audiobooWhen I first announced this one, I thought I’d get very few responses, cos you’d all be scared of recording your voices. Crikey, was I wrong! Lots of you lovelies let us hear you speak throughout the day so THANKS! I also enjoyed hearing the other boos you recorded, but didn’t post on the day. What a fascinating bunch you are.

I’m going to present these in the order they were posted, in a vague attempt to be arty farty and paint a sound poem of Sunday 17th October 2010. Click on the pictures to hear people speak. Oh, and some of the ‘Interesting Facts’ are made up. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify which. The reader who sends me the most accurate list of the made-up “facts” will win my approbation and a voucher for One Free Hour of Wombat Lurve.

heidivodkaTweeter: @heidivodka , Huddersfield.
Interesting fact: Supports Man. City – also lurves Star Trek.
Quote: “I’ve been coughing my guts up for most of the week”
Wombat says: Heidi’s sexy huskiness got the day off to a great start. Podiatry, eh? I do believe that’s the branch of medicine devoted to the study, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower leg. Or, as we old gits call it, chiropody.

ameadey Tweeter: @ameadey , Manchester.
Interesting fact: She says “I quite like not speaking”, but Audrey talks an awful lot.
Quote: “He’s just got his mouth full”
Wombat says: I love this breakfast boo, and the fact that this is obviously such a happy family. Also, the breakfast that Audrey made seems to have glued her son’s teeth together. Porridge, probably.

djdarren djdarren

Tweeter: @djdarren , Southampton.  
Interesting fact: Depending on where you look, Darren lives in Southampton, Bournemouth, or Hythe.
Quote: “Good evening, you’re listening to Late Night Love with me, Darren Saunders”
Wombat says: Two boos from Darren, cos he also provided the delightful one on the right there with son, Billy.

mikeybaerTweeter: @mikeybaer , St. Albans.  
Interesting fact: Sent this boo from a bed in Manchester.
Quote: “I luuuurve Wombat”
Wombat says: Who doesn’t love our Mikey? This week he seems to have his sexy voice on.


keithy73Tweeter: @keithy73 , Newcastle.
Interesting fact: Keith is a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Quote: “I’d love to talk more but I’m off to chase me philosophical tortoise”
Wombat says: I reckon this is one of the best accents posted. My Nan was from the North East, mind, so that might be affecting my judgement.


white76Tweeter: @white76 , Southend.
Interesting fact: is 14 inches shorter than husband Mike
Quote: “I live in Sarfend”
Wombat says: I don’t know who is more lovely – Shona or Charlie. Shona’s enriched my Twitter existence hugely. I’m a better person for knowing her.

philwaltersTweeter: @philwalters , Bridgend.
Interesting fact: Can do press-downs, but not press-ups.
Quote: “Its a lovely sunny day here in South Wales”
Wombat says: Another favourite accent – I could listen to Phil just going “Blah blah blah blah” in that accent.

flossietpTweeter: @flossietp , West Yorkshire.
Interesting fact: Moves in trendy circles – Son is a tattooist and his girlfriend is a burlesque model
Quote: “Its difficult finding a bit of peace & quiet with teenage boys running around”
Wombat says: Andrea often waves in our general direction as we speed over The Pennines, bless her little cotton socks.

scan0103Tweeter: @little_mavis , Lancashire.
Interesting fact: Can ride a unicycle while juggling.
Quote: “I’m afraid a lot of this is probably my fault”
Wombat says: I know nothing about this woman at all.


hebbieTweeter: @hebbie, Newton Stewart.
Interesting fact: Has to keep an eye on possible flooding from the local river which seems to flow just past the bottom of Hebbie’s garden
Quote: “I love to Twitter, I love cooking, I love Saturdays, and I love wuffly wuffle”
Wombat says: Sorry about the end of the quote, but the boo got awfully muffled just there. I think it says “My Mother”, but it could just be “to hurt Wombat”, so I’m a bit worried. See what you think.

