite place to tweet the kitchen whilst cookingAnother #Sundaypics fan who tweets from the kitchen is @thatlauraknox – look! Tis a kitchen with shelves and stuff. I shall zoom in, in an attempt to identify suspect substances… YES! LOOK! Marmite – EW!

26starlitwolf-my view from couch while on laptop Mr's feet while he plays on ps3 Guess the game“My view from the couch while on laptop. Mr’s feet while he plays on the PS3” says @starlitwolf, “Guess the game”. oooh, a quiz! OK… erm, zoom-zoom-zoom…. is it Noddy & The Magic Rubber?

27sarahtregear-My favourite place to tweet My best friends house in Ireland -this is their drive@sarahtregear’s favourite place to tweet is her best friends house in Ireland –aaaah! This is their drive. Crikey – it’s a hell of a long drive. That boy’s just about to leap into the puddle, isn’t he?

28crofty-fave place to tweet is anywhere with five minutes undisturbed rest SorryWhen I first announced the theme of this #Sundaypics, how many of you thought I’d be inundated with pictures of people’s bogs? Yep, me too, but no. No-one was honest enough to admit that they tweeted while ‘dropping the kids off at the pool’. That is, almost no-one. Step forward, Mr. Honesty – @crofty says “Fave place to tweet is anywhere with five minutes undisturbed rest. Sorry”. Thanks for the laugh, soldier.

29 00spiltmilk00-My Tweeting NOOKeWe are going all arty now, as one might expect from the elegance that is @00spiltmilk00, and her photograph of her “Tweeting NOOKe”. I briefly hopes that ‘tweeting nooke’ was a euphemism for something rude, perhaps some part of her body that makes little chirrupy noises, but no. She just wants to show us her thesaurus.

30janegoth-My favourite place to tweet with added TomBack to settees! Here’s “my favourite place to tweet with added Tom” says @janegoth – hello Tom! Oh, and I ike your cushions. Oh God, did I really just say that? I’m such a GURL.

A lot of people have leather settees, I notice – don’t you find they squeak and make farty noises whenever you move. Or is that just me? 30tonihill79-One of my many favourite places to tweet, best with a cup of coffee beside meHere’s another, look – and this one’s white! It must be pretty hard to keep clean. Or maybe not everyone’s as dirty as me. This is one of @tonihill79’s many favourite places to tweet, best with a cup of coffee beside her (she says). Vanilla web Twitter running on the laptop there, I notice. And is that Jess?

31oldmotherriley-Till this week I could only tweet from here Pic taken during astral projection, through cobweb*Theme from Twilight Zone plays*….. @oldmotherriley’s voice whispers “Till this week I could only tweet from here … pic taken during astral projection … through cobwebs … oooOOOooo”

32spacebarf-favourite tweetin' place Table Today with wine and chocolate Contents varyWine! Chocolate! And wine! And chocolate! And a table! The table is @spacebarf’s favourite tweetin’ place, today with wine and chocolate (contents may vary). Personally, I’m betting there’s wine and chocolate more often than not. There is when I’m tweeting at the table.

33mooglemeg-ere although it has been hijacked by elvis and his favourite duckAw, here’s Elvis and his favourite duck. It’s just reminded me of @goodboyben and his favourite teddy (sniff). Elvis has hijacked @mooglemeg’s favourite tweeting place – oh look! Crikey! It’s a settee! Who would have thought?

34little_mavis-My desk sundaypics - biccies always to hand of courseHere comes my beloved @little_mavis with a photo of her desk – if you compare it to mine you’ll see a huge difference. Tidiness is always a prime consideration of Her Majesty, as are biscuits. In this case, I believe they are Marks & Spencer’s Ginger Snaps. Not Ginger NUTS, but Ginger Snaps. Obviously. Nuts would never do.

35miffybarker-he sofa, covered in my blanketHere be a hidden settee. Hidden by a blanket. Hidden by a blanket that belongs to @miffybarker, who is obviously a fan of cosiness and blanketty goodness. See, I’m surprised so many of you tweet on the settee or in bed, cos if I did, I’d fall asleep after five minutes. My timeline would be full of Tweets like “New foll…zzzz” and “Tory bastar… zzzzz”. And my double-entendres would be merely single.

36mrsashboroscat-My favourite place to tweet doesn't need much explainingSee, here’s another – “my favourite place to tweet doesn’t need much explaining” says @mrsashboroscat, gesticulating elegantly to her bed. See, how do you stay awake? If I was in @mrsashboroscat’s bed with her, tweeting, then …. erm, sorry, what was I saying?

37cymraescoch-My favourite  usual place to tweet Complete with phone and cuppaLook at this lovely stove – mmmm, warm. It belongs to @cymraescoch, and is her favourite usual place to tweet. I notice that it is complete with phone and cuppa. Cuppa! Great idea. *toddles off to put kettle on*

38mrchambers-I like to tweet somewhere quiet, solitary and with a slight echoAha! Here’s a second honest man! @mrchambers says “I like to tweet somewhere quiet, solitary and with a slight echo”. I’m not sure about your choice of focal centre for the photograph, though. Hands up if “Ew”. Yes, I thought so. Actually, have we no honest women here? Ha! Ain’t no such thing. *death wish*

39alliterative-Favourite place to tweet, sitting on the sofa, looking out the windowI love this room – @alliterative’s favourite place to tweet, sitting on the (oh yeah) sofa, looking out the window – and look at all the STUFF. Just like our house. What me Mam calls “lived in”.

39alliterative2-Favourite place to tweet, sitting on the sofa, looking out the windowI’m also adding @alliterative’s gratuitous photo of himself (over on the right there)tweeting complete with cute baby. Cos it’s cute.

40avensarah-Here I am in my favourite place to tweet fromBack on the left now, the lovely @avensarah sits in her own favourite place to tweet with her very special laptop shaped like a rather fat ginger cat. Some sort of joke about a mouse would fit perfectly in here, but I can’t be arsed thinking.

41hastillonlyme-Under the coversWho next? Why, tis someone doing something under the bedcovers. No no, I’m not going to make a crude joke. I’m crude-joked out. Tis @hastillonlyme, and if you look closely enough, you’ll see she was chatting away with @cymraescoch – “Oh yes, I’ve got gingerbread men on my quilt cover”

42zevans23-Favourite place to tweet I have assumed the position for the evening“My favourite place to tweet. I have assumed the position for the evening” says @zevans23. Let’s see – vanilla web Twitter, netbook, nice door, and settee. All present and correct sir. He appears to be talking to @hastillonlyme, @flossietp and erm, himself.

43ameadey-I like to look up at the stars when I'm tweeting and doing wotnotMeanwhile, the glory that is @ameadey is abed, saying “I like to look up at the stars when I’m tweeting and doing wotnot”. Trust her to bring whatnot into it. One track mind, that woman. I’ll bet those stars are there in the middle of the day, too.

44richlieu_uk-Tweet 3,500 sundaypics, where I like to tweetI feel very honoured that #Sundaypics was the recipient of @richlieu_uk’s 3,500th tweet, showing us where he likes to tweet. Stella and vanilla Twitter, and might a just say – lovely keks, matey.

46butmadnnw-My favourite place to tweet Wherever I find myself Like waiting to see BoBurnhamOver on the right, @butmadnnw shows us that “my favourite place to tweet is wherever I find myself. Like here, waiting to see @BoBurnham”. Tweeting from a queue for a concert shows dedication above and beyond the call of duty. What’s that, readers? No Twitter, I have no idea either – try Google or Youtube. I believe he is a funny American.

47keith_c_jarrett - A bland sundaypics this week from me, The chair and notebook where the magic happensThe penultimate pic is from @keith_c_jarrett, who opines that this is a bland #sundaypics this week, thus echoing my opening comments. Apparently, the chair and notebook where the magic happens. That looks a VERY uncomfortable chair, Keith. Don’t you have anywhere more relaxing, say a bed or a settee. A leather one perhaps.

