kk44ameadey-Family sundaypics - I told Ellie the theme, she created it, BinaryDad took the pic Boy let it all happenkk24sarahpez-A tree as drawn by Olivia, aged 9 Her contributionOh yeah, Wombat’s back baby, and ready to hit the ground running. My undying gratitude goes to the guest bloggers who selflessly gave their time in order to take the pressure off for a while – but now, lets RAWK! *POWER CHORD*

I’m going to break briefly with the tradition of showing pictures in order of posting, and start with two of the finest #SUNDAYPICS I received this week. On the left, a magnificent creation by Ellie posted by @ameadey, while on the right Olivia has drawn a masterpiece, which was posted by @sarahpez. Excellent work from two talented girls.


Well, I’m a pratt. When I originally posted this, I forgot the three sunset photos – here they are:ss01janine - I love this picture from my back yard, a beautiful sunset bathed in pink The two living trees seem to be cradling the dead oness17inhumanbeing-A tree in sunset from holiday in Crete Spent the evenings watching the sunset over the water ss02jamerz3294-Afterglow of sunset on Lake Michigan, with birch tree

The first is from non-Twitter contributor Janine, who loves this picture from her back yard, a beautiful sunset bathed in pink. The two living trees seem to be cradling the dead one. Our second sunset is from @jamerz3294, and shows the afterglow of sunset on Lake Michigan, with birch tree. Finally, from @inhumanbeing, we see a tree in sunset from a holiday in Crete, where the evenings were spent watching the sunset over the water. Beautiful – and sorry for forgetting, you three!

Here’s the original blog post:

I’ve done a wee bit of grouping of photos, just because I can, and I’ll continue with one of those groups –

Winterww39sjnewton-Trees I can do that Hope you don't mind me barging in unannounced here Mrwombat37 Sirww13miss_ripley-Winter Trees In The Glenww32hebbie-my friend took this at Creetown last year

 Winter Wonderland

ww07johnrands_tmtl-Claire Park in Haywards Heath a few winters ago during my brief residency there n marriage A blanket

ww03ericafairs-Here's my first EVER sundaypics and it is, very literally - trees In our garden In the snow

ww06nortoner-Can't make up my mind so here's two - you choose

It’s a bit hard to type with these mittens on, so please forgive any typnig errros. Top left we have @sjnewton’s photo – I do like the shadows. Centre top is what looks like a painting from @hebbie, and was taken at Creetown, wherever that is. Yes, I know I could Google, but I can’t be arsed. Top right, @miss_ripley shows us Trees in the Geln. Bottom left is Claire Park in Haywards Heath a few winters ago during @johnrands_tmtl’s brief residency there and marriage. A fine view of a winter copse next from @nortoner, who denies himself any explanations. And finally, we have @ericafairs’ first EVER #sundaypics and it is, very literally – trees in her garden.And before you all start mithering me, yes of course I meant “Trees in the Glen” earlier. Bloody mittens.

04xkylet-The Gloucester Tree, Pemberton, WA - climb to 72 metres on wobbly metal stakes There’ll be a couple more thematic groupings later, but for now lets just leap into the inviting pile of cosy #SUNDAYPICS here. First, over on the right there, is @xkylet’s photo of The Gloucester Tree, a giant karri tree in Pemberton, WA – you can, if you’re bonkers, climb to 72 metres on wobbly metal stakes. Click the name there to find out more.

05babymakingfiles-nothing like walking thru the dappled light created by trees You know, there’s nothing so relaxing as a walk through the dappled light created by trees and sunlight, and @babymakingfiles has captured that perfectly with the photo on the left. Don’t you want to wander up there and see what’s down that path? Probably a MacDonalds actually.

08chislehurst-Beach-front trees framing a sailing boat, drifting slowly along crystal clear Barbados sea Ah, here’s something to warm us up a bit after the winter photos above which froze our nadgers off – a beach scene from @chislehurst, the trees elegantly framing a yacht, drifting slowly along crystal clear Barbados seas. Whoa, we’re going to Barbados! Diddle iddle ee dee Whoa, underneath the palm trees! Not.

09oldmotherriley-The tree gave me a whole pocket full of these this morning Regular readers will all know what I’ve got in my pocket, but do you have any idea what @oldmotherriley has got in hers? One word – nuts. No really, over there on the left – the tree gave her a whole pocket full of them on Sunday morning.

