#sundaypics: Me And My Shadow…

Wow! Another week, and another wonderful #sundaypics! I would come by and personally congratulate each of you in person, but that might become a bit cumbersome? So please give yourself a hug or handshake from me, and I’ll raise a dram to your honor. In order to set the proper tone, go ahead and let the above ditty warble along. It’s a wonderful sing, and likely to become your next ear worm.

But on to Me And My Shadow… I first thought of this as a theme when my beloved Barb, and Ace the DufusDog were taking a walk, and as I looked down, I noted that my shadow made me look like Darth Vader, with no arms?! Well we had a good chuckle over that, and promptly forgot all about it. Until one fine day when Mr. Marsupial, our Wonderful Wacky Wombat pawed at me to give him a bit of help here. Of course, after I won the Woscar for Stupidest Guess, how could he not? {insert chuckle here}

Pride of Place goes to @ButMadNNW, she has a collection of The Shadow comics, and books, including an original comic that was published mere months after the radio drama! It’s true… only The Shadow knows!!! For more information about The Shadow, and some interesting tidbits, you can click HERE. It has an amazing history, and quite the following. For good reason these comics, and the later books, are still very collectible. The 1994 move, however, kinda sucked. But it was a good attempt by Hollywood to portray the essence of the radio serial, and the comics.

But not content to merely display her goodies, @ButMadNNW also has a more ordinary entry, which features her lovely hand, making the shadow of a fierce canine, ready to attack all who would do evil! Well, maybe the puppy is actually wagging it’s tail and smiling at us? That’s the fun with shadows, they can be whatever *your* imagination makes them!

Next up we go outdoors, and the lovely @Arianiadnes_web to show us what her shadow does on Elie Beach. Anything it wants is the correct answer.

Next up is another beach goody, this time from @Xkylet, and his shadow at Akrotiri. Wonder where that is? And look, he’s found a chunk of the Moon as well! Or is that a dead fish head?

Next we come to a rather sad moment. @AvenSarah and @alliterative recently lost their kitty, Tigger, who is no doubt now mousing in the Elysium fields quite happily…

So lighten to our mood, our very own @wombat37 shows us that his shadow has a nasal fetish… or is that a palm tree? Oh wait, maybe it’s the back of his head, and he needs a haircut?

And the winner of the Ars Gratia Artis category is none other than @Belfegore who seems to be escaping his shadow? Take a look, and see what you think, or think about what you see.

From the great outdoors, let’s come in and take some time to smell the flowers, shall we? @widget53 is showing off her lovelies as well… Hyacinths that is, go take a smell.

But what’s this? Not quite done with sand yet, are we? And just to make any occasion festive, @captain_doodle adds some dromedary relief, in the desert.

Staying with the outdoor motif for the next bit of beauty, @toffeegirluk shows us her lovely backyard, complete with barbecues and manly legs. Oh, and her shadow too! It’s whats for dinner 😉

And showing us his round view of the world around him, @thom_white shows us that he’s well rounded. Or is that sides? Truly a brilliant pic, thanx!

Meanwhile the crafty @Crofty is afraid his shadow is a bit Sumo? No, not really… more like Alfred Hitchcock to me? But then I am a product of the 70’s and 80’s and therefore warped badly…

Then back outside for a wonderful look with @talojo and companion who’s gracing a summer walk with their shadows. And oh look, he’s grown a tail!

Well then let’s get back in, and see some thing musical shall we? It’s the beautiful @ericafairs who claims that her shadow is the same shape! And a truly wonderful shape it is too lass, never doubt for a second!

Next up would be our favorite porcine portrayers of particular panache! None other than @StuntPigs who remind us that Wilbur is never alone when he has his shadow.

In the Awwww, that’s just too cute category, @FBishwife shows off her shadow and Baby G at the same time… makes me all googly…

In our first fone entry of the day, @Snowgirl1972 shows the only pic of her shadow she has! Well, at least in her fone… So wonder which is her, the monster bell bottoms or the fish headed alien? Oh wait…

Not to be outdone with shadow heads is our man on a bank holiday, @greythorne. So which holiday was the bank taking this time? And where’s the Page 3 girl?

And speaking of good looking girls, why here’s @ScullyScully showing us how to give a hand for some happy dogs. At least I think they’re smiling?

Back now to the great outdoors, where @HC_Illustrator hows us a wonderful child and shadow just strolling along quite contentedly. And look, it’s Spring as well!