48janine-see noteAnd finally, we have this. I’ll let Janine, our usual visitor from outside the Twitterverse, speak for herself. “This is my ‘Command Post’ where I travel to all the fun and exciting places around the world, and the portal where you reach me on a bright 17″ computer monitor. It takes me away and entertains me when I am bored, tired, and need a friend. Thanks for being at the end of  my fingertips!”

Would that I were, Janine, would that I were….

Pimp My Plane

OK, then. Doodle comin’ atcha for one week only with the planes #sundaypics. I’ve deactivated the laser grid and snuck back into Wombat Towers under cover of darkness. Unfortunately my ninja garments have shrunk in the wash a bit, so I’ll crack on before I lose consciousness…

The task on this particular week, should you have chosen to accept it, was to craft some sort of plane, paper or otherwise, and ‘do it up a bit’ if you wanted. A reasonable amount of entries were received, but I now realise that setting such a formidable task was an error. Therefore, future #sundaypics will include ‘A picture of my shoelaces’, ‘My camera case’ and ‘The Wall Directly In Front Of Me’ 😉
Many thanks to those who contributed, in order of receipt as follows…
First out of the traps was @m73ichelle with this superb After Eights* creation. Looks like a whole box had to be reluctantly pounded down in the name of science (*other post-dinner waffer theen mints are available)

@white76’s cucumber (insert own Womuendo) is the focal point of her terrific little montage. Top marks for effort, with said vegetable crafted into a fighter plane, all set against a lovely sunny backdrop.
Parked on the sofa runway ready for take off is @FBishWife and jnr’s cute little plane. Looks a bit like one of them wot lands on water, and brought on a hankering for some Sticklebrick action in yours truly.
@OldMotherRiley was next up with one that made me chuckle. A “genuine dog fight in the skies over Kent”… but look out, who’s that coming in out of the sun… it’s the shark-fanged jet fighter of @inhumanbeing, who put you all to shame by hiring a chopper to go up and capture this photo.
@Ariadnes_web is having none of that plane malarkey – she’s travelling in style, preparing for take off on her magic carpet.

A couple more crafted efforts, this time from Luca (7) and Darcy (4). @MrsAshborosCat was on pipecleaner and lolly stick duty, but full credit goes to the littl’uns for these lovely colourful flying machines.

@andymcf crafted his concorde masterpiece out of tinfoil. Rather good, I think you’ll agree. Clearly not the opinion of Alicia, who sees it as a waste of Baco, the foil* (*Hi, Spaced fans)

@starlitwolf’s tax shuttle is next up, ready for take off in ‘stealth mode’, followed by @aMeadey and Ellie’s smashing lego war chopper. Those mimes have had enough and are ready for take off, replete with bazookas and axes!

I’d been waiting for the ‘plane, as in tool’ entry, and you didn’t disappoint, @JohnRands_TMTL coming up with the goods. “The sign is a reference to Least I Could Do, a brilliant webcomic by @sohmer”, btw.
Neeeeeeeeeeeow! Rat-a-tat-a-tat! Take that, Fritz! Here comes Wing Commander @wombat37, recreating a “dogfight over the Channel between a Spitfire and an Me 109.” Love the explosions! After giving Jerry a good spanking in the skies, the Spitfire later flew all the way from the settee to the kitchen. *lump in throat* Makes one proud to be British.
@Underbundle’s natty effort took “hours of labour and planning”, the little fibber. Would love to see that livery in the skies. And here’s @flossieTP with a simple design classic, the sleek white minimalist paper plane (definitely “not a dart” according to her brother).

Just when we were all feeling good about our #sundaypics efforts, @Ironthighs knocked it out of the park with her superb entry. Kudos to her for “sacrificing my best lipstick” to get the best results, and top marks to the brave volunteer, baring all in the name of art. Brilliant.
Limping along in the wake of Ironthighs’ gamechanger was the @captaindoodle doodlejet, a super powerful toilet roll jet from the future. Or something. Taking the doodlejet on its maiden voyage was brave test pilot Skywalker.

@catinabaglady’s curvaceous plane is sleek and simple, sits on her desk, and “has got me through many a boring conference call”. @little_mavis’ plane is at the other end of the design spectrum. Westwood himself would be proud of all the bling on that, innit. Apparently this was decorated with the little_mavis cake decoration principle in mind – “If in doubt, chuck lots of stuff on it!”

Next on the runway ready for take off is the cerealjet of @Keith_C_Jarrett, sponsored by Olivio. I hope he’s welded that with Weetabix and left it to dry – the strongest substance known to man, I think you’ll find.
Yum, here comes @ButMadNNW’s candy plane, flying back to the hangar *opens mouth*, and @jamerz3294’s “bamboo, apples, paper coupons and doggy doodoo bag” aircraft. Nice wheels. Pimped by jamerz3294 and BIL, who is a pilot!

A family production line produced the next plane. @Alliterative made ’em, with @AvenSarah and E1 doing the decorating. Lovely spotty planes, with stickers and rubbings used to add the blobs of colour.
Last, but by no means least, comes @fraggle_red23’s beautiful little chocolate marzipan wrapper plane. She bravely sat back and ate the contents while Mr F dealt with the construction shenanigans.

Thanks again to those who contributed. Roger. Doodle out.


audiobooWhen I first announced this one, I thought I’d get very few responses, cos you’d all be scared of recording your voices. Crikey, was I wrong! Lots of you lovelies let us hear you speak throughout the day so THANKS! I also enjoyed hearing the other boos you recorded, but didn’t post on the day. What a fascinating bunch you are.

I’m going to present these in the order they were posted, in a vague attempt to be arty farty and paint a sound poem of Sunday 17th October 2010. Click on the pictures to hear people speak. Oh, and some of the ‘Interesting Facts’ are made up. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify which. The reader who sends me the most accurate list of the made-up “facts” will win my approbation and a voucher for One Free Hour of Wombat Lurve.

heidivodkaTweeter: @heidivodka , Huddersfield.
Interesting fact: Supports Man. City – also lurves Star Trek.
Quote: “I’ve been coughing my guts up for most of the week”
Wombat says: Heidi’s sexy huskiness got the day off to a great start. Podiatry, eh? I do believe that’s the branch of medicine devoted to the study, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower leg. Or, as we old gits call it, chiropody.

ameadey Tweeter: @ameadey , Manchester.
Interesting fact: She says “I quite like not speaking”, but Audrey talks an awful lot.
Quote: “He’s just got his mouth full”
Wombat says: I love this breakfast boo, and the fact that this is obviously such a happy family. Also, the breakfast that Audrey made seems to have glued her son’s teeth together. Porridge, probably.

djdarren djdarren

Tweeter: @djdarren , Southampton.  
Interesting fact: Depending on where you look, Darren lives in Southampton, Bournemouth, or Hythe.
Quote: “Good evening, you’re listening to Late Night Love with me, Darren Saunders”
Wombat says: Two boos from Darren, cos he also provided the delightful one on the right there with son, Billy.

mikeybaerTweeter: @mikeybaer , St. Albans.  
Interesting fact: Sent this boo from a bed in Manchester.
Quote: “I luuuurve Wombat”
Wombat says: Who doesn’t love our Mikey? This week he seems to have his sexy voice on.


keithy73Tweeter: @keithy73 , Newcastle.
Interesting fact: Keith is a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Quote: “I’d love to talk more but I’m off to chase me philosophical tortoise”
Wombat says: I reckon this is one of the best accents posted. My Nan was from the North East, mind, so that might be affecting my judgement.


white76Tweeter: @white76 , Southend.
Interesting fact: is 14 inches shorter than husband Mike
Quote: “I live in Sarfend”
Wombat says: I don’t know who is more lovely – Shona or Charlie. Shona’s enriched my Twitter existence hugely. I’m a better person for knowing her.