tonihill79Tweeter: @tonihill79, East Sussex.
Interesting fact: Used to have a single giant ear growing out of the side of her head.
Quote: “I kind of love Wombat”
Wombat says: Kind of? What particular ‘kind of’ were you considering? Hope it involves chocolate spread.

wombat37Tweeter: @wombat37, In his own little world.
Interesting fact: Produces cubic scats.
Quote: “I’ve just had an egg muffin with Snowgirl Sauce”
Wombat says: Note to self. Don’t EVER sing in a boo again.

alezedTweeter: @alezed , Birmingham
Interesting fact: Worked in “Morribob’s pie shop”.
Quote: “Where you going, boys?”
Wombat says: I adore Alex’s Dudley accent, and I think she should use it ALL the time.

miss_ripleyTweeter: @Miss_Ripley , Stirling
Interesting fact: Dad apparently flirts with council officials on the phone (unintentionally of course)
Quote: “Hope you all have a nice day”
Wombat says: Megan is the epitome of nice, such a lovely girl and full of smileness. It is so a word. Well, it is now.

binarydadTweeter: @binarydad , Manchester
Interesting fact: BD’s support got @little_mavis over the hurdle of 20 followers
Quote: “The interesting thing about Audioboo is you don’t have to keep it short”
Wombat says: All hail the Twitter God himself with his fascinating taste in T shirts.

ariadnes_webTweeter: @ariadnes_web , Perthshire
Interesting fact: Uses eyelash curlers
Quote: “I REALLY love spiders”
Wombat says: I do so enjoy a great big MWAH from a sultry voice.


spacebarfTweeter: @spacebarf , Martini, the back end of Switzerland
Interesting fact: Speaks to his cats in Japanese.
Quote: “I will skip that last phrase”
Wombat says: Aw no, Phil doesn’t love me! *sob*


mooglemegTweeter: @mooglemeg, Leicestershire
Interesting fact: Helen’s boyfriend’s mother’s guide dog puppy was once on Blue Peter.
Quote: “Oooh! And I live in Leicestershire!”
Wombat says: Helen sounds really surprised to find herself living in, of all amazing places, Leicestershire.

mrsashboroscatTweeter: @MrsAshborosCat, Leeds
Interesting fact: Her cats both have Twitter accounts – @apollokitty and @artemiskitty.
Quote: “I like cats and I like ghosts and that’s about it”
Wombat says: How about ghost-cats? The spirits of dead felines doomed forever to prowl limbo in search of food such as tuna and their own vomit.

greythorneTweeter: @greythorne, by the duck pond in Staffordshire.
Interesting fact: Enjoys finding bargain books in charity shops.
Quote: “I’m currently enjoying the comedy value of moorhens”
Wombat says: Many of my forebears in the Wombat Family Tree were from Staffordshire, so I really appreciate the pronunciation of “ducks” in this boo.

m73ichelleTweeter: @m73ichelle, somewhere in the UK…
Interesting fact: Has an irrational fear of phobias.
Quote: “It’s an anagram of my age”
Wombat says: I wonder if Michelle will change her Twitter ID every year?

thom_whiteTweeter: @thom_white, Nottingham
Interesting fact: Stole his best friend’s girl, and married her. Don’t blame him.
Quote: “This is the sound of my voice when there is a child sat on my shoulders”
Wombat says: A true hero in every sense of the word, this man has saved the world on more than one occasion. Probably.

dai_bachTweeter: @dai_bach, Wimbledon
Interesting fact:Loves all things Apple.
Quote: “Hello? Is this thing working?”
Wombat says: For a man so entrapped by the evil Apple, the man talks a lot of sense.

snowgirl1972Tweeter: @snowgirl1972, Nottingham
Interesting fact: Was raised in Borneo.
Quote: “I love the wombat, I’m not sure why that is”
Wombat says: I defy you not to smile at the start of this boo.