So back again indoors, my aren’t you just getting tired yet? But before you retire, @sarahpez is showing off her best light! It’s a new lamp, complete with Wowza Shadow!

Oops, here comes a wolf shadow from @richlieu_uk. Thought I recognized that handiwork, even without a red hood!

So let’s bring up @island252 and her lovely floor mat. Oh with her shadow, of course! Looks to be a fine, warm day…

Speaking of nature (we were, weren’t we?) @rhsfb12 (who by the way, is our fave Ginger of all) says that this shadow seems to be Woody Woodpecker stalking her mailbox? What do you think? I think she wins for Most Creative Use of Shadow!

Staying outside, just for a second or two, @ivorjetski shows off what a shadow looks like on a few hedges… this looks to be Autumn, and quite beautiful, thanx!

Staying with the Autumnal motif for another picture is the one and only @Only_Nelson, with his shadow from two years ago. Hope he didn’t have to rake all those leaves!

And I think that @kirtle has the right idea there on the left; it’s someone’s shadow anyway? Best not to take these #sundaypics themes too literally, nor over think it too much! Abso luv the pink stepping stones, uber kewl.

And continuing with our outdoor adventure, @OldMotherRiley shows her prowess by capturing a watery Sun shadow. Truly amazing, isn’t it? Hope she had on her Wellies!

Perhaps it’s time for some more beastly fun I think? Oh, and you say some carnage and wanton death? #LeSigh… ell, just this once, if it makes you happy. Drum roll please for @lillianlouviane, who offers us this portrait of her mighty mouser, being held aloft by hubby, in search of Mothra and the like.

Meanwhile, in a more refined, genteel manner, @Och23 shows off a fine glass of wine for our repast. And don’t you love the reflection as well? Nicely done!

But wait! There’s more! Not to be out done in having a good time, our very own @little_mavis shows that she really is head over heels with her shadow. What fun, I can hear her laughter all the way over here!

Since we’re all having a bit of fun here, what say we go to some Loch, and see Otto? @NCarslaw will show the way, right over there. My goodness, Otto is even smiling?!

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… well not anymore really. But @lizardsimpkins shows us that in 2010, it was! Nice steppin there girl!

But maybe we should all huddle up and get a bit warmer? Happily @MrsAshborosCat brings us some warmth, and look we scored! And what sporting fashion, I just love a bustle and dust ruffle…

And in the Most Dexterous Use Of Hands, @MannyMunkeh shows the animal shadows he creates with his paws. Leaping lizards indeed!

Winner of the Bestest Smiles And Laughter is @mrchambers, whose “shadows” are with him everywhere he goes. And with those smiles, they could shadow whomever they wish 🙂

Another winner (well actually each of you is a true winner in my heart, moppets) is @missybarker, who just today taught me another mad BritWit colloquialism. Here in the States, I’ve never heard anyone tell me they were “cream crackered”?! Anyhow she is the winner of the Most Poignant Portrait. It’s a Gerbera shadow at a Pizza Express. Hold the anchovies please.

And out for a jaunty stroll to his office, along the Thames, we can find the intrepid @mikeybaer. With a fine shadow like that, it’s a wonder he’s not in charge of the whole of London! Town could do worse I say.

And lastly, our own Janine who hails from South Dakota, where we Midwesterners really know what Winter means, shows us her loyal shadows. They shadow her all over the house, hoping that hamburgers fall from Heaven. Cause sometimes they do, ya know!

Well my lovelies, this wraps up another exciting adventure in #sundaypics! It was my honor and privilege to host this week. Each of these pics, and each of *you* is a treasure to me. I find that assembling these little ditties is a labor of love, and each time I get a bit closer to you. But then you wisely move upwind, and the moment passes (like an ill fated fart at dinner). I hope you enjoyed the pics, the thoughts, the music, and mostly the #fun of a good #sundaypics. Oh, bonus points to whoever can correctly identify the order of posting. What you ask? It wasn’t random? Why certainly not!

In the This Just In category, somehow I had not posted a very lovely pic from @nyncompoop of @binarydad and his shadow… I blame my new kitty for stealing it from my ‘puter… If Noelle manged to also make off with your pic, please let me know!

But wait! There’s more! How could this be? Possibly a wormhole in the Universe? More likely Noelle trashed this pic in my computer as well. that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. So over there, we can now see our fave lupine @starlitwolf who’s shadow was Geocaching near Kendal UK! Hope you got to do the FTF dance!


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