philwaltersTweeter: @philwalters , Bridgend.
Interesting fact: Can do press-downs, but not press-ups.
Quote: “Its a lovely sunny day here in South Wales”
Wombat says: Another favourite accent – I could listen to Phil just going “Blah blah blah blah” in that accent.

flossietpTweeter: @flossietp , West Yorkshire.
Interesting fact: Moves in trendy circles – Son is a tattooist and his girlfriend is a burlesque model
Quote: “Its difficult finding a bit of peace & quiet with teenage boys running around”
Wombat says: Andrea often waves in our general direction as we speed over The Pennines, bless her little cotton socks.

scan0103Tweeter: @little_mavis , Lancashire.
Interesting fact: Can ride a unicycle while juggling.
Quote: “I’m afraid a lot of this is probably my fault”
Wombat says: I know nothing about this woman at all.


hebbieTweeter: @hebbie, Newton Stewart.
Interesting fact: Has to keep an eye on possible flooding from the local river which seems to flow just past the bottom of Hebbie’s garden
Quote: “I love to Twitter, I love cooking, I love Saturdays, and I love wuffly wuffle”
Wombat says: Sorry about the end of the quote, but the boo got awfully muffled just there. I think it says “My Mother”, but it could just be “to hurt Wombat”, so I’m a bit worried. See what you think.

tonihill79Tweeter: @tonihill79, East Sussex.
Interesting fact: Used to have a single giant ear growing out of the side of her head.
Quote: “I kind of love Wombat”
Wombat says: Kind of? What particular ‘kind of’ were you considering? Hope it involves chocolate spread.

wombat37Tweeter: @wombat37, In his own little world.
Interesting fact: Produces cubic scats.
Quote: “I’ve just had an egg muffin with Snowgirl Sauce”
Wombat says: Note to self. Don’t EVER sing in a boo again.

alezedTweeter: @alezed , Birmingham
Interesting fact: Worked in “Morribob’s pie shop”.
Quote: “Where you going, boys?”
Wombat says: I adore Alex’s Dudley accent, and I think she should use it ALL the time.

miss_ripleyTweeter: @Miss_Ripley , Stirling
Interesting fact: Dad apparently flirts with council officials on the phone (unintentionally of course)
Quote: “Hope you all have a nice day”
Wombat says: Megan is the epitome of nice, such a lovely girl and full of smileness. It is so a word. Well, it is now.

binarydadTweeter: @binarydad , Manchester
Interesting fact: BD’s support got @little_mavis over the hurdle of 20 followers
Quote: “The interesting thing about Audioboo is you don’t have to keep it short”
Wombat says: All hail the Twitter God himself with his fascinating taste in T shirts.

ariadnes_webTweeter: @ariadnes_web , Perthshire
Interesting fact: Uses eyelash curlers
Quote: “I REALLY love spiders”
Wombat says: I do so enjoy a great big MWAH from a sultry voice.


spacebarfTweeter: @spacebarf , Martini, the back end of Switzerland
Interesting fact: Speaks to his cats in Japanese.
Quote: “I will skip that last phrase”
Wombat says: Aw no, Phil doesn’t love me! *sob*


mooglemegTweeter: @mooglemeg, Leicestershire
Interesting fact: Helen’s boyfriend’s mother’s guide dog puppy was once on Blue Peter.
Quote: “Oooh! And I live in Leicestershire!”
Wombat says: Helen sounds really surprised to find herself living in, of all amazing places, Leicestershire.

mrsashboroscatTweeter: @MrsAshborosCat, Leeds
Interesting fact: Her cats both have Twitter accounts – @apollokitty and @artemiskitty.
Quote: “I like cats and I like ghosts and that’s about it”
Wombat says: How about ghost-cats? The spirits of dead felines doomed forever to prowl limbo in search of food such as tuna and their own vomit.

greythorneTweeter: @greythorne, by the duck pond in Staffordshire.
Interesting fact: Enjoys finding bargain books in charity shops.
Quote: “I’m currently enjoying the comedy value of moorhens”
Wombat says: Many of my forebears in the Wombat Family Tree were from Staffordshire, so I really appreciate the pronunciation of “ducks” in this boo.

m73ichelleTweeter: @m73ichelle, somewhere in the UK…
Interesting fact: Has an irrational fear of phobias.
Quote: “It’s an anagram of my age”
Wombat says: I wonder if Michelle will change her Twitter ID every year?

thom_whiteTweeter: @thom_white, Nottingham
Interesting fact: Stole his best friend’s girl, and married her. Don’t blame him.
Quote: “This is the sound of my voice when there is a child sat on my shoulders”
Wombat says: A true hero in every sense of the word, this man has saved the world on more than one occasion. Probably.

dai_bachTweeter: @dai_bach, Wimbledon
Interesting fact:Loves all things Apple.
Quote: “Hello? Is this thing working?”
Wombat says: For a man so entrapped by the evil Apple, the man talks a lot of sense.

snowgirl1972Tweeter: @snowgirl1972, Nottingham
Interesting fact: Was raised in Borneo.
Quote: “I love the wombat, I’m not sure why that is”
Wombat says: I defy you not to smile at the start of this boo.


DSCF2525Tweeter: @goodboyben, the back field usually
Interesting fact: Is a dog.
Quote: “WOOF! Rrruff rruufff WOOF!”
Wombat says: Stop eating that cow poo!


croftyTweeter: @crofty, Oldham
Interesting fact: Plays lead guitar in some band or other – what’s the band called, Crofty? 
Quote: “The ducks are out, so I’m going to introduce you to Ada, Katy and Lily”
Wombat says: A glorious boo, this – four minutes of a wonderful day in the life. Brilliant.

davetreadwellTweeter: @davetreadwell, Swindon
Interesting fact: Works at an “Outdoors” shop.
Quote: “I will leave you because the ad break’s just finished”


shinytuppenceTweeter: @shinytuppence, Hicksville
Interesting fact: Has extremely attractive breasts.
Quote: “My name is Sarah”
Wombat says: The rarely-suitable-for-work beauty is, for once, suitable-for-work, bless her little cotton socks.

johnrands_tmtlTweeter: @johnrands_tmtl, Telscombe (it’s near Brighton)
Interesting fact: Owns a terrapin called Toni.
Quote: “Many people keep asking me what TMTL stands for”
Wombat says: I tried thinking of a spoof meaning for TMTL to put here, but they were all far too filthy for a nice blog like ours.

mikebishopTweeter: @mikebishop, Liverpool
Interesting fact: Smells like Bruce Willis.
Quote: “Despite me only following today, I love Wombat”
Wombat says: Mike’s occasional blog is well worth a read at – the post about Scouse is great.

ajonesieTweeter: @ajonesie, Mobile Alabama
Interesting fact: Browncoat. Just like me.
Quote: I’m a little bit nervous cos I don’t think I’ve heard any American audioboos yet”
Wombat says: My perfect woman, except (1) I’m way too old and therefore it would be pervy and (2) there’s a big old ocean in between us. What I really mean is, she likes a lot of things I do.

hardyduncanTweeter: @hardyduncan, Edinburgh
Interesting fact: Hobbies include microscopes and coffee making.
Quote: “I’ve opened a bottle of wine. That’s what I like”
Wombat says: One of my all time heroes; this man is a fine example to us all.


lettyp1Tweeter: @lettyp1, Midlothian
Interesting fact: Stationery freak.
Quote: “I’m now about to try and make dinner for the hordes of teenagers”
Wombat says: Yikes, Colette – how many make up a horde, I wonder?


jackpot73Tweeter: @jackpot73, Potterland it says here
Interesting fact: Finds Pan’s Labyrinth achingly beautiful.
Quote: “I love Sundays cos I get to lie-in till 8 o’clock in the morning”
Wombat says: That’s a lie-in? Blimey.


