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A fo ben, bid bont

Confused? Don’t worry. @little_mavis will explain the title at the end of this post. These days, #SUNDAYPICS sprawls from Saturday to Monday or even Tuesday. This isn’t really a problem, but does make me wonder sometimes whether I should change the hashtag to #ANYTIMEBETWEENMYANNOUNCEMENTANDLETSSAYWEDNESDAYPICS. Mind you, you probably wouldn’t have enough room to post your actual, well, pic if I did that, so for now the status will remain quo. Your Bridges –

01doodledawne-Ilam Village Derbyshire 01doodledawne-Swarkestone Bridge, Derbyshire First to span the gulf between me and her (geddit?) was the adorable @doodledawne, with a couple of Derbyshire bridges. The first is Swarkestone Bridge, which is just under a mile long and has 17 arches. It was built in the 13th century to cross the river and its surrounding marshes. The second bridge, over the River Manifold, is in Ilam Village (pronounced ‘eye-lamb’)

02underbundle-Bit of a cheat as this is really Mrs 'B's photo of the bridge of our littlest's violin - I'll only forget if I leave it til tomorrow Now, why did I get up and come in here“I’ll only forget if I leave it til tomorrow” says @underbundle about his early posting, “Now, why did I get up and come in here?” Bill also thought the entry might be a bit of a cheat as the photo is really Mrs ‘B’s photo of the bridge their littlest’s violin – Bill, there are no cheats in #SUNDAYPICS, cos there are no rules. Nice photo – good use of light and shadows.

I’m in a good mood cos I have peaty whisky in my glass, and Dusty in my lugholes, so I’m going to allow @womble61 three photos. Yes, three! This is not a precedent, so don’t get too excited.

03womble61-Bonus pic - self explanatory - taken on the same trip as the others03womble61-Offering 1 of 2 on theme of bridges - a cold December day in Venice Italy03womble61-Offering 2 of 2 on theme of bridges - The Rialto Venice - December 2008 Yes, yes I know! It’s Venice! @womble61 took them on his trip there a couple of years ago. Aren’t they lovely? The first, full of atmosphere, was taken on a cold December day while the second, under a bluer sky, is The Rialto. The third is more of a bonus pic taken on the same trip. Buon Natale!

04m73ichelle -Now here’s a lovely nestling-among-the-trees crikey-that’s-high entry from @m73ichelle. If you go a-walking near Dolgoch Falls in Wales (and why wouldn’t you? The countryside is beautiful), you mau be lucky enough to see the Talyllyn Railway steam train passing overhead on this viaduct that bridges the Fathew Valley. A lovely sight if you can catch it.

A musical soul, @oldmotherriley opted for a bridge in the sense of a passage of music – the joiny-up bit that brings you back to the original tune – and illustrates it with a bit of Audioboo that makes me want to get up and dance. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

06davidtims-Yours truly in front of the Kanmon-kyo BridgeHere’s a man with a really big one. Why, it’s @davidtims, standing before the Kanmon-kyo Bridge. This impressive structure (the bridge, not him) crosses the Kanmon Straits, a stretch of water separating two of Japan’s four main islands.

09LettyP1-the ramshackle bridge across the Gore Water at the bottom of our hill in the drizzleOne of the things I’ve enjoyed about this “Bridges” theme is the contrasts it’s thrown up. Compare @davidtims’ previous entry with this one from @LettyP1, showing the ramshackle bridge across the Gore Water at the bottom of ‘her’ hill. In the drizzle.

“You want bridges? I got bridges!” says @keithy73 from the place where, in the words of The Nice, Five bridges cross the Tyne (except that was in 1969, and these days there are seven. I think). Anyway, here’s Keithy’s photographs.

07keithy73-You want bridges I got bridges07keithy73-3Jesmond Dene07keithy73-2That's the world famous Millenium Bridge. It's what I was standing on when I took the first pictureThe one in the middle, with the fascinating road-lifty-up mechanism is the world famous Millennium Bridge. It’s what he was standing on when I took the first picture. According to @flossietp, “On a summer’s day, you can sit outside a cafe bar having brunch and watch the Millennium Bridge swing open”. The pic on the right, again giving me most pleasing contrast in scale, is at Jesmond Dene (which I think is a park in Newcastle).

08white76-my local park x southchurch hall parkHere’s a really pretty photograph of a delightful bridge which looks Japanese to me. Aha, as I thought, it’s in @white76’s local park. Southchurch Hall Park, for all you park collectors out there.

10Gib46-How's this wombat37 dude, it's da very first Iron Bridge in the world, it's awesome, built 1777-79Hide your nanas, Sundaypicsters, here comes that cool simian @Gib46, who says “How’s this wombat37 dude? It’s da very first Iron Bridge in the world, it’s awesome, built 1777-79”. And who was it designed by, oh wise monkey? “….. I like nanas”.

@starlitwolf’s bridge is the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, which lasted only 4 months in 1940. Now I know this isn’t a self-taken photograph, but it’s old enough and common enough and so “bloody hell!!!” that it’s worth including anyway. The bridge was nicknamed Galloping Gertie. Here’s why –

Checkout the bloke on the fence near the start–wtf?

Bloody hell fire. Hard to believe those cars going over even though it had started bouncing about. There’s more info about the making & destruction of Tacoma Narrows HERE.

13starlitwolf-Hang on – there’s a bit more from the irrepressible @starlitwolf – “Sorry about this. I told Mr. what this week’s topic is, told him my entry. He’s v. insistent I put in a bridge I’ve seen in person. Not only have I seen this bridge, I operated it. This is a pic of me and a girl who looked v. curious about how the bridge worked so I invited her to help me lower it. Her parents were quite pleased I let her help 🙂 Mr took this of lil girl & me lowering the Lift Bridge at Froncysyllte on the Llangollen Summer 2010. Ok, Mr is happy now! *shakes head with a giggle*” I need say nothing.

11ianrobinson-Coronado Bridge - San Diego, California 3point4km longOver on the right there is the Coronado Bridge in San Diego, California. It’s a big bugger, being 3.4km long – that’s about two and a half times the span of the Humber Bridge. I love that it dwarves the houses and ships in the foreground – gives the whole thing a real sense of scale. They do like supersizing stuff, those wacky Americans. This pic is from the wacky @ianrobinson.

12ariadnes_web-This is the Glen Ogle viaduct It forms part of the old Callander to Oban railway line It's nearby


A work of art now from @ariadnes_web. This is the Glen Ogle viaduct. It forms part of the old Callander to Oban railway line, and is “nearby” she says. I think she means it’s nearby where she lives, rather than nearby me. Tis a beautiful photograph; click to see the larger version, and you’ll see what I mean. I’ve nicked it for my desktop wallpaper. *yoink*

14captain_doodle-nijubashi bridge, imperial palace plaza Twas at Imperial Palace, Tokyo Remember being sooo hot n humid, n sweating ass off in jeans

This here is the Nijubashi bridge, at the Imperial Palace plaza in Tokyo. Yes, where the Emperor lives, that’s right. “I remember being sooo hot and humid, and sweating my ass off in jeans” reports @captain_doodle, and with that delightful mental image forever taints our appreciation of these historic and graceful arches, which replaced the old double wooden structure in the Meiji Era.

15bestoftimes-My favourite bridge of this year Holy Island I think it's the way in to a maize maze that hadn’t grown yet“My favourite bridge of this year” declares @bestoftimes, implying that he holds an annual event called Bestoftimes Bestofbridges or something. This happy little structure he found on Holy Island, and he thinks that it’s the way in to a maize maze that hadn’t grown yet.

38hollylightly-Bridge inside a complicated maze, surrounded by wildlife lions and tigers and bears oh my In the middle of a very confusing maze at Longleat safari parkI believe that we can strongly support this theory with the photograph immediately below Steve’s, which is from @hollylightly, and is of a similar bridge inside a complicated maze which is “surrounded by wildlife lions and tigers and bears oh my”. In fact, this one is in the middle of a very confusing maze at Longleat safari park where one imagines that if you lose your way and get lost, vultures begin to circle overhead.


16jofilm-Can see this from my window , took this from Battersea Park

We go back to the city now, led by @jofilm, who can actually see this from her window, although she took this from Battersea Park. I assume that it’s Battersea Bridge in that case, although it’s decades since I lived in London, and I can’t be bothered Googling, so let’s just say it is.

18ozdale-Struggled to pick a fave 'bridge' for today's sundaypics but had to go with Budapest which is full of them

Still in a city landscape, but in exotic Budapest this time. Our good friend @ozdale says “Struggled to pick a fave ‘bridge’ for today’s sundaypics but had to go with Budapest which is full of them”. Well it didn’t have to be a ‘favourite’ bridge per se, but I’m more than happy to see Budapest. I do like the walkway along the side of your bridge, too.

17mannymunkeh-ouldn't find a real bridge, so had to make one dudes, hope that's ok

The irresistible force that is @mannymunkeh couldn’t find a real bridge, so he had to “make one dudes, hope that’s ok”. He has shown remarkable ingenuity there, and thankfully heeded Health & Dafety guidelines for building bridges by placing the hairbrush bristles down. I love the ducks in the river.

19sobster-Historic bridge across River Platte at Fort LaramieThis nondescript looking structure on the left, shown to us by @sobster, is a historic bridge across the River Platte at Fort Laramie (now a preserved site. This iron truss bridge was built by the Army in 1875-76 (fifty years after our house actually) with materials hauled by ox team from Cheyenne. The bridge is in good condition with three spans, of which two cross a field. Apparently, the North Platte river wandered about when the bridge was built, so it was made long enough to cross whichever channel the water chose to use, create, and/or flood.

20talojo-My sundaypics entry is the Millennium Bridge in Gosport - one of many such name bridges in the worldThe #sundaypics entry from @talojo is the Millennium Bridge in Gosport – one of many such name bridges in the world. Its a lifting bridge which spans the mouth of Forton Lake, connecting the new museum at Priddy’s Hard with the Town of Gosport. “Priddy’s Hard”! *snigger*. If you want any more info, try CLICKING HERE.

21oneinchman-My first contribution I may be doing it wrong le Viaduc de MillauWow, look at this big bugger! This is le Viaduc de Millau in Southern France, and is, Wiki tells me HERE, the tallest bridge in the world. This was posted by @oneinchman and is his first contribution to #sundaypics. Welcome! “I may be doing it wrong”, worries Neil, but of course his worries were groundless.

22hastillonlyme-try again, this is the Brooklyn Bridge “The boring bridge over the moat to Southsea Castle where Henry 8th watched the Mary Rose sink” said @hastillonlyme, “is in fact far too boring, so here is the Brooklyn Bridge”. That’s an excellent photograph indeed. Apparently, the first person to jump from the bridge was Robert E. Odlum on May 19, 1885. He struck the water at an angle and died shortly thereafter from internal injuries. I’m so full of shit fascinating trivia.

23matt_cochr-Sending this directly  you in case you missed it. Pultney Bridge, Bath,

Now this is MY sort of bridge – look at the lovely bugger. It was posted by a lovely bugger too, that @matt_cochr. This is Pultney Bridge, Bath, one of only four bridges in the world lined with shops. It was designed by Robert Adam (yes, him), and if you CLICK HERE you’ll see some more stuff about it. And look! Swans swimming about, bottom right.

