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01ceee_jI don’t give you easy themes sometimes, do I? How the hell does one encapsulate the feeling of Happiness in a single photo? Well, bloody hell, you lot – you brilliant #SUNDAYPICS lot – only managed to do it. I’m proud of every single one of you. Still, enough of sitting here in my pants heaping praise on virtual people, lets get on with it shall we? Do remember to click on the pics to see larger, more interesting, Wombarama versions

In fact, we’d already started before I started typing the first paragraph – the photo on the right there is from @ceee_j. I have no notes, so can’t tell you where it is. Although it is reminiscent of Findhorn. Very very slightly. A bit.

02raevynlunatique-Chrisco's first encounter with his baby cousin, Kitty. He will make a great Dad some day@raevynlunatique was also quick off the mark. Our Ottowan Princess says of this photograph of Harry Potter – “Chrisco’s first encounter with his baby cousin, Kitty. He will make a great Dad some day”. Oh. Not Harry Potter then. Sorry. Apologiamus, or some other made-up cod Latin crap.

03nyncompoop-good morning all! I'm loving today's #sundaypics already. Here's one I'm contemplating03nyncompoop-ood morning all! I'm loving today's #sundaypics already. Here's one I'm contemplating“Good morning all!” chirps an unbearably bright little @nyncompoop, “I’m loving today’s #sundaypics already. Here’s one I’m contemplating” she says of the pic on the far right there. Oh, only contemplating. Maybe I shouldn’t have it in the blog then? Nah, those smiling faces make me happy, so they stay. Her ‘proper’ entry is the nearer pic, where E. is demonstrating driving skills almost as good as her mother’s.

04robmorrey-104robmorrey-204robmorrey-3The three photos on the right belong to @robmorrey. I have no further information than that, so I’ll just have to step in here and provide my own captions, from left to right. Erm – there’s a swimmy one, an eatey one, and a swingy one. Perhaps their titles could be “Swim”, “Eat” and “Wheeeeeeeee!” (only do remember to include the ‘H’ in that last one. It’s important).

05babymakingfiles-One of the happiest days of my life, scan revealed one fetal sac, one baby, one heartbeat, one viable pregnancy05babymakingfiles-“One of the happiest days of my life”, says @babymakingfiles, “Scan revealed one foetal sac, one baby, one heartbeat, one viable pregnancy”. Oooh, lookit the scan on the left there – it looks like an ALIEN! Of course by the time I got round to writing this, Lola, gorgeous Lola, had arrived! (right). No similarity to an alien in the slightest way. Which is an eeny weeny bit disappointing.


06magentablog-106magentablog-2You lot didn’t half enjoy this theme – I can usually tell because you start posting photos in twos and threes, eager to show off all your ideas. Here is @magentablog with two photos, and once again proving that mostly people make us happy.


08TiggerLlily-So much makes me happy I would flood you so I'll just share my sauna secretUnless we’re @TiggerLlily, in which case there’s nothing more pleasing than a steamy sauna. “So much makes me happy,” she confides, “I would flood you, so I’ll just share my sauna secret”. I’ve never tried a sauna, but I’ll bet I’d love it for a short while. I assume that it’s not possible to read in there, since my glasses would steam right up and my pages get soggy? So – spend more than five minutes sitting in the steam? Sauna you than me.

07mrsashboroscat-I would have loved to send a pic in of BOTH my sons…but getting a pic of them together is HARD here is Darcy being very cute07mrsashboroscat-I would have loved to send a pic in of BOTH my sons…but getting a pic of them together is HARD here is Darcy being very cuteBack to the main thing that seems to make us all happy – our kids. @mrsashboroscat says “I would have loved to send a pic in of BOTH my sons…but getting a pic of them together is HARD. Here is Darcy being very cute”. It’s hard to see, what with him being upside down and all – hang over, I’ll flip it over on the right…. there, that’s better! Good looking kid – I can’t imagine where he gets it from. (what’s the smiley thingy for sarcastic tongue-in-cheek?

09LettyP1-happiness is when my daughter Lucy sees her uncle, my brother Damian“Happiness is when my daughter Lucy sees her uncle, my brother Damian” smiles @LettyP1, showing us this delightful picture. Here, don’t you think he looks like Peter Capaldi? Just a little bit? Oh well, must be just me then. “He’s about as much use as a marzipan dildo”. Heh heh.

10flossieTP-Extended and near family. HappinessWheeeeeee! Look at all that stuff flying about in the air! It’s like Poltergeist 4. Not really, cos there are smiley faces. This is @flossieTP with her extended and near family. Happiness indeed, along with the joy of cleaning up streamers off the floor, for The Flosster.

11captain_doodle-Some #sundaypics happiness. Never happier than when up a big ol' rock somewhereHere’s ‘da man’, @captain_doodle, who is “Never happier than when up a big ol’ rock somewhere”. Look at him, all outdoorsy and stuff. He’s like that Jeremiah Johnson, isn’t he? All windswept and interesting? Mind you, I can’t fault his choice of happy place – just look at the size of that sky behind him there. As Jeremiah himself said – “Just where is it I could find bear, beaver, and other critters worth cash money when skinned?”

12RHSFB12-happiness is bed and everything you can do in it...heheheheheI think that the least that @RHSFB12 could have done is to hang a picture above her bed to give me something to talk about, so that I didn’t have to resort to pervy double-entendre when I react to her statement that “Happiness is bed and everything you can do in it… hehehehehe”. Well I’m sorry, but there will not be a double-entendre passing my keyboard today. I don’t care how much you beg for it, I’m not giving you one simply to sate your prurient urges.

13tonihill79-Happiness is standing in a hole they had been digging ALL day, would you believe they're 26 & 27This, from @tonihill79, demonstrates how women will never understand the masculine ideas of what is truly important in life. “Happiness is standing in a hole they had been digging ALL day”, she says, “Would you believe they’re 26 & 27?”. Well yes, why not? Cos look at that hole! It’s awesome! It’s an awesome hole, and that’s not something I get to say very often in this mixed up, muddled up, shook up world.

14fbishwife-Happiness is Lovely day at the beach great weather & poured with rain on the journey home“Happiness is a Lovely day at the beach with great weather & poured with rain on the journey home” reports @fbishwife. Look at the happy rosy-cheeked kids smiling away there in the perishing cold! No wonder the poor lambs haven’t got an ice cream, but I do hope they were provided with big sticks o’ candy floss so that they could gunge up their hair and mittens with pink icky.


15moynsquidgeim-This weeks #sundaypics is Happiness, but looking at my 23 day old niece is sheer blissIt’s a babby, which is what we called tiny humans where I grew up. In fact, it’s a seraphic babby. Probably dreaming about rusks and boobies, which has always been one of Wombat’s favourite dreams too. @moynsquidgeim posted this delightful babbypic, saying “This week’s theme is Happiness, but looking at my 23 day old niece is sheer bliss”.

16greythorne-For today's #sundaypics theme - Happiness - I presentThis is the Breeders' version, BTWBrilliantly done is this Lego representation of a warm gun. @greythorne is the genius behind this entry, and is at pains to tell us that “This is the Breeders’ version, BTW”. Not sure why that should matter at all, but apparently it does. Right, while I go for a big wee, you can have a listen to that –


Happiness, see?


17crofty-after a stressful week, a weekend of baking makes me messy, but happyAnother of the essentials of life, along with having a big wee, is bread. Here’s what makes @crofty messy and happy after a stressful week – a weekend of baking. I can think of other ways of getting messy and happy, but I do enjoy a good long bake, tis true. I’m a scone man myself. Mostly cheese scones, but I occasionally branch out into the unexpected with a fruit scone or, perhaps more unexpectedly, Spam Scones. No really.

18oldmotherriley-I wasn't expecting to meet these two today, but they look happy; the one on the left does anywayThis entry from @oldmotherriley looks like one that needs enlarging to understand *click*… nope, none the wiser. What the hell are they? They remind me of the high-quality (sarcasm alert) alien monsters we used to see in very early Dr. Who adventures. You know the sort – Sylvestre McCoy fighting a baddie made entirely of sweeties, for example. Maybe Carol can help explain – “I wasn’t expecting to meet these two today, but they look happy; the one on the left does anyway”. Nope, no clearer.

19miffybarker-A cup of tea and a good book, HappinessMoving on, here’s one from @miffybarker I think we can all get on board with. “A cup of tea and a good book, Happiness” she says. Where’s the good book, though? I can only see The House of my Enemy by Norrey Ford. “Norrey”? Really? Interesting cover though – notice how Red Shirt Guy is eyeiong up our heroines backside in a manner that suggests she is sans undergarments. Well it suggests that to me anyway. Such is my sad little life.

20ncarslaw- cross country runDespite the fact that nowadays my exercise consists mostly of doing the washing up, I do like this photograph (on your right, pilgrims) from @ncarslaw, of a happy pooch involved in a cross country run. I’ll bet he needed a good old towel down after all that exercise. Looks a good place to find plenty of fox poo to roll in too.

21stellian-Happiness is digging for treasure“Happiness is digging for treasure” announces @stellian, and she’s not wrong. Digging for treasure and pleasure and… no, can’t think of another rhyme that makes sense, unless… hang on, yes! “Digging for treasure, pleasure and leisure”. There. It looks a bit cold on that beach – in fact I thought at first that it was a big pile of snow being tunnelled into. Obviously not so, once I’d spotted the seaweed.

