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Flicktionary–The Big Film Quiz With The Crap Prize

Yesterday’s theme, Flicktionary, was (cliché alert) a roaring success. I asked you provide a picture as a clue to the name of a film, and I think we all had a spiffing time, didn’t we playmates? Here are all 65 entries (with my occasional comments in italics) – your task, should you choose to accept it, is to list as many correct film titles as you can. There’s a small prize* for the person who gets the most right, and also for the #SUNDAYPIC that I think is the cleverest. There will also be kudos awards in several categories, a sort of Wombat’s version of the Oscars, so watch this blog for info about the Woscars Award Ceremony (sponsored by Comic Sans) coming soon.

You can either DM me your list of answers over several tweets (ask me for a follow if I’m not already), or – probably easier – email them to me by CLICKING HERE. You’ve got at least until the weekend.

* And don’t get too excited, the prizes will just be some old shyte that I have lying around at Wombat Towers that the Charity Shop rejected.

01davetreadwell-some people will get it instantly bye rest will point out October has 31 days

1. @davetreadwell “some people will get it instantly but the rest will point out October has 31 days” This one had me scratching my head early, and I’m still scratching it. Must get a nit comb.





02craigfunkulus-I did two #SUNDAYPICS . The realism frightens even myself.2. @craigfunkulus “I did two #SUNDAYPICS . The realism frightens even myself” Tried putting this on it’s side to see if it looked like boobs, but it doesn’t. You just tilted your head a little, didn’t you?





03craigfunkulus-Again, I thought I was actually watching the film this was so real3. @craigfunkulus “Again, I thought I was actually watching the film this was so real” Is this “Caterpillar Rider”?






04xkylet- I'm not in right now, please leave a message & I'll get back to you. Oh, here's my flictionary entry4. @xkylet “I’m not in right now, please leave a message & I’ll get back to you. Oh, here’s my flicktionary entry” Quarter past six in the morning and you were out? Crikey.





05macjude-I've done a whole cartoon strip on my drawing app5. @macjude “I’ve done a whole cartoon strip on my drawing app” Interesting story arc – that character’s going on a journey.







06crofty-This is a cheat - the film isn't out yet, but I couldn't resist. #strokeofgenius6. @crofty “This is a cheat – the film isn’t out yet, but I couldn’t resist” There was an animated version of this some years ago.





07crofty-Here's a real film this time7. @crofty “Here’s a real film this time” Bit dark – you might need to look at the bigger picture, folks.





08white76 - 18. @white76 Shona’s gone all quiet – not like her at all!







09white76 - 29. @white76 Shona! Shona! Speak to me, Shona! Try sucking on a Fisherman’s Friend!







10oldmotherriley-A brief contribution to #sundaypics Flictionary. With a clue10. @oldmotherriley “A brief contribution to #sundaypics Flicktionary. With a clue” My favourite film, so of course I got this one



11ericafairs-Flictionary - here's my effort. This one's pretty easy I think.11. @ericafairs “Flicktionary – here’s my effort. This one’s pretty easy I think.” You’ll probably have to look at the bigger photo, but the atlas is open at The Netherlands.





12scullyscully-Flicktionary (oops. Gordon wasn't very happy. He doesn't really understand the importance of #sundaypics)12. @scullyscully “Flicktionary (oops. Gordon wasn’t very happy. He doesn’t really understand the importance of #sundaypics)” Gordon is SO going to poop behind the settee after this.





13captain_doodle OK, here we go... Flicktionary no.113. @captain_doodle “OK, here we go… Flicktionary no.1” Say what you see, people, say what you see.



14captain_doodle And another... warning mildly erotic doodle Flicktionary no.214. @captain_doodle “And another… warning mildly erotic doodle Flicktionary no.2” Is it “Free Willy”?







15captain_doodle Ah, g'wan, one more... Flicktionary no.3 15. @captain_doodle “Ah, g’wan, one more… Flicktionary no.3” Such artistic talent the man has….




16talojo-my sad flicktionary effort - don't laugh... ok you can laugh, it is a comedy after all16. @talojo “My sad flicktionary effort – don’t laugh… ok you can laugh, it is a comedy after all” It’s not sad, cos I can’t get it!





17jofilm-Here is my sad effort17.  @jofilm “Here is my sad effort” See, most people thought that their entry was easy, simply because they knew what it was. The rest of us often didn’t find them so.






18underbundle-Confusion on Ghibli Drive18. @underbundle “Confusion on Ghibli Drive” Oh yes, THIS is my favourite film as well as that other one.







19crofty-This one just popped in my head. I drew it on the wallpaper with the pencil I lost earlier19. @crofty “This one just popped in my head. I drew it on the wallpaper with the pencil I lost earlier” You drew on the wallpaper? Uh-oh, Crofty’s in the doodoo!





20greythorne-Here's my film title for #sundaypics - Idea n photograph by me, Photoshop help and Tesco visit by AToblongpictures20. @greythorne “Here’s my film title for #sundaypics – Idea n photograph by me, Photoshop help and Tesco visit by @oblongpictures” I prefer Lurpak myself. And Primula.






21bols-Guess the film!21. @bols “Guess the film!” Bossy, isn’t she? I guess “Carry On Matron”







22white76another one but mike did this one22. @white76 “Another one but mike did this one” Shona, you’ve got your voice back! Hurray for the miracle that is the Fisherman’s Friend. (other weird tasting sucky sweets are available)




23heidivodka-This is my first go for the flicktionary23. @heidivodka “This is my first go for the flicktionary” Wow. Stonking photo. Actually, is there a film called “Stonking Photo”? Cos it’d be that.





24heidivodka- second installment24. @heidivodka “Second installment” I DO hope these aren’t some odd sex toys that I, as an innocent chap, know nothing about. I’ll be in trouble for the stiffy and boobs pics already.






25sarahpez-Nice and simple25. @sarahpez “Nice and simple” I must be, cos I have no idea what film this is.







26matt_cochr-This took hours. Not really. Looking at the #SUNDAYPICS topic might help non-Sundaypics people make sense of that26. @matt_cochr “This took hours. Not really. Looking at the #SUNDAYPICS topic might help non-Sundaypics people make sense of that” You weren’t channelling Michelle Green in that awful ad, were you?




27mayanorange-pathetically easy... I'll do a harder one in a bit27. @mayanorange “Pathetically easy… I’ll do a harder one in a bit” Again with the ‘it’s so easy’ which is irritating cos I CAN’T GET IT!







28TiggerLlily28. @TiggerLlily Is that one of those peggy put together pics which you can iron so they don’t fall apart? Cos they’re cool.







29ariadnes_web-Here's my effort!29. @ariadnes_web “Here’s my effort!” By gum, you’re a proper artist and stuff.






