Pimp My Plane

OK, then. Doodle comin’ atcha for one week only with the planes #sundaypics. I’ve deactivated the laser grid and snuck back into Wombat Towers under cover of darkness. Unfortunately my ninja garments have shrunk in the wash a bit, so I’ll crack on before I lose consciousness…

The task on this particular week, should you have chosen to accept it, was to craft some sort of plane, paper or otherwise, and ‘do it up a bit’ if you wanted. A reasonable amount of entries were received, but I now realise that setting such a formidable task was an error. Therefore, future #sundaypics will include ‘A picture of my shoelaces’, ‘My camera case’ and ‘The Wall Directly In Front Of Me’ 😉
Many thanks to those who contributed, in order of receipt as follows…
First out of the traps was @m73ichelle with this superb After Eights* creation. Looks like a whole box had to be reluctantly pounded down in the name of science (*other post-dinner waffer theen mints are available)

@white76’s cucumber (insert own Womuendo) is the focal point of her terrific little montage. Top marks for effort, with said vegetable crafted into a fighter plane, all set against a lovely sunny backdrop.
Parked on the sofa runway ready for take off is @FBishWife and jnr’s cute little plane. Looks a bit like one of them wot lands on water, and brought on a hankering for some Sticklebrick action in yours truly.
@OldMotherRiley was next up with one that made me chuckle. A “genuine dog fight in the skies over Kent”… but look out, who’s that coming in out of the sun… it’s the shark-fanged jet fighter of @inhumanbeing, who put you all to shame by hiring a chopper to go up and capture this photo.
@Ariadnes_web is having none of that plane malarkey – she’s travelling in style, preparing for take off on her magic carpet.

A couple more crafted efforts, this time from Luca (7) and Darcy (4). @MrsAshborosCat was on pipecleaner and lolly stick duty, but full credit goes to the littl’uns for these lovely colourful flying machines.

@andymcf crafted his concorde masterpiece out of tinfoil. Rather good, I think you’ll agree. Clearly not the opinion of Alicia, who sees it as a waste of Baco, the foil* (*Hi, Spaced fans)

@starlitwolf’s tax shuttle is next up, ready for take off in ‘stealth mode’, followed by @aMeadey and Ellie’s smashing lego war chopper. Those mimes have had enough and are ready for take off, replete with bazookas and axes!

I’d been waiting for the ‘plane, as in tool’ entry, and you didn’t disappoint, @JohnRands_TMTL coming up with the goods. “The sign is a reference to Least I Could Do, a brilliant webcomic by @sohmer”, btw.
Neeeeeeeeeeeow! Rat-a-tat-a-tat! Take that, Fritz! Here comes Wing Commander @wombat37, recreating a “dogfight over the Channel between a Spitfire and an Me 109.” Love the explosions! After giving Jerry a good spanking in the skies, the Spitfire later flew all the way from the settee to the kitchen. *lump in throat* Makes one proud to be British.
@Underbundle’s natty effort took “hours of labour and planning”, the little fibber. Would love to see that livery in the skies. And here’s @flossieTP with a simple design classic, the sleek white minimalist paper plane (definitely “not a dart” according to her brother).

Just when we were all feeling good about our #sundaypics efforts, @Ironthighs knocked it out of the park with her superb entry. Kudos to her for “sacrificing my best lipstick” to get the best results, and top marks to the brave volunteer, baring all in the name of art. Brilliant.
Limping along in the wake of Ironthighs’ gamechanger was the @captaindoodle doodlejet, a super powerful toilet roll jet from the future. Or something. Taking the doodlejet on its maiden voyage was brave test pilot Skywalker.

@catinabaglady’s curvaceous plane is sleek and simple, sits on her desk, and “has got me through many a boring conference call”. @little_mavis’ plane is at the other end of the design spectrum. Westwood himself would be proud of all the bling on that, innit. Apparently this was decorated with the little_mavis cake decoration principle in mind – “If in doubt, chuck lots of stuff on it!”

Next on the runway ready for take off is the cerealjet of @Keith_C_Jarrett, sponsored by Olivio. I hope he’s welded that with Weetabix and left it to dry – the strongest substance known to man, I think you’ll find.
Yum, here comes @ButMadNNW’s candy plane, flying back to the hangar *opens mouth*, and @jamerz3294’s “bamboo, apples, paper coupons and doggy doodoo bag” aircraft. Nice wheels. Pimped by jamerz3294 and BIL, who is a pilot!

A family production line produced the next plane. @Alliterative made ’em, with @AvenSarah and E1 doing the decorating. Lovely spotty planes, with stickers and rubbings used to add the blobs of colour.
Last, but by no means least, comes @fraggle_red23’s beautiful little chocolate marzipan wrapper plane. She bravely sat back and ate the contents while Mr F dealt with the construction shenanigans.

Thanks again to those who contributed. Roger. Doodle out.

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A Yorkshireman in the green hills of Lancashire, UK Not a real wombat, obviously, or typing would become an issue. I do have short legs and a hairy nose, however. Oh, & a distinctive smell.

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  1. Grand! I like all the joint/family efforts this theme inspired. 🙂


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