22naff_caff-On top of the world“On top of the world!” announces @naff_caff, hopefully not emulating James Cagney’s fate immediately after uttering said words. You don’t know White Heat? Truly? Hang on a second then…. OK, click here for a classic Cagney moment. You should also click the photo there to see the larger version – lovely view of English fields.

23sarahpez-Happiness is a day at the pool in the sunCute smiley children always make me happy. This summery pic from @sarahpez shows us that “Happiness is a day at the pool in the sun”. Oh yes, with chips and ice-cream afterwards, and maybe a daft hat for good measure. I’ve been trying to make out the background – do we think that’s a posh hotel, a posh cruise liner, or the set of the forthcoming film, Cockneys versus Zombies, featuring the delightful @tonygardner? What do you reckon, Sundaypiccers?

24och23-Happiness is my familyMore proof that what really makes us happy isn’t money or fame, but family. Specifically, our kids. Look at these two mischievous rascals furtively doing a wee in Mummy’s washing basket. The little scamps! As @och23 sums up, “Happiness is my family”. So say we all (until years later when they phone you at two in the morning when they’re at University in order to whinge about stuff that you can do nothing about).

25chickenprincess-Happiness - my girls, rubbish on telly & a takeaway en routeA fathom of fun* on the left there, as @chickenprincess shows us “Happiness – my girls, rubbish on telly & a takeaway en route”. I’ve had a bit of a peer, but I can’t make out what’s on the box there. Anybody recognise it? My investigations do show, however, that the takeaway was probably Chinese, with plenty of calming MSG.
*cos a fathom’s six feet, geddit? See what I did there?

26hardyheroine-Bit hard to see but it's my very happy dog sleeping the sleep of the carefreeDoggy happiness! @hardyheroine apologises that the photo is “a bit hard to see, but it’s my very happy dog sleeping the sleep of the carefree”. I sometimes wish I was a dog. No worries, plenty of time to kip and play, ability to lick your own genitals – heaven.

27mallrat_uk-'happiness'.. Not by itself but helps me to achieve happinessHello, @mallrat_uk. Now, what’s all this, nestling between two doors with possible symbolism? Please do tell – “Happiness.. Not by itself but helps me to achieve happiness”. Good for you, I say, good for you.

28hastillonlyme-happiness is opening an unexpected Christmas present (hope I've got the non blurred one now)@hastillonlyme throws three dogs at us, explaining that “happiness is opening an unexpected Christmas present (hope I’ve got the non blurred one now)”. Yes it is non-blurred (or ‘in focus’ as some of us describe it), and yes dogs are always good for feelings of joy. Ben, of whom later, used to love opening his own presents at Christmas. He’d rip off the paper, and take whatever was inside off to a corner to play with. Looks like your three enjoy the same thing.

29lilianlouvaine-My happiness #sundaypics is a late summer's day, Pembroke Bay, Guernsey with Mr Lil (a Guernseyman)I like this photograph – you can almost feel the warmth of the air, the breeze on your skin, the fluttering of the flags. Lovely. “My happiness” says @lilianlouvaine, “ …is a late summer’s day, Pembroke Bay, Guernsey with Mr Lil (a Guernseyman)”. It sounds gorgeous, especially since when I look out of my window I see grey, grey and more grey. Also it’s cold and a bit shivery. Brr and that.

30keithy73-230keithy73-1The two pics on the right were posted, without comment, by @keithy73, who I can only assume was a bit hungry when he did his #SUNDAYPICS. Is that a fish-finger butty? Can’t quite make it out. There may also be a waffle.


I think I dampened the jolly atmosphere a bit when I posted my pic of what I called “Happiness Lost”. This yellow boy held my heart for a few short years, and buggered off way too soon. Follow @goodboyben to hear him talk occasionally from beyond the grave.31wombat37


32thetiniestvole-sunday eggsEggs! Don’t talk to me about eggs! “Our” chooks are laying about a dozen a day at the moment, and it’s all I can do to find people enough around the village to give them to. I’ve eaten more scrambled egg breakfasts in the past week than…. erm… somebody who eats a lot of those. These eggs here belong to @thetiniestvole, although I doubt she actually laid them herself, and they are apparently “Sunday eggs”. I feel I ought to be making a pathetic joke about the photo being ‘smashing’ or ‘eggcellent’, but I’ll resist.

34doodledawne-A bit predictable I know, but here's the cause of most of my HappinessHere’s a smashing and eggcellent photo and no mistake. “A bit predictable I know, but here’s the cause of most of my Happiness” gushes @doodledawne, and why not? What a pretty girl, no doubt pleased as punch that her Mum has tattooed “Mum” across her face just in case she should ever get lost. I do wonder whether your postcode might have been more appropriate, Dawnie, although ‘Mum’ has the advantage of still saying “Mum” when Em looks in the mirror.

33little_mavis-That was then, this is now  #sundaypics (may delete this in case she gets cross with me though)33little_mavis This is v old pic & her happiness is shown in more subtle ways now This is reminder of how used to beTwo pictures now of Wombette Minor, posted by my own source of Happy, @little_mavis. The leftmost phoitograph, taken in Filey I believe, is “a very old pic and her happiness is shown in more subtle ways now. This is reminder of how used to be”. @little_mavis followed this up with “That was then, this is now (may delete this in case she gets cross with me though)”. I doubt she reads her boring old dad’s boring old blog though, so we’ll leave it eh? I do like my youngest’s strawberry hat.

35binarydad-My Happiness #sundaypics submission. Nothing beats diggers.Nothing beats diggers! Thus spake @binarydad of his Happiness photo, although I do wonder where cake comes relative to diggers in the Happiness scale. That’s one hell of a crane, as well. One tip – less money on toys, more on shirts.

36elizabethmiver-me and @drivelbunny being nommed upon by fishiesAnother photo of kids now, albeit rather Big Kids. This is @elizabethmiver and @drivelbunny being nommed upon by fishies. You know, I do worry about this latest trend being the thin end of a very slippery slope (copyright Mixed Metaphors Ltd). You know the routine – one day you’re having the dead skin nibbled from your feet by tiny fishes, the next you’re onto the hard stuff, plunging your pedal extremities into the piranha pool. Just say no, folks.

37janegoth-takenback in the summerTaken back in the summer, when @janegoth dabbled in vampirism, this delightful photo exudes happiness with that beaming smile and those laughing eyes.

38nyncompoop-this is pure happiness. The contrast is what makes it I think“This is pure happiness” purrs @nyncompoop of her photo on the right there, “The contrast is what makes it I think”. I agree. Go on, Sundaypiccers, click the photo to see the larger version – tis brilliant, it really is. You can construct a whole story into those relative expressions.

39thatlauraknox@ThatLauraKnox sent in this photograph without explanation or comment, so once again I shall construct the tale myself. The boy, relegated to the Naughty Step for the afternoon for selling his mother’s bras on eBay, is comforted by Mister Tibbytabby, the world-famous Dancing Cat who is currently taking a break from his punishing world tour. Yeah, that’ll do.

40island252-happiness is being with my sonsOn your right, readers, is the bewitching @island252, who is obviously very short and who reports that “Happiness is being with my sons”. Let’s have a quick zoom in to her living room in the background to see if I can find anything interesting…. nope, If I only had that computer out of NCIS I could extrapolate and enhance the image in that mirror so that we could have a poke about in her drawers. But I haven’t.

41BvO79-happiness for me is TW, I could live without anything but her (air food water excludedThis one may make to cry a little bit, as it did me, or possibly do a little vom if you’re a hard-hearted cynic. @BvO79 confesses that “happiness for me is TW. I could live without anything – anything – but her”. Awwww! Then he undermines the romanticism a bit by adding “Air, food, and water excluded of course”. Never mind, it’s the thought that counts.

42toffeegirl_uk-uddling my mum,at any age,brings me HappinessAnd here she is herself, it’s that @toffeegirl_uk  letting us know that “Cuddling my mum, at any age, brings me Happiness”. Aw, look how cute and young and lovely she is in that photograph? What the hell happened? Joke! Joke! Don’t hit me again please!

44hc_illustrator-Happiness on #SUNDAYPICS - a few to choose from but this has to be mineThat @hc_illustrator lassie brings us her “Happiness on #SUNDAYPICS – I had a few to choose from, but decided that this one has to be mine”. This is another moving pic indeed, although I hope he didn’t try to force feed her Werther’s Originals after the cuddle. Not good for your teeth, those.

43pixel_8-ok let's have a go at #sundaypics my rescued dog happy in the sunshine“OK” says @pixel_8 “Let’s have a go at #sundaypics. My rescued dog, happy in the sunshine”. Oh. he’s magnificent! Bet he can’t half run fast.


45anniesten-this little girl makes me so happyAnd here’s another cutie-pie on the left – I really want to know what she’s so fascinated by. Maybe @anniesten can tell us, over and above her accompanying note that “this little girl makes me so happy”


46ariadnes_web-Many things give happiness, but over the years and best of all, have been my children. Here they are.Believe it or not, this is another kids pic, but this pair is all growed-up. “Many things give happiness,” @ariadnes_web tells us, “but over the years and best of all, have been my children. Here they are”. And look at the Aga! OMG (and other three-letter acronyms), I’d love an AGA. They’re brilliant.