24julietims-A bridge on a wet woody walk in WalesHere she is, that Mistress of Alliteration @julietims, with a picture of a bridge on a wet woody walk in Wales. Knowing her offspring, it’s beyond me how she got the kids to wait there while she walked all the way round here to take the photo. She must have nailed their feet to the bridge – it is wooden, so it would be quite easy.

25tonihill79-Hidden in the depths of my garden is my SundayPics bridge

Here’s a surreal, slightly off-kilter, yet fascinating little thing, and she’s posted quite an interesting photograph too. This mighty stone bridge is hidden in the depths of @tonihill79’s garden, waiting to be discovered by any intrepid traveller who reaches this remote location. I love the multi-layered, multi-coloured, multi-crunchy leaves, although the plant pots in the background draw the eye rather too much from the main attraction.

26greythorne-Canalhouse Bar a bridge over a canal, in a pub It's the Nottingham Beeston Canal It's just a little branch that goes into the pub - it doesn't actually go through itHere, at somewhere called Canalhouse Bar, is a bridge over a canal… and it’s in a pub. The canal is the Nottingham Beeston Canal, although this is just a little branch that pokes into the pub – it doesn’t actually continue through it. Thanks to @greythorne for introducing us to this unusual watering hole.

27widget53-Sunset from the Forth Road BridgeHere’s a good photo – a lovely sunset for you, courtesy of @widget53. It was taken from, and indeed shows a bit of, the lovely Forth Road Bridge, which is built on the site of a crossing established in the 11th century by Margaret, queen consort of King Malcolm III, who founded a ferry service to transport religious pilgrims from Edinburgh to Dunfermline Abbey and St Andrews. So there.

28vuckobaby-The Stari Most in Mostar, Bosnia & HerzegovinaHere’s an unusual one from @vuckobaby of the Stari Most in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Apparently it is traditional for the young men of the town to leap from the bridge into the icy Neretva. The practice dates back to the time the bridge was built, but the first recorded instance of someone diving off the bridge is from 1664. In 1968 a formal diving competition was inaugurated and held every summer. Daft ‘aporths. I really do advise you to check out the larger original, for it is a lovely structure.

29davidgilray-The bridge across the dunes to La Barrosa beach in bright sunshine this afternoon.

I’m right chuffed at the sheer variety of spanny structures here, and @davidgilray brings us another which is completely different from the previous one. This is the bridge across the dunes to La Barrosa beach in bright sunshine. La Barrosa beach is, as you might surmise, in Spain.

30flossietp-1North Bridge Halifax, underneath the concrete blot that is Burdock WayAnd now on your right, Ladies and Gentlemen, you will espy the rather attractive North Bridge in Halifax. Unfortunately, it sits under the considerably less attractive concrete blot that is Burdock Way. Thank you, my dear @flossietp for reminding me how Yorkshire can be almost simultaneously delightful and horrible.30flossietp-2North Bridge Halifax, underneath the concrete blot that is Burdock Way The second pic is a detail of the North Bridge just to highlight how pleasant it is. Look at the care that’s gone into that.

31beckybim-Bridges to tranquility JAPANLook to your left now for an oasis of peace and calm and stuff. @beckybim shows us these Bridges to Tranquility in JAPAN… somewhere. I can’t find any more info about the subject of this photo, and for once (unusually) Google is as much use as marzipan dildo. Perhaps @beckybim will be able to enlighten us.

32crofty- Just to demonstrate the point thayt bridges are the perfect blend of art and function

Ah ha ha! And even ho ho! I knew that @crofty wouldn’t let me down. Not for him your hoity toity, namby pamby, arty farty, airy fairy, wishy washy, girly whirly, stoneground wholemeal, lah-di-dah prettyboy bridges. No sir, he gives us a picture of a bridge that does not believe in fannying about. This perfectly demonstrates the point that bridges are an ideal blend of art and function. Bez and Gaz would appear to agree.

33toffeegirlUK-After trawling through my travelling pics I found a lovely Bridge This was taken in Ubud, BaliAfter trawling through her travelling pics, @toffeegirluk found this picture (on the left) of a lovely bridge. It was taken in Ubud, a remarkable town in the middle of the island of Bali, located amongst rice paddies and steep ravines in the central foothills of the Gianyar regency. “Lovely” by the way is her word. My own word for such a rickety-looking structure would be, hmmm let me think…. “Aaaaaaarrrrgh!”

34paulnuk2010- the Severn Bridge

OK, now THIS photograph you have to click on, otherwise you’ll just see sky, and you’ll miss the sweeping majesty of @paulnuk2010 ‘s wonderful photograph of the mighty Severn Bridge. I love this photo, and am yoinking it to use as an occasional desktop. Don’t tell Paul, eh?

35ericafairs-Little bridge GibraltarTemp 38 deg Fell, melting, into pub stage rightAnother foreign bridge now (what’s wrong with good old British bridges, eh?) from @ericafairs of a little bridge in Gibraltar. She reports that the temperature at the time was 38 degrees, and that she and her cohort(s) “fell, melting, into a pub which was stage right”. When I just typed ‘(s)’ then, Windows Live Writer replaced it with a moon symbol. Look – Sleeping half-moon. Most odd.

36ontheupbeat-Bridge during sunrise at Charleston, SCAfter the only info I got from @ontheupbeat about her photograph was that it was a “bridge during sunrise at Charleston, SC”, I became a Great Detective. Wombat PI, gumshoe. Here’s the skinny – “the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge across the Cooper River opened on July 16, 2005, and is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the Americas. The bridge links Mount Pleasant with downtown Charleston, and has eight lanes and a 12-foot lane shared by pedestrians and bicycles. It replaced the Grace Memorial Bridge (built in 1929) and the Silas N. Pearman Bridge (built in 1966). They were considered two of the more dangerous bridges in America and were demolished after the Ravenel Bridge opened” Will Wombat PI surface again? Look, prophecies aren’t in my job description, okay? I’m just a humble P.I. trying to save the world as we know it.

37icybloke-Devil's Bridge, near Lucca, Italy Amazing bridge, the picture doesn't do justice to how steep it isLuckily, my old felt fedora and trench coat aren’t needed for this next entry, for @icybloke lets us know that this is Devil’s Bridge, near Lucca in Italy – “Amazing bridge, the picture doesn’t do justice to how steep it is”. The actual name of this bridge, built at the start of the 14th Century, is The ‘Maddalena’s Bridge’. The bridge is known as ‘Devil’s Bridge’ from the legend of the master mason who realised that he would not be able to meet the deadline. He asked the Devil for help. “Moohaha” Satan probably said, and made a deal to complete the bridge in a night, in exchange for the soul of the first to cross it. As soon as the span was complete, the mason drove a pig across, so the Devil got the soul of a pig and buggered off. Hooray! The goodies win.

39sjnewton-Brooklyn Bridge I think New York, New York September 2009 This is what you get for trying to be clever and do manual focus still, I like itThis pic from @sjnewton is (he thinks) of Brooklyn Bridge in New York, New York, September 2009. It is quite hard to be certain, I’m sure, with such an artistic composition. “This is what you get for trying to be clever and do manual focus still, I like it” he says, and I must perforce agree.

40little_mavisOh look – it’s a Wombette! Yes, that’s Wombette Minor on a pretty rural bridge in Scotland, posted by the entrancing @little_mavis. I can’t remember the name of the blooming place, but it was very beautiful. And warm. *looks outside at ice and snow* Aaaah, warmth… I remember that.

41ed_moose-The millennium bridge in London plus obligatory busker Now, I was expecting buskers What I wasn't expecting was some dude with a Korg playing ambient techno live And neither, it seems, was the kidHere’s the usual classy photograph  from @ed_moose. “The millennium bridge in London plus obligatory busker. Now, I was expecting buskers. What I wasn’t expecting was some dude with a Korg playing ambient techno live. And neither, it seems, was the kid”

42xkylet-I used to live in Leatherhead, nice little town Here are two of the railway bridges@xkylet sent a couple of pictures, and I’ve chosen the one that means most to him. He used to live in Leatherhead, and describes it as a nice little town. In the picture are two of the railway bridges – the one beautifully framed by the arch of the other. The lines of the bricks on the inside of the arch are interesting, being at an angle to the line of the bridge.

43jaxbourne-Hard to believe it's a shopping centre - bridge is a bit in background, but I can't walk on water@jaxbourne says of this pic, that it’s hard to believe that she’s at a shopping centre – I disagree: where else would a woman be? There are two bridges in the far background “but I can’t walk on water” she says. Also, a rather attractive ship, and a number of seagulls. Can you count the seagulls children? Can you?

44lizardsimpkins-Bath has an abundance of lovely bridges, but this is the only one in my flatThe enchanting city of Bath boasts some stunning architecture. It has an abundance of lovely bridges, reports @lizardsimpkins, but being something of a nesh sort (I can only assume), she did not want to leave the cosy confines of her flat to find any of those, and the only bridge she could find in the flat with her was this one. Play “Hound-dog!” for us, LS… oooh, or maybe “Puff The Magic Dragon”.

45mrpeterwood-Menai Bridge (Bangor side) on a very miserable dayNow for heaven’s sake don’t skip past this one without clicking to look at the large version. Let it fill your screen and soak in the atmosphere – wow, eh? It is, in fact, a photograph taken on a very miserable day by @mrpeterwood of Menai Bridge from the Bangor side.

46gordyODT-Building bridges in Levenshulme chez aMeadey n BinaryDadOh no! Some poor soul’s falling from the bridge on the left, presumably to be consomed by the man-eating sharks that are doubtless swimming around in the treacherous currents of the swirling, erm… wood, below. @gordyODT was the architect of this mighty structure, having been inspired to build it while sojourning in the luxurious Levenshulme penthouse apartment belonging to @aMeadey and @BinaryDad.

47babymakingfiles-2Can i change my mind York Lendal Bridge, afternoon n midnight@babymakingfiles posted four photos for our delectation, but I really like the lighting and almost tangible atmosphere in this one on the right. This is in fact York’s Lendal Bridge, at midnight. Spooky! You wouldn’t catch Wombat down there in case I met Jack the Ripper. Or rather, this being Yorkshire, Seth t’Ripper.

48gibbonarms-amera's not great, but you get the ideOriginality is always welcomed at Sundaypics Mansions, so a hearty well done to @gibbonarms for the photo on the left. “The camera’s not great, but you get the idea” – oh yes indeed.

49cymraescoch-I know you've seen this before but MrC designed made this from scratch Tried to make more interestingOur South Wales chum @cymraescoch has shown us this bridge before, but it’s that impressive it’s always worth a look. Mr. @cymraescoch designed and made this bridge from scratch. I am forever impressed by that. Nice effect on the photo, Liz.

50richlieu_uk- a bridge, in old fish bowlLook, it’s a bridge in an old fish bowl! @richlieu_uk, whose picture this is, says that… oh, “It’s a bridge, in old fish bowl”. He fails to mention the inexplicably cheerful polar bear, but I shall call him Phillip. Phillip the Polar Bear. Look there he is, Phillip the Polar Bear with his rear leg trapped in a giant clam (Carlos the Giant Clam) and he’s still smiling away as if he doesn’t have a care in the world. Idiot.

51johnrands_tmtl-bridges just aren't an architectural thing to me, here are some bridges i'd use to play bridgesHere comes @johnrands_tmtl, at pains to let us know that bridges just aren’t an architectural thing to him. Here are some bridges that he’d use to play bridges (it says here). Never mind about the musical instruments though, I want to know about the little droid thingy in the middle at the bottom of the photo. Does it light up? Speak? Sharpen pencils? Erm,… vibrate in an interesting manner?