10flossietp-My #SundayPics entry, as in - can't see the wood for the -  Hopefully the dissertation will flow soon OK, we’ve got a weird one now. I know, I know, but look on it as a post-modern expression of neo-synergy, and you won’t go far wrong. This is from @flossietp, and these are apparently the trees that she can’t see the wood for. They’re metaphorical trees, see. Hopefully the dissertation will flow soon.

11cymraescoch No explanation from @cymraescoch for her photograph (left) but it isn’t half pretty. Looks like it might be a fun tree to climb, too.

12underbundle-Here we see that rare little monkey, the Minor 'Bundling relaxing in his natural habitat (photo Mrs 'B) If you’ll look to your right, Ladies and Gentlemen, you will witness that rare little monkey, the Minor ‘Bundling relaxing in his natural habitat, in a photo taken by Mrs. @underbundle. He doesn’t look like he ever gets up to any sort of mischief at all, oh no.

14jeniifire-The road leading to Temple Newsam My boyfriend took me last month We had a fab day out The road leading to Temple Newsam is on the left @MrsAshborosCat’s boyfriend took her last month, and I’m happy to report that they had a fab day out. “Fab”? What are you, stuck in the Sixties? And no, I don’t know where Temple Newsam is. My guess? Near Leeds. *Googles*. Oh, it’s a historic estate. Click here to see. Posh.

18mikeybaer-Here's a tree I quite likes the look of at the National Gallery of Scotland Now, here’s a tree that @mikeybaer likes the look of – at the National Gallery of Scotland. Despite intensive research – well OK, a bit of Googling – I am unable to tell you the name of the painting. I can exclusively reveal, however, that the blonde in front of the painting needs to wash her hair.

19matt_cochr-Taken on Woodhouse Moor in Leeds Hands up if you think @matt_cochr had cidered his brains out when he took his entry (see left). See, my hand’s not up. (Well, not up in the air, anyway). I think he was being artistic, there at Woodhouse Moor in Leeds. Indeed, I also think he succeeded.

20moynsquidgeim Here’s a photo I really like, but I have no idea where it is, since @moynsquidgeim didn’t tell me. The perspective is great, though, and I think it was probably taken on an iPhone cos it’s got those odd paper-creasy thingies that people with iPhones like to add to their photos for artistic effect.


Rightio, I’m in the mood again for another thematic grouping. What shall I go for this time, readers? OK, whatever you say. Here’s a small group of #SUNDAYPICS that I consider to be –

Works of Artbb48island252-pic2bb16ariadnes_web-pic3 bb38rosamundi-beech leaf

bb15lilian_louvaine-Apple blossom in the garden bb35little_mavis-this was taken in Bristol I like the shadow effect

You’d be proud to have any of those up on your wall, wouldn’t you? Lovely stuff. The one on the left is from @island252, followed by a beautifully focussed (focused?) beech leaf from the ever dependable and highly talented @rosamundi. And then just LOOK at @ariadnes_web’s acorn there! Lovely and perky, like a … little… perky thing. The gorgeous @little_mavis entered the gorgeous tree-shadows on a Bristol street, and @lilian_louvaine presents us with apple blossom in the garden. I’ll be with you in apple blossom time….

22keith_c_jarrett-taken at chessington zoo yesterday btwSpot The Meerkat! Lookit the cute little thing shyly peeping from behind that tree at Chessington Zoo – it’d have your throat out if it could reach you. Thank you @keith_c_jarrett for the nightmares.

23louwiseman-Trees, taken in Madeira last year Wish I was back there now @louwiseman took the photograph on the right in Madeira last year, and wishes she was back there now. Obviously she misses the wine, and the cake (bolo de mel), and maybe even the Black scabbardfish,

24sarahpez-It is not an impressive tree but it is a tree I planted and it is also my favourite type - magnolia She says it’s not an impressive tree, but I beg to differ with @sarahpez (as long as she doesn’t run at me with a pointy stick, that is). I think it IS impressive because it is a tree she planted. It is also her favourite type – magnolia.

25tonihill79-Brother thought this would be a good idea, he had second thoughts Now we see one of the most beautiful sights it has ever been my fortune to see… hang on, wait a minute. No, that’s the start of the next paragraph. This photo from @tonihill79 depicts her brother who thought this would be a good idea; he had second thoughts (and presumably some arse ointment) afterwards.

26avensarah-simple and literal the beauty of fall in Eastern Canada Now we see one of the most beautiful sights it has ever been my fortune to see – no not @avensarah herself, nor yet her brand new offspring (CONGRATULATIONS!), but this gorgeous yet simple and literal depiction of the beauty of fall in Eastern Canada. (Still think you should have called the baby ‘Eagle’).