30hebbie-musical film30. @hebbie “Musical film” Doesn’t make me want to sing Sad smile






31RHSFB1231. @RHSFB12 I’ll just bet this is a porn film about boners or summat.





32matt_cochr-Doing another #SUNDAYPICS to avoid the continuing wrath of @alezed32. @matt_cochr “Doing another #SUNDAYPICS to avoid the continuing wrath of @alezed” Oh, but I’ll bet she’s magnificent in her wrath!




33ironthighs-My Flicktionary effort33. @ironthighs “My Flicktionary effort” He looks like he’s stuck to your sauna wall. You do have a sauna, don’t you?







34heidivodka-3rd instalment34. @heidivodka “3rd instalment” This one is pretty complicated, and definitely needs looking at bigger.







35susiewoosi78-Do you know what it is yet35. @susiewoosi78 “Do you know what it is yet?” No, I don’t! I’m so dim.




36shelley279-not mrs doodle for nothin36. @shelley279 “Not mrs doodle for nothin’” If you wouldn’t marry him for nothing, how much did he have to pay you?





37shelley279-Oh... And another one...37. @shelley279 “Oh… And another one…” Awesome CGI!







38mannymunkeh-I though a monkey film was too obv dudes, so got some help for a different one38. @mannymunkeh “I though a monkey film was too obv dudes, so got some help for a different one” Is that a nice cup of tea you’ve got there? PG Tips?






39ameadey-Here's my #sundaypics it's a tv programme39. @ameadey “Here’s my #sundaypics it’s a tv programme” In fact a book, film, TV programme twice…





40island252-Here's my film's my Rasta cat Ja heading for some sledding40. @island252 “Here’s my film’s my Rasta cat Ja heading for some sledding” Funny looking litter tray you have there.





41hollylightly-Here's my #sundaypics... I understand which film it is...lol41. @hollylightly “Here’s my #sundaypics… I understand which film it is…lol” But will anyone else?







42ellie via ameadey42. Ellie via @ameadey This. Is. Brilliant! Now, which Frankenstein film is it, I wonder.





43alliterative-Here's my Flicktionary sundaypics — Can you guess the film43. @alliterative “Here’s my Flicktionary sundaypics — Can you guess the film?” You appear to be crossing a wasp with a bat – are you sure that’s scientifically ethical? Or physically possible?





45bols-Doodlebuddy' is a v handy iPhone app! Guess the film - graffiti edition!44. @bols “’Doodlebuddy’ is a v handy iPhone app! Guess the film – graffiti edition!” Is it “Dead Like Me?”







46sjnewton-Well, this one should be a pretty easy flicktionary for everybody45. @sjnewton “Well, this one should be a pretty easy flicktionary for everybody” Oh yeah, even *I* got this one. It’s that David Niven thingy… what do you mean “No”?






47macjude - easier46. @macjude “Easier!” No it’s not! Why is that battleship called HMS Cadbury?







48lizardsimpkins-My #sundaypics entry. Name that film47. @lizardsimpkins “My #sundaypics entry. Name that film” Erm… it’s the never to be forgotten “Conkfox Chirpybot”





49keithy7348. @keithy73 Bloody council tax. Bastards.






50hastillonlyme-Here's a simple one49. @hastillonlyme “Here’s a simple one” Yes, and it’s me Sad smile







51little_mavis-Not a lot of time to prep so here is my #sundaypics50. @little_mavis “Not a lot of time to prep so here is my #sundaypics” She’s so GORGEOUS!







52davetreadwell-Another #sundaypics #flicktionary for you all!51. @davetreadwell “Another #sundaypics #flicktionary for you all!” You enjoyed this, didn’t you Dave?





53lilianlouvaine- Quite an easy one, I think52. @lilianlouvaine “Quite an easy one, I think” Interesting study in contrasting textures.





54BvO79-warning-contains scenes of an adult nature I got told off for drawing them53. @BvO79 “Warning – contains scenes of an adult nature I got told off for drawing them” Norks!







55toffeegirluk-Would love to be able to draw properly!!54. @toffeegirluk “Would love to be able to draw properly!!” Springy duck!







56fbishwife-A nice obvious one it's been a hectic day55. @fbishwife “A nice obvious one it’s been a hectic day” Ooh, I right  fancy some Horlicks now.







57davetreadwell56. @davetreadwell Oh I’ve JUST this second got this one! At least, I think I have. Very clever.





58gib46-Dudes, bin struggling with my #sundaypics today, here's my film, bet u get it easily57. @gib46 “Dudes, bin struggling with my #sundaypics today, here’s my film, bet u get it easily” “Monopoly Hotel”?







59bols-One more shot58. @bols “One more shot” This is that porn film – “My Burning Helmet”.







61aprecious-It's very, very easy. Apologies for last minute effort. The dog ate my homework.59. @aprecious “It’s very, very easy. Apologies for last minute effort. The dog ate my homework” Zoom in, people, so you don’t miss the detail.







62ameadey60. @ameadey To be fair, Audrey rejected this, but I grabbed it out of her bin while I was round there stalking one night.







63skydivemacca-Really basic one for this weeks #SUNDAYPICS - this is my fave film of all time. Shirley.61. @skydivemacca “Really basic one for this weeks #SUNDAYPICS – this is my fave film of all time, Shirley” There is no comment I can make that won’t give this away.






64widget53-A late contender62. @widget53 “A late contender” Look at the beauty in this photograph! Want!





65jamerz3294-background is the back of a quilt Barb made for my B'Day63. @jamerz3294 “Background is the back of a quilt Barb made for my B’Day” “The Quilter Memorandum”?





66jamerz329464. @jamerz3294 “Second one” Is the curly straw relevant?







67lettyp165. @lettyp1 Ooops, I nearly missed this one off, and it’s such a good ‘un too.







68richlieu_uk-sorry it took so long..66. @richlieu_uk-sorry it took so long Not as long as I took finding it!






wombat67. @wombat37 Look! I made Ted Glenn’s head explode off his shoulders! Awesome ha ha ha ha! (not enough blood, Wombat)

It’s all done with Mirrors

Before we start with the pics, let me point you to THIS BLOG POST by @vegmers, since it adds rather a nice commentary to the usual #Sundaypics photo. Go on – click it, it’s lovely.

Right, ready for some more wombatesque gibberish? Let’s get on with it!