52kirtle-A bridge in a little seaside resort near here called Trosa @kirtle’s bridge is in “a little seaside resort near here called Trosa”, which as any fule kno is in Sweden. The Trosa website helpfully tells us “Trosa kommun är en ung kommun med gamla anor. Trakten runt Trosa har varit befolkad sedan mycket lång tid tillbaka. Spåren finns kvar än idag. Landsbygden runt Vagnhärad och Västerljung är rik på fornminnen – runstenar, gravrösen och fornborgar vittnar om ett kustlandskap befolkat av jordbrukare och fiskare”. Wow. I wouldn’t mind seeing those runestones and hill forts!

53ameadey - a biscuit bridgeMr.Orange crosses the Biscuit Bridge – written and directed by @ameadey, this is the worst version of Reservoir Dogs I’ve ever seen. But it is quite possibly my favourite bridge, I have to say. Of course it’s all gone now. Destroyed by man. Or more likely woman. All that remains of this once proud tribute to the human imagination is a sad Bob the Builder plate. It were all fields round here when I were a lad.

54fraggle_red23-And this is my sundaypics offering - Penmaenpool toll bridge across the Mawddach estuary54fraggle_red23-Mr F wanted to submit a sundaypics again this, so this is his - Trawsfynydd footbridge in the fogOn the far left is @fraggle_red23 ‘s offering – Penmaenpool toll bridge across the Mawddach estuary. That’s a very elegant shape over the reflections of the surrounding hills. Mr. @fraggle_red23 also wanted to submit a pic again, so the other pic is his – atmospheric Trawsfynydd footbridge in the fog. I do love a bit of fog in a photo.

55lilianlouvaine-November sunrise at Loch LomondO ye’ll tak’ the high road, and I’ll tak’ the low road and I’ll be in Scotland afore ye. For me and my stereotype will ne-er meet again on the bonnie, bonnie banks o’ Loch Lomond. @lilianlouvaine took this wonderful photograph of a November sunrise at Loch Lomond. Interesting trivia fact – in 1957, Bill Haley & His Comets recorded a popular rock and roll version retitled “Rock Lomond”.

56sindesign-missed last week's sundaypics, so i have combined it with this week's Here is a bridge over the Peak Forest Canal, and behind it, Swizzels Matlow, manufacturer of such comforting treats as Love Hearts and @sindesign says “missed last week’s Sundaypics, so i have combined it with this week’s. Here is a bridge over the Peak Forest Canal, and behind it, Swizzels Matlow, manufacturer of such comforting treats as Love Hearts and …” and there my notes end, save for what appears to be a dark stain which may be dried blood. We’ll never know what really happened, unless….. Wombat PI shimmied into the room with a scent of gardenia and the rustle of stocking-clad thighs. He held his gat firmly in his leather-gloved hand….  No wait, something not right here. I think I’d better just move on as if nothing had happened.

57sarahtregear-Same bridge across two continents taken a few hours and wines later57sarahtregear-Bridge across two continents in Istanbul by Ataturk's palaceI’m going to break the One Pic Only non-rule for @sarahtregear now, for the point of the two pics is the contrast between them. –tis a bridge across two continents in Istanbul by Ataturk’s palace and then the same bridge taken a few hours and a few wines later.

58thom_white-Not a great shot, but snowgirl1972 and I have a real affection for this bridge@thom_white’s entry was this gorgeous bridge that we all know and love – “Not a great shot” he says, “but snowgirl1972 and I have a real affection for this bridge”. Oh yes? I smell a story. Where’s me fedora?

59snowgirl1972-2Afraid 2 sundaypics shot today as I can't decide which From the park this morning59snowgirl1972-1Afraid 2 sundaypics shot today as I can't decide which From the park this morningAnd here is @snowgirl1972, sadly not shedding any light on the aforementioned Tower-Bridge-love. I imagine there was something of Brief Encounter involved somehow. Ah well, doesn’t matter cos there are these stonking photos taken on a Sunday morning trip to the park to make us smile like great big daft ‘aporths. Especially the photo on the left, where The Boy has a tree growing out of his head.

60keith_c_jarrett-A Sky Bridge as seen on a north London bus How do you think all the little pixies get aboutHere’s a  Sky Bridge as seen on from a north London bus, taken by @keith_c_jarrett who asks us “How do you think all the little pixies get about?”. I doubt they’ve got Oyster cards, matey.

61alezed-OF a Bridge and FROM a bridge  I took theseWhat I usually do when collecting #sundaypics posted throughout the day is to save the photo with a note of the tweet that accompanied it, so that I can refer to the tweeters comments when I write this blog. This hitherto successful procedure seems to have fallen down here, since the note I’ve got of @alezed’s tweet is “OF a Bridge and FROM a bridge.  I took these”. It ends there. Whoopsie.

62rosamundi-Bridge over the Eden Holme Eden, near CarlisleThis, from @rosamundi, is the bridge over the River Eden at Holme Eden, near Carlisle. Went up there with Ben once, and he adored that river, since it was shallow enough for him to run into full pelt and then swim about excitedly.

63zevans23-I expect you all know where this was takenIn contrast, @goodboyben never swam beneath this bridge shown to us by @zevans23, who says “I expect you all know where this was taken”. Blackpool, isn’t it?

64mikeybaer-Millau Viaduct in the South of France Tallest bridge in the worldI’m running out of steam here a bit, so I apologise if these last few pics seem a bit rushed. This has been a long blog… and here’s the lovely @mikeybaer with a pic of Millau Viaduct in the South of France: tallest bridge in the world, apparently.

65ironthighs-severn bridge Croeso i GymruThis is a pretty shot of the Severn Bridge from my beloved @ironthighs -“Croeso i Gymru” she says. Diolch cariad. It looks as though you were lying down in the road to get this angle.

66belfegore-Bridge pic Bilbao, leading to the Guggenheim museum Like this one because the top structure looks like an angry faceHere’s a bridge in sunny Bilbao, leading to the Guggenheim museum. @belfegore likes this one because the top structure looks like an angry face eating the bridge. Ha, it does! Excellent! Nom nom nom etcetera.


67avensarah-The bridge of the SNS Ramsey -- a pirate ship play area at Science NorthAnd here’s an excellent shot from @Avensarah of the bridge of the SNS Ramsey — a pirate ship play area at Science North in Sudbury, Ontario. I want to go play NOW.

68alliterative-Knapford Bridge

Where there’s an @avensarah there’s an @alliterative, and here he shows us the world-famous Knapford Bridge, which I’m sure we all know very well.

69jamerz3294-Our Kitty Skyway that bridges from the steps to their own door out

The penultimate pic this blog comes from @jamerz3294, and is of their Kitty Skyway that bridges from the steps to their own door outside. That’s pretty awesome actually.

70xkylet-westminster bridgeRight, stop the kids reading – the last pic from @xkylet is of a shadow cast by the extremely rude Westminster Bridge. Tsk tsk tsk, don’t know what these bridges are coming to these days. I blame the tabloid press. Oh, and Nick Clegg.


Little Mavis’s Little Corner of Educational Delight


Good Morning students,

The title of this particular blog, “A fo ben, bid bont”, is a Welsh proverb which translates as “If you want to be a leader, be a bridge.”  One possible interpretation is that in order to become a good leader, one must help others to achieve their own aims. Or – to be a leader, you must support those you lead.

Was that you whispering, @fraggle_red23? Perhaps you’d like to come up here to the front of the blog and tell us all what is so funny?

A picture test

Dscf2774Hmmm…. it seems that ever since the software I use to write the blog, Windows Live Writer, updated itself a few weeks ago, clicking on photos no longer brings up a larger version. Instead we get a teeny-weeny tidgy copy, which is pants.

I shall investigate this ……

LATER: Aha! I think I’ve sorted it…

A picture test

Dscf2774Hmmm…. it seems that ever since the software I use to write the blog, Windows Live Writer, updated itself a few weeks ago, clicking on photos no longer brings up a larger version. Instead we get a teeny-weeny tidgy copy, which is pants.

I shall investigate this ……

LATER: Aha! I think I’ve sorted it…

Lacrimae rerum

It has not been a month full of joy, this November. Here’s why –

DSCF2536It began with the death, actually on the last day of October – on Hallowe’en – although I’m still feeling the loss a month later, of our beloved Labrador, Ben. I miss him immensely. I still expect to hear the thump thump of his wagging tail when I enter the front room, and always check the front window every time I return home. It’s taking a long time to heal, this loss of my four-legged friend. Over on the right is the last photo I took of Ben.

M.’s workload has not improved, nor has her treatment by uncaring managers, despite her needing weeks off recently due to stress – and she had to be pushed into that by the doctor; she was all for carrying on so as not to let people down. This intelligent, conscientious, capable and reliable woman deserves far better.

Thirdly, a pipe in the bathroom sprang a leak. Again. Those who know me well will remember that we live in a very old house, which was built in the 1830s. Old houses have their own problems, but this one is more down to the old sink. The seating for the cold tap has worn away so that there is no longer any good grip for the tap base. Turn it too hard, and the tap itself twists around. This action tears the washers in the joint beneath, and the leak starts up all over again. I keep repairing it, but I need to figure out a good way to keep the tap in place without resorting to superglue given that we may well want to change the taps one day.

Number four, if you’re keeping count: I recently applied for a job helping to collect the Census next year. This involved an online interview – or rather test – wherein I was presented with hypothetical situations, and asked to select the best four options out of eight responses. Those responsible for the test decided that it should have a more modern-sounding name than simply “Census Job Test”, so I went ahead with their “Siftability Test”. I should have known not to bother from the nonsense name. Long story short, I didn’t get the job “although I did very well”. It’s hard to see how I could have done better without choosing the options either to sack people for bad handwriting, or to take them all down the pub regularly.

And finally, the topper on a bad month, Mrs. Wombat was driving into work the other morning and was hit by a speeding taxi as she turned right. The collision spun her car right round and did a shitload of damage, immediately giving the lie to the other drivers claim of “only doing 25mph”. Luckily, M. was unhurt though very shaken. The poor Corsa is now in the garage for extensive repair (thank goodness for fully comp insurance) and M. is driving round a brand new silver courtesy Ford.

Anyway, thanks for reading my rant about all the hassles we could have done without over the last few weeks. I hope I’ve got it out of my system now I’ve written it all down, so roll on December – onward and upward and Forth Eolingas and so on.

#TWANTA–Sundaypics Secret Santa latest

DSC07355Hello, children! Here’s a list of all the fun idiots people who have asked to take part in Sundaypics Secret Santa this Christmas.

I’ll start to DM you now. Remember:

  • Send a small gift only (no more than a fiver) – the idea is FUN, rather than kudos. Also, hey, less postage. Write TWANTA on the envelope so the recipient knows what it is. Mail it to the address I’ll DM to you shortly.
  • Don’t tell anyone who you’re giving your pressie to, especially the person themselves! The mystery of it will add to the jollity. 
  • When you receive your pressie, don’t open it till Christmas Day!
  • Post a photograph of your pressie for #SUNDAYPICS on Boxing Day (Dec 26th – which magically falls on a Sunday this year). It’ll be fascinating to see what people have given.
  @babymakingfiles    @flossietp    @andromedababe    
  @ironthighs @fraggle_red23 @inhumanbeing  
  @cymraescoch @julietims @tonihill79  
  @captain_doodle @gib46 @mannymunkeh  
  @ericafairs @talojo @hollylightly  
  @avensarah @greythorne @butmadnnw  
  @alliterative @jaxbourne @davidtims  
  @jamerz3294 @crofty @lettyp1  
  @ameadey @macjude @starlitwolf  
  @widget53 @johnrands_tmtl @hunyock  
  @sarahpez @ariadnes_web @wombat37  
  @little_mavis @toffeegirluk @lilianlouvaine  
  @fbishwife @ajonesie @matt_cochr  
  @mrchambers @rosamundi missonions (not on Twitter)  

Hot! Hot! Hot!