sobsterTweeter: @sobster, Wiltshire.
Interesting fact: Can down a pint of beer in five seconds.
Quote: “Jack’s had a walk, I’ve had a pint”
Wombat says: Pint of what? For the perfect Sunday it ought to have been ale, but I’ll bet it was milk or Tizer or something.

richlieu_ukTweeter: @richlieu_uk, Manchester
Interesting fact: An expert in silent movies, he can act out the whole of Buster Keaton’s “Our Hospitality”
Quote: “We’ve had our dinner, and where we going now?”
Wombat says: FAIR!

julietimsTweeter: @julietims, Alrewas
Interesting fact: An extremely fit (in all senses of the word) runner.
Quote: “I must love Wombat, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this”
Wombat says: One of my favourite people on Twitter, this lass. Say “Ayup” to Kate and Sean from me and Ben.

cymraescochTweeter: @cymraescoch, Carmarthenshire
Interesting fact: Has complicated dreams which she ought to blog.
Quote:”I love…. oooh, so many things to pick from… *laugh* … I love not knowing how to end Audioboos”
Wombat says: Ah Liz, one of my best Twitter mates of all time.

edinburghjoTweeter: @edinburghjo, Edinburgh (you don’t say).
Interesting fact: Not from Edinburgh. 
Quote: “Dumplings and some red wine”
Wombat says: Sounds like a great night in.


fbishwifeTweeter: @fbishwife, I have NO idea where she is.
Interesting fact: Thinks she might be allergic to tinsel.
Quote: “I’m not sure this is gonna work”
Wombat says: Oh, it worked fine, and I’m sorry for making you do this which you obviously didn’t like! Reader – listen for the last word, where Kelly sounds as though she’s fallen off a cliff or been grabbed by the talons of a giant owl.

avensarahTweeter: @avensarah, Sudbury Ontario
Interesting fact: Has a bar in the cellar.
Quote: “I have no idea whether I sound American, Canadian or anything else to you but I’ll be curious to hear your reactions”
Wombat says: Canadians obviously don’t say “oot and aboot” as Americans say they do, but there is a slightly different sound to the ‘out’…

underbundleTweeter: @underbundle, North London
Interesting fact: Mrs. Bundle has sung with Ray Davies.
Quote: “I live in the void space between Crouch End and Muswell Hill”
Wombat says: Now *I* want to live in a void space – you probably meet The Doctor all the time when you live in a void space.

catinabagladyTweeter: @catinabaglady, Oxford –ish
Interesting fact: Lets the cat out of the bag at weekends.
Quote:”A massive TWAT”
Wombat says: Mademoiselle, with these bonus jokes, you are really spoiling us. Where’s me Rocher though?

inhumanbeingTweeter: @inhumanbeing, Lancashire
Interesting fact: Once had a trial with Manchester City, but turned down their offer of a contract.
Quote: “I’m so rock’n’roll”
Wombat says: Bob’s a man who’s not afraid to boast of doing the ironing, just like me. REAL men, we are.

alliterative2Tweeter: @alliterative, Sudbury Ontario
Interesting fact: An accomplished carver of wood.
Quote: “Nu scylun hergan hefaenricaes uard”
Wombat says: I adored Caedman’s Hymn – I could listen to you reading that all day. Oh, and readers may wish to read the comments on this boo.

nixieluTweeter: @nixielulu
Interesting fact: Has had three novels published, including “Cake Expectations”
Quote: “Lazing around in the bath eating cake”
Wombat says: Soggy cake. Ew.



xkyletTweeter: @xkylet, Bristol
Interesting fact: Once played a dalek in Dr. Who.
Quote:”You do insist on having such strange, square poo”
Wombat says: Check Kyle’s other boos, PLEASE. Especially Wuthering Heights.


captain_doodleTweeter: @captain_doodle, Nottingham
Interesting fact: Lego collector extraordinaire.
Quote:”International crime fighting. Doodle out!”
Wombat says: You should all know Doodle by now – a man with his own whimsical theme tune thing.

liam54Tweeter: @liam54, Retford
Interesting fact: Can run the mile in under four minutes.
Quote:”While I don’t quite love Wombat, he’s alright I suppose”
Wombat says: Damned with faint praise from the youth of today. No change there then.

starlitwolfTweeter: @starlitwolf, West Yorks
Interesting fact: Is into canals and geocaching.
Quote: “Yes I’m doing this for Twitter. Sundaypics. Kid 3 just looked at me”
Wombat says: A video boo for a change. I loved the trees – particularly the willows. Also, check out 


suaiewoosie78Tweeter: @susiewoosie78, Essex
Interesting fact: At weekends, performs as an extra on many TV soap operas. Can often be seen in The Rovers Return.
Quote: “A big hello”
Wombat says: Hello, Ducks. I’ll have a pint of Newton & Ridley.

toffeegirlukTweeter: @toffeegirlUK and @BvO79
Interesting fact: These two are, in fact, one person with a talent for voices.
Quote: “I hope it hasn’t confused our voices”
Wombat says: Mysteriously, I could not find a photo of @BvO79 anywhere….


fraggle_red23Tweeter: @fraggle_red23, Fraggle Rock
Interesting fact: Actually DOES live in a lighthouse.
Quote: “Dance your cares away. Worry’s for another day. Let the music play down at Fraggle Rock”
Wombat says: Why aren’t you wearing any trousers or pants?


keith_c_jarrettTweeter: @keith_c_jarrett, London
Interesting fact: Owns a large number of cardigans.
Quote: “All hail Wombat”
Wombat says: Tough job you’ve got there, matey.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Tweeter: @fanny_Ingabout, Newport
Interesting fact: Has a psychological condition which compels her to always do as she’s told.
Quote: “Do as I’m told. Which makes a change”
Wombat says: Who told you?

zevans23Tweeter: @zevans23, Bolton
Interesting fact: Consummate beard-wearer and photo-takerer
Quote: “I don’t know what’s happened to the other 36 wombats. I suspect he might be a replicant”
Wombat says: I don’t know what’s happened to the other 22 zevans. I suspect he might be a replicant.

ironthighsTweeter: @ironthighs, Port Talbot
Interesting fact: Has hyper-extending elbows, and has had flamenco lessons.
Quote: “Sounds a bit funny saying ‘Ironthighs’ out loud”
Wombat says: Little Mavis just said “I like her voice!”, and I couldn’t agree more.


joehambletonTweeter: @joehambleton
Interesting fact: Works as a staff nurse
Quote: “I’m currently courting Mrs. Ashcroft’s housecat-person”
Wombat says: Ah, badinage! Love it. And what’s wrong with “courting”? Lovely old word.

davidtimsTweeter: @davidtims, Lichfield
Interesting fact: Has a huge bushy Brian Blessed type beard which you can’t see in the photo
Quote: “This is my 11th hour contribution”
Wombat says: Ah, David – often acts as a buffer against the lunatic ravings of his sister.

butmadnnwTweeter: @butmadnnw, Minneapolis
Interesting fact: Can speak Mandarin fluently.
Quote: “When the wind is southerly i know a hawk from a handsaw”
Wombat says: Four people for the price of one. I like the East European (Russian?) one.


fyreflyeTweeter: @fyreflye, Hertfordshire
Interesting fact: Once slept with Prince Charles.
Quote:”That’s Miles in the background”
Wombat says: Another of me bessie friends – hi, Vero!


janineinsdTweeter: nope. Not on Twitter, but in South Dakota.
Interesting fact: Never wears underwear.
Quote: “Just want to thank you all for sharing your Sundaypics with me. I enjoy it immensely”
Wombat says: A good friend of mine from another forum, Sparkpeople, Janine is one of the nicest people you could ever meet.

nathanpottingerTweeter: @nathanpottinger, London
Interesting fact: Has invented a time machine. It doesn’t work. Yet.
Quote: “Erm…. what am I talking about?”
Wombat says: This appeals greatly to my bonkers side.


