Hot! Hot! Hot!

When I first put the word out that the theme of this entry was to be “Hot”, however you choose to interpret it, I had no idea that Mother Nature would react in such a contrariwise manner! It seems that no sooner had you wonderful peeps Retweeted across the TwitterVerse, than record setting cold, and snowfalls, were reported all across the British Isles. And then, never to be out done, the States just had to follow suit too!

To get in the mood, here’s a link to some Hot music to listen to whilst you gander at the Hotness; LINK

So let’s all toss another log onto the fire, pour a stiff dram of your favorite warming liquid (Single Malt please) and enjoy all the warmth and hot pictures that you have shared! The response was truly tremendous, and I want to thank each of you. Each pic is a treasure, as are you! I ended up with so may pics that I decided to (very) loosely organize them into groups. So I have generally sorted them into People, Places, and Things, with Things having separate subgroups of Food, and of Fire. Lastly, there’s gonna be a category of Stragglers, which should be self explanatory. If your pic isn’t sorted properly, I blame the Great Blizzard of Christmas 2010. (What? You surely didn’t think I would take the blame, did ya?)

So let’s begin with the Places category, shall we? First off, @starlitwolf shows us the Hottest Place on Earth, Death Valley. It’s over there on the left, burning up the page!

Next in @sarahpez takes us to warm up at a resort, pass the SPF, please! Her picture is shimmering just over there on the right…

And if you look below, you’ll see why @Jensunny asks if we are experiencing Hotter Times or Hotter Climes? Right now, I don’t think it’s either really?

And yup, you are gonna see quite a bit of “white space” in this blog! I suppose I could have mashed some pics together, and turned into a single pic, but I really want each of them to stand out, as they *all* are Refrigerator Worthy!

Next is the first, but not last, juxtaposition of elements… @davidgilray takes us to see Good Night Sun, just over there on the right…

Lastly in our wending ’round the world, @fraggle_red23 shows another truly beastly hot desert, in Egypt! You can see a mirage in her top picture, and feel the heat in that bottom one!

Just too hot for comfort!

Well, now that we’ve been around the world in six photographs, let’s change gears and look all the hot things you lot have submitted! And what a variety it is, you never cease to amaze me…

Let’s explore the wonderful, hot foods that we have to feast our eyes upon! Sure, some of these were to be expected, but each one made me salivate at the thought! Yes, I *do* enjoy spicy and hot fare, and you certainly did not let me down….

Therefore let’s start with a cold Martini in front of a hotfireplace, served up by @alliterative… better drink it fast, shaken, not stirred.

Then our fave barkeep pours us a pint, just to keep us slogging thru this heat!

@AvenSarah serves up a steaming bowl of Hot Brekkie on a Cold Day! Looks to be oats, with brown sugar and cream? Yummee!

But wait! How can we have brekkie without our morning Latte? Good thing @babymakingfiles has just served us a steaming cuppa…

And proving that a Favorite Hotty is not a half baked idea, @Crofty shows us his buns are in the oven!

Meanwhile @davidtims remarks, “You wanted Hot? We got Hot!” No argument there!

And what better to put some peppers in than @Janegoth’s chili? Amazingly, this is the only pic of chili that was submitted. But then, when we have the best, why mess around with the rest?

And to complement our feast, @Keith_C_Jarrett delivers a steaming cup of Hot Chocolate Milk… I can smell it from here…

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, @LettyP1 is making some Bubbling Lentil Soup… always perfect on a cold day!

While @MarkBIGSW shows off his culinary skill with some Hot Food… doesn’t that just look like it’s waiting for a bun and a plate?

And yes! Someone thoughtfully thought to bring the Hot Sauce… and it’s the good stuff too! Thanx @richlieu, you can never have too much of the stuff, except as an aphrodisiac maybe?

And nothing’s better for a quick brekkie, or snack, than @shouldbeinbed’s offering of Portable Porridge. Quick, hot and easy. Yup, that sums it up nicely.

And yes! Our first toy entry! But why in this grouping of food? Because our fave cowgirl @talojo sez this is Hot Sausages Over a Campfire, that’s why.

And @TheTiniestVole is simmering hot while she lovingly stirs her pot of Onion Soup! She certainly knows how to warm us up!

@Tonihill79 wants to nurse us all. That is her soup and bread combo is great for when you’re feeling ill. What did you think I meant?

Meanwhile, the redoubtable @Underbundle wants us all to know What Keeps Underbundles Cheeks Rosy! Wonder if it’s applied directly to cheeks? And if so, with what?

Lastly in our Food Category, @white76 shows off his hot pepper! So hot it’s rated “X”! Yowee!