When I first put the word out that the theme of this entry was to be “Hot”, however you choose to interpret it, I had no idea that Mother Nature would react in such a contrariwise manner! It seems that no sooner had you wonderful peeps Retweeted across the TwitterVerse, than record setting cold, and snowfalls, were reported all across the British Isles. And then, never to be out done, the States just had to follow suit too!

To get in the mood, here’s a link to some Hot music to listen to whilst you gander at the Hotness; LINK

So let’s all toss another log onto the fire, pour a stiff dram of your favorite warming liquid (Single Malt please) and enjoy all the warmth and hot pictures that you have shared! The response was truly tremendous, and I want to thank each of you. Each pic is a treasure, as are you! I ended up with so may pics that I decided to (very) loosely organize them into groups. So I have generally sorted them into People, Places, and Things, with Things having separate subgroups of Food, and of Fire. Lastly, there’s gonna be a category of Stragglers, which should be self explanatory. If your pic isn’t sorted properly, I blame the Great Blizzard of Christmas 2010. (What? You surely didn’t think I would take the blame, did ya?)

So let’s begin with the Places category, shall we? First off, @starlitwolf shows us the Hottest Place on Earth, Death Valley. It’s over there on the left, burning up the page!

Next in @sarahpez takes us to warm up at a resort, pass the SPF, please! Her picture is shimmering just over there on the right…

And if you look below, you’ll see why @Jensunny asks if we are experiencing Hotter Times or Hotter Climes? Right now, I don’t think it’s either really?

And yup, you are gonna see quite a bit of “white space” in this blog! I suppose I could have mashed some pics together, and turned into a single pic, but I really want each of them to stand out, as they *all* are Refrigerator Worthy!

Next is the first, but not last, juxtaposition of elements… @davidgilray takes us to see Good Night Sun, just over there on the right…

Lastly in our wending ’round the world, @fraggle_red23 shows another truly beastly hot desert, in Egypt! You can see a mirage in her top picture, and feel the heat in that bottom one!

Just too hot for comfort!

Well, now that we’ve been around the world in six photographs, let’s change gears and look all the hot things you lot have submitted! And what a variety it is, you never cease to amaze me…

Let’s explore the wonderful, hot foods that we have to feast our eyes upon! Sure, some of these were to be expected, but each one made me salivate at the thought! Yes, I *do* enjoy spicy and hot fare, and you certainly did not let me down….

Therefore let’s start with a cold Martini in front of a hotfireplace, served up by @alliterative… better drink it fast, shaken, not stirred.

Then our fave barkeep pours us a pint, just to keep us slogging thru this heat!

@AvenSarah serves up a steaming bowl of Hot Brekkie on a Cold Day! Looks to be oats, with brown sugar and cream? Yummee!

But wait! How can we have brekkie without our morning Latte? Good thing @babymakingfiles has just served us a steaming cuppa…

And proving that a Favorite Hotty is not a half baked idea, @Crofty shows us his buns are in the oven!

Meanwhile @davidtims remarks, “You wanted Hot? We got Hot!” No argument there!

And what better to put some peppers in than @Janegoth’s chili? Amazingly, this is the only pic of chili that was submitted. But then, when we have the best, why mess around with the rest?

And to complement our feast, @Keith_C_Jarrett delivers a steaming cup of Hot Chocolate Milk… I can smell it from here…

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, @LettyP1 is making some Bubbling Lentil Soup… always perfect on a cold day!

While @MarkBIGSW shows off his culinary skill with some Hot Food… doesn’t that just look like it’s waiting for a bun and a plate?

And yes! Someone thoughtfully thought to bring the Hot Sauce… and it’s the good stuff too! Thanx @richlieu, you can never have too much of the stuff, except as an aphrodisiac maybe?

And nothing’s better for a quick brekkie, or snack, than @shouldbeinbed’s offering of Portable Porridge. Quick, hot and easy. Yup, that sums it up nicely.

And yes! Our first toy entry! But why in this grouping of food? Because our fave cowgirl @talojo sez this is Hot Sausages Over a Campfire, that’s why.

And @TheTiniestVole is simmering hot while she lovingly stirs her pot of Onion Soup! She certainly knows how to warm us up!

@Tonihill79 wants to nurse us all. That is her soup and bread combo is great for when you’re feeling ill. What did you think I meant?

Meanwhile, the redoubtable @Underbundle wants us all to know What Keeps Underbundles Cheeks Rosy! Wonder if it’s applied directly to cheeks? And if so, with what?

Lastly in our Food Category, @white76 shows off his hot pepper! So hot it’s rated “X”! Yowee!

Right then… now that we’ve all had a scrumptious feast with a variety of vittles and lots of liquids, let’s move on to Things, shall we? No, not Thing from Addams’ Family, just the other items (yes, I did want to say “stuff”, but you Brits would snigger, wouldn’t you?) that you pictured. In this Subset we’ll explore the many uses of Fire…

@Alliterative shows us some lovely, and warm shots of his fireplace, here with the doors closed…

…and here with the doors open for a crackling blaze!

And lastly, his romantic side shines forth with candle light…
Not to be left out in the cold is @kirtle’s shows
just what to do with that big log…

And speaking of a big flame… why just look at @Mark BIGSW! Oh, I mean his fire, oops.

Meanwhile, over to your right, @matt_cocher warms his cockles every New Year’s eve at a nearby
town’s bonfire! Marshmallows anyone?

Next up, up there above, @miffybarker shows us her modern Fireplace, quite toasty and snuggly warm.
When @OldMotherRiley goes to hide out in Kent, here’s the main source of heat…

And speaking of heat, along comes @Only_Nelson, who shows us his Fireball Explosion! Stand back!

And here our very own @Shelly279 shows off her Fake lovelies… The Coral, that is… the Blue Flame is real 😉
And our last flamer is a very well loved marsupial!
@womabat37 is showing off his best Hot Weedy Effort…
Which now takes from the realm of the open flames, to the realm of what heat does. This next gallery reflects the truly neato things you sent in, that defy any easy categorization (much you, you wonderful lot).
We begin with @BarneyGalgo, who asks us to Insert the Obvious Caption..
And if you are so hot you’ve melted, just put an eye to @Belfegore’s melted vent cover!
And what could possibly more heart warming than @CymraeCoch’s bunny with a water bottle?
Well, since you asked, it would be @CymraeCoch’s other bunny, warm and nestled in.

And And here we have @DeadRedBug’s entry of a dog that loved to bathe! Lucky pooch I say…
And what’s this? Why none other than @Jaxbourne who tells us that there is nothing Hotter in her life at the moment… or maybe just her lap?
And just time to knock the chill out, @lilacneonslur invites us to take a hot, steamy shower… oops, who dropped the soap?
And after a bubbly shower, @LillianLouvaine thinks that we should keep those aching muscles relaxed with a Hot Gel pack… and a massage maybe?

And this furry fellow wonders what all the fuss is about? @M73ichelle assures us that her Hot Dog has it all under wraps.
And our own favorite primate, @MannyMunkeh is pretending it’s Hot, dudes.
And there just above, @mikeybaer shows us that he really IS quite hot! (Unless you live in the Land of the Fahrenheit in which case it’s below freezing).

This pretty pair belongs to @Only_Nelson, who shows, on the left, an ice cube fireball, and on the right is a time delay water drop and fire… amazing! Really a nice pair, don’t you think?
But enuff of Science, @Rosamundi gets romantic and also tells us that candle “put out a lot”… of heat.
Awwwwww…. @ScullyScully (try typing that 10 times, fast) demonstrates that kitty nap can be the warmest activity in any climate.
And speaking of getting comfy, @shouldbeinbed notes that the radiator isn’t working? No word about the knobs tho…
Oh my… it’s pink… it’s fuzzy… it’s warm… Oh, it’s a water bottle… never mind. Thank @Widget53 for this bit of visual punnery 😉
And oh so ably bringing up the rear, our last entry in the Things category is this from @ToffegirlUK, her very own, warm and snuggly, microweave bear…
And oh my gosh, that’s it for the Thingy Group! Whew! We still have a bit left in our journey of Hot, and now we turn to my personal fave grouping; People…. Ah yes, some uber hotties in this group to be sure!

Yes, I mean you @aMeady, Hottie Huzza oh yeah…
But Hot is a pair of guys that really know how to paddle to @Ariadnes_web,
those are some Goldoliers those are…

And @MannyMunkeh and @Gib46 tool around in some Hotwheels…

And what’s this? Poor @FBishWife burnt her arm on the oven. Ouch!
And @miffybarker shows her sunburn as well…
better rub some lotion on there dear…

@captain_doodle puts his foot down, and helps stamp out all that snow with his mighty, flaming tenny runners!

And speaking of just incredibly smoldering hot,
@HeidiVodka is back! And in wonderful form as well 🙂
While @catinabaglady asks, You want Hot?
Oh my and she answers her own question so wonderfully!
When I asked my wife what I should do for Hot, she simply replied that I am “The Hottest Santa ever”…
…not easy being @jaymurz3294 really.
Well then, what a fun trip it’s been! But wait, if you order now, we’ll include a FREE set of our Staggler Pics, you pay only Shipping and Handling! The Stragglers set is a group of pics that I’ve been straggling to get in here, not that the people who submitted them are straggling in the least. (and speaking of straggling… now is the moment that my InterWebby {word invented by @wombat37, Mom} chooses to straggle along in a rather lame fashion}…

Our first straggler, @greythorne, shows off his cyber skills with a Binary Blanket! Perfect for a Binary Babe in a Bed?

And here to the left, the lovely lass with the curly, red hair @rhsfb12 (What? You don’t know her? go and Follow her now! She’s as witty as she is lovely) demonstrates to us that watched pot really does boil! Now to add some fish, potatoes n veggies, yum!
And here, @sjnewton shows us how a Fire Eater does it! Woosh!
And another juxtaposition here, @the_neepster reveals the fiery side of Flower Power! Right on!
According to @xkylet, this how they do a beach fire in Newfoundland… gotta luv those plucky Canadians!
Finally, around the other side of the globe, @Zevan23 shows the searing heat of Dune 7, in Wakomund, Nambia (hope I spelled that correctly!)
If you faithfully sent in a Hot #sundaypics photo, and don’t see it here, please excuse the bumbling colonial. We have had our own Christmas Blizzard, and my InterWebby hasn’t been very happy. So, if you would kindly flag me down, I’ll be delighted to include it!

At long last, those wonderfully patient people will be rewarded with their very own showcase! Yes, it’s the Almost Didn’t Get Included pics! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, ah the humanity of it all… (oh wait)…

A very dear friend, janineinsd recently went up, up and away in a Hot Air Balloon and snapped this hot pic! Wow!