cptholster cptholsterTweeter: @mrscreant, Manchester
Interesting fact: Her boobs have been on the cover of FHM.
Quote: “L.I.T.T.L.E.   L.I.T.T.L.E.   L.I.T.T.L.E.”
Wombat says: Click the pic on the right to hear a LITTLE postscript. 

jofilmTweeter: @jofilm, London
Interesting fact: Rides her bike a lot, and often does wheelies in the park.
Quote: “Love Sundaypics. Love Wombat”
Wombat says: “Love Joanne Rocos. Love film”


ericafairsTweeter: @ericafairs, Godalming
Interesting fact: Was one of The Wombles who appeared on Top of the Pops miming the hit “Remember You’re a Womble
Quote: “Finally, four days after it was due, I’ve managed to do this properly”
Wombat says: Erica, I think, must be a vampire cos she usually appears just as I’m about to go to bed.


lucypalmerTweeter: @lucypalmer (and Rosie), The Bewilderness
Interesting fact: Lucy does never-ending work to raise money to fight endometriosis. She’s inexhaustible and could do with your help. Start by taking a look at her blog at
Quote: “Come on. Up you get. Ouuuooogh”
Wombat says: I love this woman. To bloody bits. 


Thanks you lot. Finally, here’s my final contribution of the exercise – a


kk44ameadey-Family sundaypics - I told Ellie the theme, she created it, BinaryDad took the pic Boy let it all happenkk24sarahpez-A tree as drawn by Olivia, aged 9 Her contributionOh yeah, Wombat’s back baby, and ready to hit the ground running. My undying gratitude goes to the guest bloggers who selflessly gave their time in order to take the pressure off for a while – but now, lets RAWK! *POWER CHORD*

I’m going to break briefly with the tradition of showing pictures in order of posting, and start with two of the finest #SUNDAYPICS I received this week. On the left, a magnificent creation by Ellie posted by @ameadey, while on the right Olivia has drawn a masterpiece, which was posted by @sarahpez. Excellent work from two talented girls.


Well, I’m a pratt. When I originally posted this, I forgot the three sunset photos – here they are:ss01janine - I love this picture from my back yard, a beautiful sunset bathed in pink The two living trees seem to be cradling the dead oness17inhumanbeing-A tree in sunset from holiday in Crete Spent the evenings watching the sunset over the water ss02jamerz3294-Afterglow of sunset on Lake Michigan, with birch tree

The first is from non-Twitter contributor Janine, who loves this picture from her back yard, a beautiful sunset bathed in pink. The two living trees seem to be cradling the dead one. Our second sunset is from @jamerz3294, and shows the afterglow of sunset on Lake Michigan, with birch tree. Finally, from @inhumanbeing, we see a tree in sunset from a holiday in Crete, where the evenings were spent watching the sunset over the water. Beautiful – and sorry for forgetting, you three!

Here’s the original blog post:

I’ve done a wee bit of grouping of photos, just because I can, and I’ll continue with one of those groups –

Winterww39sjnewton-Trees I can do that Hope you don't mind me barging in unannounced here Mrwombat37 Sirww13miss_ripley-Winter Trees In The Glenww32hebbie-my friend took this at Creetown last year

 Winter Wonderland

ww07johnrands_tmtl-Claire Park in Haywards Heath a few winters ago during my brief residency there n marriage A blanket

ww03ericafairs-Here's my first EVER sundaypics and it is, very literally - trees In our garden In the snow

ww06nortoner-Can't make up my mind so here's two - you choose

It’s a bit hard to type with these mittens on, so please forgive any typnig errros. Top left we have @sjnewton’s photo – I do like the shadows. Centre top is what looks like a painting from @hebbie, and was taken at Creetown, wherever that is. Yes, I know I could Google, but I can’t be arsed. Top right, @miss_ripley shows us Trees in the Geln. Bottom left is Claire Park in Haywards Heath a few winters ago during @johnrands_tmtl’s brief residency there and marriage. A fine view of a winter copse next from @nortoner, who denies himself any explanations. And finally, we have @ericafairs’ first EVER #sundaypics and it is, very literally – trees in her garden.And before you all start mithering me, yes of course I meant “Trees in the Glen” earlier. Bloody mittens.

04xkylet-The Gloucester Tree, Pemberton, WA - climb to 72 metres on wobbly metal stakes There’ll be a couple more thematic groupings later, but for now lets just leap into the inviting pile of cosy #SUNDAYPICS here. First, over on the right there, is @xkylet’s photo of The Gloucester Tree, a giant karri tree in Pemberton, WA – you can, if you’re bonkers, climb to 72 metres on wobbly metal stakes. Click the name there to find out more.

05babymakingfiles-nothing like walking thru the dappled light created by trees You know, there’s nothing so relaxing as a walk through the dappled light created by trees and sunlight, and @babymakingfiles has captured that perfectly with the photo on the left. Don’t you want to wander up there and see what’s down that path? Probably a MacDonalds actually.

08chislehurst-Beach-front trees framing a sailing boat, drifting slowly along crystal clear Barbados sea Ah, here’s something to warm us up a bit after the winter photos above which froze our nadgers off – a beach scene from @chislehurst, the trees elegantly framing a yacht, drifting slowly along crystal clear Barbados seas. Whoa, we’re going to Barbados! Diddle iddle ee dee Whoa, underneath the palm trees! Not.

09oldmotherriley-The tree gave me a whole pocket full of these this morning Regular readers will all know what I’ve got in my pocket, but do you have any idea what @oldmotherriley has got in hers? One word – nuts. No really, over there on the left – the tree gave her a whole pocket full of them on Sunday morning.

10flossietp-My #SundayPics entry, as in - can't see the wood for the -  Hopefully the dissertation will flow soon OK, we’ve got a weird one now. I know, I know, but look on it as a post-modern expression of neo-synergy, and you won’t go far wrong. This is from @flossietp, and these are apparently the trees that she can’t see the wood for. They’re metaphorical trees, see. Hopefully the dissertation will flow soon.

11cymraescoch No explanation from @cymraescoch for her photograph (left) but it isn’t half pretty. Looks like it might be a fun tree to climb, too.

12underbundle-Here we see that rare little monkey, the Minor 'Bundling relaxing in his natural habitat (photo Mrs 'B) If you’ll look to your right, Ladies and Gentlemen, you will witness that rare little monkey, the Minor ‘Bundling relaxing in his natural habitat, in a photo taken by Mrs. @underbundle. He doesn’t look like he ever gets up to any sort of mischief at all, oh no.

14jeniifire-The road leading to Temple Newsam My boyfriend took me last month We had a fab day out The road leading to Temple Newsam is on the left @MrsAshborosCat’s boyfriend took her last month, and I’m happy to report that they had a fab day out. “Fab”? What are you, stuck in the Sixties? And no, I don’t know where Temple Newsam is. My guess? Near Leeds. *Googles*. Oh, it’s a historic estate. Click here to see. Posh.

18mikeybaer-Here's a tree I quite likes the look of at the National Gallery of Scotland Now, here’s a tree that @mikeybaer likes the look of – at the National Gallery of Scotland. Despite intensive research – well OK, a bit of Googling – I am unable to tell you the name of the painting. I can exclusively reveal, however, that the blonde in front of the painting needs to wash her hair.

19matt_cochr-Taken on Woodhouse Moor in Leeds Hands up if you think @matt_cochr had cidered his brains out when he took his entry (see left). See, my hand’s not up. (Well, not up in the air, anyway). I think he was being artistic, there at Woodhouse Moor in Leeds. Indeed, I also think he succeeded.

20moynsquidgeim Here’s a photo I really like, but I have no idea where it is, since @moynsquidgeim didn’t tell me. The perspective is great, though, and I think it was probably taken on an iPhone cos it’s got those odd paper-creasy thingies that people with iPhones like to add to their photos for artistic effect.