47jaxbourne-Happiness is .....Sailing through the Grand Canyon with my Uncles,  @JulesBromley and @zzr600blueHeeeeeere’s @jaxbourne! Them’s big hills in her photo – “Happiness is …..Sailing through the Grand Canyon with my Uncles,  @JulesBromley and @zzr600blue”. Ah, that explains it. The Grand Canyon, eh – must have been named by a Yorkshireman. “Eee, look at that canyon! Int it grand?”

48kirtle-After 4 months of nothing but snow, happiness right now would be seeing grass againAnother attractive scene, here, from @kirtle “After 4 months of nothing but snow, happiness right now would be seeing grass again” – oh God yes. Whenever I see tweets from Kirsty I immediately think of the song Tam Lin –

Janet tied her kirtle green
A bit above her knee.
And she’s gone to Carterhaugh
As fast as go can she.


49scullyscully-Today I was lucky enough to have the best facial EVER. Wish I had pic for #sundaypics. Here's 'the boys' insteadOur @scullyscully taunts us with “Today I was lucky enough to have the best facial EVER.” – oh really?! Can’t wait to see this pic, cos it’ll be great to make fun of…. “Wish I had pic for #sundaypics. Here’s ‘the boys’ instead”. Pffft, woman. What a let down.

50jamerz3294-Happiest day of my life! Wedding vows on Lover's Key FL beach! And she sais yes!This photo is BRILLIANT! Look at the sheer joy there – magic. Tis from occasional guest-blogger @jamerz3294, and shows “Happiest day of my life! Wedding vows on Lover’s Key FL beach! And she said yes!” You two are just made for each other, aren’t you?

51alliterative-My baby, my cat, a glass of wine, and a nap — what could be happier“My baby, my cat, a glass of wine, and a nap — what could be happier?”. Thus spake @alliterative, and I cannot but agree. Quietly though, cos I don’t want to wake him up.

52splashman-Love all my kids, can always rely on George for a 'happiness' shot@splashman next – “Love all my kids, can always rely on George for a ‘happiness’ shot”. I know I could swivel this round for you all to see a bit more easily, but Angel I can’t be arsed and Mug I prefer to imagine you all tilting your heads to one side. WTF? I typed (a) which got turned into a be-haloed smiley, and my (b) became beer. Mmmmmm beer.

53heidivodka-me and my brother.He took this with my laptop,it was the last summer we'd spend togetherGod, I love unposed smiles – natural stuff, you know? Like this from @heidivodka of “Me and my brother.He took this with my laptop,it was the last summer we’d spend together”. Look how happy you are. Lovely. There’s a story you’re not telling us, isn’t there? And that’s fine.

54skydivemacca-the feeling I get when I look up and see my parachute has opened!#SUNDAYPICS in two days is being looked after by @SkydiveMacca (theme “Fail”), and here he is now. “The feeling I get when I look up and see my parachute has opened!”. Oh yes, I can see how that would equate to happiness. Now listen, you all know I’m a perv, right? So it’ll come as no surprise when I mention one of the things that my mind cogitates on occasionally – would it be possibe to have a skydiving shag? What do you reckon? Shall I shut up? I’ll shut up.

55m73ichelle-As you will have surmised from the previous paragraph, I’m starting to flag as we near the end. I can see the light at the end of the metaphorical tunnel, however, and will drag myself out the other end before the end of the day. Here we have @m73ichelle’s post, another sans comment. That’s dangerous, as you well know, but I’ll limit myself here to “Oh look – orange coat. It’s an orange coat. A coat made of orange. The coat is bright. The coat is orange”.



56richlieu_uk-thanks - there's always this one as well..56richlieu_uk-On a day like this, you take happiness where you can..And @richlieu_uk says “On a day like this, you take happiness where you can..”, which is apparently a Pot Noodle and a can of Stella. Now, I’m not ashamed to say that I *love* Pot Noodle, although my favourite flavour disappeared some time ago. Stella from a can, though? How common. Straight from the bottle, every time mate. That’s the way. Hang on, there’s another from Rich. Tis a mighty hamster, which reminds me of a joke. It involves a dead hamstyer though, so I think I’ll leave it.

57aprecious-I love this picture. Happiness is this dog and her knowingness“I love this picture” says @aprecious, “Happiness is this dog and her knowingness”. God you keep taunting me with your dog pics. I really need to get another dog to replace Ben. He was so good at giving me love, exercise, and also calming down whenever I got stressed. Dogs are wonderful, and this one looks GORGEOUS!

58sarahtregear-This is me and my very best friend aka the wife We were in Hyde Park to see Kings of Leon last summer.Here’s another favourite of mine, that @sarahtregear. She says “This is me and my very best friend aka the wife We were in Hyde Park to see Kings of Leon last summer”. I’ll bet that was a superb day, eh? I feel like I should say something amusing about the people behind you, but I’m too knackered now. God, you two are beautiful.

59jofilm-My men and a book that I love = Happiness@jofilm – “My men and a book that I love = Happiness”. Books! Yes! Why has no-one else mentioned books? Life would be intolerable without them, either to be read or simple to furnish a room. Kindle? Sod it. Give me a proper book any time.

60puddled_pudding-this is my #sundaypics and although things didn't turn out great it made me the happiest girl in the worldI think @puddle_pudding is going to make me cry a bit now. She says “This is my #sundaypics and although things didn’t turn out great it made me the happiest girl in the world”. It’ll happen, Hol, you Bobby Dazzler, you.


61elsiebell_art- appreciate all your hard work, weird as it sounds as a non believer but churches really floaLook at this! Tis very good indeed – if you want talent, look no further than @elsiebell_art. She says “Appreciate all your hard work”. Aww, thanks Smile , “Weird as it sounds as a non-believer but churches really float my boat”. Doesn’t sound weird at all – I’m the same. Atheist by nature, church-lover by inclination.

62ed_moose-Happiness, A day at teh Museum with the GrandparentsAnd while we’re in the corner of the blog that houses great talent, here’s that @ed_moose. “Happiness, A day at teh Museum with the Grandparents”. You just can’t take an ordinary photograph, can you Ed? They’re all so impressive.

63rosamundi-slightly late #sundaypics champagne in the sunshine on my birthday, in my favourite place Kew GardensThe lovely @rosamundi, slightly late as usual, gives us “Champagne in the sunshine on my birthday, in my favourite place, Kew Gardens”. Blimey, that sounds idyllic.

64avensarah-It's really too late for #sundaypics but I just found this photo. My family's cottage, a place of great joy for me

Sneakinjg in under the door, like Indiana retrieving his hat, comes @avensarah – “It’s really too late for #sundaypics but I just found this photo. My family’s cottage, a place of great joy for me”. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

In addition, @inhumanbeing said “If I had a photograph of Hartlepool fans crying, I would post it for #sundaypics It is a sight to cheer the heart of all Darlington fans”.

And @vegmers wrote a blog here –

Well, this turned out to be another good ‘un, didn’t it? Thanks for all your sterling efforts again – you lot really are the bees knees. I’ll leave you with an irritating little ditty, which is nonetheless appropriate. See you on the first Sunday of NEXT month.

I used to hate Ken Dodd…

#sundaypics: Me And My Shadow…

Wow! Another week, and another wonderful #sundaypics! I would come by and personally congratulate each of you in person, but that might become a bit cumbersome? So please give yourself a hug or handshake from me, and I’ll raise a dram to your honor. In order to set the proper tone, go ahead and let the above ditty warble along. It’s a wonderful sing, and likely to become your next ear worm.

But on to Me And My Shadow… I first thought of this as a theme when my beloved Barb, and Ace the DufusDog were taking a walk, and as I looked down, I noted that my shadow made me look like Darth Vader, with no arms?! Well we had a good chuckle over that, and promptly forgot all about it. Until one fine day when Mr. Marsupial, our Wonderful Wacky Wombat pawed at me to give him a bit of help here. Of course, after I won the Woscar for Stupidest Guess, how could he not? {insert chuckle here}

Pride of Place goes to @ButMadNNW, she has a collection of The Shadow comics, and books, including an original comic that was published mere months after the radio drama! It’s true… only The Shadow knows!!! For more information about The Shadow, and some interesting tidbits, you can click HERE. It has an amazing history, and quite the following. For good reason these comics, and the later books, are still very collectible. The 1994 move, however, kinda sucked. But it was a good attempt by Hollywood to portray the essence of the radio serial, and the comics.

But not content to merely display her goodies, @ButMadNNW also has a more ordinary entry, which features her lovely hand, making the shadow of a fierce canine, ready to attack all who would do evil! Well, maybe the puppy is actually wagging it’s tail and smiling at us? That’s the fun with shadows, they can be whatever *your* imagination makes them!

Next up we go outdoors, and the lovely @Arianiadnes_web to show us what her shadow does on Elie Beach. Anything it wants is the correct answer.

Next up is another beach goody, this time from @Xkylet, and his shadow at Akrotiri. Wonder where that is? And look, he’s found a chunk of the Moon as well! Or is that a dead fish head?

Next we come to a rather sad moment. @AvenSarah and @alliterative recently lost their kitty, Tigger, who is no doubt now mousing in the Elysium fields quite happily…

So lighten to our mood, our very own @wombat37 shows us that his shadow has a nasal fetish… or is that a palm tree? Oh wait, maybe it’s the back of his head, and he needs a haircut?

And the winner of the Ars Gratia Artis category is none other than @Belfegore who seems to be escaping his shadow? Take a look, and see what you think, or think about what you see.