27toffeegirluk-This was taken last night when friend and I got back to her house, a little tipsy ;) Moving along quickly from the sublime to the ridiculous, @toffeegirluk took this next photograph when she and a friend got back to her house, a little tipsy 😉 You can’t tell it was taken by someone three sheets to the wind – oh actually, you can.

28doodledawne-The Plasticine Garden came to visit Sudbury Hall, it was quite a sight to see Heard of James May’s Plasticine Garden? You can read about it by clicking on the name there, or by having a butcher’s at @doodledawne’s photograph taken when The Plasticine Garden came to visit Sudbury Hall. It was, I’m told, quite a sight to see.

29keithy73-Trees in Belsay, Northumberland Ewoks just out of shotBe careful mind, them's Geordie trees Proper hard bastards they are -) If you look carefully at @keithy73’s photograph of trees in Belsay (Nothumberland) there on the right, you’ll just fail to see the Ewoks, just out of shot. It looks very tempting, but Keith warns “Be careful mind, them’s Geordie trees. Proper hard bastards they are”

30m73ichelle Here’s a rather lovely landscape from m73ichelle… and that’s all I can tell you, for no other information was forthcoming.

31scullyscully-This sad speciman will have to go soon It seeded in our front 6' by 3' front garden A bit of gardening news from @scullyscully – she says “This sad specimen will have to go soon. It seeded in our front 6′ by 3′ front garden”. Crikey, that’s a little ‘un. The garden, I mean. Mind you, so is the sapling. Get it dug up while it’s easy, says Wombat.

32hebbie-This tree looks like its growing out of the headstone What’s up next? Aha! Tis @hebbie, with an intriguing photograph which symbolises the eternal balance between life and death, although the way she expresses it is “This tree looks like its growing out of the headstone”.

33davidtime-Talyn framed by an avenue of silver birch on Cannock Chase Oooh, look at this pretty picture! I could almost have put this in the arty group. In fact, it is Talyn framed by an avenue of silver birch on Cannock Chase, and was posted by @davidtims.

34ironthighs-My magnificent office Christmas tree Its STILL a bit early for this, I reckon, but @ironthighs insists on showing us her “magnificent” (her word) office Christmas tree. Looks a bit girly to me. I’d have a few toy soldiers and guns and footballs on there. And other man-stuff, like… nuts.

34ironthighs-Question Has this tree been struck by lightning I’ll forgive her being a bit previous with Christmas stuff, though, and also break my rule-cum-guideline of one pic per tweeter, because she also sent me this picture on the right. Is it wrong that I find it incredibly sexy. I mean look! Phwoar!

36kirtle-Inside one of my favourite cafes Oh, @kirtle my dear, you always delight me. This week is no exception with your pic of the inside of one of your favourite cafes. Beautiful, but doesn’t it leak when it rains?


37starlitwolf-Mama took this photo while we were walking in an Indiana(USA) State Park during the fall(autumn) “Mama took this photo while we were walking in an Indiana(USA) State Park during the fall(autumn)” says @starlitwolf, helpfully explaining strange American words like ‘fall’, although failing to tell us what a ‘Ma-ma’ is. Gorgeous photo.

Toy Story


tt48island252-pic4 tt40snowgirl1972-this is on my tv in the kitchen

Yes, its a bit of a mini-grouping. Three toy trees, although you will see another later. The first is from the lovely Sarfend Shona, @white76, who surprises me by displaying evidence that Sticklebrix still exist! The middle one is on @snowgirl1972’s telly in the kitchen. You have a telly in the kitchen? You’re POSH! And that thing on the right that looks like a butt-plug is from @island252 – go figure.

41looshine-Here's mine, from The New Forest And now on the right, @looshine’s photo is from the New Forest. That is SUCH a tempting path that if you meandered down it’s soft, mossy warmth, you’d be bound to be eaten by fairies. Vampire fairies – oooh! I should SO write a novel about vampire fairies!

42mallrat_uk-We rent our house so we are stuck with this Yes it's dead From a lovely scene to… a dead tree. Sadly, @mallrat_uk’s house is so they are stuck with it. Yes it’s dead – I think they must have checked. Here, how come the door’s so wide when the path is but narrow? And doesn’t your washing get all tangled in the dead tree? It must be really hard to unsnag a bra from that.