DSCF2525Tweeter: @goodboyben, the back field usually
Interesting fact: Is a dog.
Quote: “WOOF! Rrruff rruufff WOOF!”
Wombat says: Stop eating that cow poo!


croftyTweeter: @crofty, Oldham
Interesting fact: Plays lead guitar in some band or other – what’s the band called, Crofty? 
Quote: “The ducks are out, so I’m going to introduce you to Ada, Katy and Lily”
Wombat says: A glorious boo, this – four minutes of a wonderful day in the life. Brilliant.

davetreadwellTweeter: @davetreadwell, Swindon
Interesting fact: Works at an “Outdoors” shop.
Quote: “I will leave you because the ad break’s just finished”


shinytuppenceTweeter: @shinytuppence, Hicksville
Interesting fact: Has extremely attractive breasts.
Quote: “My name is Sarah”
Wombat says: The rarely-suitable-for-work beauty is, for once, suitable-for-work, bless her little cotton socks.

johnrands_tmtlTweeter: @johnrands_tmtl, Telscombe (it’s near Brighton)
Interesting fact: Owns a terrapin called Toni.
Quote: “Many people keep asking me what TMTL stands for”
Wombat says: I tried thinking of a spoof meaning for TMTL to put here, but they were all far too filthy for a nice blog like ours.

mikebishopTweeter: @mikebishop, Liverpool
Interesting fact: Smells like Bruce Willis.
Quote: “Despite me only following today, I love Wombat”
Wombat says: Mike’s occasional blog is well worth a read at – the post about Scouse is great.

ajonesieTweeter: @ajonesie, Mobile Alabama
Interesting fact: Browncoat. Just like me.
Quote: I’m a little bit nervous cos I don’t think I’ve heard any American audioboos yet”
Wombat says: My perfect woman, except (1) I’m way too old and therefore it would be pervy and (2) there’s a big old ocean in between us. What I really mean is, she likes a lot of things I do.

hardyduncanTweeter: @hardyduncan, Edinburgh
Interesting fact: Hobbies include microscopes and coffee making.
Quote: “I’ve opened a bottle of wine. That’s what I like”
Wombat says: One of my all time heroes; this man is a fine example to us all.


lettyp1Tweeter: @lettyp1, Midlothian
Interesting fact: Stationery freak.
Quote: “I’m now about to try and make dinner for the hordes of teenagers”
Wombat says: Yikes, Colette – how many make up a horde, I wonder?


jackpot73Tweeter: @jackpot73, Potterland it says here
Interesting fact: Finds Pan’s Labyrinth achingly beautiful.
Quote: “I love Sundays cos I get to lie-in till 8 o’clock in the morning”
Wombat says: That’s a lie-in? Blimey.


sobsterTweeter: @sobster, Wiltshire.
Interesting fact: Can down a pint of beer in five seconds.
Quote: “Jack’s had a walk, I’ve had a pint”
Wombat says: Pint of what? For the perfect Sunday it ought to have been ale, but I’ll bet it was milk or Tizer or something.

richlieu_ukTweeter: @richlieu_uk, Manchester
Interesting fact: An expert in silent movies, he can act out the whole of Buster Keaton’s “Our Hospitality”
Quote: “We’ve had our dinner, and where we going now?”
Wombat says: FAIR!

julietimsTweeter: @julietims, Alrewas
Interesting fact: An extremely fit (in all senses of the word) runner.
Quote: “I must love Wombat, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this”
Wombat says: One of my favourite people on Twitter, this lass. Say “Ayup” to Kate and Sean from me and Ben.

cymraescochTweeter: @cymraescoch, Carmarthenshire
Interesting fact: Has complicated dreams which she ought to blog.
Quote:”I love…. oooh, so many things to pick from… *laugh* … I love not knowing how to end Audioboos”
Wombat says: Ah Liz, one of my best Twitter mates of all time.

edinburghjoTweeter: @edinburghjo, Edinburgh (you don’t say).
Interesting fact: Not from Edinburgh. 
Quote: “Dumplings and some red wine”
Wombat says: Sounds like a great night in.