From the great outdoors, let’s come in and take some time to smell the flowers, shall we? @widget53 is showing off her lovelies as well… Hyacinths that is, go take a smell.

But what’s this? Not quite done with sand yet, are we? And just to make any occasion festive, @captain_doodle adds some dromedary relief, in the desert.

Staying with the outdoor motif for the next bit of beauty, @toffeegirluk shows us her lovely backyard, complete with barbecues and manly legs. Oh, and her shadow too! It’s whats for dinner 😉

And showing us his round view of the world around him, @thom_white shows us that he’s well rounded. Or is that sides? Truly a brilliant pic, thanx!

Meanwhile the crafty @Crofty is afraid his shadow is a bit Sumo? No, not really… more like Alfred Hitchcock to me? But then I am a product of the 70’s and 80’s and therefore warped badly…

Then back outside for a wonderful look with @talojo and companion who’s gracing a summer walk with their shadows. And oh look, he’s grown a tail!

Well then let’s get back in, and see some thing musical shall we? It’s the beautiful @ericafairs who claims that her shadow is the same shape! And a truly wonderful shape it is too lass, never doubt for a second!

Next up would be our favorite porcine portrayers of particular panache! None other than @StuntPigs who remind us that Wilbur is never alone when he has his shadow.

In the Awwww, that’s just too cute category, @FBishwife shows off her shadow and Baby G at the same time… makes me all googly…

In our first fone entry of the day, @Snowgirl1972 shows the only pic of her shadow she has! Well, at least in her fone… So wonder which is her, the monster bell bottoms or the fish headed alien? Oh wait…

Not to be outdone with shadow heads is our man on a bank holiday, @greythorne. So which holiday was the bank taking this time? And where’s the Page 3 girl?

And speaking of good looking girls, why here’s @ScullyScully showing us how to give a hand for some happy dogs. At least I think they’re smiling?

Back now to the great outdoors, where @HC_Illustrator hows us a wonderful child and shadow just strolling along quite contentedly. And look, it’s Spring as well!

So back again indoors, my aren’t you just getting tired yet? But before you retire, @sarahpez is showing off her best light! It’s a new lamp, complete with Wowza Shadow!

Oops, here comes a wolf shadow from @richlieu_uk. Thought I recognized that handiwork, even without a red hood!

So let’s bring up @island252 and her lovely floor mat. Oh with her shadow, of course! Looks to be a fine, warm day…

Speaking of nature (we were, weren’t we?) @rhsfb12 (who by the way, is our fave Ginger of all) says that this shadow seems to be Woody Woodpecker stalking her mailbox? What do you think? I think she wins for Most Creative Use of Shadow!

Staying outside, just for a second or two, @ivorjetski shows off what a shadow looks like on a few hedges… this looks to be Autumn, and quite beautiful, thanx!

Staying with the Autumnal motif for another picture is the one and only @Only_Nelson, with his shadow from two years ago. Hope he didn’t have to rake all those leaves!

And I think that @kirtle has the right idea there on the left; it’s someone’s shadow anyway? Best not to take these #sundaypics themes too literally, nor over think it too much! Abso luv the pink stepping stones, uber kewl.

And continuing with our outdoor adventure, @OldMotherRiley shows her prowess by capturing a watery Sun shadow. Truly amazing, isn’t it? Hope she had on her Wellies!

Perhaps it’s time for some more beastly fun I think? Oh, and you say some carnage and wanton death? #LeSigh… ell, just this once, if it makes you happy. Drum roll please for @lillianlouviane, who offers us this portrait of her mighty mouser, being held aloft by hubby, in search of Mothra and the like.

Meanwhile, in a more refined, genteel manner, @Och23 shows off a fine glass of wine for our repast. And don’t you love the reflection as well? Nicely done!

But wait! There’s more! Not to be out done in having a good time, our very own @little_mavis shows that she really is head over heels with her shadow. What fun, I can hear her laughter all the way over here!

Since we’re all having a bit of fun here, what say we go to some Loch, and see Otto? @NCarslaw will show the way, right over there. My goodness, Otto is even smiling?!

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… well not anymore really. But @lizardsimpkins shows us that in 2010, it was! Nice steppin there girl!

But maybe we should all huddle up and get a bit warmer? Happily @MrsAshborosCat brings us some warmth, and look we scored! And what sporting fashion, I just love a bustle and dust ruffle…

And in the Most Dexterous Use Of Hands, @MannyMunkeh shows the animal shadows he creates with his paws. Leaping lizards indeed!

Winner of the Bestest Smiles And Laughter is @mrchambers, whose “shadows” are with him everywhere he goes. And with those smiles, they could shadow whomever they wish 🙂

Another winner (well actually each of you is a true winner in my heart, moppets) is @missybarker, who just today taught me another mad BritWit colloquialism. Here in the States, I’ve never heard anyone tell me they were “cream crackered”?! Anyhow she is the winner of the Most Poignant Portrait. It’s a Gerbera shadow at a Pizza Express. Hold the anchovies please.

And out for a jaunty stroll to his office, along the Thames, we can find the intrepid @mikeybaer. With a fine shadow like that, it’s a wonder he’s not in charge of the whole of London! Town could do worse I say.

And lastly, our own Janine who hails from South Dakota, where we Midwesterners really know what Winter means, shows us her loyal shadows. They shadow her all over the house, hoping that hamburgers fall from Heaven. Cause sometimes they do, ya know!

Well my lovelies, this wraps up another exciting adventure in #sundaypics! It was my honor and privilege to host this week. Each of these pics, and each of *you* is a treasure to me. I find that assembling these little ditties is a labor of love, and each time I get a bit closer to you. But then you wisely move upwind, and the moment passes (like an ill fated fart at dinner). I hope you enjoyed the pics, the thoughts, the music, and mostly the #fun of a good #sundaypics. Oh, bonus points to whoever can correctly identify the order of posting. What you ask? It wasn’t random? Why certainly not!

In the This Just In category, somehow I had not posted a very lovely pic from @nyncompoop of @binarydad and his shadow… I blame my new kitty for stealing it from my ‘puter… If Noelle manged to also make off with your pic, please let me know!

But wait! There’s more! How could this be? Possibly a wormhole in the Universe? More likely Noelle trashed this pic in my computer as well. that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. So over there, we can now see our fave lupine @starlitwolf who’s shadow was Geocaching near Kendal UK! Hope you got to do the FTF dance!

The Woscars – Flicktionary

I’m sure you ALL remember Flicktionary, unless you have one of those Netto-value wombatesque memories. I’ve been busy busy busy marking all your entries – I received literally over two entries from #Sundaypics fandom. Worked my fingers to the bone… or was I working my bone with my fingers? Can’t remember now. Bloody Netto memory.

Welcome to the Woscar Awards; the full list of answers will appear at the end.


The Woscar for Most Correct Answers in a quiz

Although The Wombats as a team of three scored one more than the winner of this category, we were disqualified by ourselves for being the people running the thing. This is really unfair of us, and we aim to appeal to ourselves, as soon as we can find enough mirrors. The true winners of this prize-winning category were…. FANFARE … @toffeegirluk and @BVo79 with 50 correct answers … HUGE APPLAUSE … who win the magnificent prize shown on the right there. The water pistol, not the pussy cat.


The wooden Woscar for least correct answers in a quiz

Technically the winner of this category is all you lazy buggers who didn’t bother entering, cos you got nowt. Well done – although, in the same breath, thanks for not plonking more work on me head. Of those who did send entries, I’m sorry @Island252, but you only managed to get 6 right. However, console yourself that you did way better than the millions of people on Planet Earth who failed to send any answers at all. Well done!


The woscar for stupidest answer in a quiz

43alliterative-Here's my Flicktionary sundaypics — Can you guess the filmNow how shall I phrase this so as not to be countryist? Ah soddit, I’ll just say it – it had to be an American, didn’t it? And who else would it be but that delicate wonder of nature and Wombat’s blood brother @jamerz3294? Really, Jamie, how could you mistake Beowulf for Bad News Bears (number 43, left)? Are you the one they call Beowulf? The Bee-Wolf. The bear. Such a strong man you are with the strength of a king. The king you will one day become.

 34heidivodka-3rd instalment


The woscar for cleverest film depiction

Absolutely the clear winner of this category was the hauntingly beautiful @heidivodka, with her hauntingly beautiful interpretation (right) of the hauntingly beautiful … oh wait a minute, took it too far there … of the distinctly average film Fantastic Four. See what she did there? Do you really think fate turned us into gods so we could refuse these gifts?


37shelley279-Oh... And another one...


The woscar for best special effects

Mind-blowing effects from @shelley279m in Mars Attacks – the screen explodes with swooping aircraft, giant confectionary, flaming buildings and incredible stunt work from that stick bloke about to die a horrible, albeit caramelly, death. An honourable mention also should go to @bols for her Hot Fuzz helmet – sterling Photoshop work there. I want to thank my Grandma for always being so good to me, and, and for helping save the world and everything.


35susiewoosi78-Do you know what it is yetThe woscar for LEAST RECOGNISED film

I did think that this category might be won by @davetreadwell’s Band of Brothers (no. 56), since it is, you know, NOT A FILM! However, even though as a TV series it wormed its way into a film quiz, two of you sharpsters spotted it. Nope, the only film to fool EVERYBODY (including me) was number 35 – @susiewoosie’s Braveheart (see right). You have bled with Wallace, now bleed with me.