Rightio, I’m in the mood again for another thematic grouping. What shall I go for this time, readers? OK, whatever you say. Here’s a small group of #SUNDAYPICS that I consider to be –

Works of Artbb48island252-pic2bb16ariadnes_web-pic3 bb38rosamundi-beech leaf

bb15lilian_louvaine-Apple blossom in the garden bb35little_mavis-this was taken in Bristol I like the shadow effect

You’d be proud to have any of those up on your wall, wouldn’t you? Lovely stuff. The one on the left is from @island252, followed by a beautifully focussed (focused?) beech leaf from the ever dependable and highly talented @rosamundi. And then just LOOK at @ariadnes_web’s acorn there! Lovely and perky, like a … little… perky thing. The gorgeous @little_mavis entered the gorgeous tree-shadows on a Bristol street, and @lilian_louvaine presents us with apple blossom in the garden. I’ll be with you in apple blossom time….

22keith_c_jarrett-taken at chessington zoo yesterday btwSpot The Meerkat! Lookit the cute little thing shyly peeping from behind that tree at Chessington Zoo – it’d have your throat out if it could reach you. Thank you @keith_c_jarrett for the nightmares.

23louwiseman-Trees, taken in Madeira last year Wish I was back there now @louwiseman took the photograph on the right in Madeira last year, and wishes she was back there now. Obviously she misses the wine, and the cake (bolo de mel), and maybe even the Black scabbardfish,

24sarahpez-It is not an impressive tree but it is a tree I planted and it is also my favourite type - magnolia She says it’s not an impressive tree, but I beg to differ with @sarahpez (as long as she doesn’t run at me with a pointy stick, that is). I think it IS impressive because it is a tree she planted. It is also her favourite type – magnolia.

25tonihill79-Brother thought this would be a good idea, he had second thoughts Now we see one of the most beautiful sights it has ever been my fortune to see… hang on, wait a minute. No, that’s the start of the next paragraph. This photo from @tonihill79 depicts her brother who thought this would be a good idea; he had second thoughts (and presumably some arse ointment) afterwards.

26avensarah-simple and literal the beauty of fall in Eastern Canada Now we see one of the most beautiful sights it has ever been my fortune to see – no not @avensarah herself, nor yet her brand new offspring (CONGRATULATIONS!), but this gorgeous yet simple and literal depiction of the beauty of fall in Eastern Canada. (Still think you should have called the baby ‘Eagle’).

27toffeegirluk-This was taken last night when friend and I got back to her house, a little tipsy ;) Moving along quickly from the sublime to the ridiculous, @toffeegirluk took this next photograph when she and a friend got back to her house, a little tipsy 😉 You can’t tell it was taken by someone three sheets to the wind – oh actually, you can.

28doodledawne-The Plasticine Garden came to visit Sudbury Hall, it was quite a sight to see Heard of James May’s Plasticine Garden? You can read about it by clicking on the name there, or by having a butcher’s at @doodledawne’s photograph taken when The Plasticine Garden came to visit Sudbury Hall. It was, I’m told, quite a sight to see.

29keithy73-Trees in Belsay, Northumberland Ewoks just out of shotBe careful mind, them's Geordie trees Proper hard bastards they are -) If you look carefully at @keithy73’s photograph of trees in Belsay (Nothumberland) there on the right, you’ll just fail to see the Ewoks, just out of shot. It looks very tempting, but Keith warns “Be careful mind, them’s Geordie trees. Proper hard bastards they are”

30m73ichelle Here’s a rather lovely landscape from m73ichelle… and that’s all I can tell you, for no other information was forthcoming.

31scullyscully-This sad speciman will have to go soon It seeded in our front 6' by 3' front garden A bit of gardening news from @scullyscully – she says “This sad specimen will have to go soon. It seeded in our front 6′ by 3′ front garden”. Crikey, that’s a little ‘un. The garden, I mean. Mind you, so is the sapling. Get it dug up while it’s easy, says Wombat.

32hebbie-This tree looks like its growing out of the headstone What’s up next? Aha! Tis @hebbie, with an intriguing photograph which symbolises the eternal balance between life and death, although the way she expresses it is “This tree looks like its growing out of the headstone”.

33davidtime-Talyn framed by an avenue of silver birch on Cannock Chase Oooh, look at this pretty picture! I could almost have put this in the arty group. In fact, it is Talyn framed by an avenue of silver birch on Cannock Chase, and was posted by @davidtims.

34ironthighs-My magnificent office Christmas tree Its STILL a bit early for this, I reckon, but @ironthighs insists on showing us her “magnificent” (her word) office Christmas tree. Looks a bit girly to me. I’d have a few toy soldiers and guns and footballs on there. And other man-stuff, like… nuts.

34ironthighs-Question Has this tree been struck by lightning I’ll forgive her being a bit previous with Christmas stuff, though, and also break my rule-cum-guideline of one pic per tweeter, because she also sent me this picture on the right. Is it wrong that I find it incredibly sexy. I mean look! Phwoar!

36kirtle-Inside one of my favourite cafes Oh, @kirtle my dear, you always delight me. This week is no exception with your pic of the inside of one of your favourite cafes. Beautiful, but doesn’t it leak when it rains?


37starlitwolf-Mama took this photo while we were walking in an Indiana(USA) State Park during the fall(autumn) “Mama took this photo while we were walking in an Indiana(USA) State Park during the fall(autumn)” says @starlitwolf, helpfully explaining strange American words like ‘fall’, although failing to tell us what a ‘Ma-ma’ is. Gorgeous photo.

Toy Story


tt48island252-pic4 tt40snowgirl1972-this is on my tv in the kitchen

Yes, its a bit of a mini-grouping. Three toy trees, although you will see another later. The first is from the lovely Sarfend Shona, @white76, who surprises me by displaying evidence that Sticklebrix still exist! The middle one is on @snowgirl1972’s telly in the kitchen. You have a telly in the kitchen? You’re POSH! And that thing on the right that looks like a butt-plug is from @island252 – go figure.

41looshine-Here's mine, from The New Forest And now on the right, @looshine’s photo is from the New Forest. That is SUCH a tempting path that if you meandered down it’s soft, mossy warmth, you’d be bound to be eaten by fairies. Vampire fairies – oooh! I should SO write a novel about vampire fairies!

42mallrat_uk-We rent our house so we are stuck with this Yes it's dead From a lovely scene to… a dead tree. Sadly, @mallrat_uk’s house is so they are stuck with it. Yes it’s dead – I think they must have checked. Here, how come the door’s so wide when the path is but narrow? And doesn’t your washing get all tangled in the dead tree? It must be really hard to unsnag a bra from that.

43mooglemeg-next door neighbours trees - the bane of our life Ongoing battle to get them down Want to see something big, baby? How about this? Look at the size of those things! They belong to @mooglemeg’s next door neighbours and are a real annoyance. I can well believe it. Good luck with the ongoing battle to get them down.

45catinabaglady-surprised there's not more of these) has to be the best tree of the year Oh my God. PLEASE, @catinabaglady, tell me this is a photo from last year. I abhor early Christmas appearances. “I’m surprised there’s not more of these” she says, “has to be the best tree of the year”. Bah, humbug.

46womble61-tash with blossom Ah, now I like this next one – Tash with blossom. @womble61 posted it, and is obviously a sensitive individual. Is that a roof, matey, or a really big step?

47zevans23-Tree and Stonework in Swaledale - good demonstration of rule of thirds My neighbour @zevans23 posted the pic on the left – Tree and Stonework in Swaledale. He says it is a good demonstration of the rule of thirds. I’ll have to take his word for it. I’m just a poor unintelligent country boy.

49fbishwife-overturned tree n jnr in the background @fbishwife provides us with this view of an overturned tree – and @fbishwife Junior in the background who has a shirt that matches the scenery.

50coradevine-sunlight through ash Look, a pretty pic now – sunlight through ash, provided by @coradevine. Don’t stare at it too long, unless you’re wearing your shades.