01avensarah-A joint contribution from @Alliterative and me, for It's All Done with Mirrors- The Other Baby

03fbishwife-Help my baby is trapped inside a toy02babymakingfilesFirst up a joint contribution from @avensarah and @Alliterative – The Other Baby. Aw, lookit the gorgeous smile and the dead giraffe! This is followed up by six – count ‘em – SIX cool looking shade-wearing @babymakingfiles. It’s like The Matrix and she’s just about to shoot lots of walls. On the right is a baby trapped inside a toy – it’s a mini @fbishwife. Not @fbishwife herself as a baby, you understand, although you might be forgiven for thinking that cos it’s a black and white photograph like from the 1920s when she was born.

04greythorne-me reflected in a giant tuba

06scullyscully-A selection of pop music for you05white76-Charlie refection at 3 months old - jaxbourne said Oh my @MannyMunkeh is in your pic tooOn your left, a wibbly pic of @greythorne reflected in a giant tuba – maybe even the same giant tuba that we saw at the Chatsworth tweetup last September. In the middle, @white76 has stolen @avensarah’s mirror. The thief’s son is reflected, aged 3 months AWW! The pic prompted @jaxbourne to observe that @MannyMunkeh is in the pic too – that simian gets everywhere! Clever stuff on the right from @scullyscully – a selection of reflective pop music. Very nice!


07sjnewton-washroom infinity British Museum, September 200709davestaton-Entwistle reservoir like a mirror08sarahpez-my favourite mirrorAn infinity of sinks – a sinkfinity if you will – from @sjnewton, taken in the washroom at the British Museum in September 2007. In the middle, @sarahpez’s favourite mirror. I can see your elbow! Also a cutey cute baby pic. To the right, one of those pics that I nick and put into my collection of Desktops, from which a little program chooses randomly each day. This is from @davestaton – Entwistle reservoir like a mirror. Can’t stop looking at it.

10belfegore-Self-portrait with mirror12crofty- 'it's all done with mirrors' - nope, it's all done with contortion, again. stretches shoulders11oldmotherriley-a trumpet and some Tunbridge WareWhy, who is this handsome chap wiping bogies on a mirror with an interesting aquatic frame? Tis no other but Man of Mystery, @belfegore, with his “Self-portrait with mirror”. The centrepiece shows us beautiful reflections of some Tunbridgeware in a trumpte. The things we see on #Sundaypics, eh travellers? This from @oldmotherriley. And then there’s Old Man @crofty’s entry – “’it’s all done with mirrors’?” he squeaks, “nope, it’s all done with contortion, again”. *stretches shoulders*. See the gorgeous chandelier there? There’s a couple of pics near the end which may well explain that.

13lilianlouvaine-Mr Lil accidentally taking his own photo in the wing mirror on way to Oban last November15macjude-My friend Max and I using a Jaguar fighter jet as a mirror at the Tate Britain

14underbundle-Junk in the hallway actually looks quite goodGorgeous sky in the photo on the left, and if you can tear your eyes away from that you’ll probably make out Mr. @lilianlouvaine accidentally taking his own photo in the wing mirror on way to Oban last November. Remember the mirror in the middle? NO? Oh come on, didn’t you read the previous blog? It’s @underbundle’s Magic Mirror, which has the unfathomable power of making the junk in the hallway actually look quite good. Finally on the right there, the curvy @macjude and her friend Max use a Jaguar fighter jet as a mirror at the Tate Britain. Yes, your bum does look big in that.

16skydivemacca-My first go at SUNDAYPICS hot on the heels of regular photo-er @macjude - I'm taking the photo18m73ichelle-reflections early-ish! Been taken out for my constitutional by the dog

17mannymunkeh- it's like looking in a mirror dudesNow THIS photo is GLORIOUS! Take a look at the large version for the full effect. First, the expressions in the foreground – amused resignation, according to @ariadnes_web – are priceless. Deeper we go, into the mirrow to find the taker of this work of art, @skydivemacca, whose first go at SUNDAYPICS this is. Note the expression of a man serious about his photography. As if that wasn’t enough, delve deeper in for an infinity of mirrors. Wonderful stuff, and this week’s winner of an hour of Wombat Lurve. You lucky boy. @mannymunkeh never fails to delight, the mischievous little tinker, and he fools us here into thinking there actually IS a mirror. Also – could this be the first full length nude that #sundaypics has seen? On the right is another wallpaper for my laptop – @m73ichelle took these reflections early –ish, having been taken out for a constitutional by the dog.

19ameadey-sorry been really busy today. But here's our effort21ericafairs-the worst mirror in the house. You know, the one you look into when you've just got up20ariadnes_web-Bit of a carry-on every morning but I do love to wear makeup and it's all done with mirrors“Sorry been really busy today” is the apology from @ameadey (not sure why one was needed, since she did post a picture, but there you go), “But here’s our effort”. Harry Potter and the Levy Mirror. One day I’m going to steal those kids away, cos they’re great. Here comes @ariadnes_web with an explanation for all the gubbins in her photo, which is in the middle up there – “Bit of a carry-on every morning but I do love to wear makeup and it’s all done with mirrors”. Make up? Do most women wear make-up? I thought they all had a natural beauty, because of course they all do. Here’s another natural beauty, @ericafairs, with a photo of “the worst mirror in the house. You know, the one you look into when you’ve just got up”. It’s a bit too well lit for that, surely?

23littlebit_bod-My favourite mirror25jaxbourne-Guess who I love it's all done with mirrors at mine24cymraescochOh look, my writing space has gone into a little bit in the middle. Interesting. Anyway, that glorious confection on the left is from @littlebit_bod and is her favourite mirror. Above are two demon rabbits from @cymraescoch – it looks like a scene from Night of the Lepus. Yes, the film about killer rabbits. And finally the mirror symbol from @jaxbourne who says “Guess who I love?”. I don’t know, the salesman down at Wilko’s? Oh no, hang on – it’s that Prince feller, isn’t it, Mr. Nelson?

28ironthighs-Here you go- bathroom cow26little_mavis-The student's mirrors27widget53-Em decorated this mirror (with a little help from Granny) for J and I's wedding anniversary last MarcHere’s Wombette Major’s room in her student house in Lancaster – including her mirrors, courtesy of my @little_mavis. You can see Wombette in the mirror look! In the middle, well I’ll let @widget53 explani – “Em decorated this mirror (with a little help from Granny) for J and I’s wedding anniversary last March”. J, as Widgy-followers will know, is her beloved. Obviously. And finally, a bathroom cow, which looks VERY angry. Yikes. Methinks @ironthighs is trying to give us nightmares.

29nixylulu-tis my avatar. Can you not see it31shouldbeinbed-rich30moynsquidgeim-I give you the nicest pub toilets I've ever found… sadly the rest of the pub was not this prettyNow, I know that @nixylulu has changed her Twitter name, although she’s still as perky as the photo on the left there would imply. Can’t remember her new name though. I’m sure it’ll come to me when I’m playing Dragon Age or summat. Into the centre now, for the winner of the Nicest Pub Toilets Award. This pic is from @moynsquidgeim, who unfortunately says that the rest of the pub was not that pretty, which is probably why she doesn’t tell us the name of the pub. i love the photo on the right from @shouldbeinbed. It makes me feel all nostalgic for when I was a bus conductor (yes, conductor – I’m that old).