08white76 - 1



The woscar for MOST RECOGNISED film

Again surprisingly, only one film was recognised by every respondent, although there were lots that almost  everyone got. @white76’s lovely colourful rendition of American Pie was immediately spotted by us all. Friends call me Nova as in Casanova.




42ellie via ameadeyThe woscar for best artwork

This was the obvious winner in the special category for Best Artwork. Ellie’s rendition of a hairy potter fooled many of you, yet is beautifully drawn in an evocation of the potter’s world. This is night, Diddykins. That’s what we call it when it goes all dark like this.

And here are all the answers. You might want to refer to the Flicktionary Films in a different tab to remind yourself of what you missed, and go “Bloody hell, of course!” a lot.

1    Back to The Future
2    One Hour Photo
3    In The Line of Fire
4    A Clockwork Orange
5    Burn After Reading
6    The Hobbit
7    The Return of the King
8    American Pie
9    Spider Man
10    Brief Encounter
11    The Diary of Ann Frank
12    Octopussy
13    Gladiator
14    Die Hard
15    The Thin Red Line
16    Kind Hearts & Coronets
17    Schindler’s List
18    My Neighbour Totoro
19    Donnie Darko
20    The Philadelphia Story
21    Pan’s Labyrinth
22    Big
23    Sunshine
24    Batteries Not Included
25    The Cat in the Hat
26    Big Fish
27    The Matrix
28    Out of Africa
29    One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
30    Grease
31    The Lovely Bones
32    Superman
33    The Thing
34    Fantastic Four
35    Braveheart
36    Interview With A Vampire
37    Mars Attacks
38    Fellowship of the Ring
39    The Railway Children
40    Cool Runnings
41    The Shadow
42    Harry Potter
43    Beowulf
44    Les Miserables
45    Shark Tail
46    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
47    Nosferatu
48    Kill Bill 1
49    A Fistful of Dollars
50    Avatar
51    Man on Wire
52    Rear Window
53    Smokey and the Bandit
54    One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
55    Milk
56    Band of Brothers
57    Up
58    Hot Fuzz
59    Little Buddha
60    Die Hard
61    Airplane
62    Whiskey Galore
63    Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy
64    Ice Station Zebra
65    Jarhead
66    The Seventh Seal
67    Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

A Tired Wombat Announcement

STOP PRESS – see the THEME tab for news of what’s happening.

Before I get onto this week’s theme, a small announcement. Those of you who know me well and have seen me at it (ooer missus) will know how much work #SUNDAYPICS is each week. What started as a bit of fun with a few of us showing off our wedding photos has turned into a mammoth task. Collecting the photographs ready for blogging takes hours for a start – I either have to sit at Twitter all day Sunday to catch them, or plough through hundreds of back-tweets later. Writing the blog isn’t swift, either. It takes between 5 and 10 minutes to write about each picture and format/position it correctly. That’s around 7 or 8 hours in total with the number of people that now take part.

You know where I’m going with this, don’t you? Yes I’m going to either take #SUNDAYPICS to once a month (say, the first Sunday each month) OR enlist the help of three volunteers (perhaps from those who have done it before) to do it once a month on a rota basis, in which case we can keep it going every Sunday. If YOU want to help out once a month (but be warned, it can be finicky and time-consuming) then let me know. Don’t get me wrong here – I still love #SUNDAYPICS, but the workload is becoming overbearing. I’ll let you know more when I’ve figured out what to do.


One of the bestest thingies of this particular theme was seeing so many people’s faces that I had only experienced previously as cartoons, or artistic interpretations on Twitter. This did leave me with a dilemma though – should I comment dispassionately about your postings, or be seduced by the dark side and rate you on your shaggability? I have decided to adopt the moral high ground, possibly for the first time ever.

01toffeegirl_uk-Am I first with my #SundayPics entry My 'Headgear' was needed in the winters chill of GhentWe’re off with a bang as @toffeegirl_UK scores an almost unassailable SR of 9.3 with… oh, hang on, I said I wasn’t going to do that didn’t I? Sorry. Ahem. Well it’s a fine hat / scarf combo and no mistake. “My ‘Headgear’ was needed in the winters chill of Ghent” she helpfully tells us. Where’s Ghent? Abroadland, of course.

02BvO79- am I second Please say it is so!Where @toffeegirl_uk travels, wherever she lays her hat, there you will find @BvO79, for he is never far behind. “Am I second?” he inquires, after politely standing back to allow Whatserface to go first in a sneaky manoeuvre designed to allow him to admire her callipygian curves, “Please say it is so!”. Very well – it is so. Also – nice hat, Sonic.

03andrewmaginley-Tonight's drawing. ' Medusa'You should all be aware by now how much I admire @andrewmaginley’s multifarious talents, and when you look at his entry “Medusa” you’ll see exactly why. I mean bloody hell, that’s good! Add this to his musical artistry and it becomes obvious who it was that half-inched all my own rightful artistic potentiality when it was being given out in the baby queue. *looks pointedly at Andrew*

04waywardlou-Makes me giggle!I’ve never been a fan of Seuss’s The Cat in The Hat, but this chapeaued mog has won me over big time. @waywardlou posted this wonderful photograph. Look into those eyes. You just know what that cat’s thinking don’t you, about its undermined feline dignity? You can see, deep in that expression, the determination to exact revenge for this cruel imposition at some later time. Perhaps involving some headphones or a woolly hat, and some poo. Check your own headgear, @waywardlou, for revenge is a dish best served in a hat.

05oldmotherriley-Weald of Kent Morris hang up their hats during May Day 2010 breakfast in the pubWeald of Kent Morris hang up their hats during May Day 2010 breakfast in the pub. Yet more undignified treatment of the animal kingdom! Mind you, I suppose the initial torment of having your head severed from your body and nailed to a wall where there’s the constant smell of beer would make a relatively minor nuisance of having your nose draped with a slightly sweaty hat bearing a sprig of decidedly limp hawthorn. Thank you, @oldmotherriley, for this glimpse at the hidden wildlife of Kent.

06robmorrey-1 its the delectable @och23 at Christmas@robmorrey posted this happy photograph of the delectable @och23 at Christmas. I have to concur with his summation of her delectability, but at the same time I am forced to ask two things – (1) how much alcohol does it take to produce a smile like that? and (2) what the hell kind of pizza is that that she’s wearing? Nettle perhaps. 06robmorrey-2Yes that’s it. It’s a nettle pizza. Probably from Pizza Hut. Rob also posted the jocular entry to the right there. Parents, I’ll leave it to you to explain to your puzzled offspring why this is headgear. Over to you. “Well children, when a Mummy and Daddy love each other very much they have a big hug, but sometimes they don’t want to end up with another brat like you…”

07butmadnnw-3 Speaking of Nephew & headgear, here he is 2007 in a Bounty Hunter helmet and me in a black wig07butmadnnw-5 @leda_lu's friend Wilbur makes for odd headgear, but I was jet lagged taken on the tube, outbound from Heathrow, heading (eventually) to a BrightonNow @butmadnnw is always somewhat profligate when it comes to #SUNDAYPICS, and this time I had no less than five photographs to choose from. For obvious reasons, I have decided to show you the two photographs in which she looks daftest. The first shows her nephew in 2007 in a Bounty Hunter helmet, with @butmadnnw in a black wig. In the second, “@leda_lu’s friend Wilbur makes for odd headgear, but I was jet lagged, taken on the tube”.

08captain_doodle-Sundaypics notes- My pic's a World Cup hard hat affair with a built-in vuvuzela type thing. Sent to me by @aimerdee in Dutchland.@captain_doodle is a man who places particular importance upon physical appearance, refined language, and leisurely hobbies, pursued with the appearance of nonchalance in a cult of Self. In other words, a dandy. Here he proudly flourishes “a World Cup hard hat affair with a built-in vuvuzela type thing. Sent to me by @aimerdee in Dutchland”. When we think of Doodle, we think of his boss, @shelley279, who submitted this video link as her entry. Not sure whether you’ll all be able to see it, but click this link to find out

10ironthighs-This was my first ever avatar almost 2 years ago10ironthighs-I had to submit this one too. My longest serving avatarAnother twofer now, as the delicious @superblouse (Super Blouse, I trust, rather than Superb Louse) shows us a jaunty titfer on the left, her first ever avatar almost 2 years ago, and…. not sure what the wiggins that is on the right, but it frightens the bejasus out of me. Some sort of wrestling or sex mask, presumably, it is her longest serving avatar. She was sporting it when I first met her on Twitter what seems like fifteen years ago. I think she was insulting @binarydad or somebody.

11crofty-Northern man finds the years first duck egg, wearing his flat cap“Northern man finds the year’s first duck egg, wearing his flat cap” announces @crofty, looking every bit the character from Fireman Sam. Many Twitter femmes of my acquaintance beg to differ, likening Mr. Croft to “a top chef”, “a country squire” or, more confusingly, “a Lancashire superhero”. Show ‘em your special power, Crofty. Oh you just have. I wondered where that egg had come from.

12keithy73-Howzat!!“Howzat!!” cries @keithy73 in his magnificent England headgear. It looks impressive, but I do believe England have just lost to … hang on, this can’t be right: Ireland? Do they even have a team? Apparently, according to Wikipedia, they have a reputation for giant killing. No shit, Sherlock.