51greythorne-tree door This next entry is fascinating. Look, a tree door! Where is it? Where does it lead? Who made it? Who uses it? We will never know, sadly, for @greythorne remains silent.

52thom_white-the tree always wins Now this next one (on the left, in case you’re getting a bit dizzy) I know where it is, cos I was there. @thom_white took it on our Chatsworth Tweetup. Happy days. He calls it “The Tree Always Wins”.

*takes a moment to count ahead* just nine more to post, so I should get this finished and uploaded before the next #SUNDAYPICS starts in about ninety minutes. Good. I have NO idea how I’m going to blog the audioboos mind. Eek”! Still, back to Trees –

53watty62-moody pine Back on your right, you will see a moody pine from @watty62 – or at least that’s what he calls it. It doesn’t look much like a pine to me, but what do I know? Why yes, I did used to be a forester, but we only chopped the buggers down, we didn’t ask their names.

54alliterative-For my sundaypics I've put together a photo montage of our crabapple tree at different times of the year You want to see a Canadian montage? Course you do – well have a shufti over on the left. That’s a photo montage of @alliterative’s crabapple tree at different times of the year. I’ve got a feeling you’re going to want to click on the pic to get a larger view of those little photos in the corners.


55bestoftimes-the lady in the woods Oh look, a true work of art – damn, I should have put this one in that group earlier, shouldn’t I? Oh well, too late now. This is called “The lady in the woods” and is from @bestoftimes.

56littlebit_bod-An old tree , some new trees and some bluebells from this spring An old tree , some new trees and some bluebells from this spring, courtesy of the ever-delightful @littlebit_bod.

57heidivodka-morning wood When I saw that @heidivodka had posted a photo she titled “Morning Wood” I immediately suspected the worst – but it was only some trees! Look, there they are, thrusting upwards. Nice wood.

58richlieu_uk-new to this sundaypix thing does this count Take the time to look at @richlieu_uk‘s entry on the left there, it’s worth it. Admire the ripples and beautiful reflections. There’s a real sense of place in the photograph. Lovely.

59widget53-our walk to school Leaves! Don’t you just want to scamper through them, kicking the shit out of them and scattering them everywhere? This is @widget53’s walk to school. Crunch crunch crunch.

60raevynlunatique-A rainbow of trees (on our way to Morris Island) More Canadian prettiness now from @raevynlunatique – a rainbow of trees (on the way to Morris Island, wherever that is). I almost cropped the field off the front of the photo so we could concentrate on the pretty trees, but that way lies madness. I must never mess with peoples’ #SUNDAYPICS.

61barb-Barb's first entry  Her fave tree w her fave elves And finally, here is a first #SUNDAYPICS entry from another non-Twitter reader, Barb. It shows her favourite tree (bloody Christmas again, bah!) and her favourite elves.

And that’s your lot, apart from my pathetic effort which will follow in a sec. Thanks for submitting, reading, and making #SUNDAYPICS the big bunch of fun it is. Here’s my entry, of a tree in the field behind Wombat Towers. I look forward to hearing you all tomorrow! Don’t let me down.00wombat37-It's one of my favourite trees, in the field behind our house

If I Could Turn Back Time

Good evening ladies and Gentlemen, My name is @JohnRands_TMTL and I’ll be your Wombat for this evening as I was asked to step in for a week to curate @Wombat37‘s #SundayPics.

And so, aiming not to disappoint, I tried to come up with a theme that would inspire the imagination. So for one week only we fired up the Twitter Time Machine and send a younger version of ourselves a picture postcard saying:

“Hey younger me … SURPRISE!!!”

Now for the most part I’ll be grouping the pics by category, as opposed to listing them in posted order, but I think it only right to start with the first post of the day, @xkylet

Xkylet picture came with a lengthy explanation which I’ll reproduce in full below, so as not to remove any of the meaning.

As you have probably noticed my picture is of my nurses’ uniform top, as my current profession is probably the biggest change in my life over the past few years. My grandfather was a bit of a pioneer in the computer world, nothing famous, just working hard on getting UNIX to talk to printers and the like and this instilled in me an interest in the technical side of life. Following courses at school and college I found I rather liked electrical installation work, you know, wiring and the like. Good bit of conduit bending, always getting the screwheads level (I still tut when I see this not done – no pride in their work!). This lead to me doing BTEC courses in electrical stuff and then higher engineering qualifications. What with one thing and another I ended up going to the University of Surrey and leaving with fond memories and a BEng (Hons) AUS – probably a bit more than required for your electrician.

However, there’s always a ‘however’, about the time I finished uni and went travelling my grandfather fell ill. He had cancer and over 9 months or so he deteriorated and eventually died. I mention this only as I feel it was the catalyst that prompted my change of career. As an engineering student on a course with loads of boys I hung out with a lot of nurses and as my grandfather grew frailer I felt sad that I couldn’t do more for him – I didn’t even know how to help him sit up in bed without pain! I discussed this occasionally with a friend, but not too much as I’m a funny bugger.

My grandfather passed I entered my first job in engineering and did OK, nothing amazing, just OK. I stuck at it for 5 years until eventually events at work and an opportunity to travel again made handing in my notice the right thing to do – when I returned I decided to go back to uni to add three more letters after my name – RNA.

Anyhoo, so that’s that. I started off wanting to be an electrician, switched to engineering and have ended up a nurse. All because of a few little things. But they all add up.


That certainly set the tone for the day, as most people seemed to have looked similarly deep inside to find something of meaning to say this week.

@inhumanbeing says that the young man who was aiming to be a rock climber 20 years ago would be very surprised to find that he traded his harness and crabs (hurr hurr) for this modern accessory.

And if the boys think they’ve gone a long way in terms of career, the girls have them beaten hands down in terms of mileage.

tells herself “Ja, you REALLY made it to Europe & even found a Husband there!” and has the papers to prove it, and @Starlitwolf put together this fantastic illustration showing her journey from single lady in America (with dog) to wife and mother living in the UK (and yes, the dog came too)

Would have laughed in our faces (apparently) if we’d told her she’d be living in the Midlands, with this merry archer, and @ScullyScully would similarly have never have believed that she would not always live in London.

Conversely instead of surprise from she travelled to, @ButMadNNW‘s younger counterpart would be surprised by where she returned to, saying “Hiya, 17-year-old me. Remember the move to CA & swearing you’d NEVER return to the MidWest? Well…”

I believe the snow signifies not only the American MidWest, but also what real snow is like (for the benefit of we countries that shut down over winter)

And while the thread turns to the idea of plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose @MrsTrevithick delighted me by telling her younger self that “You Never Will Learn That Horizontal Stripes Do NOT Flatter You” (I had honestly not considered that our younger selves may be surprised by what hasn’t changed)

Right, now seems a good time for an interlude – but don’t go running to the lobby for your ice creams now, for we have musical entertainment between acts.

@matt_cochr‘s submission is probably unique in this weeks submissions as not only would his younger self not have believed he’d be a degree student on an internship working on a Peter Gabriel video, but from the sounds of it he doesn’t entirely believe it to this day. Apparently he worked on hanging those lights to give the illusion of daylight.

Now technically @thom_white‘s photo didn’t come with a song attached, but when he suggested his younger self might have been surprised to find that he married his best friend’s girlfriend, one song flew immediately to mind (apologies if it is inappropriate)

And finally in music @OldMotherRiley provided this screenshot of a YouTube video (and yes, I did indeed try clicking play several times before I twigged it was only a picture)

Her younger self would not have known what this was, let alone that she’d play it.

For the record I also have no idea what it was, but have been reliably informed that it is a serpent and sounds similar to a flatulent hippo (I don’t know about you dear readers, but I’m gonna take that on faith and not bring the two things together to compare)

OldMotherRiley didn’t include a link to the video, but the miracles of modern technology provide the following.