Right then… now that we’ve all had a scrumptious feast with a variety of vittles and lots of liquids, let’s move on to Things, shall we? No, not Thing from Addams’ Family, just the other items (yes, I did want to say “stuff”, but you Brits would snigger, wouldn’t you?) that you pictured. In this Subset we’ll explore the many uses of Fire…

@Alliterative shows us some lovely, and warm shots of his fireplace, here with the doors closed…

…and here with the doors open for a crackling blaze!

And lastly, his romantic side shines forth with candle light…
Not to be left out in the cold is @kirtle’s shows
just what to do with that big log…

And speaking of a big flame… why just look at @Mark BIGSW! Oh, I mean his fire, oops.

Meanwhile, over to your right, @matt_cocher warms his cockles every New Year’s eve at a nearby
town’s bonfire! Marshmallows anyone?

Next up, up there above, @miffybarker shows us her modern Fireplace, quite toasty and snuggly warm.
When @OldMotherRiley goes to hide out in Kent, here’s the main source of heat…

And speaking of heat, along comes @Only_Nelson, who shows us his Fireball Explosion! Stand back!

And here our very own @Shelly279 shows off her Fake lovelies… The Coral, that is… the Blue Flame is real 😉
And our last flamer is a very well loved marsupial!
@womabat37 is showing off his best Hot Weedy Effort…
Which now takes from the realm of the open flames, to the realm of what heat does. This next gallery reflects the truly neato things you sent in, that defy any easy categorization (much you, you wonderful lot).
We begin with @BarneyGalgo, who asks us to Insert the Obvious Caption..
And if you are so hot you’ve melted, just put an eye to @Belfegore’s melted vent cover!
And what could possibly more heart warming than @CymraeCoch’s bunny with a water bottle?
Well, since you asked, it would be @CymraeCoch’s other bunny, warm and nestled in.

And And here we have @DeadRedBug’s entry of a dog that loved to bathe! Lucky pooch I say…
And what’s this? Why none other than @Jaxbourne who tells us that there is nothing Hotter in her life at the moment… or maybe just her lap?
And just time to knock the chill out, @lilacneonslur invites us to take a hot, steamy shower… oops, who dropped the soap?
And after a bubbly shower, @LillianLouvaine thinks that we should keep those aching muscles relaxed with a Hot Gel pack… and a massage maybe?

And this furry fellow wonders what all the fuss is about? @M73ichelle assures us that her Hot Dog has it all under wraps.
And our own favorite primate, @MannyMunkeh is pretending it’s Hot, dudes.
And there just above, @mikeybaer shows us that he really IS quite hot! (Unless you live in the Land of the Fahrenheit in which case it’s below freezing).

This pretty pair belongs to @Only_Nelson, who shows, on the left, an ice cube fireball, and on the right is a time delay water drop and fire… amazing! Really a nice pair, don’t you think?
But enuff of Science, @Rosamundi gets romantic and also tells us that candle “put out a lot”… of heat.
Awwwwww…. @ScullyScully (try typing that 10 times, fast) demonstrates that kitty nap can be the warmest activity in any climate.
And speaking of getting comfy, @shouldbeinbed notes that the radiator isn’t working? No word about the knobs tho…
Oh my… it’s pink… it’s fuzzy… it’s warm… Oh, it’s a water bottle… never mind. Thank @Widget53 for this bit of visual punnery 😉
And oh so ably bringing up the rear, our last entry in the Things category is this from @ToffegirlUK, her very own, warm and snuggly, microweave bear…
And oh my gosh, that’s it for the Thingy Group! Whew! We still have a bit left in our journey of Hot, and now we turn to my personal fave grouping; People…. Ah yes, some uber hotties in this group to be sure!

Yes, I mean you @aMeady, Hottie Huzza oh yeah…
But Hot is a pair of guys that really know how to paddle to @Ariadnes_web,
those are some Goldoliers those are…

And @MannyMunkeh and @Gib46 tool around in some Hotwheels…

And what’s this? Poor @FBishWife burnt her arm on the oven. Ouch!
And @miffybarker shows her sunburn as well…
better rub some lotion on there dear…

@captain_doodle puts his foot down, and helps stamp out all that snow with his mighty, flaming tenny runners!

And speaking of just incredibly smoldering hot,
@HeidiVodka is back! And in wonderful form as well 🙂
While @catinabaglady asks, You want Hot?
Oh my and she answers her own question so wonderfully!
When I asked my wife what I should do for Hot, she simply replied that I am “The Hottest Santa ever”…
…not easy being @jaymurz3294 really.
Well then, what a fun trip it’s been! But wait, if you order now, we’ll include a FREE set of our Staggler Pics, you pay only Shipping and Handling! The Stragglers set is a group of pics that I’ve been straggling to get in here, not that the people who submitted them are straggling in the least. (and speaking of straggling… now is the moment that my InterWebby {word invented by @wombat37, Mom} chooses to straggle along in a rather lame fashion}…

Our first straggler, @greythorne, shows off his cyber skills with a Binary Blanket! Perfect for a Binary Babe in a Bed?