And speaking of HOT, lucyvlh1 shows us hot use a hoola hoop, while it’s on fire! Yikes!! Yes, she really did that! No, you should not try this at home. Or anywhere for that matter!

And let’s take a trip to the dark side, shall we? @ironthighs shows us that her pasta really screams when it’s being waterboarded and parboiled for a confession of suspected terrorist pantry activities!

@ericafairs has some hot feet too! Well, at least the shoes are!

…and maybe she bought them here, in Seville, Spain, when it was 39C!

Meanwhile, @flossietp has us take a look at both a Hottie, and the chocolate in the cup. True Love there to be sure!

Oh look… @island252 says that Lulu (the cat you dim, not the fireplace) always gets the warmest seat in the house. Well of course! Dogs have Owners, Cats have Staff.

There is no better way to segue into @little_mavis Corner of Education, then to see the lovely lass herself, on a hot day in Scotland!

…and at no extra cost to you, whatsoever, @little_mavis has very thoughtfully sent you an explanation of the different temperature scales! Included for the next ten minutes, at absolutely no additional charge! Shipping and Handling apply…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@little_mavis Corner of Education~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Fahrenheit temperature scale was first used in the early eighteenth century. It was calibrated by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit.
He did not choose 32 degrees as the freezing point of water, nor did he choose 212 degrees as the boiling point of water. Both these numbers are just the values he measured after he had based his scale on two other “fixed points.” The lower fixed point was the lowest temperature he could reach by mixing water with common salt (the way old-fashioned ice cream freezers work). This temperature he called 0 degrees. The upper fixed point that Fahrenheit chose was the temperature of the healthy human body. This he set at 96 degrees. Why 96? You ask. Why would he come so close to 100 and not decide to go decimal? The encyclopedia says that he originally divided the interval into 12 degrees and later divided each degree into 8 parts.
Although the US still uses Fahrenheit, most countries have now changed to the Celsius (Centigrade) scale. Anders Celsius established two fixed points on his thermometer. Zero represented the boiling point of water and 100 was the temperature at which water froze. Celsius’ scale doesn’t make intuitive sense now, and it apparently didn’t when he developed it. After he died, his scale was inverted to what we know now as the Celsius scale, with zero representing the freezing point of water at standard atmospheric pressure and 100 the boiling point. Degrees Centigrade became known as degrees Celsius in 1948
The Kelvin temperature scale (K) was developed by Lord Kelvin in the mid 1800s. The zero point of this scale is equivalent to -273.15 °C on the Celsius scale. This zero point is considered the lowest possible temperature of anything in the universe. Therefore, the Kelvin scale is also known as the “absolute temperature scale”. At the freezing point of water, the temperature of the Kelvin scale reads 273 K. At the boiling point of water, it reads 373 K.
In closing, I want to thank each and every one of you wonderful photogs that made this blog possible! After hosting this Blog, I feel like I know you all a bit better now! You may (or may not) be interested to note that I do have my own blog: BunnyBoy’s Bloggedy Blather, which is all about my exciting life, and other mundane and trivial aspects of living where I do. And I usually close with a sunset shot, that I’ve taken, from my deck. This blog is no exception to that rule. Thank you again, and 42.

#TWANTA–Secret Santa Sundaypics

l355777686Following an inspired idea from @captain_doodle, I’ll be running a special theme over Christmas – Secret Santa Sundaypics.

It’ll work like this – Sundaypiccers who want to take part will act as a Secret Santa for one of the others, buying and sending a small gift anonymously to that person. If you take part, you’ll get a surprise pressie for Christmas, which you should then photograph ready to post for the special Christmas #Sundaypics. Sound like fun?

1. If you want to join in, DM me on Twitter, or email me here. Remember to tell me your address so that I can pass it on to your own Secret Santa. (I’ll need to be following you if you want to DM me, so let me know if I’m not).

2. Once I tell you who you are being Secret Santa to, buy a small, fun gift (no more than £5 or foreign equivalent, although I recommend about two quid just to exercise the imagination and the funny bone), and send it to them, preferably anonymously. Say “HO HO HO!” in a jolly manner.

3. When you receive your own pressie, take a photograph ready to enter it for the Christmas #Sundaypics.

I’m not sure yet what I’m doing over Christmas, so normal #SUNDAYPICS schedules might well be disrupted, but this one will definitely happen. Also, there’s a lot can go wrong, so don’t blame me if it all turns to cack. Blame @captain_doodle. That’s what he’s for.

Comfort Foods

As usual, Sunday is a day of collecting #SUNDAYPICS, and today’s theme of Comfort Food prompted me to have a quick look back through our photos to discover a random collection of comfort foods that I have thought worth taking a picture of. Here they are, foods to improve your mood, in no particular order. Be warned, there’s quite a few. I obviously enjoy photographing food.

My American readers may like to view this as an introduction to typical British food.

First up – fried eggs from our own hens, on a toasted muffin, with Snowgirl Sauce (copyright @snowgirl1972). Gorgeous colours, eh?


Fresh cream apple turnover now – perfect with a glass of rosé.


Next up – home-baked chocolate cake. This one was for Cat’s last birthday: guess who got to scrape out the bowl.


These little mini-waffles from ASDA are inexplicably delicious and addictive. Here they are nestling up to a home-made chilli.


If you’re in the mood for faggots, you can do no better than Mr. Brain’s – the best.


PIES! Take your pick – which is your personal favourite?


Pick Your Own strawberries – you can’t get fresher, or tastier, than when you’ve just plucked them yourself.


To some it may seem boring, but I adore a simple cheese sandwich with really fresh salady stuff. No dressing, please.


Go on admit it – you’re impressed by the size of this one, aren’t you. Hot dog, fried onions, mustard, ketchup – the perfect fill-up when you’re pissed as a fart.


Chippy chips! Proper fat chips splattered with salt and vinegar. Yum.


Chinese takeaway – a Friday night special.


A nice cup of tea and a cream scone. Elevenses.


Pub lunch number 1 – Gammon Steak Sarnie, a big Cornish, and froffee coffee.


Fresh veg from the Farmers Market – oh, the possibilities.


Pub lunch number 2 – Calf Brains and mustard and a pint of bitter you can’t see. (not really; tis beef that I’d piled up weirdly).


Poppets Chocolate Raisins. Mmmmmmm.


Home-baked mince pies, courtesy of @little_mavis.


A fry-up breakfast. Note the absence of egg, cos we were in Scotland and didn’t have any, but the addition of fried fruit pud, cos we were in Scotland and DID have some.


Various delights from the German market in Manchester. Insert YOUR joke here.


Chocolatey marshmallowey nutty ice-cream mix on a sunny day at Beacon Farm near Whitby. The BEST ice-creams ever. No, really.


Comfort Food

One thing I didn’t think of when I set this theme was just how bloody much I’m going to eat while writing this blog. I’ve already got some Bacon and Brown Sauce crisps and a Crunchie handy. Ah, the power of suggestion.

imageI wasn’t prepared for the first entry to be what appears to be a still from the classic Quatermass II but @johnrands_tmtl insists that it is a food – “not the best or favourite comfort food, but ohhh so easy”. It is something called a Microwave Mug Cake apparently. See, I want one of those now as well.

imageOooh, look at this! No, tis not sweeties. It actually is pasta, posted by @rosamundi who always finds something very comforting about a big bowl of pasta. It is very pretty, like a collection of bow-ties for pixies. When boiled though, I’ll bet it reacts like mixing plasticine, and all the colours run into each other to make a nasty grey-brown. Grey-brown pasta – ew.

image“My offering for #Sundaypics on comfort food. Chocolate & biscotti in a shop window on Burano, Venice” reports @womble61, with his exotic out-on-location photography. Well worth clicking on the picture to inspect the large version.

imageI can’t immediately tell whether @sjnewton’s entry (“I could do with one of these right now”), on the left, is a glorious example of pain au chocolat, or a simple croissant that has been sneezed on by someone eating Nutella. I’m sorry. I’m disgusting, really. I have no idea why anyone follows me.

image@MarkBIGSW first sent the pic on the right, which was the only food in his hotel room to comfort his hangover. Are they Jammie Dodgers? Yum! imageLater in the day, the pic on the left popped up with the explanation When it comes to comfort food this is the ultimate….” Three slices, Mark? You gannet. I also feel I should make some sort of remark about the effect of so many beans on your fart production rate, or FPR as it is known in scientific circles. Oh look, I just have.

imageI agree with @Ariadnes_web when she says that homemade soup is a favourite comfort food. This here is her Lentil Soup, and most thoughtfully she has given us all the recipe, which you’ll find if you click on the following sentence. Here’s the recipe to accompany the picture of lentil soup

Dscf2754While we’re talking about soups, @little_mavis does make a wonderful, cosy, heart-warming potato soup. I speak from experience when I say that it is lovely. There it is on the left, together with a couple of warm crusty rolls.

Here comes a collection of three – see if you can work out what they are before reading the explanation underneath.


“Right,” says @hebbie, “I have decided to do 3 pics for #sundaypics – first is my breakfast one. I have mustard the boys have brown sauce HP of course. For lunch soup with fresh bread with lashings of butter – it has to be butter. Boy I am hungry now – image@gourockguru had seconds!Finally, for Sunday dinner Stewie and I have chosen homemade Pizza”

@gourockguru himself, full of soup, also cooks but says HE doesn’t make any mess. Here’s his rather tasty looking curry on the left.

imageInitially posting a photo of what might be sherry or port (by ‘mistake’, she said), @thetiniestvole managed to present us with the shot of her comfort food – soft dates, which I’ve never had.

imageIs Mint Sauce an actual food? According to @white76 it is. She enjoys it with goose fat roast potatoes, and probably anything else that is going. I wonder if she ever just simply spoons it straight from the jar?

imageHere’s something that you can spoon straight from the jar into the gob. Apparently. This Nutella portrait was posted by @m73ichelle although @alias75 and @greythorne also agree that it is the ultimate comfort food!

image@matt_cochr meant to take a picture of Saturday night’s curry for #sundaypics but he was too hungry and just ate it. Alternative comfort food did turn up though, in the form of the cheese and tuna toastie. We’ve got plates like that.