13jaynehilditch-ot the first time the hat of joy has been outed, but maybe suitable for@jaynehilditch wears a groovy little number, about which she says “Not the first time the hat of joy has been outed, but maybe suitable for #sundaypics”. The Hat of Joy! I love it! Look at all the tentacular joy spurting out of the thing. Magic.

14julie_loveden-and on behalf of @JohnRands_TMTL aFor those who don't know, the girl is Kara_tgtl. The hat has no name, but I call it BoHere’s a post from that @julie_loveden, but this one is on behalf of @JohnRands_TMTL we’re told. For those who don’t know, Little Miss Cute here is Kara_TGTL. Julie says that the hat, despite its awesomeness, “has no name, but I call it Bo”. Erm, it has a name then, you daft ‘aporth. Its name is Bo.

14julie_loveden-my favourite headgear - i never have enough opportunities to wear it!And here’s the daft ‘aporth herself, @julie_loveden, Ladies and Gentlemen. This is her favourite headgear, but she never has enough opportunities to wear it. It’s VERY cool – maybe I should have a regular hat theme so that she can wear it more often.

15skydivemacca-For this weeks head gear themed #SUNDAYPICS I have gone with a silly camera mounted to my silly skydiving helmetOn your right, ladies and gentlemen, is that devilish man of action @skydivemacca, who has favoured that aspect of the fashion industry which is dominated by a silly camera mounted to a silly skydiving helmet. I’m really hoping that we eventually get to see some of the resultant footage from this camera. That is, of course, unless he uses it during sex. Or bathtime.

16jaxbourne-Here is my P.M.T or Valentines head gearI don’t know *what* to make of this contraption over on the left there. @jaxbourne describes it thus: “Here is my P.M.T or Valentines head gear”. PMT heagear? What does that achieve? Surely it just makes people laugh at you more with the result that you punch them in the face? I can honestly say I’ve never seen one of these on sale near the Feminax in Boots.

17greythorne-An impressive item of headgear at Cannock Chase museum - Siebe Gorman mining helmetIf you were to laugh at Jacqui’s PMT hat, you could do worse than be wearing this impressive object. That’d skin her knuckles. @greythorne posted this, which is “An impressive item of headgear at Cannock Chase museum – a Siebe Gorman mining helmet”. A mining helmet?! Claustrophobia ahoy!

Here you go, you lucky people, three (count ‘em) three photos of that wonder of nature @heidivodka. Yes men, I have checked using my special #SUNDAYPICS 3D viewer while standing on a chair so that I could look down at the screen, and she is naked in all of those photographs. Well, naked apart from the ace wigs in the first two, and that strange turban-thing with a towel that only women can do. I know, cos I’ve tried it – wrap towel around head while bending over, straighten, and FLICK! There goes the towel across the room! I don’t look good naked either.18heidivodka-composite

19HC_Illustrator-Too easy! Have too many hats tochoose from



19HC_Illustrator-But they all look better on Edie On the left are the come-to-bed eyes of @HC_Illustrator, wearing a very nice brim, who reckons that this theme was “Too easy! I have too many hats to choose from! But… they all look better on Edie”. I think we’ll all agree with that when we see how cute Edie looks over there on the right. Bet she sings a mean song, too. Something about ‘Pudding on my Top Hat’.




20mrsashboroscat-Okie dokie then. #sundaypics i was looking forward to the licking one…but here is 'headgear'“Okie dokie then” sighs @mrsashboroscat, “I was looking forward to the licking one…but here is ‘headgear’”. For those who don’t remember, I had toyed with the idea of the theme “What You Like To Lick” before switching to Headgear late on. I think ‘the licking one’ will have to wait for #Sundaypics Uncut. Oh, and by the way, excellent pirate face there!



21tonihill79-This was taken last year in BenidormThis shot of the new Stig, @tonihill79, was taken last year in Benidorm, where she looks a little ‘tyred’. See what I did there? Heh heh heh I crack myself up sometimes. When you removed the headgear, I’ll bet the helmet hair was well scary.

22ariadnes_web-Going-to-Wedding Hat, aka Dead Birds on HeadYou know when women go to a wedding, and it’s all “Oooh new shoes!”, and “Does my bum look big in this?”, and “I must have a new hat that looks like there are dead birds on my head cos it’s the LAW”? That. @ariadnes_web demonstrates.

23babymakingfiles-1 I'm spoilt for choice this week

Emma’s entry here reminds me of something…. *shakes head* … nope, not sure what. Anyroad, the woman who is @babymakingfiles tells us “I’m spoilt for choice this week” before posting three delightful photographs. I’ve chosen this one purely because the “these are my breasts” pose excites the perv in me. Oh I remember! THIS is what it reminds me of –

“Horizon-Spanning Technirama”, eh? Doesn’t Tony Curtis look cool?

23babymakingfiles-3 I'm spoilt for choice this week23babymakingfiles-2 I'm spoilt for choice this weekWell now, since Emma gave birth to gorgeous bundle of fun Lola on 3rd March, I’ll go ahead and post her other two entries either side of these words as well. Who knows, it might well be the last time her camera ever focuses on anything other than her new bundle of loveliness. Congratulations, Chuck.



The photo over on the right there is @magentablog. Since she provided no explanation, I am forced to use my own imagination to extrapolate that she is being held captive by The Muppets, who are demanding a ransom for her release. Stockholm Syndrome appears to be having an effect. Actually, let me take this opportunity to provide a warning – if you post your photo without explanation, you run the risk of being described by my imagination which, as regular readers can tell you, can be a little…. unusual.

It’s about time we took a look at the fruit of @nyncompoop’s loins, I reckon. Here they are in our front room – Ninja Girl, Gracie Fields and Tommy Cooper. Look at that @binarydad there, helpless with uncontrollable laughter.


26ed_moose-Strongbow Man Some interesting sights indeed! Thos particular costume took some fairly serious dedication to the cause - at that was fancy dress at Solfest 2010 in Cumbria. He'd drunk a truckload of StrongThe man, the leg end, @ed_moose supplied us with the faintly MadMaxian “Strongbow Man”, taken at Solfest. I’ll let him explain a little more – “Some interesting sights indeed! This particular costume took some fairly serious dedication to the cause – which was fancy dress at Solfest 2010 in Cumbria. He’d drunk a truckload of Strongbow in order to build his costume” God, I’d hate to iron that.

27Gib46-Reckon this is ma coolest hat dudes“Reckon this is ma coolest hat dudes” says @Gib46, doing a mighty fine impression of John Wayne in the process. I believe John Wayne, whose real name was indeed Marion, wore hats like this all the time. Is your real name Marion, little simian?

28hollylightly-Here is my #sundaypics... Double headgear and me looking glamHere’s another little simian over on the right. See, I’m all about the apposite juxtaposition today. None of your slapdash happenstance here… oh alright, the monkeys just happened to come up together. This babe is @hollylightly. “Double headgear and me looking glam” she says. ‘Double’? What do you mean, double? (Think she’ll hit me now, pop-pickers?)

29widget53-Headgear - J should know better than to snooze whilst Em's about.“J should know better than to snooze whilst Em’s about” explains @widget53, stifling a guffaw I’ve no doubt. I assume J. awoke before his beard could be trimmed, and sent Em to bed with nary a dry crust and water, or possibly he forced her to go up the chimney and clean it. Cos he looks such a hard man. Joking aside, I love Daddy-Daughter pics like these. Nice one.

30island252-and....a bust my sister sculpted of me in 1970Over on your right is @island252, or at least “a bust my sister sculpted of me in 1970”. Is it just me, or does she look like legendary Canadian warbler Joni Mitchell? No? Just me then, although I reckon the goggles and beret make her a dead ringer. I wonder if visitors say things like “Show us your bust, Carol”? Cos I would. There was also a rasta thingy, but I seem to have lost that one. Ulp.

31alliterative-hats in the wild2There were so many postings from @alliterative that I’ve had to choose my favourite, where he is looking suave and sophisticated in his deerstalker, like a model in a menswear catalogue. Honestly, the man has the finest collection of headgear in the Western world – now there’s a man who appreciates hats.

32louwiseman-I'm an angel.Halos only worn high days & holidaysAnd who is this angel of wondrous form? Why, tis that @louwiseman, who says “I’m an angel. Haloes only worn high days & holidays”. I’m not at all sure what a ‘high day’ is, although one assumes it’s to do with getting high. I do have to say however that there’s nothing that delights me more than a nice furry ring.

33rosamundi- jaunty new hemp Tilley hat for the summerThe jaunty @rosamundi has a jaunty new hemp Tilley hat for the summer. I don’t know what a Tilley is, but most certainly agree that this chapeau joli will be a fine article apparel fit to brighten anyone’s summer days. Makes me think of picnics in country houses and croquet and cucumber sandwiches and English stuff.

34sarahtregear- a Fez I made for a monkey last year...Why, tis another fez! Fezzes are cool, as that undoubted fashion-leader The Doctor tells us. @sarahtregear made this one for a monkey last year… A monkey? Isn’t that Five hundred quid? Wow, expensive fez.

35ericafairs-Mancunian roots entitles me to a spot of flat cap-wearing. Whippet ran offSince she’s looking to the left, I really ought to have put @ericafairs on the right of the blog, so she was looking inwards, but I couldn’t be arsed faffing about moving everything. She says she has Mancunian roots, but I can’t see enough of her hair to tell. Apparently these roots entitle her to a spot of flat cap-wearing. “Me whippet ran off” she says. Show us yer oven-bottoms darlin’!