And here to the left, the lovely lass with the curly, red hair @rhsfb12 (What? You don’t know her? go and Follow her now! She’s as witty as she is lovely) demonstrates to us that watched pot really does boil! Now to add some fish, potatoes n veggies, yum!
And here, @sjnewton shows us how a Fire Eater does it! Woosh!
And another juxtaposition here, @the_neepster reveals the fiery side of Flower Power! Right on!
According to @xkylet, this how they do a beach fire in Newfoundland… gotta luv those plucky Canadians!
Finally, around the other side of the globe, @Zevan23 shows the searing heat of Dune 7, in Wakomund, Nambia (hope I spelled that correctly!)
If you faithfully sent in a Hot #sundaypics photo, and don’t see it here, please excuse the bumbling colonial. We have had our own Christmas Blizzard, and my InterWebby hasn’t been very happy. So, if you would kindly flag me down, I’ll be delighted to include it!

At long last, those wonderfully patient people will be rewarded with their very own showcase! Yes, it’s the Almost Didn’t Get Included pics! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, ah the humanity of it all… (oh wait)…

A very dear friend, janineinsd recently went up, up and away in a Hot Air Balloon and snapped this hot pic! Wow!

And speaking of HOT, lucyvlh1 shows us hot use a hoola hoop, while it’s on fire! Yikes!! Yes, she really did that! No, you should not try this at home. Or anywhere for that matter!

And let’s take a trip to the dark side, shall we? @ironthighs shows us that her pasta really screams when it’s being waterboarded and parboiled for a confession of suspected terrorist pantry activities!

@ericafairs has some hot feet too! Well, at least the shoes are!

…and maybe she bought them here, in Seville, Spain, when it was 39C!

Meanwhile, @flossietp has us take a look at both a Hottie, and the chocolate in the cup. True Love there to be sure!

Oh look… @island252 says that Lulu (the cat you dim, not the fireplace) always gets the warmest seat in the house. Well of course! Dogs have Owners, Cats have Staff.

There is no better way to segue into @little_mavis Corner of Education, then to see the lovely lass herself, on a hot day in Scotland!

…and at no extra cost to you, whatsoever, @little_mavis has very thoughtfully sent you an explanation of the different temperature scales! Included for the next ten minutes, at absolutely no additional charge! Shipping and Handling apply…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@little_mavis Corner of Education~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Fahrenheit temperature scale was first used in the early eighteenth century. It was calibrated by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit.
He did not choose 32 degrees as the freezing point of water, nor did he choose 212 degrees as the boiling point of water. Both these numbers are just the values he measured after he had based his scale on two other “fixed points.” The lower fixed point was the lowest temperature he could reach by mixing water with common salt (the way old-fashioned ice cream freezers work). This temperature he called 0 degrees. The upper fixed point that Fahrenheit chose was the temperature of the healthy human body. This he set at 96 degrees. Why 96? You ask. Why would he come so close to 100 and not decide to go decimal? The encyclopedia says that he originally divided the interval into 12 degrees and later divided each degree into 8 parts.
Although the US still uses Fahrenheit, most countries have now changed to the Celsius (Centigrade) scale. Anders Celsius established two fixed points on his thermometer. Zero represented the boiling point of water and 100 was the temperature at which water froze. Celsius’ scale doesn’t make intuitive sense now, and it apparently didn’t when he developed it. After he died, his scale was inverted to what we know now as the Celsius scale, with zero representing the freezing point of water at standard atmospheric pressure and 100 the boiling point. Degrees Centigrade became known as degrees Celsius in 1948
The Kelvin temperature scale (K) was developed by Lord Kelvin in the mid 1800s. The zero point of this scale is equivalent to -273.15 °C on the Celsius scale. This zero point is considered the lowest possible temperature of anything in the universe. Therefore, the Kelvin scale is also known as the “absolute temperature scale”. At the freezing point of water, the temperature of the Kelvin scale reads 273 K. At the boiling point of water, it reads 373 K.
In closing, I want to thank each and every one of you wonderful photogs that made this blog possible! After hosting this Blog, I feel like I know you all a bit better now! You may (or may not) be interested to note that I do have my own blog: BunnyBoy’s Bloggedy Blather, which is all about my exciting life, and other mundane and trivial aspects of living where I do. And I usually close with a sunset shot, that I’ve taken, from my deck. This blog is no exception to that rule. Thank you again, and 42.


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