Short and sweet from @hardyheroine – scrambled eggs on crusty white bread 🙂 I do have to comment on the place mat though. Cupcakes! I like it! Oh, and “on bread” rather than “on toast”? How unusual.


image“Mr F asked me to post a #sundaypics entry for him today, cooked by his own fair hand” says @fraggle_red23 before showing us the essentials to MAKE her own comfort food. imageFirstly, nice fry-up but why such a small plate? Secondly, can you work out what Fraggle’s comfort food is, cos I’m struggling? Two spuds and a sugar shaker? Maybe she uploaded the wrong picture, and those are the essentials for her juggling act.

image@miffybarker’s comfort food comes without explanation, but it appears to be a form of bun. I’m trying to work out whether it’s squishy or hard. Story of my life, really.

image“The theme today is “comfortable food”, isn’t it?” asks @belfegore He hates Marmite, and reports that he had to take the picture in a radiation suit. Let us not get into #MarmiteWars again please.

imageThe best comfort food, according to @oldmotherriley, is a boiled egg and soldiers, and you know what? She’s got a point. She does say “Spot the Superglue which is not included in the menu”, but I can’t.


imageAh look, here’s @julietims! She’s gone with Marmite on toast –  “It must be something to with having grown up a short distance from Marmite factory”. So that’s 1-1 now #MarmiteWars

imageExotic fare now, at least to my simple Northern soul, as according to @moynsquidgeim there is no comfort food better than Brie, Bacon and Cranberry Panini with a Fruit Smoothie. I must say it does look very tempting.

imageOh, @jaxbourne, honestly! She reports “Sadly you will need to use your imagination for mine! I ate it before I remembered to take a pic 😦 No crispy streaky smoked bacon sandwich…Ooh ,will go and buy a packet of frazzles and do a re-inactment :)”. Unfortunately, no Frazzles were forthcoming.

image@binarydad is anxious to stress that in no way should his picture of the haut-cuisine served at KFC be seen as a hangover-led choice. I said it on Sunday, and I’ll say it again now – ew, bones. I do not like boney food. I’d have to go for the Bonefree Bucket, or whatever the hell it’s called in there. I’m a Pizza Hut man really.

imagePlease give a warm welcome to @ozdale, breaking his #sundaypics cherry with a big fat dirty kebab. Which apparently are “so much better in Oz than in the UK”. I’ll have to take your word for it, but that does look delicious, especially since I’ve not had a kebab for what seems like years.

image@mrpeterwood doesn’t really do comfort food, but wonders if the pic on the right could count. Beer? It’s got calories in it, so I reckon we can call it food. I’m going to show imageyou his backup entry anyway, if only because I love lollies. And Fries To Go, come to that.


imageChicken Gumbo – two words to strike hilarity into the mind of any wombat. ‘Gumbo’ is such an amusing word. Gumbo. Gumbo. Sorry, just having a giggle. Erm, “My #sundaypics is Chicken Gumbo served over white rice. The pic is while the Gumbo is still bubbling in the pot. I make it when I’m really missing Mama. She used to make the base (corn, okra, butter beans & tomatoes) 2-3 times a month. It IS good. This is a little thicker than most Gumbos, but its the way we preferred it. Definitely a regional dish. She served the base as a side dish or carried it further turning it into Chicken Gumbo or Seafood Gumbo” I can add nothing more save Thank You, @starlitwolf

imageNot quite so much work is required to prepare @keithy73’s offering. Doritos are what he resorts to after the inevitable Newcastle defeat. Now, I don’t know whether it always has to be Cool Original Doritos or whether other flavours will suffice. Perhaps he saves the other flavours for different results.

imageOh Rachel, what the heck’s this? Props for the mushy peas, but what’s that there smothered in gravy? Looks like it might be beermats. Like the milkshake choice though, @ironthighs.

image@smallgirltweets – “If I was sad, I’d have youfood to cheer me up.” Sorry, what’s that? You-food? “No, I mean a letter. U-food. A smiley, happy U!” @smallgirl’s u-food on the left there. A smiley, happy bun.

image@bopterror chooses pickled onions, a comfort I have resorted to in the past, eating them straight from the jar. “I don’t think C would agree” says Rob, presumably due to the dreaded Onion Breath.

imageOn the left you’ll find @mariabarrett’s entry. “OH made lovely daal for tea” she tells us, “I poked at it with leftover pasta. Unctuous & forbidden, best comfort food” Pasta, and dhal? Are you sure, Maria? I love both, but together?

imageA fine collage here from @toffeegirlUK – “#SUNDAYPICS was hard this week, so many Comfort Foods to choose from! ;)” she says, including profiteroles (yay!) but also Marmite, so that it now leads 2-1 in #MarmiteWars.


imageTea cakes and nice cuppa tea are more the mark for @davidtims, and I have to say they look very tempting. I do enjoy those chocolate marshmallows. If you have any, here’s a tip – they do not like being dunked in your tea. #immeltingimmelting

imageApple pie! Yes please! Preferably with a nice viscous custard to pour over it, or perhaps some vanilla ice cream. This fine example is from @sarahpez and was homemade by her mum. Clever mum.

imageAccording to @lettyp1, this on the left is the ultimate comfort food from her childhood – Scouse. Click the picture to go to the recipe page at



imageHere’s @lilianlouvaine’s comfort food, and tis one that I concur with heartily. In my humble thingy, there are no beans that taste as good as Heinz. No, not even Bob’s Big Beans from Netto. Beanz Meanz Heinz.

image@fbishwife goes for a full on roast beef dinner served inside a huge Yorkshire pudding. Lovely, but why have you covered it all with seaweed? I can’t see what sort of meat you might have in there, or even whether you have amusing sprouts or carrots or somesuch.


imageTake a look now at this beautiful pie on the right. I love the way it overflows its dish in such a wanton manner. @ameadey (for it is she) tells us it is a Chicken Pie. So now you know. Make a note ready for the End of Year Quiz.

imageSprouts! Win! @sarahtregear is the Sproutmeister for this entry of the roast dinner she’d just cooked and was about to scoff…..  lovely. And is that mashed swede? Mmmmm *drools*


image“Righty-ho,” pipes up young @captain_doodle, “Comfort food menu: Main meal – Macaroni Cheese. Dessert – Anything chocolatey. Late snack… Quick snack comfort food as in this picture. (Couldn’t be arsed to make Macaroni Cheese). 3-1 #MarmiteWars

image@talojo’s #SUNDAYPICS … which, in the interests of making this photo she “had to eat some…..”. Some? That’s about half the carton, woman. Mind you, I’d have gannetted the whole lot, so I can’t talk.

imageWhy look – tis little @mannymunkeh, and I can do no better than to let the simian do the speaking. “Dudes, ok if I join in? My first #sundaypics. Obviously I normally eat nanas but for a change these are lush!” Mini Cheddars, eh? I find that if you eat just one from a pack, you simply MUST finish the whole pack off. It’s the law.

image@babymakingfiles gives us a “good ole roast dinner, no meat today just a cashew & chestnut nut roast. Yum”. I missed at first that the meal featured a nut roast, which I love – nice looking meal. imageBut she continues “and for pudding, not sure if this counts, but it should, strawberries are food! A strawberry daiquiri”. I allowed beer earlier, so I’m not about to object to such a delicious looking cocktail.



imageThis, I presume, is a curry, going from the rice and the naan-like bread. Although it could just be mince with a slightly strange pitta on a pile of Uncle Ben’s, I suppose. Only @thetiniestvole knows, and she has neglected to tell us. If only we could smell these photographs, eh readers?



I just knew that @crofty was a back to basics kind of bloke, and here it is – the ultimate comfort food tea. First the main course. “I’m just doing the second course, be back in a bit” he says, but nary a sign of a Crofty pud did I see.



imageimageimageThe three pics above are from @idlerambler, who shall provide the commentary. “Chili for tonight’s supper bubbling on the hob (left). Didn’t realise I was hungry! imageNumber 2 – another family favourite – lamb curry in preparation – mmmmmmm, hungry yet? Number 3 – Match-ready. Oh dear, I hadn’t realised how obsessed I am with taking photos of food!” You and everyone else here!

@davidgilray provides us with the double photo on the right, a timey-wimey story in itself. He explains “Sorry couldn’t wait to eat my Chicken and Chorizo Casserole…” and I can understand that. Nice plates.


“My second most awesome favourite food, sitting very comfortably” says @gib46, making the jar comfortable on a lovely blue thingy. I prefer chunky, personally.

image@thom_white tells us that Espresso is probably the closest thing he has to a comfort food, which seems odd, as Espresso is (as I discovered when someone bought it me by mistake once) horrible. And tidgy, which I guess is sort of the point.


imageHere’s @butmadnnw now, with special guests: @StuntPigs! On your left, Tomato & Irish cheddar soup, and on your right (under Thom’s coffee) is imageSausage & champ. What’s “champ” when it’s at home? Also, I do hope you weren’t so insensitive as to have pork sausage.

image@zevans23 maintains that “Chili is comfort food number 1. Number 2 is anything off the cheap shelf. And so I give you…” Wow! Ten pence Whoopsie price is a bargain. Good shopping technique there, my good fellow.





imageimage@cymraescoch says “As I spent so long batch cooking today I think for #sundaypics I’ll give you these”. It’s all a mystery to me, but they look quite quite delicious.




imageHere’s @Thetiniestvole with her third course, to follow the soft dates and the mince curry – Banana Pancakes. Oh my word, but they look groovy. 

imageChocolate flapjacky crunchy chewey type thingies now from @MsCatMinder13 – and I’ll bet they didn’t last longer than five minutes.

imageHomemade apple pie a la mode from @littlebit_bod, “but for comfort food could as easily have been yoghurt or shortbread”. Or all three, indeed. Death by comfort food.

imageHere’s another roast – a pubby one, to judge by the wrapped utensils. @nixielulu actually posted it, but as a retweet from @aliceprocter who said “Mmm yummy. Thanks @nightingalepub!”. Oh, see! Pub roast – I was right for once!


imageOver on the right is a cheesy tuna mash bake thingy, and it looks pretty damn fine to me. I love a cheesy/tuna flavour mix. Also, you can make a lovely sandwich with those flavours – wonder if @macjude did that with hers.

image“My comfort food for #SUNDAYPICS” says @ericafairs “yes – a banana sandwich. In proper baker’s bread!” Bit heavy on the yellow filter there, Erica. Looks nice, actually, and reminds me of one of my favourite sarnies – banana and crispy bacon.

imageI do hope those are not breast implants on the right – hey, I’m a man, what would I know? No, I’m pretty sure it must be jellt, cos @tonihill79 said she’d just had some and it was yummy

imageHere’s @snowgirl1972 with a British classic – (veggie) bangers ‘n’ mash, onion gravy, peas and a special appearance of Helen’s home-made Yorkshire puds. Nicely done, those puds. One of my many lasting shames is that as a Yorkshireman I can not make a decent Yorkshire pud. Oh the shame.

imageFor @only_nelson the equation is easy. Comfort food = red wine and pringles and doing a duck impression. Classy.

imageNo explanation necessary or given when your comfort food choice is Haagen-Dazs, as is this Dulce de Leche from @mikeybaer. Did you know that Haagen-Dazs is simply two made-up words meant to look Scandinavian to American eyes 

image@avensarah posted her entry when it was getting late in Canada – fresh homemade bread; or any good bread, really. With butter. Nice.


imageA last minute under-the-wire #sundaypics from @ajonesie- Chili and cornbread, as prepared by her husband while she was at work, bless his little cotton socks. “Nom” she says.

image@icybloke also posted a late #SUNDAYPICS submission due to “self enforced twabsence yesterday due to Twat (x) Factor tweet proliferation! 😉 What’s more comforting than a slab of rare cow?! Gorgeous!” Ew, say I, cos I’m a well-done man myself. Like the choice of beer, though.

imageOur regular non-Twitter contributor, Janine, sent this beautiful spread – not just because it is cake…but cake eaten at her daughters wedding. “After10 yrs of being engaged, it was a great “comfort” when I saw that ring on her finger!” That’s a Mum speaking.

image@inhumanbeing says “I’d like to apologise to the inventor of Heinz tomato soup for everything I said about not being interested in food. This is Man-flu food. My late #sundaypics submission. I’m going for some complex photo/audio combination thing involving warm fires and Ry Cooder, thanks to @flossieTP” He does this by giving us a link to some Ry Cooder. – Ry Cooder – Dark Was The Night  

192718691The gorgeous @flossietp reminds us that Comfort Food sometimes involves the *where* as much as the *what*, by indulging in Afternoon tea in Betty’s in York. How very civilised and lovely.