32snowgirl1972- the only downstairs mirror. I should probably sort that out34thom_white- it really is all done with mirrors33mallrat_ukIt’s Helen! And her kitchen floor is obviously a damn sight cleaner than ours, cos she’s sitting on it. The woman that is @snowgirl1972 says this is “the only downstairs mirror. I should probably sort that out”. Why bother, when the floor’s so clean? Then we have a bed scene from @mallrat_uk. Now my eyes aren’t great, and my laptop wasn’t provided by NCIS, but bear me out here readers – she’s sleeping with a giant Kermit, isn’t she? Nice painting by the way. OOOH KALEIDOSCOPE! From @thom_white – we used to be given those by the rag and bone man in exchange for crap.35heidivodka-compact mirror and photobooth37sarahtregear-I was in very posh hotel and on my way to a fancy dress party36fraggle_red23-Try again... Nature's very own mirrorArt on the left is from @heidivodka, using a compact mirror and something called photobooth. Here’s another wallpaper for me from @fraggle_red23 – absolutely gorgeous, and the picture’s good too. Nature’s very own mirror. On the right; can anyone guess why this might be my favourite photograph this week? Of course you can – just look at that gorgeous wardrobe behind @sarahtregear! Terrific. Sarah tells us “I was in very posh hotel and on my way to a fancy dress party” Yeah right.

38mikeybaer-Me, wearing my favourite Wasps top reflected in my favourite mirror in my favourite room40richlieu_uk-best I can do self portrait in tinfoil robot39xkylet-Me, holding a mirror, taking a pic of myself holding that mirrorHere’s a gorgeous creature. It’s that @mikeybaer, wearing his favourite Wasps top reflected in his favourite mirror in his favourite room. Favourite! The one in the middle makes my brain hurt, a la Gumby. It’s of @xkylet, holding a mirror, taking a pic of himself holding that mirror. Erm… And then there’s @richlieu_uk, doing his best with a self portrait in a tinfoil robot. Or summat.

41RHSFB12-reflective lake in New Zealand via my brother43island252-Here we've got not one mirror, but TWO 42ceee_j-sneaking in at the last minute with a terrible picWooooo, look at this one! If you look at it sideways and squint it looks a bit like a ladygarden. Or is that just me? Thank you @RHSFB12 for the photo of a reflective lake in New Zealand via her brother. @ceee_j sneaks in at the last minute with a “terrible pic”. I notice that he’s naked… now what on earth can one get up to naked late at night? Beats me. And thirdly, we have two mirrors for the price of one from the delectable @island252. Very nice.45alezed43island252-this is a window, but I figured it was close enough to a mirror... but if not, here's a mirror next44binarydad-heres one - Mirror BoyAnd here she is again, this time in a window, “but I figured it was close enough to a mirror”. And of course it is, for I have no rules in The House of Sundaypics. Stonking photo in the middle from Mr. @binarydad. He calls this one “Mirror Boy”. And finally a pic from 45alezed, about which I can only say is that a pre-Raphaelite on the opposite wall?

46crofty-Here's another great mirror. This house is lovely (and people in it must've been vain48jamerz3294-African decor bathroom, blizzard outside in mirror's reflection47janine-I am not sure this is going to come thru to you..I took it with my cell driving home on very icy roads today@crofty’s back! “I know it’s late, but I’m in this conference room with a fabulous mirror. This house is lovely (and people in it must’ve been vain” Middle shot is from non-Twitter fan Janine in  SD, who says “I took this with my cell driving home on very icy roads today…It took me an hr to unclench my jaw after a 1 hr trip that took us over 2 hrs and passed several vehicles who did not make it, overturned and jack-knifed in the ditch…so this is my terror mirrors picture”. Jesus! On the right, @jamerz3294 shows us a world of contrasts with an African decor bathroom, and a blizzard outside in the mirror’s reflection.

49butmadnnw-taken in Balboa Park, San Diego, whilst @iseult1124 was visiting, Aug 2009.Dscf3233DSC01080@butmadnnw sent a rather nice water pic taken in Balboa Park, San Diego, whilst @iseult1124 was visiting her in Aug 2009. Then there’s my two. I couldn’t decide between “Wombat Amongst The Bras” and “Speccyfoureyes”, and when I asked Twitter, you were all split down the middle. Not physically, obviously. Feel free to put your hand over the one you don’t like. TTFN pilgrims!


I recently found this in a charity shop while wandering round the fascinating Lancaster streets –224113146

Of COURSE I bought it – who wouldn’t? Dscf3231Prepare for a bit of a history lesson, along with (obviously) some piss-taking. Here’s the feller to thank for this tasty treat. Jay C. Hormel, son of a butcher, developed SPAM assisted by French chef Jean Vernet. It was ready by late 1936, but as yet was unnamed. Hormel held a New Year party and gave guests a free drink for every name they suggested, and $100 for the winning name. “By the 4th drink people started to show imagination” DSCF3216Hormel commented. The name SPAM was suggested by actor Kenneth Daigneau, and is short for Shoulder of Pork and Ham, as any fule kno. Some of the other products in this photo show doubtful taste – “Arf” (which I hope wasn’t dog meat), “Dinty Moore” and “Spic” (geddit? Spic and Spam?)

SPAM was launched on an unsuspecting world in May 1937, and was a huge success. During the war it was sent over to Britain, and to Russia where Kruschev said “DSCF3215Without SPAM, we would not be able to feed our army”. American troops were given a special cheaper American Government version of SPAM which lacked the true flavour, probably leading  to the low opinion it has among large numbers of people.

DSCF3217The book’s got a lot of recipes – some of them seriously WTF-worthy. On the left you can learn how to make Spam Cheesecake (no really), while there are also such delights as Spamdoori Chicken Wrap, Nutty Spamburger and Deep Spam Pizza. I have a soft spot for Spam Porcupine – chunks of SPAM, onions & pineapple on cocktail sticks, poked into a cabbage – “the cabbage can be used afterwards for other meals” it says.

DSCF3218My favourite though has to be SPAM scones, which appear to be normal scones but with chopped SPAM added to the mix. Haven’t dared to try them yet, but the recipe suggests using “any leftover scones”  on top of a vegetable casserole and baked in a hot oven.

My favourite way to eat SPAM? Sliced thinly, fried to a crispy edge, and popped in a pitta with tomato or summat. Yum. Do let me know if you’re desperate for me to share further SPAM recipes, you saddoes.