fbishwifeTweeter: @fbishwife, I have NO idea where she is.
Interesting fact: Thinks she might be allergic to tinsel.
Quote: “I’m not sure this is gonna work”
Wombat says: Oh, it worked fine, and I’m sorry for making you do this which you obviously didn’t like! Reader – listen for the last word, where Kelly sounds as though she’s fallen off a cliff or been grabbed by the talons of a giant owl.

avensarahTweeter: @avensarah, Sudbury Ontario
Interesting fact: Has a bar in the cellar.
Quote: “I have no idea whether I sound American, Canadian or anything else to you but I’ll be curious to hear your reactions”
Wombat says: Canadians obviously don’t say “oot and aboot” as Americans say they do, but there is a slightly different sound to the ‘out’…

underbundleTweeter: @underbundle, North London
Interesting fact: Mrs. Bundle has sung with Ray Davies.
Quote: “I live in the void space between Crouch End and Muswell Hill”
Wombat says: Now *I* want to live in a void space – you probably meet The Doctor all the time when you live in a void space.

catinabagladyTweeter: @catinabaglady, Oxford –ish
Interesting fact: Lets the cat out of the bag at weekends.
Quote:”A massive TWAT”
Wombat says: Mademoiselle, with these bonus jokes, you are really spoiling us. Where’s me Rocher though?

inhumanbeingTweeter: @inhumanbeing, Lancashire
Interesting fact: Once had a trial with Manchester City, but turned down their offer of a contract.
Quote: “I’m so rock’n’roll”
Wombat says: Bob’s a man who’s not afraid to boast of doing the ironing, just like me. REAL men, we are.

alliterative2Tweeter: @alliterative, Sudbury Ontario
Interesting fact: An accomplished carver of wood.
Quote: “Nu scylun hergan hefaenricaes uard”
Wombat says: I adored Caedman’s Hymn – I could listen to you reading that all day. Oh, and readers may wish to read the comments on this boo.

nixieluTweeter: @nixielulu
Interesting fact: Has had three novels published, including “Cake Expectations”
Quote: “Lazing around in the bath eating cake”
Wombat says: Soggy cake. Ew.



xkyletTweeter: @xkylet, Bristol
Interesting fact: Once played a dalek in Dr. Who.
Quote:”You do insist on having such strange, square poo”
Wombat says: Check Kyle’s other boos, PLEASE. Especially Wuthering Heights.


captain_doodleTweeter: @captain_doodle, Nottingham
Interesting fact: Lego collector extraordinaire.
Quote:”International crime fighting. Doodle out!”
Wombat says: You should all know Doodle by now – a man with his own whimsical theme tune thing.

liam54Tweeter: @liam54, Retford
Interesting fact: Can run the mile in under four minutes.
Quote:”While I don’t quite love Wombat, he’s alright I suppose”
Wombat says: Damned with faint praise from the youth of today. No change there then.

starlitwolfTweeter: @starlitwolf, West Yorks
Interesting fact: Is into canals and geocaching.
Quote: “Yes I’m doing this for Twitter. Sundaypics. Kid 3 just looked at me”
Wombat says: A video boo for a change. I loved the trees – particularly the willows. Also, check out 


suaiewoosie78Tweeter: @susiewoosie78, Essex
Interesting fact: At weekends, performs as an extra on many TV soap operas. Can often be seen in The Rovers Return.
Quote: “A big hello”
Wombat says: Hello, Ducks. I’ll have a pint of Newton & Ridley.

toffeegirlukTweeter: @toffeegirlUK and @BvO79
Interesting fact: These two are, in fact, one person with a talent for voices.
Quote: “I hope it hasn’t confused our voices”
Wombat says: Mysteriously, I could not find a photo of @BvO79 anywhere….


fraggle_red23Tweeter: @fraggle_red23, Fraggle Rock
Interesting fact: Actually DOES live in a lighthouse.
Quote: “Dance your cares away. Worry’s for another day. Let the music play down at Fraggle Rock”
Wombat says: Why aren’t you wearing any trousers or pants?