65520432Here’s @greythorne now, with an excellent photograph of one of my favourites for Saurday tea – sausage in batter and chips. I’m hoping that lashings of salt and vinegar were used, and that there were several slices of buttered white bread with which to make chip butties.

I wish I’d thought to take a photo of my meat-and-tater-pie sandwich for my entry, but I was too eager to wolf it down. For my favourite Comfort Foods, this week I’m going to direct you to this post on Cubic Scats.


And finally, an extremely late entry came in from @jamerz3294 – so late in fact, that he thought it appropriate to remind us where all this comfort food eventually ends up. How tasteful, and thanks for a final “EW!”, Jamie. Good to see you’ve got the Lavender Glade handy there, Jamie….

G r e e n

After the rather simple and uninspiring “Tweet Seats” the previous week, I reckoned it was time for you to be given some space to spread your wings a bit, and produce something comparatively unconfined. Thus I offered you a nice general adjective (or noun) – “Green. Yep, that’s it. How you interpret that is entirely up to you.” As usual, you amazed and delighted me.

01jamerz3294 - see notesOur good Colonial buddy from snowy Michigan, @jamerz3294, was the first to respond – the pic is of Miss Green (M&M) and also a cap from Michigan State, which bears the signature of the Men’s Basketball coach Tom Izzo (oooh, Tom Izzo! No, I have no idea either, although he looks a great ballet dancer). Go Green! Wonder if there’ll be a Plymouth Argyle entry?

02johnrands_tmtl-yes I KNOW there's always oneIt’s a bit early for a clever one, but tell that to @johnrands_tmtl – “Yes I KNOW there’s always one” he says, and he’s not wrong despite the moustache. Shall I explain now to those of you still puzzled, or tease you by prolonging your desire for knowledge? Bugger it, I’ll get it out of the way – Daltonism is colourblindness (is that a word?) of the red-green type, named after chemist John Dalton. Go on, click on his name to find out more.

03m73ichelle-My green SUNDAYPICS kept the kids entertained for ages@m73ichelle’s green #SUNDAYPICS kept the kids entertained for ages, and I’m not surprised. It’s a choo-choo! I’ve zoomed in to try and make fun out of whatever it’s made out of, but sadly the text is not sharp enough to read. So I’m going to make it up. It’s made from an Ann Summers catalogue entry for a self-inflating basque. No, honestly.

04rosamundi-heres my picture for wombat37's sundaypics - cricket on the village green, KewAh, England my England! “Close your eyes – picture the scene – the pub, the church, the village green. Flannelled figures round the wicket, this is England, this is cricket.” I remember as a lad lazing in the sunny long grass listening to the sounds of village cricket as my Dad played for Rawmarsh. This photo from @rosamundi of cricket on the village green at Kew brought it all flooding back.

05sjnewton-Little WorldsDo you realise how difficult it is to get a photograph like the one on the right? Of course you do, you’re not idiots. Admire then the clarity and elegance of the entry from @sjnewton, which he calls “Little Worlds”. All those little globular worlds of dew.

06babymakingfiles-Green in more ways than oneWe get two interpretations of the word ‘Green’ in one photograph now, from @babymakingfiles. It’s a green bike, see? Geddit? Oh, please yourselves.

07white76An interesting, if unexplained entry from @white76 on the right. Perhaps the cucumber slices were left over from her aircraft building for Doodle’s recent under-rated classic, Pimp My Plane. Shona, Shona, Shona – should have gone to Specsavers.


08andromedababe-Gorilla from Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust,JerseyAnother ecological example of Green now, from @andromedababe. Tis a gorilla from the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in Jersey. It appears to have a very weird willy – oh no, sorry, that’s the clip on the frame.

09shelley279-out for a Sunday stroll and all GREENThat @shelley279 went out for a Sunday stroll and took this all GREEN photograph of leaves and leaves and leaves. Don’t they look just all fresh and tasty and good enough to eat? No? Just me then.

10greythorneOK, here’s one I need your help with, children. @greythorne posted these two photographs (left). What ARE those things? Some sort of Mexican vampire, and a horny devil with no genitalia? The world needs to know.


11ariadnes_web-My fave green Moroccan necklace, symbolises motherhood Traditionally used by Touareg as teething ringIn contrast, @ariadnes_web told us all about her photograph in the tweet that accompanied it – it is her favourite green Moroccan necklace, which symbolises motherhood. It was traditionally used by the Touareg as a teething ring. Well, not that particular one I’m guessing – probably just necklaces like that in the past.

12oldmotherriley-Doubly Green car is green colour and they're saving petrol London to Brighton Run todayAnother green double next, as @oldmotherriley shows us this car which is green in colour, AND they’re saving petrol by pushing the bugger. Bet that wasn’t done voluntarily, mind. This was taken on the London to Brighton Run, which passes close to @oldmotherriley’s house, on Sunday.

13scullyscully-A green oasis for sundaypics Kew Gardens a favourite placeAnd here’s a green oasis for us. This photo was taken at Kew Gardens, which is a favourite place for @scullyscully. Look closely and you’ll notice that the woman sitting on the bench has a canvas on an easel before her, and is painting the tranquil scene. How very relaxing.

14sarahtregear-My green sundaypics taken walking to Barbury Castle an iron age hill fort on The Ridgeway near my homeActually, the reason I chose Green as our theme, rather than any other colour, was because I thought that I’d at least get to see lots of photos of countryside and nature, which would be rather pleasant (thank goodness I rejected ‘Brown’). Here’s another lovely one from @sarahtregear, taken while walking to Barbury Castle, an iron age hill fort on The Ridgeway near her home.

15keithy73-Green stuff (and colourless stuff) at AlnwickNext port of call on our meander through the countryside is Alnwick, taken by @keithy73. He titles this piece “Green stuff (and colourless stuff)”. Evocative title. I’m still trying to work out what sort of tree Keithy climbed to take this photo.

17julietims-View from campsite - Bishop's Castle, Shrops Near constant rain makes for lush grazingI’m not sure about this route you’re taking me, readers, for next on our tour of Beautiful Britain is a view from @julietims’ campsite. It is of Bishop’s Castle in Shropshire. “Near constant rain makes for lush grazing” she says, as if she’s munched lots of grass in her time.

18captain_doodle-Some green from today's strollWhere shall we wind up next, I wonder? Ah, tis a field of stuff, with that most English of landmarks, the electricity pylons. @captain_doodle sent us this photo, presumably taken when out strolling with his sweetheart who posted earlier (awww!). I like the curve of the horizon, which might indicate that he lives, in fact, on Larry Niven’s Ringworld.

16womble61-Here is an offering for sundaypics hosted by wombat37  It's on the theme of 'green' n called 'Lucca Turtles'Is it time for a couple of pondy pics, do you think? Yeah, course it is. First we have an offering from @womble61. The photo is ‘Lucca Turtles’. Nice turtles, mate. The shape they are dotting out is vaguely reminiscent of the good ship Serenity, from the wonderful Jossverse show Firefly. No honestly, can’t you see it? No? Try using a Sharpie to draw a line using the turtles as a guide and then squinting at the screen. Done that? You big daft eejit.

19little_mavis-From when our allotment was new and shiny Even the pond was greenOur second pondy pic is from the entrancing @little_mavis, and shows the pond from when our allotment was new and shiny. Even the pond was green in those days; I loved it while it lasted. 19little_mavis-My special Green Jelly Baby storage container After posting this, the miniature marvel suddenly remembered a far better subject for #SUNDAYPICS. Despite my usual limit of one pic per customer, I’m posting @little_mavis’s second pic (on the left) of her special Green Jelly Baby storage container, because I know which side my bread’s buttered.

20talojo-Green exclamation marksFrom the sublime to the ridiculous, with whatever-the-hell-this-is on the right. I don’t think there’s any doubt that it’s green, but what is it meant to be? Half a frog? I have no idea, and I’m hoping @talojo will be able to enlighten us.

21ironthighs-My favourite photo which contains greenHere’s a happy one! @ironthighs (I do hate that username, whilst loving the person) has sent us her “favourite photo which contains green”. Gorgeous smile. I see the trampoline bears the legend “Supertramp”, and idly wonder whether it plays “Bloody Well Right” while you’re using it.

22lilian_louvaine-Moss covered tree on the edge of Loch Lomond, 7 30amWho gets up at 7:30 in the morning to gaze at the glories of Loch Lomond? That @lilian_louvaine does, and while she’s at it she takes photographs such as this moss-covered tree. Lovely texture contrast there, n’est-ce pas? And the distant hills are so pretty with their slightly pink hue.

23hastillonlyme - tonight's brewSunday night’s brew, for @hastillonlyme, is displayed for your edification on the left there. Yes, look closely, for tis an alcoholic, bile-coloured drink made of nettles. I really want to try some, for I had some nettle wine once which was delicious. Maybe next time I’m down in Cornwall.

24starlitwolf-This is an underwater scene from Fallout New Vegas as played by Mr. Something different 4 yaThose of you who know me well will remember that I’m a huge fan of Fallout 3. Our next entry is an underwater scene from its sequel, Fallout New Vegas – it does appear to show someone about to drown, so I’m not sure that @starlitwolf will have pleased Mr. Starlitwolf by making him keep his character there while she fetched the camera. Glug glug burbleplop. 24starlitwolf-View SSE from Pendle Panopticon - Atom near Wycollar in Wycollar Country Park in LancashireShe also pposted this rather wonderful view, SSE from Pendle’s Panopticon – The Atom, near Wycollar in Wycollar Country Park in Lancashire.

25idlerambler-'Green' - well green-ish Path of old railway track leading to HolmsleyThis next entry is good enough to grace anyone’s computer desktop – a great photo from @idlerambler of the path of the old railway track leading to Holmsley, which is an interesting place in itself, being now converted into a station-cum-tearoom. Apparently the A35 uses this track bed for a short distance. Click this sentence to see a bit more.

26ameadey-BUNDAYPICSHere comes a favourite over on the left – #BUNDAYPICS from that @ameadey. 26ameadey-You don't get a much greener frock than thisI really appreciate the effort that went into baking these delicate delights, which I’m sure tasted of everything that is good in the universe. I believe next door’s cat would be able to confirm that conviction. In addition, this epitome of feminine pulchritude posted the pic on the right saying “You don’t get a much greener frock than this”. She’s not wrong in that. Now, I don’t know much about fashion, but I do know what I like…


27icybloke-Not great, but there's SOME green there…and moving swiftly on, I commend to my readership this fine English view. I hope @icybloke doesn’t mind, but I’ve cropped an unsightly tin bath from the bottom of his photograph to give a much more peaceful, Sylvan feel. I love the various blues of the sky.

28hebbie-my engagement ringDo you want to see what item @hebbie thinks her life would not be worth living without? Nope, not her engagement ring, though she posted a photo of that (right). 28hebbie-my life would not be worth living without this PARSLEYNo no, far more important to our Helen is, erm… parsley. And not just any old parsley, but THIS parsley. No, honestly! She even posted a photograph and everything!

29xkylet-boy racer cashpointWe’ll have a little series of really cool, arty photographs now, starting with @xkylet’s entry, which he calls “Boy Racer Cashpoint”. Very pleasing balance of colour there.

30belfegore-fireworksHere’s another cracker from @belfegore. Abso gorgeous, and I can highly recommend his Flickr Photostream.