A Language in the Sky

“The smoke trails of aircraft, the kite tails and light shafts, there’s a language in the sky” – Avalanche by Thea Gilmore

These words came into my head when I saw the sky over Ramsbottom this afternoon and evening. Here’s the sky in late afternoon when the aeroplanes seemed to be playing at making their own work of art with their vapour trails.Dscf3225

Half an hour later, and the sun had joined in the game to create this work of art.Dscf3227

Back of me head, son!

OK, OK I admit it. My sole reason for choosing this theme was so that I could imagine you all assuming stupid positions as you tried to photograph the back of your head. In typical dimwitted fashion, though, I failed to consider the use of mirrors. So well done, you lot, again you’ve foiled and delighted me – and inadvertently given me NEXT week’s theme at the same time. As usual, click on the pics to see what should be a larger version. Let’s get started, shall we?

01RHSFB12-Hi, just wanted to do the Sunday Pics. I posted a picture and did Sundaypics like JR told me to do of back of head - did I do it rightOur first picture this time is from a first-time Sundaypicker – @RHSFB12 – who says “Hi, just wanted to do the Sunday Pics. I posted a picture of back of head – did I do it right?”. Spot on Faye, and might I say that’s some mane you have there. Toss it baby, toss it from side to side! Oh yeah… is that a picture of a stadium on the wall there?

02ironthighs-Self portrait Back of head with new sunglasses

Dyma ‘n orwych Cymraeg benyw @ironthighs becomes the first of our entries to use a prop this week, in this self portrait with her new sunglasses. She looks like Cousin Itt. (in the photo, I mean, not in real life, as those who have seen her famous portrait “Pissed in a Train Toilet” will attest). And yes, I’ve put a link on the words “Cousin Itt” for those of you too young to know what I’m on about.

03toffeegirluk-The Back Of My Head at the footy yesterdayI do love a woman who enjoys football, which means I must love @toffeegirluk I suppose. The gradations of honeyed shades in her hair also help, as she watches … well I don’t know actually. One might guess Everton, but I believe they were away on the weekend in question. Shall we invite D.I. Wombat to investigate? Oh no, he’ll be in the snug at The Mucky Duck having a pint of mild and a bag of scratchings, and therefore unavailable.

04kirtle-Proof that I do actually have eyes in the back of my headIt’s Cousin Itt again! No wait, no it isn’t – it’s that @kirtle, proving that she does actually have eyes in the back of her head. So be warned – don’t creep up behind her in an attempt to do anything naughty, unless you want her to give you a right proper tongue-lashing. What? No, honestly, it just means “telling off”. Honest.

05babymakingfiles-The back of my head@babymakingfiles has decided to flash us (hurray!) with a work of art simply entitled “The back of my head”. A photograph that does what it says on the metaphorical tin, and possibly simultaneously symbolises man’s struggle against a mechanised ethos.

06white76-back of my head And yes it takes a life time to try thatIt’s all women this week, isn’t it? Not that I’m complaining mind, but don’t men have backs on their heads. Ew, wouldn’t that be icky?! All their brains would fall out. Which come to think of it, might explain a great deal of male behaviour. This is @white76 – “yes it takes a life time to try that” she says. I assume she means taking the photo, rather than just putting the telly on.

07lilianlouvaine-The back of my head in the French Alps last Easter, avec AlvinLet’s get exotic for a moment, and travel to the French Alps where we will find @lilianlouvaine watching some skiing people, sporting a jaunty hat and carrying Alvin the… well, whatever that is. Weasel, perhaps. Or a deformed rat. Oh, just had a thought! Maybe it’s a meerkat? Simples.

08fbishwife-the back of head slummymummy oops I haven't brushed my hairThis may well be … hell, it’s definitely the first time in my life when eight women have lined up in succession to please me with their hair (is there a word for that?). Look, here comes Number Eight now. Why, tis that daughter of delight, @fbishwife, and her hair is all bed raggled. Sorry, bedraggled. She believes that this marks her out as a “Slummymummy oops I haven’t brushed my hair!” and who am I to argue? Nice camera-holding there.

10mikeybaer-God, that wasn't easyNext up, and elbowing his way into the line of eager female Wombatinis, is my good mucker* @mikeybaer, sponsored by Bucks New University. “God, that wasn’t easy” he says, making me smile since that was half the point of this week’s theme (heh heh).

* Mucker (n.) – a colloquial term of endearment, originating from the Irish ‘mo chara’ meaning ‘my friend’. Commonly used as a greeting in various bits of the British Isles. “Rather dated” it says here, which suits me down to a ‘T’.

09snowgirl1972-this week calls for an early shot

This awesome bed hair belongs to the awesome @snowgirl1972 who took an early shot, presumably in order to capture said awesome, erm… plumage. Great photo, Helen. Oh hang on; two thumbs up, which means she didn’t take the photo unless she has a prehensile tail. (She hasn’t). Great photo, Thom!

11richlieu_uk-Just dislocated my shoulder trying to take a picture if the back of my head. Curse you wombat-Got ED to do it... see if you can spot herIt’s worth looking at the larger version of this pic from @richlieu_uk for at least two things. “Just dislocated my shoulder trying to take a picture of the back of my head” says Rich, “Curse you Wombat! Got ED to do it… see if you can spot her” – which is the first thing to spot, of course. The second is Rich’s reluctance to remove his earpiece even to enable his daughter to take an artistic photo of his hair explosion. Laziness or REALLY good music? The world must know. Or maybe he’s deaf, I suppose.

12butmadnnw-The back of the Doctor's headOur good Colonial @butmadnnw, knitter extraordinaire, gives us the back of The Doctor’s head.
”Right then. I have questions, but number one is this – what in the name of sanity have you got on your head?”
It’s a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool”
[a pause, then Amy grabs the fez off the Doctor’s head and throws it into the air, where River shoots it]
I want a knitted Doctor now… although his hair looks more Bob Marley than Matt Smith – “I and I is in GalliFREY, mon!”

13lettyp1-the back of my windswept headIf I was theme-ing (a word I may just have coined) these works of joie-de-vivre, @mannymunkeh would be up next, but no – instead you can revel in the windsweptiness (ooh, another – today I seem to be making words up right, left and spentle) of @lettyp1’s locks. I’m intrigued by what appears to be a pile of old 5.25” floppy disks on the right of the photo, as well as that lovely sexy curve to her shoulder.