36avensarah-a selection of baby hats I made for E1 & now E2!Cute overload! Look at the patient cat doing an impression of Ernest Borgnine in the video I put up a few screens back. These are from @avensarah – “a selection of baby hats I made for E1 & now E2!”. God, you’re a talented woman, Aven. Did you make Mark’s deerstalker too?

Right, it’s dinnertime here. While I’m in the kitchen I was going to show you the hat video I made at Christmas, but somebody has pointed out that the music lyrics contain an offensive word which I didn’t notice at the time. Seek it out if you wish. Instead, although it’s nowt to do with hats, you may enjoy watching a video of Ben for a minute or two while I go and get myself a pizza sandwich or summat.

God I loved that pooch! *sigh*


Rightio, back to the thing. Here comes Mr. Literal with his “headgear”. Nice one, @richlieu_uk – where did the monkey (it is a monkey?) get the flower in its ear? Sort of a simian Dorothy Lamour. Blimey, the blog’s full of monkeys this week.

38sarahpez-Horse's headgearNext! Ah, over to starboard tis @sarahpez presenting us with what appears to be a horsey ornament that appears to be wearing what appears to be an illuminated fez. Hang on, that’s a bloody big ornament! How the hell did you carry that all the way back from M&S? Or is it motorised, and perhaps you rode it home? I wonder where you insert the batteries? No matter, it makes a refreshing change from monkey fezzes.

40och23-my children have a much better selection of headgear than meVikings! That appears to be a third running motif of this theme. Vikings, Monkeys and Fezzes – wouldn’t that be a great movie? On the left are our entries from @och23 – 40och23-2my children have a much better selection of headgear than me“My children have a much better selection of headgear than me“ she says. Maybe that’s true, and the evidence is here, but you improvise well with Christmas wreaths, as we all know.


39moynsquidgeim-Messing around with headgear after 3 free drinks at the Heineken Experience, AmsterdamHere’s @moynsquidgeim, messing around with headgear after 3 free drinks at the Heineken Experience, Amsterdam. First of all – there’s a Heineken Experience? Is this some sort of visitor attraction with magical lager-based rides, or just a pub? I assume you’re in a Heineken shop of some sort there, so probably the former.

41hastillonlyme-Various kinds of headgear created by my MotheA big old pile o’ hats of various kinds of headgear created by @hastillonlyme’s Mother.I can see a Mickey Mouse, A Lucy doll, and a pretty naff football hat. No monkeys, as far as I can see, nor fezzes nor Vikings. I can’t figure out what the Scud missile with the three-bladed propeller is doing however. It’s a veritable puzzle.

42stellian-Sunday baking

Ha ha ha ha! Sunday baking from @stellian. I assume, given the glee with which the bowl is being attacked, that chocolate cake was on the menu. Ha ha – look at the little monkey trying to make a fez out of a bowl… hang on! What’s that written on the front of the shirt? Vikings? Monkey, fez, Vikings – this is getting spooky now. I can only assume someone is trying to send us some sort of message. Possibly from beyond the material world… oooooOOOOoooOOOoooo!

43davidtims-Me behatted on a bench at Port Isaac with Talyn drooling over MILAwwwww, it’s a gorgeous dog! Lookit! Beautiful. “I can has sanwich?” eyes. *wibble* *sniff*

Ahem. Sorry. This photograph is from behatted and beshaded @davidtims “on a bench at Port Isaac with Talyn drooling over MIL”. Hang on, MIL? Isn’t that a bit rude….? Oh no, sorry, that’s MILF. Oops. Let’s pretend nothing happened and just carry on regardless. Where’s Port Isaac? Google says Cornwall…. oh I see, just down the coast from Boscastle and Tintagel (with it’s historical King Arthur Car Park). I’m a big fan of Cornwall.

44lettyp1-no2 son when he was little wearing his favourite hat...he wore it everywhereScary clown! I find clowns dead creepy, even more disturbing than buttons, so I’ll let @lettyp1 talk about this photograph herself while I comfort myself with a ‘nana. “No. 2 son when he was little wearing his favourite hat” she says, “He wore it everywhere”.

45mikeybaer-my normal morning headgearMikey! Here’s the legend that is @mikeybaer wearing “My normal morning headgear”. I’d call that a Head Condom if I was in charge of cataloguing things in an amusing fashion for, say, Argos. This man’s off to see the world soon. Jammy git.

46kirtle-one of my woolly hats; I don't wear this out much though funnily enoughAaaaaaand on your right – she’s denied us the opportunity to admire her delicate, enticing face by simply posting a photograph of “one of my woolly hats; I don’t wear this out much though funnily enough”. Yes, I’m talking about renowned stalker @kirtle, and I suppose she’s implying that she just wears woolly hats indoors, a sure way (according to my Nan) of catching a head cold.

47_aaronkelly-My very first #sundaypics entry. Yes. I have a pirate hat. Touch meArrrrrr! Ah ha ha ha harrrrrrrrrrr! Pieces of parrot! Big doubloons! Why is the rum gone? And other piratey expressions. This is the first #SUNDAYPICS entry from @_aaronkelly, who says “Yes. I have a pirate hat. Touch me”. I have to say that this is one of the finest premier #Sundaypics postings I have ever seen. The man has a beard and no shame. These are both Good Things.

48vagueness-Been here 3 years and the giraffe has been wearing the hat as long as I can remember. Not sure whyNow here’s a stonkingly big, stonkingly graceful giraffe from @vagueness, who tells us “Been here 3 years and the giraffe has been wearing the hat as long as I can remember. Not sure why”. Perhaps his head is cold. He reminds me of one of those droids from the new Star Wars films. Not sure why. Don’t you walk into him when you come through the door?

49miffybarker-My hubby does hats better than me -my head is too big for most hats!Yay, another beardy bloke! Beardy blokes rule! “My hubby does hats better than me” says @miffybarker, “My head is too big for most hats!” Have you tried a Fez, Miffy? A big one?

50lilianlouvaine-Something named after headgear for my #sundaypics - turk's cap squashes at Calke AbbeyOver to the right there, @lilianlouvaine has tried something both colourful and different. She says “Something named after headgear for my #sundaypics – turk’s cap squashes at Calke Abbey” Cool.

51mrchambers-A photo of myself, blocking the aliens from reading my mindWhat’s the most important thing to remember when you’re in the kitchen? Of course – you must block the aliens from reading your mind. Here’s @mrchambers showing you how. Take that, alien recipe thieves!

53matt_cochr-Mentioned to @slotbun that I hadn't done #sundaypics yet & he volunteered his services“I mentioned to @slotbun that I hadn’t done #sundaypics yet & he volunteered his services”, says @matt_cochr, so here’s @slotbun mainlining on soup. I’m afraid it looks like the aliens already got to him – you should have used the Bacofoil, my friend

52julietims-My running hat. Post Yule Yomp at Tatton Park. Sub-zero hence ice in hair.You all know by now that I think this woman is brilliant, and here she is as we’ve never seen her before, with ice in her hair. “My running hat” explains @julietims. “Post Yule Yomp at Tatton Park. Sub-zero hence ice in hair”. Running in sub-zero temperatures? Crikey, you’re fit!

54rhsfb12-What I wear when I don't want to be“What I wear when I don’t want to be recognized…lol” admits @rhsfb12. I assume she means when she goes out lurking. Nothing is more refreshing than a good old lurk around the neighbourhood, going through a few bins, spying on your neighbours. That reminds me of someone, but I’m not going to say who. Whom. Whatever.

55jamerz3294-Welcome comdradesIt’s @jamerz3294, showing the delights of living in Michigan, i.e. lots of snow and some trees and a big furry hat. “Welcome comdrades” he says, incoherently, probably fortified by several glasses of single-malt.

58macjude-my skydiving helmetOn your right here is @macjude’s skydiving helmet. Luckily, I can’t see any dents or scratches, so she must be All There. I assume the watch-thing there tells her how high she isn’t when she’s plummeting towards a crushing doom.


56susiewoosie78-@susiewoosie78 says “Valentines crackers provided headgear for hubby and me to wear for #sundaypics”. Valentine’s crackers? What sort of ‘toy’ might you get from them, I wonder. Probably furry handcuffs, or maybe a sex-fez. Valentine’s crackers, indeed. Whatever next? Valentine’s cards, for goodness sake?

Here’s another tryptich, this time from @thetiniestvole – first up is a “sleepy bath time puppy” (awww), followed by “the boy returns from Blackpoo” (I’ll swear that’s what I’ve got written down here), and finally “Thomas wearing a small origami hat” (and how happy does he not look about that?).57thetiniestvole3

60mannymunkeh-Me in ma Rasta hat manMonkey alert! Monkey alert! Awooga! Luckily, @mannymunkeh has never been one to follow convention, so eschews the traditional fez or viking helmet, and shows off “Me in ma Rasta hat man”. Keep off the ganja, Manny, for it is not as good for you as nanas.

59talojoThis on the right is from @talojo. There are no notes. Whatever I say here is the product of my imagination, OK? Right, the future Mrs. David Tenant has obviously broken into the zoo shop wearing a giraffe mask in order to steal a cuddly panda. Behind her, you  can see a store detective in a white shirt carrying a loofah. I have no idea why. She probably got away with it, cos she’s quite clever, and now has a lock-up in the east end from where she distributes contraband cuddly toys to the urchins of London’s gritty streets.