keith_c_jarrettTweeter: @keith_c_jarrett, London
Interesting fact: Owns a large number of cardigans.
Quote: “All hail Wombat”
Wombat says: Tough job you’ve got there, matey.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Tweeter: @fanny_Ingabout, Newport
Interesting fact: Has a psychological condition which compels her to always do as she’s told.
Quote: “Do as I’m told. Which makes a change”
Wombat says: Who told you?

zevans23Tweeter: @zevans23, Bolton
Interesting fact: Consummate beard-wearer and photo-takerer
Quote: “I don’t know what’s happened to the other 36 wombats. I suspect he might be a replicant”
Wombat says: I don’t know what’s happened to the other 22 zevans. I suspect he might be a replicant.

ironthighsTweeter: @ironthighs, Port Talbot
Interesting fact: Has hyper-extending elbows, and has had flamenco lessons.
Quote: “Sounds a bit funny saying ‘Ironthighs’ out loud”
Wombat says: Little Mavis just said “I like her voice!”, and I couldn’t agree more.


joehambletonTweeter: @joehambleton
Interesting fact: Works as a staff nurse
Quote: “I’m currently courting Mrs. Ashcroft’s housecat-person”
Wombat says: Ah, badinage! Love it. And what’s wrong with “courting”? Lovely old word.

davidtimsTweeter: @davidtims, Lichfield
Interesting fact: Has a huge bushy Brian Blessed type beard which you can’t see in the photo
Quote: “This is my 11th hour contribution”
Wombat says: Ah, David – often acts as a buffer against the lunatic ravings of his sister.

butmadnnwTweeter: @butmadnnw, Minneapolis
Interesting fact: Can speak Mandarin fluently.
Quote: “When the wind is southerly i know a hawk from a handsaw”
Wombat says: Four people for the price of one. I like the East European (Russian?) one.


fyreflyeTweeter: @fyreflye, Hertfordshire
Interesting fact: Once slept with Prince Charles.
Quote:”That’s Miles in the background”
Wombat says: Another of me bessie friends – hi, Vero!


janineinsdTweeter: nope. Not on Twitter, but in South Dakota.
Interesting fact: Never wears underwear.
Quote: “Just want to thank you all for sharing your Sundaypics with me. I enjoy it immensely”
Wombat says: A good friend of mine from another forum, Sparkpeople, Janine is one of the nicest people you could ever meet.

nathanpottingerTweeter: @nathanpottinger, London
Interesting fact: Has invented a time machine. It doesn’t work. Yet.
Quote: “Erm…. what am I talking about?”
Wombat says: This appeals greatly to my bonkers side.


cptholster cptholsterTweeter: @mrscreant, Manchester
Interesting fact: Her boobs have been on the cover of FHM.
Quote: “L.I.T.T.L.E.   L.I.T.T.L.E.   L.I.T.T.L.E.”
Wombat says: Click the pic on the right to hear a LITTLE postscript. 

jofilmTweeter: @jofilm, London
Interesting fact: Rides her bike a lot, and often does wheelies in the park.
Quote: “Love Sundaypics. Love Wombat”
Wombat says: “Love Joanne Rocos. Love film”


ericafairsTweeter: @ericafairs, Godalming
Interesting fact: Was one of The Wombles who appeared on Top of the Pops miming the hit “Remember You’re a Womble
Quote: “Finally, four days after it was due, I’ve managed to do this properly”
Wombat says: Erica, I think, must be a vampire cos she usually appears just as I’m about to go to bed.


lucypalmerTweeter: @lucypalmer (and Rosie), The Bewilderness
Interesting fact: Lucy does never-ending work to raise money to fight endometriosis. She’s inexhaustible and could do with your help. Start by taking a look at her blog at
Quote: “Come on. Up you get. Ouuuooogh”
Wombat says: I love this woman. To bloody bits. 


Thanks you lot. Finally, here’s my final contribution of the exercise – a


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A Yorkshireman in the green hills of Lancashire, UK Not a real wombat, obviously, or typing would become an issue. I do have short legs and a hairy nose, however. Oh, & a distinctive smell.

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