Which brings us to an interesting point. OldMotherRiley also says her younger self would have quite rightly asked “What’s Youtube?” (“A place to see videos from all over the world? Pull the other one, its got bells on” – please excuse the mandatory morris pun I had to add there, JR)

Because it only stands to reason, if our younger selves are in the past we are people from the FUTURE!!!!

Who is that masked man, and where does he get those wonderful toys? Who knows, but @Keith_C_Jarrett aged 10 would have gotten into cars with any stranger wielding this futuristic device.

@TiggerLlily would have been amazed to know she would have a camera which could also tell her where her photos were taken, or that she would be so widely travelled. I assume this is an IPhone?
Well if so then @Alliterative would apparently use the same futuristic device to show his skinny younger self that he will find himself with weight that is a bit high, high cholesterol and triglyceride.

@hastillonlyme‘s younger self would have been surprised to find herself with a computer, and also to find herself with an 18 year old Son to fix it. (The photo does cone with the label reiterating that she does mean Son)

My surprise is that looking at the left of the picture, he appears to be fixing it with the aid of Jams and preserves!

Which brings us into family – quite a few people will surprise their younger selves by being family men and women.

@Janegoth provided this beautiful photo from what was obviously one of the happiest times in her life, which she’s sending both to her 20 year old self who’d be surprised she had a family so late, and her 33 year old self who didn’t think it’d happen at all.

If you look closely at the little diva in this next picture you may see @ed_moose wrapped around her little finger. Young Ed will be surprised that he’ll help produce something so cute.

@ThatLauraKnox also has a daughter posing for a shot, and writes on her time travelling postcard “Dear young one, you will have a beautiful daughter who will do you proud”

And having gone from birth to young adulthood, we return like the cirle of life to this scary assortment of implements that @babymakingfiles used for the purposes of … babymaking as she never EVER thought she’d have to shoot up IVF drugs to get pregnant.

Most followers of both SundayPics and @AMeadey were suitably impressed by this offering. AMeadey chose this image as she never would have thought she’d not only have kids but have the ability to make a Train Cake

On a similar creative theme @andromedababe shows off some artwork, saying she never dreamed she’d be Infant Teacher! (Which I assume means a teacher of infants)

Also on the subject of both careers and art, please join me in welcoming my friend @eventexposures who joins sundaypics for the first time this week (largely due to my badgering) and says “Dear younger self, YES u can make a life doing what you love … ignore those who tell you otherwise” I can tell you that this is her photography gallery/studio in the Brighton Marina – and yes, that is a car in there.

And since it appears that the eyes have it right now, with all this lovely artwork, how about a closeup of @Ariadnes_webs eyes and her surprise to her younger self, which she sums up in the single word “Lines”
@davidtims vain younger self would never have predicted needing eyeglasses in his 3rd decade.

Please note, David’s head may be slightly less coconutty than pictured in real life.

And again looking at eye-balls @Ironthighs had Mr Ironthighs make this happy looking chap to signify that ‘good walk ruined’ – golf. A game that Ironthighs younger self would have been surprised to know she would grow up to understand.
While we are in the great outdoors @alezed sends us this picture to show off her boyfriend. No really he’s there, in the distance. Hmmm, does anyone else remember the Monty Python sketch “Not being seen”.
Alezed doesn’t say what would surprise her younger self. I’ll assume she means either being with a fellah that I’m sure makes her so happy, or being with one who seems to walk a long distance away from her.

@keithy73 writes “Dear younger self, stop twisting your face & enjoy this (castle not the sheep’s bottom)”
More sheep (although not mooning the camrea this time) in the image from @CymraesCoch who as a homeless 19 year old in the Midlands I certainly never imagined living somewhere like this. And lovely it looks too.

Continuing the thread of house and home @mooglemeg shows us this healthy looking house-plant, which would surprise her younger self as she used to have a phobia of them throughout her childhood (back to room 101?).
@louwiseman‘s younger self would also be surprised by the fact that she would LIKE gardening, and that she would have decking (its not specified in her tweet but I assume that its her garden that is decked, not Lou)

Now Lou did a #SundayPics naughty and submitted two pics this week. Normally one would be picked by the curator and the other left out but I will allow this as a one off for reasons that will be apparent shortly.
In Lou’s original post Lou writes “Dear younger me,surprise: you’ll take up running @ 39 & ACTUALLY LOVE IT!!” – incidentally, a respectable time on the board there.
@Julietims younger self would have died of shock seeing this picture of her and the rest of #TeamTims in the Great Manchester Run. Although JT does point out the unfortunate Grandfather Paradox caused by making your younger self die of shock.

@Miss_Housemouse tells us that she’s had arthritic hips since childhood so it’s a surprise that she now spends her spare time doing this…

Which brings me to my own humble submission. This little collection of race tee shirts, medals, bib numbers, prescription goggles, wetsuit and running hat (Gosh, does that hat say TweetFeetUK, is this somehow connected to the fledgling running blog and twitter account? Hmm, maybe.)

Back when my younger self was still TBTL I would never have imagined doing so many active activities, including my run events and the paddle round the Brighton Pier (well, almost around)

Having done one of those very 10k runs on the day of this sundaypics this brings my mind to injuries (trust me, its a relevant link) which is the best opportunity to bring in @Moschops66 who offered us the opportunity to admire this needlework, something his younger self wouldn’t have foreseen.

Hopefully no such injuries were present for @MacJude on this skydive, although I have it on good authority the only injury was a cupid arrow in the heart. Why? Because on this jump 6 years ago she had no idea she’d just met her future husband

Which us nicely back to family matters, this time the people out there whose younger selves would have been surprised by spouses and partners.

You may want to know who that attractive young thing in the car is … Well its Wombat driving one of the Wombettes off to university. This offering was from @little_mavis. Apparently she’s known Wombat since the age of 14 and didn’t expect to find herself married to him, nor would she have expected to have two daughters off at university.

@sarahpez says “Dear younger me: surprise! I never thought I would find a hubbie at Uni that is an awesome cook” Which is understandable, who would expect to find anyone who can cook in an average uni?

The next two entries would have been equally at home in one of the earlier sundaypics – Weddings.

On the left we have @MrsSuze who says “That’s me in the dress and in the suit. Whooda thunk it?”

On the right in black and white (and I do love a bit of monochrome) @ToffeegirlUK says rather touchingly “Dear Younger Me: Surprise! I never thought I’d ever marry the man of my dreams and be happy with him! “

And since we’ve just had pictures of people dressed fancy in our time warping photo collection, how about some fancy dress?

On the right we see @white76 who never thought she’d go out like this.

As this week’s SundayPics draws to a close lets look at more of the people important to us. having dwelled on kids and spouses lets remember how important our own folks can be to us (and the parents amongst us hope our kids do the same)

@flossieTP offers this beautiful photo, another lovely black and white shot. This thumbnail doesn’t do it justice, and I urge you look at the full picture. As a little bonus one of the articles on the paper is about twitter.

Flossie says “I never really thought my dad would get old. It’s really hard to see such a strong man grow frail.”

@jamerz3294 offers another of my favourite shots and stories from the day. Why would this surprise his younger self? Well as he says…

“Hello young me, here’s a picture of our Birth Mom, we were reunited in NYC onstage of the Sally Jesse”

And so as I put the milk bottles on the step, turn out the lights and rattle through the overcrowded keyring of SundayPics ready to lock up and pass it back to its creator I bit you all good day, thank you all for your support and for those who sent photos in thank you for sharing your images and stories with me, twitter and the blog readers.

But of course I can’t leave yet, and you should have all spotted one regular contrinuter is so far missing. Well they do say nice guys finish last. and so by rights last place goes to our very own wombat (this may be because he likes being called nice, or because he would like making a joke about ‘finishing’)

Dear Younger Me, it sounds impossible to you, but 1 day you WILL support a team other than Rotherham

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