31mrsashboroscat-joehambleton and my boys playing with green glow sticks OK, @mrsashboroscat – show us what you can do. Oh, she has done. This composition of light and shade, we are told, is @joehambleton and her boys playing with green glow sticks. Reminds me of Tron. Now THERE was a bad film.

32mikeybaerProving that less is more, the ever-reliable @mikeybaer gives us a combination “Green” photograph and infomercial. And of course, by the time you all read this, there’ll be even FEWER days left to buy that pair of socks for your beloved.

33calbion-a vase inherited from my beloved Aunt Catherine@calbion has inherited this vase from her beloved Aunt Catherine. Given that some weird-looking Chinese vase has just sold in auction for £43 million, it might be worth whacking this one up on eBay.

34toffeegirl_uk-Green Took my inspiration from Sir Neil Buchanan from Art Attack fameNow, who remembers Art Attack? You know the one – “Go and raid your Mum’s underwear drawer and make a huge collage of a squirrel” was the sort of inspiration that kids got from the talented Neil Buchanan. Here, Mr. Buchanan has inspired @toffeegirl to present us with a delightful interpretation of this week’s theme.

35BvO79-me at first day of work in my fave green suit and hatHere’s a smart chap! Why, tis @BvO79 at his first day of work in his favourite green suit and hat. He is so amusing and smilesome just as he is that I can’t think of any snarky things to say about the photo. Shazbat.

41jake_in_notts-Oooh errr missesLet’s see if I can be sarky about the next photo (left). Oh yes – @jake_in_notts, thank you so much for your entry (ooer missus) – that was just what I need. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite that long (ooer missus); don’t grip it too hard or you’ll bruise it (ooer missus). I’d pop it in a ratatouille (ooer mi… oh no, that one doesn’t work). Jake calls this photograph “Ooer missus”.

Here’s a very cool sign in the rainforest biome at the Eden Project in Cornwall, if I can just get us down past that daft bear’s enormous feet. 36macjude-A very cool sign in the rainforest biome at the Eden ProjectThere we go – the sign is on the right now. Click on the picture to see a larger version that you can read why mangroves are great, and far better than shrimp ponds in a tsunami situation. (That’s not a sentence I would ever have expected to type).

37miffybarker-Green - for my Sunday dinnerHere is something for @miffybarker’s Sunday dinner. Tis one of my favourites too, but I do hope you had more than just that, otherwise 1. You’d still be hungry and 2. Farty much?

38flossietp-Some as green as you might expect, others past their bestWhoa, this is a great entry! @flossietp posted this, and points out that some are as green as you might expect, while others are a little past their best. If you were represented by one of these creatures, dear reader, which would it be? Me, I’d be the one on the right of the back row.

39moynsquidgeim-A Sunday choreA Sunday chore from @moynsquidgeim here. We avoid having to do any mowing by gravelling over the garden – mind you, ours is minute, not a great big honking field like that. If I were mowing that grass, I wouldn’t just go round and round either – I’d mow a big picture first. Probably, knowing me, a pair of breasts.

40inhumanbeing-Harvey Cat looks a bit odd in black and white, with green eyes But then, she's a pretty odd catOoh, look – it’s Harvey Cat, looking a bit odd in black and white, BUT with green eyes. But then, according to @inhumanbeing, she’s a pretty odd cat –not least for having a male name.

42tonihill79-A very poor SundayPics this week, had no time to come up with something brilliant But anyway he is greenArmy duck! I love the army duck! @tonihill79 thinks her entry is a very poor one, since she had no time to come up with something brilliant. I disagree –  Sgt. Duck rocks! Also, he is green.

43fbishwifeTrust @fbishwife to come up with someone holding his huge knobkerry in his hand. It is SO a word – go on, Google it, you’ll see. I assume it’s meant to be Yoda, but he looks way too spritely to me. Also he has no right hand.

44cymraescoch-Despite the mega excitement of Bunday I haven't forgottenBack on the left now, and @cymraescoch managed to remember to post an entry, despite the excitement of “Bunday”. Gawd, isn’t that just gorgeous? Who’s a pretty boy then?

45fraggle_red23-SproutsIt’s another of my favourite veggies up next – sprouts! Sprouts FTW! Lovely slightly-bitey sprouts splashed with vinegar go with any meal. And if any are left over, they are ideal for post-prandial entertainment in the form of an impromptu juggling act.

46jofilm-An alien with huge eyes  or fireworks  who can say“An alien with huge eyes, or fireworks? Who can say?” asks @jofilm – me. I can say. It’s fireworks, lovely. Oooh, or (male viewpoint), it could be an alien with huge boobs. Yes, that’s what it is, I’m almost certain.

47widget53-The Birks o' AberfeldyThose magical words “The Birks o’ Aberfeldy” bring joy to our imaginations as @widget73 shows us a photo of said Birks. What do you mean, you have no idea what I’m talking about? The Birks, you berks! This –

The braes ascend like lofty wa’s,
The foaming stream deep-roarin’ fa’s
O’erhung wi’ fragrant spreading shaws
The birks of Aberfeldy

48jaxbourne-here's my sundaypic me in a Sex and the City inspired ivy dress Aka a BollardSo there.

Next in line for me to be sarky about their photograph is @jaxbourne, who says “Here’s my #SUNDAYPIC – me in a Sex and the City inspired ivy dress, aka a Bollard” That’s pretty cool actually. Damn, can’t be sarky. Maybe the next one.

49looshine-I don't know quite what it is but it IS greenOh, yes, this one surely will give me sark-ammunition. It’s from @looshine, who doesn’t know quite what it is “but it IS green”. Well I know what it is – its … quite cute. What? Oh God no , I’ve lost my sarcasm ability! I can no longer snark! Nooooooooooooooo!

50thetiniestvole-greenEven this on the left from @thetiniestvole only makes me go “Awwww lookit the cute ickle doggie! Coochie coochie!”. Surely I should be making some smartarse remarks about something hilariously nasty happening to the ickle doggie involving a sink plunger, but no. I can not do it. I have lost my mojo.

51andymcf-it's the only green thing I wearI know! A couple of Laphroaigs will help! I’m always a lot wittier after a few Laphroaigs. Or at least I think I am. While I go pour my first into my tasting glass, adding just a splash of room-temperature water, why don’t you admire this entry from @andymcf, who tells us this is the only green thing he wears. Aw bless… damn, where’s that whisky?

52davidtims-My favourite green vase on a green floor (via elephant) against a green wall (trust me, it is greenThis is @davidtims’ favourite green vase. On a green floor. Via elephant. Against a green wall. Are you sure the wall’s green, David? Yes? Ah, OK – if you say so. This Laphroaig, as ever, is gorgeous.

53underbundle-Had to pick one from the archives for today's green Sundaypics It's a 'Bundling sunday picnic“I had to pick one from the archives for today’s green #Sundaypics” says Bill, our own @underbundle, “It’s a ‘Bundling sunday picnic”. And MOST pleasant it looks too! I’ll bet fat bees were a-buzzing, and skylarks a-singing. Beeautiful. It’s Quarter Cask, this Laphroaig, you know. Possibly my favourite (affordable) bottling.

54sindesign-Not sure if I'm too late for sundaypics - hope you like@sindesign wasn’t too sure if he was too late for #sundaypics – no, of course not! “Hope you like” he says. Of course I do! It’s a *lovely* depiction of the English countryside with a cutey ickle lamb up on a green hill. *pours another Laphroaig*

55kirtle-Sorry, left it too late for anything pretty, so have gone for mystery green instead“Sorry, left it too late for anything pretty” says the wonderful @kirtle, “So I have gone for mystery green instead”. So I see. Mystery green, eh – it’s a FLOOR, dear, a FLOOR. But yes, tis green, and it does look very clean. Nice grouting. Oh yes, I’m back!

56alliterative-My sundaypics idea is kind of strange I hope people get it - I'm such a language geekThe #SUNDAYPICS entry from our Canadian genius is…. well, I’ll let @alliterative explain for himself. “My #sundaypics idea is kind of strange. I hope people get it – I’m such a language geek” OK, let’s take a look… hmmm, suppose I’d better Google Noam Chomsky, although I’m pretty sure he was Rotherham’s right-back in the early Nineties. *Googles* … ah, as I thought. He was a linguist, who developed “Colorless green ideas sleep furiously”. Click on that sentence to discover that it is an example of a sentence with correct grammar (logical form) but semantics that are nonsensical.

58snowgirl1972-Here's my sundaypics bit short of inspiration this week but found this in my photos, sundaycurry“Oh, Edmund, can it be true, that I hold here in my mortal hand a nugget of purest green?” was the first thing I thought of when I saw this photo from @snowgirl1972. Then I read that it was a “Sunday Curry”, looked closer, and now I SO want some!

57zevans23-get picture off non-mobile site if requiredA fine photograph as usual from @zevans23 – look at the depth in the thing. It makes me feel like I’m flying over a mystic forest on some sort of magical quest to discover an enchanted sword. Or maybe that’s the Laphroaig.

59flossietp-I found the cable to upload photos, I could try my original sundaypics which shows my green fingers flukebloomOh look, @flossietp has found the cable to upload photos and can try her original #sundaypics. Which shows her green fingers, or a  fluke bloom. And some funny looking tiles.

60markBIGSW-First time for me but here's my picture for wombat37's sundaypics - What Once Was GreenOn the left, here’s a first timer for #SUNDAYPICS – look, it’s @markBIGSW with a picture called “What Once Was Green”. It’s lovely – look at the sky! Did you take it from your garden Mark, cos if so, I envy you your view.



61matt_cochr-Slightly late because alezed and I have been at a rehearsal sundaypics (taken on my phone so not great quality)“Slightly late because @alezed and I have been at a rehearsal” says @matt_cochr, “#sundaypics taken on my phone so not great quality”. I LOVE this photo. Just look at the expression in those gorgeous eyes!

62mrchambers-It's not awe-inspiring, but here's my sundaypics two pennethAnd the penultimate entry this “issue” is from @mrchambers he tells us “It’s not awe-inspiring, but here’s my #sundaypics two penneth”. Can anyone tell me, you know, what it actually IS?


189646242Let’s finish off with an oddity from @ericafairs. This is a real live green tree growing up through the decks on board ship. I don’t know where Erica keeps her ship, but if she’s got enough money to own one then I love her unconditionally.

imageThere are so many photos to process and get into this blog that I always miss one or two. Here’s on I missed from @butmadnnw – I have NO idea what it is, or where you insert the batteries. At least it’s green though.


OK kidlets, that’s it for this week – remember your Comfort Food pics for the next #SUNDAYPICS. Love you, bye, mwah.



Little Mavis’s Little Corner of Educational Delight


Good Morning students,

Mr @alliterative’s entry this week alludes to Noam Chomsky’s sentence “Colorless green ideas sleep furiously“, a sentence with correct grammar (logical form) but semantics that are nonsensical. The sentence therefore has no understandable meaning. An example of a category mistake, it was used to show the inadequacy of the then-popular probabilistic models of grammar, and the need for more structured models. The full passage says:

“Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.
Furiously sleep ideas green colorless.
It is fair to assume that neither sentence (1) nor (2) (nor indeed any part of these sentences) has ever occurred in an English discourse. Hence, in any statistical model for grammaticalness, these sentences will be ruled out on identical grounds as equally “remote” from English. Yet (1), though nonsensical, is grammatical, while (2) is not grammatical.

Please leave your apples on my desk as you leave.

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