14crofty-Bloomin' 'eck wombat37 nearly dislocated shoulder taking sundaypics of back my head. Took four goes to get this of me checking my doughHere comes that son-of-fun @crofty, moaning “Bloomin’ ‘eck, Wombat, nearly dislocated my shoulder taking sundaypics of the back my head. Took four goes to get this of me checking my dough”. Have you noticed, it’s only the men complaining about hurty shoulders? At first, I thought Crofty was using “dough” in its old-fashioned slang usage for ‘head’ (ref: the Sir Bernard of Cribbins classic waxing, ‘Right Said Fred’ – “Was he in trouble, half a ton of rubble landed on the top of his dough”). Now though, it occurs to me that since he appears to be by a kitchen work surface, he may actually be referring to bread dough. Not that it matters in the course of the universe.

15stuntpigs-And for sundaypics, the backs of our heads“Unison, North Staffs, Community Health…. something” is what it says on the backs of these @stuntpigs, whom I shall nickname Curly, Larry and Mo. Now, I know nothing about the Unison Stuntpigs, but I do know that they have a Facebook Fan Page, which you can see if you click on that link back there. I think Mo looks the most talented, don’t you? Ditch the others and go solo, Mo.

16ariadnes_web-Here I am surveying a snow-free garden at last! Back of head, as requestedHere comes a deep breath of fresh air, in more than one sense, as the unique force that is @ariadnes_web takes us (and the back of her head, although it’s hard to see how she could leave it behind) to the Great Outdoors. Well, the Great Backgarden at any rate. Here she is surveying a snow-free garden at last! Spring in the air! Go on!

17jaxbourne-Hard at work on a SundayHard at work on a Sunday, in sensible working attire, is the flame-haired @jaxbourne, stacking some… what are they? … let’s say garments … on a shelf that’s way too high for anyone who might want to look at them. Hey, I like that shirt under Jacqui’s left armpit – @little_mavis would look good in that.

18oldmotherriley-The back of my head and not just mine either.Interesting shot here from @oldmotherriley – “the back of my head and not just mine either”. I notice that neither you nor the dog is wearing a seatbelt. What if somehow the Land Rover started up all by itself and rammed itself into that bush in front of you? You’d be in real trouble then, madam!Oh if only I had that computer they have at NCIS I could zoom in on the mirror, ‘enhance’, and see your face! But I haven’t.

19ericafairs- back of me 'ead! 4,693 shots deleted. But all my own work“Back of me ‘ead!” shouts @ericafairs, echoing my slight football-related attempt on the title of this post, “4,693 shots deleted. But all my own work”. Do I take it that you managed to capture 4,693 photographs of wall, stairs, carpet, bum, wall and stairs, bum again etc etc? I do like your cut, it looks “well good” (phrase copyright Wombette Major, who greatly amused me one day by also saying that her friend was “well ill”).

20hardyheroine-Oops! Forgot the pic! The back of my headOooh, look at the pre-Raphaelite hair in this next photograph from @hardyheroine, who came close to forgetting the actual pic on her tweet. If only it had been a windy day, and your hair had been blowing in the wind…
Alone, upon her trusty steed
She sits high above the plain.
As beautiful as nature around her.
Steadfast eyes, look straight ahead,
as to converse with those long past.
With the Wind in Her Hair.

21mannymunkehMuscular broad shoulders, intelligent cast to the top of the head, strong straight back, arms that could crush a python (one of those draught-excluder ones), upright demeanour, honest alert ears – it can be no other than that mighty hero for our times, @mannymunkeh, and his enormous scarf. Unless that’s NOT a scarf but one of those trendy footballer’s snoods, in which case he’s a namby-pamby hoity-toity lah-di-dah Southern softie and a big girl’s blouse so ner.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAA scary hairy macro from @greythorne, according to the possessor of said hair. Don’t know why – it is the exact colour of my elf’s hair in Dragon Age, and he’s a real hero, strong and resourceful and young. That Leliana right fancies him, cos he heard her and Alistair talking about him, although he’s far more drawn to the dark and haughty Morrigan for the moment. Sorry, where was I?….

23captain_doodle-Holy crap! Thought my neck was sore. Turns out hairdresser totally Wolverined me“Holy crap!” exclaims @captain_doodle after his morning visit to the emporium of Mr. S. Todd, Barber Extraordinaire, “Thought my neck was sore. Turns out hairdresser totally Wolverined me!” Of course, there’s a strong possibility that The Dood made the scratches himself with his girly nails, due to itchy neck, due to he’d just had his hair cut.

24tonihill79-The back of my head, 45mins under the dryer helped produce these brilliant curlsWOW look at these curls! It’s like Shirley Temple on acid. Going for a Twenties look were you, @tonihill79? Goodness me. “45mins under the dryer helped produce these brilliant curls” says the blonde temptress, whom I hope was on her way to a Shirley Temple lookylikey contest. Or maybe a Kevin Keegan one. I’ll bet it looks even better from the front, cos she’s gorgeous.

25BvO79-back of me bonce-what you can't see is the big smile at the front cos I was at the footy for my b'day@BvO79 shows the “back of me bonce – what you can’t see is the big smile at the front cos I was at the footy for my birthday”. You went with @toffegirluk then. I still can’t figure out what game it was – not many in front of you, so it was either way early or half time and everyone’s gone for a lava pie. Alternatively, it was a poorly supported team that… oh I don’t know. Just tell us, eh?

26thom_white-Here's my worryingly greyA strong contender for the photo of the week, this one. Peer closely and you’ll see why. Peek-a-boo! @thom_white’s commentary goes “Here’s my worryingly grey…” and then I’ve cut the last bit off his comment while I was Cutting and Pasting, unfortunately. He was probably worried about his worryingly grey cushions.

27scullyscully-Since my avatar is back of my head I've been trying to think of sthing original. Wish I had a shipAh, that @scullyscully with her random streams of consciousness! “Since my avatar is the back of my head, I’ve been trying to think of something original. Wish I had a ship” OK, lets try to work out why she desires said seafaring vessel. Erm, ships have figureheads… she has both a figure AND a head, so … she wants to be mounted at the front of a frigate? Something not quite right there…

28sjnewton-I always seem to need a haircut...Not sure who took this May be one of @rosamundi'sThis is a cracking photo! @sjnewton, for it is he, tells us that he “always seems to need a haircut…not sure who took this. May be one of @rosamundi’s”. It’s certainly of a quality to be one of hers, and no mistake. Great shot. And get yer hair cut, you ‘orrible little man!

29island252-what Wrinkles on the BACK of the neck tooHave you noticed what GORGEOUS hair the women on this blog have? Beautiful. Here’s another lovely moptop, sitting in a quite charming and much-tidier-than-our-tip-of-a-house room. Why, tis @island252, complaining about “Wrinkles on the BACK of the neck too”, the silly billy. They’re, erm, laugh lines. Probably.