43mooglemeg-next door neighbours trees - the bane of our life Ongoing battle to get them down Want to see something big, baby? How about this? Look at the size of those things! They belong to @mooglemeg’s next door neighbours and are a real annoyance. I can well believe it. Good luck with the ongoing battle to get them down.

45catinabaglady-surprised there's not more of these) has to be the best tree of the year Oh my God. PLEASE, @catinabaglady, tell me this is a photo from last year. I abhor early Christmas appearances. “I’m surprised there’s not more of these” she says, “has to be the best tree of the year”. Bah, humbug.

46womble61-tash with blossom Ah, now I like this next one – Tash with blossom. @womble61 posted it, and is obviously a sensitive individual. Is that a roof, matey, or a really big step?

47zevans23-Tree and Stonework in Swaledale - good demonstration of rule of thirds My neighbour @zevans23 posted the pic on the left – Tree and Stonework in Swaledale. He says it is a good demonstration of the rule of thirds. I’ll have to take his word for it. I’m just a poor unintelligent country boy.

49fbishwife-overturned tree n jnr in the background @fbishwife provides us with this view of an overturned tree – and @fbishwife Junior in the background who has a shirt that matches the scenery.

50coradevine-sunlight through ash Look, a pretty pic now – sunlight through ash, provided by @coradevine. Don’t stare at it too long, unless you’re wearing your shades.

51greythorne-tree door This next entry is fascinating. Look, a tree door! Where is it? Where does it lead? Who made it? Who uses it? We will never know, sadly, for @greythorne remains silent.

52thom_white-the tree always wins Now this next one (on the left, in case you’re getting a bit dizzy) I know where it is, cos I was there. @thom_white took it on our Chatsworth Tweetup. Happy days. He calls it “The Tree Always Wins”.

*takes a moment to count ahead* just nine more to post, so I should get this finished and uploaded before the next #SUNDAYPICS starts in about ninety minutes. Good. I have NO idea how I’m going to blog the audioboos mind. Eek”! Still, back to Trees –

53watty62-moody pine Back on your right, you will see a moody pine from @watty62 – or at least that’s what he calls it. It doesn’t look much like a pine to me, but what do I know? Why yes, I did used to be a forester, but we only chopped the buggers down, we didn’t ask their names.

54alliterative-For my sundaypics I've put together a photo montage of our crabapple tree at different times of the year You want to see a Canadian montage? Course you do – well have a shufti over on the left. That’s a photo montage of @alliterative’s crabapple tree at different times of the year. I’ve got a feeling you’re going to want to click on the pic to get a larger view of those little photos in the corners.


55bestoftimes-the lady in the woods Oh look, a true work of art – damn, I should have put this one in that group earlier, shouldn’t I? Oh well, too late now. This is called “The lady in the woods” and is from @bestoftimes.

56littlebit_bod-An old tree , some new trees and some bluebells from this spring An old tree , some new trees and some bluebells from this spring, courtesy of the ever-delightful @littlebit_bod.

57heidivodka-morning wood When I saw that @heidivodka had posted a photo she titled “Morning Wood” I immediately suspected the worst – but it was only some trees! Look, there they are, thrusting upwards. Nice wood.

58richlieu_uk-new to this sundaypix thing does this count Take the time to look at @richlieu_uk‘s entry on the left there, it’s worth it. Admire the ripples and beautiful reflections. There’s a real sense of place in the photograph. Lovely.

59widget53-our walk to school Leaves! Don’t you just want to scamper through them, kicking the shit out of them and scattering them everywhere? This is @widget53’s walk to school. Crunch crunch crunch.

60raevynlunatique-A rainbow of trees (on our way to Morris Island) More Canadian prettiness now from @raevynlunatique – a rainbow of trees (on the way to Morris Island, wherever that is). I almost cropped the field off the front of the photo so we could concentrate on the pretty trees, but that way lies madness. I must never mess with peoples’ #SUNDAYPICS.

61barb-Barb's first entry  Her fave tree w her fave elves And finally, here is a first #SUNDAYPICS entry from another non-Twitter reader, Barb. It shows her favourite tree (bloody Christmas again, bah!) and her favourite elves.

And that’s your lot, apart from my pathetic effort which will follow in a sec. Thanks for submitting, reading, and making #SUNDAYPICS the big bunch of fun it is. Here’s my entry, of a tree in the field behind Wombat Towers. I look forward to hearing you all tomorrow! Don’t let me down.00wombat37-It's one of my favourite trees, in the field behind our house


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