62snowgirl1972-here's Thom's, of course we've used headwear from The Boys61thom_white-Here is @Snowgirl1972's #sundaypicsHere’s the Snow-Whites, who go together like, well, me and @little_mavis actually. “of course we’ve used headwear…” says Helen, who posted the picture of Thom, “… from The Boys” says Thom, who posted the picture of Helen. Aren’t there some wonderful people on Twitter, albeit people with no hats of their own?



63smallgirltweets-Here's #smallgirl's entry for #SUNDAYPICSOn the left is a small girl in a big hat, for tis no other than the lovely @smallgirltweets. I wonder if she walked into the wall a number of times before taking it off? I can’t even make out which way she’s facing – oh hang on, yes I can, unless her arms bend in a very peculiar fashion.

64mooglemeg-drunken Glastonbury headgearAnd on your right there is @mooglemeg in “drunken Glastonbury headgear” along with someone who I hope is Mr. Mooglemeg and not some random stranger to be hooked up with in a sordid drunken orgy. I know what you young people are like, with your sordid drunken orgies all the time.

65nyncompoop-head-gear. Couldn't do one of my TongueSuper-hot swimsuit model @nyncompoop, 19, says she wants world peace, and to save Levy Baths for the future of all mankind. She also says, somewhat weirdly, “head-gear. Couldn’t do one of my Tongue”. I can only assume that this is some sordid drunken orgy reference that I don’t get.

66stuntpigs-D'oh! Photo would help RT @StuntPigs For #sundaypics, Gouger models an origami crownIt’s your favourite one of the @stuntpigs, Gouger, modelling the sort of elegant, pig-about-town, origami crown that has made him a crowd favourite wherever he goes. I wonder if he made it himself.

67scullyscully-A late entry to this week's #sundaypics. I've struggled with this one dear @wombat37 & attach this awful picA late entry to this week’s #sundaypics, but not the latest, from @scullyscully. “I’ve struggled with this one dear Wombat & attach this awful pic” – I’d hate anyone to feel forced into taking part, dear heart. The whole raison d’etre of this is to feel the fun. No, the fun.

68ericafairs-os it's nearly Valentine's - the only thing that ever looked OK on my head in case you didn't guess, that's me and him on our wedding day when everything was black and whiteAww, lookit on the right! I quote @ericafairs – “Cos it’s nearly Valentine’s Day – the only thing that ever looked OK on my head. In case you didn’t guess, that’s me and him on our wedding day when everything was black and white”. You may want to bear this pic in mind for a #Sundaypics coming soon to a cinema near you.

69flossietp-Nearly missed #Sundaypics Headgear Done before, but it's the best I can manage@flossietp nearly missed #Sundaypics, and posted this pic which we’ve seen before, but it’s such a lovely photograph that I don’t think anyone will complain. Gorgeous.

70white76-headgear oh my tweet never sent is it too lateAnd finally, from @white76, is a heart-warming Christmas tale of supermarket shopping. Charlie, you’re so cute!

Right, that’s me knackered. Hope you’ve enjoyed this tale of stuff we like to put on our heads. See you again soon. Where’s the Laphroaig…..?

71starlitwolf-Here's the headgear pic I used. Mr & I were reading wedding cards at reception Yes, he had me crop it!Whoops, hang on, there’s a bit of @starlitwolf as well – “Here’s the headgear pic I used. Mr & I were reading wedding cards at reception.Yes, he had me crop it!”

Dressing up

1994jun024Two elegant ladies from 1994 on your right, and below – why it’s me and Mary in 1997. No, wait, hang on a minute…Cait as Daddy with Lassie, Elinor as Mummy with Dodo

1966 Revisited

I thought I’d posted this already, but can’t find it in the archive, so maybe not. This is a film we made in 1966; directed and edited by my Dad. Last year I added sound and subtitles. Enjoy.


All things three-sided (or sometimes not quite, but we’ve never cared about accuracy here have we?) This was one of those nebulous themes where I had no idea what to expect. As it turned out, what I got was a cornucopia of wonderful photographs. Actually, do photographs come in cornucopias, and should the plural in fact be cornucopiae? This is the sort of thing that occupies my mind in the distant echoes of the night.

Given that I’m a couple of blogs behind due to giving myself the jobs of marking Flicktionary entries and directing and mixing yet another #Twitterchoir offering, I’m going to use the Album format for this blog post. Click on the album below to see all the pics, and as ever with these, you’ll find my sarkiness in the comments for each photograph.

The bloodiest battle ever fought on British soil.

The chances are, you’ll never have heard of it. If, like us, you ever you drive over to the east coast of Yorkshire from the Manchester area (or vice versa, I suppose), take a tip from me. Leave the M1 for a while on the little-travelled B1217 for a short stretch between the M1 and the hugely horrible A64.

DSC06816The meandering B road passes the Edwardian mansion, Lotherton Hall, bends through the village of  Saxton and the Crooked Billet pub, and lopes on into rising farmland. Through the hedges you will glimpse cornfields and copses in this typically English landscape. Shortly after the hedges give up the ghost, you’ll see something of an anomaly on your left. A big old holly bush squats by the road, dark and gloomy and alien-looking. You can park nearby.

If you then peer behind the old holly, you’ll find lurking there an ancient weather-worn gothic cross. There’s no record of who first put the cross here – it lay in a ditch for hundreds of years before being righted again. On it’s base, amongst flowers both dried and fresh, you’ll see a recently added date – March 28, 1461. The inscriber got the date wrong: it should be the 29th. The 29th in that year of turmoil amidst the Wars of the Roses was a Sunday – Palm Sunday, in fact.

DSC06817On that snow-driven day, perhaps the most significant day of the struggle for the throne between Edward and Henry, 100,000 men met at this place to hack, stab, slice, suffocate, bludgeon and trample each other to death. This was by far the most murderous battle ever fought on British soil, yet most of you will never have heard of it. An astounding 1% of the British population died in the blood-spattered snow between dawn and dusk that day, almost 30,000 men –  three times the number of casualties than on the first day of The Somme.

This was a horrific, bloody brawl. Imagine, if you can, the driving stinging blizzard; the deafening racket of clashing arms and armour, the pleading of men, the  screaming and howled obscenities; the stench of puke and shit and trampled entrails. If you fall, you’re dead in seconds, the life crushed out of you by the sheer weight of men jammed into this meat-mincer. If hell has ever been on earth, this was it. The death toll was so great and bodies piled up so much that occasional pauses were called in order to drag them out of the way.

DSC00438The Lancastrians began to push the Yorkists back, and the core of the fighting drifted into a vale now called Bloody Meadow. The slaughter, unremitting, continued late into the afternoon. The Yorkists, led by Edward, the son of Richard, 3rd Duke of York , outnumbered and outfought, became ever more desperate as they gave way, inch by bloody inch, across the field. Then up the B1217 marched men bearing banners displaying a white boar – it was the Duke of Norfolk, with fresh reinforcements who pelted into the Lancastrians’ flank. The Lancastrians were stopped in their tracks, faltered and began to give ground, tripping over the corpses of their own dead. The beleaguered Lancastrians bent, broke and ran like buggery. Then the rout began. If the battle was vicious, the rout added a whole new level of brutality.

DSC06815Far more men died in the rout than in the battle. Bridges in the path of the fleeing Lancastrians shattered under the weight of armed men, plunging many to a freezing death in the icy water. Thousands were caught and mutilated, for it had been agreed in the parley before the battle that no quarter would be given, no mercy shown. Part-hidden in a naked stand of ash trees was the Bridge of Bodies, built of Lancastrian dead to form a dam, the rushing waters streaming with crimson grume. Panicked, hysterical men scrambled across the River Cock over the carcases of the fallen. From Tadcaster to Towton the fields were strewn with corpses and body parts. The fleeing men made easy targets for horsemen, and foot soldiers killed many who had dropped their weapons and thrown off their helmets to breath more freely. And all the while, the blizzard raged.

In 1996 a mass grave of more than 40 bodies was discovered at Towton Hall. It delivered the bones of some of the soldiers who had fought and died at Towton. The skeletons showed evidence of terrible wounds – there were some with at least 20 head injuries. They all died horribly – Dr Alan Ogden, a palaeo-pathologist, said:

“The thing that shook us was that these people had been butchered. Perhaps the most spectacular ones are where people have had part of their head sliced off, or their head cut in half. There’s much evidence of mutilation. That noses and ears were hacked off.”

DSC00443When you know the history of this place – the significant battle that took place here to decide the fate of the English throne, the awful toll it took, the hellish things that happened to thousands of men – you can’t simply stroll amongst the corn and enjoy the sun. The terrible deaths of those thousands haunt your thoughts.  A. A. Gill said it well in 2008 –

“Walk in the margin of the corn as it is ruffled by the blustering wind. Above, the thick mauve, mordant clouds curdle and thud like bruises, bowling patches of sunlight across the rise and fall of the land. In the distance is a single stunted tree, flattened by the south wind. It marks the corner of this sombre, elegiac place.

It would be impossible to walk here and not feel the dread underfoot – the echo of desperate events vibrating just behind the hearing. This is a sad, sad, dumbly eloquent deathscape.”

You can read his full eloquent and evocative history of the Battle of Towton by clicking on this sentence. I highly recommend that you do.

Look what I just came across…

I went a bit wibbly when I found this. I’d forgotten how much Ben’s happy grin made me smile.