30louwiseman@louwiseman, our third Cousin Itt, left me little in the way of comment, so I am free to take the mickey out of her photo as I see fit. Except I can’t, cos her luxurious hair is pretty damned nice. Not much in the background to be sarky about either, so I’ll have to grasp at straws here…. erm….. ha ha ha what a funny coloured shirt. There, that should sting.

31gibbonarms-Back of my freshly shaved noggin, hope I haven't missed any I spent a half hour today nearly dislocating my shoulders to take a pic of the back of my bonce. I love twitterHere comes @gibbonarms. Qoth he “Back of my freshly-shaved noggin, hope I haven’t missed any I spent a half hour today nearly dislocating my shoulders to take a pic of the back of my bonce. I love twitter” Twitter loves you too, but you’re just one more example of how weak we males are, and incapable of photographing our heads without dislocation.

32ceee_j-more psychologically than technically challenging“More psychologically than technically challenging” says @ceee_j, presumably fretting about about a bald patch. Not something that’s ever bothered me. I’ve been a slaphead since an early age, and it doesn’t make me any less of a man able to SHAG ALL THE WOMEN IN THE WORLD! (but in a sensitive, caring way). I shan’t comment on the neat line between hair and neck, since there is no line at all on my neck. See later for evidence.

33keithy73-I'm doing today's sundaypics under protest as it's very silly. On t'other hand, Quavers“I’m doing today’s sundaypics under protest” say @keithy73, “as it’s very silly. On t’other hand, Quavers”. Hey, it’s not as though I’m forcing you on the point of a sword to submit these delightful pictorial bon-mots, as it were, although it may well come to that at some point in the future. Probably when my inspiration has run so low that I say summat like “This week’s theme is Beige”.

34davidtimsI wish people who submitted their photos without comment, like the boy-next-door-haired @davidtims here, had provided something interesting in the background for me to latch onto and make fun off. Here, there’s just a cooker. Gas, by the looks of it, just the way I like my cookers. I like my cookers as I like my women – gassy and turned on by twisting a knob.

35jofilm-This is the best I can do. half hour it's taken“This is the best I can do. Half hour it’s taken!” says @jofilm, peering accusingly at me. It’s not my fault, woman, you should have intentionally dislocated your shoulder like all these men! Is that a biscuit just to the left of your head? Oh no, it’s your phone – how disappointing. I just fancied a Penguin.

36davidgilray-This just proves that I really do need a haircut, urgentlyHirsute gentleman @davidgilray believes that this photograph “just proves that I really do need a haircut, urgently”. Whatever you do, David, don’t go to the same barber as @captain_doodle. In fact, do what I do – cut it yourself! Yes, you too could look as awesome as I do, as long as you get rid of all your mirrors.

37underbundle-has to blog about the backs of our heads Sundaypics. I think I'd run out of witticisms after 3 or 4Bill knows how much I covet this mirror of his, and I’m hoping it makes an appearance in the next blog too – watch out for it, folks. The man who is @underbundle says “@wombat37 has to blog about the backs of our heads for #Sundaypics. I think I’d run out of witticisms after 3 or 4”. That’s where I’m clever – I don’t bother with witticisms. I find complete gibberish fills the space just as efficiently.

38sarahpez-Aaargghh Can't think of anything originalIt’s that sex-bomb for the – what DO we call this decade, not The Noughties are no more? The Teenies? Elizabethan Times? Anyway, here’s that sex-bomb for the Teenies…. no, no, that sounds perverted, can’t use that one. Let’s just say “Hi!” to @sarahpez, who whispers seductively “Aaargghh! Can’t think of anything original”. You and me both, lovely.

39fraggle_red23-The back of my headThis next one reminds me greatly of a very specific scene from a porn film I once saw – “Ginger Minges” it was called, and it was a searing indictment of the dangers of being a pool cleaner in downtown America. I watched it for the plot, honest. Sorry, like I said – gibberish. Erm, this is the back of @fraggle_red23’s bonce, apparently.

44m73ichelle-How could you resist the back of this head macintosh40doginasnoodOn the left you have Doginasnood – no, he’s not an ‘@’ – and on the right is Macintosh, also not an ‘@’. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised they’re not on Twitter –  it might be difficult to type with doggy paws. Mind you, @goodboyben seems to manage to overcome both canine restrictions as well as being dead. Worryingly, both these dogs seem to be gazing out at the same garden. I wonder what they had seen – cats, boys, cats!


41belfegore-Have you posted a pic of The Back Of Your Head for SUNDAYPICS yet - it's not that goddam easy!On Sunday evening @belfegore asked “Have you posted a pic of The Back Of Your Head for SUNDAYPICS yet – it’s not that goddam easy!” and never has a truer word been spoken. I actually did try to take my own to find out how difficult it was, and almost dislocated my shoulder (yes, I know).

42naff_caff- hint of back-of-head ness. And my artA hint of back-of-head-ness AND some artwork from (and by) @naff_caff. The pictures are worth a closer look – depth and fascinating detail abound. Lovely stuff.

43miffybarker-a late one from meHere’s @miffybarker – “a late Cousin Itt from me” she says, yet there were still twenty more submissions yet to come. Oh Gawd, have I really got twenty more to blog yet? *girds loins, then ungirds them as it was too tight and a man’s loins need to breathe* See now, THIS is how to choose an interesting background – sexy babe on the wall, books and CDs galore… my kind of room.

45ameadey-this doNaked lady alert! “This do?” snaps @ameadey, taciturn as ever (ha ha ha, as if!). Notice how cleverly Aud has negated my sarky comments about hair by allowing just enough steam to build up on the mirror. Very clever, 007 – you win this round. But beware: the might of WEE* can not be thwarted for long. Mwahahahaha! *strokes pussy*

* Wombat’s Evil Empire

46jamerz3294-BunnyBoy's backside bwahahaha!Ready for a weird one? What do you make of this, Sundaypickers? It is, of course, Michigan Madman @jamerz3294. He calls this “BunnyBoy’s backside” which worries me more than a little. You know what, there’s a film in this photo crying out to be made – probably a slash horror torture porn thing called something like…. Flesh Bunny 4.

47flossietp-There you go lovely.My gorgeous fantasy woman, @flossietp, shows the men how it’s done without dislocating your shoulder. I’m really not sure I could live with that bathroom colour – it’d be like having a bath inside a grape. Uh-oh, that’s set me off on another fantasy…..

48hebbie-Stewie took this for me more evidence he says that is mum is madLord alone knows how many more things I can find to say about the backs of people’s heads, although I can say that I feel as if you’ve all let me into a very private part of your lives. Here’s @hebbie, surprisingly NOT wearing a Tam O’Shanter, as I thought all Scots did continuously. “Stewie took this for me – more evidence he says that is mum is mad”, and he wouldn’t be far wrong at that.

49macjude-Attempting to take an arty photo at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art at ChristmasHere’s that @macjude, in a fetching pink hoodie, “attempting to take an arty photo at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art at Christmas”. Bit of a narrow field, that – “Contemporary Art at Christmas”. Wouldn’t have thought there was enough to fill a museum, would you? Now I’m musing on how long @macjude’s hair is when it’s let down…

50gib46-Hey @wombat37 dude, here's my sundaypics, it was right hard to do, needed some helpWho’s this dedicated follower of fashion? Why it’s @gib46, who tells us that “it was right hard to do, dude, needed some help” I hope you didn’t dislocate your shoulder there, and that your frilly nylon panties are right up tight. Bit of a reference there for all the oldies amongst us. I SAID ALL THE OLDIES AMONGST US DEAR. YES. DO YOU WANT A BISCUIT?

51matt_cochr-I posted one! This was taken whilst I was working on something at universityLook, it’s Rick Wakeman! No wait, it’s @matt_cochr, working on something at university which requires four screens, a number of speakers, a hifi of some sort, and what appears to be an Abwehr Model G four-rotor unsteckered Enigma machine. He’s probably watching porn.

52carlumpyThis is a bit of an enigma in itself. It is from something called a @carlumpy, who appears to be a form of Heffalump Thing who enjoys the musical stylings of Biffy Clyro. I can tell you no more.

53aprecious-my first attempt. And since you ask @wombat37 I do have a small headA first attempt at #sundaypics, ladies and gentlemen – applause. This is from @aprecious, who is eager to impress upon us this information – “And since you ask, I do have a small head”. And a nice robe, Q Tips and a bottle of…. is that Calpol? I do like Calpol.

54rosamundi-I don't have any pictures of the back of my head, but I think @phillprice does  it's a fab hat with a secret pocket in @phillpriceNow, who is this adventurer? Why it’s our very own @rosamundi,chickening out (wisely) of attempting to photograph her own headback by yoinking one of @phillprice’s. Her hat, by the way, is “a fab hat with a secret pocket in”. Oooooh! Oh, and I’ve checked out the sign for you, dear readers – it says “All Traffic”.

55little_mavis-fter washing of course.Here’s the most beautiful hair on show here today – I wonder who it belongs to? Why, there’s a surprise! Tis my very own beloved @little_mavis, who quite seriously has the most gorgeous luxurious hair ever. Here, it’s all wet and clean and smells nice.

56LucieMRjLooks like @luciemr is about to go out here, heading for the front door. I like that twisty thingy that she has glued to her head, although thinking about it glue is probably not the best way to keep it in place. It’ll be one of those wooden peggy things that I can never work out how to work.

57xkyletOh no! @xkylet’s cocked his clogs, driven to suicide by being forced to read “Nursing Practice” and what appears to be a telephone directory. He has my utter admiration for managing to take this photograph while in the act of shuffling off this mortal coil, in point of fact.

58starlitwolf-Took that pic while bent over, couldn't believe my hair was touching the floor! Time for a trim, I think.This actually resembles Cousin Itt way more than the previous Itts – “Took that pic while bent over” says @starlitwolf, “Couldn’t believe my hair was touching the floor! Time for a trim, I think”. Ooookaaayy, what were doing that necessitated bending over to touch the floor with your hair? The mind boggles. Or perhaps that’s just me being weird and ever so slightly disturbing (heaven forfend).



Wow, look, it’s Jane Russell! I mean Betty Page – phwoar and that! Oh wait, no, it isn’t either of those – it’s that @widget53 lass. If you look closely at the picture behind her head – go on, zoom in like you’re on NCIS – I’m sure that you’ll agree with me. The picture appears to be a depiction of some weird frog / chameleon hybrid creature. Maybe she breeds them.


61hunyock-The back of little hunyock's head60hunyock-The back of my's been a looong weekendI have no words to describe the horror of this pair of pics from @hunyock and Little Hunyock. She says “it’s been a looong weekend”, but I’m sure that you could have found the time needed to shave at least. Mind you, I can’t talk, I have more hair than Harry the Hairy Yeti.



62butmadnnw-A boring shot of the back of my head for“A boring shot of the back of my head for #sundaypics” says @butmadnnw, but I reply “Au contraire, c’est magnifique” cos I’m in the mood for a bit of French. Lovely hair, lovely camera positioning, lovely door. C’est joli.

63iseult1124-My hat on . Have I mentioned this is my 2nd ever knitting project“I have my hat on!” says @iseult1124. Thank goodness she told us, or I would have been all on about the corn-rowing and the dyeing-purple of her hair. Phew, saved me from embarrassment there. “Have I mentioned this is my 2nd ever knitting project” she adds. Why no, you haven’t. Impressive – what was your first?

99wombat37And this is me. Feel free to throw your own snark around now.

Since I normally miss one or two pics in the mad Sunday rush of gathering #sundaypics, I’ll apologise now, but remember – I reply to all those I collect, so if you post a photo for #sundaypics and I DON’T comment on it, I may have missed it, so try posting it again.

Have a nice day, my proud beauties.

Major Richard Winters, hero

150px-Richard_WintersLike just about all of you, I imagine, I first became aware of Dick Winters through Hanks and Spielberg’s Band of Brothers HBO series about the exploits of Easy Company, 506th PIR of the 101st Airborne in the latter stages of the Second World War.

Parachuting behind enemy lines on D Day, Winters managed to gather enough men from the hopelessly scattered paratroopers to lead an attack to destroy a battery of German 105 mm Howitzers that were targeting the main invasion force’s escape route from Utah Beach. The guns were defended by about fifty German troops, while Winters had just thirteen men. Their impressive success is still taught at the military academy at West Point as an example of a textbook assault on a fixed position.

You can find out more about Major Winters on many other sites, so I’ll not blather on about all that here. Rather, I just wanted to pay tribute to a quiet and humble man who also just happened to be a great leader and a hero to his men, and just about everyone who read about him. Despite this hero worship, Winters himself always said that his men, especially those who died in World War II, were the real heroes. One of those men, Joe Lesniewski, said a few years ago “Every one of us, we’d follow him to hell. That’s the type of guy he was.”

Dick Winters died yesterday, twelve days before his 93rd birthday. The world is a sadder place.dwinters-11

Art Gallery

I’m always eager to break the routine of writing these blogs by trying something different from time to time. This is one of those times. Please enjoy the Art Gallery video –

And of course, the artworks in the special annexe-

Something New

To celebrate the New Year, the theme was “Something New”. As usual with the album-type posts, you can find my comments on the individual pictures themselves as you browse the album.

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