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SpacedOut… The SundayPics Blog…

My goodness me, how time flies when you’re doing whatever it is that you do when time is flying? Apologies for just how late this SundayPics Blog is, but after gathering all your nifty pics, then my dear wife and I were called away, as Red Cross volunteers, to go down to Georgia, and help the good folk there after the tornado went thru. So this blog really is spaced out, at least in the sense of time that it took for me to complete! But hey, like a beautiful woman, it just gets better and better, doesn’t it? So I’m just going to post your great pics, along with my patter, in a random fashion…

So first up we have @davidgilray with his Peace Man snail… somehow fitting as this blog has moved along at just that pace!

Next the lovely@Ariadnes_web shows just how peaceful a spaced out kitty can be….

Next @captain_doodle shows the trajectory of his hotdog at the stadium? Brown or yellow mustard is my only question!
And from an outdoor stadium to the Great Outdoors, @Crofty shows us a fave place of his to enjoy the wide open spaces… lovely!
Meanwhile @Alliterative asks us if this is an alien planet, or just a strange Easter Egg? Depends on what kind of omelet it makes I would say!
But I say that our wonderfully literate friend has an even better  pic, and here it is! E1 has a smile that is out of this world! =)
But not to be out done in the skies above us department, the lovely @Superblouse snapped this picture out her window. Yes, you can see Uranus from there! Oops, are those Klingons?

But to be truly Spaced Out, it takes a cat… the larger the better! Just ask @robmorrey who favors us with this one…
Meanwhile, the wonderful @Och23 shows us how her daughter sleeps. Similar idea, but just too cute!
With all the sleeping going on, I think I need a nap! *yawn* But just to enliven this blog up a bit, @bols shows off her wonderful talent, and graces us with this fine piece of art! Quite stunning and well done!
But enough of such philosophy says @att_land, the truth is simply the truth… or something like that?
Next up is an entry from @shouldbeinbed (gawdz I love that moniker!) who says “I confess, not one of mine but I think its great & has a UFO drawn in it” It does indeed!
The following entry from my fellow countryman… oh wait would she be a countrywoman? But that’s not really right either is it? Anyway, @ButMadNNW gives us a truly delightful pun! Kudos to you my dear, well done!
Meanwhile back in Europe, the irrepressible (does that mean he can’t be pressed after laundering?) @davidtims shows the world just what being “spaced out” is all about… Amsterdam style… duuuude..
But wait! @att_land had another fine entry, that certainly shows us just how genuine he is? Or sumpn like that… what a heartfelt pic…
So next, in the Winner of the Beautiful No Matter How Tired She Is After A Day At Alton Towers (What?! you didn’t know we had that category? Really, do try to keep up) is the wonderful @Tonihill79.
Returning to Mutual Of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom (apologies if you Brits don’t get that one… it was a fun show in the 60’s where the assistant always had to do the dangerous work), @ericafairs tries to not disturb the deadly lion, Nev, during his nap…
Continuing with the Wild Kingdom theme for another delightful, if not as dangerous, is the lovely @LillianLouvaine who shows “Spaced out stones of the King’s Men stone circle in the Cotswolds:
Next up, in an entirely different kind of Wild Kingdom, the beautiful @LottieLee1960 shows that you really do hafta be spaced out to drive in Atlanta! (Been there, done that, she is SO right!)

And bringing in the artsy fartsy crowd, @Underbundle shows us how his lovely missus can really be spaced out! I say she looks four times as lovely there!
Meanwhile, @scyrene must have known I was already a Space Case, and thoughtfully kept it simple  for me… Thanx, and a beautiful shot!
Up next, again in random order, our fave simian, @ManneyMunkeh shows what happened when he and Marco met a very spaced out dude… So is that Manny or Marco showing off the primate chest?
But wait! @matt_cochr takes us to a nightclub in Leeds, and shows us a real spaced out place…
Back again to the Not So Wild Kingdom, @MrsAshborosCat always knew her dear Apollo was just a tad different… now she knows why! Too much catnip maybe?
Then, our very own @Shysarah2009 shows us the best part of being spaced out… not being spaced out! Way to go girl, you have rocked the house once again!
Now moving from feeding your soul, to feeding your tummy (you did want a healthy snack, didn’t you?), @Em_and_Lola show us how their allotment (another Brit word I got to learn, yea!) is filled with “leeks,spring onions, garlic & salad leaves”. YUMMEE! 

So bouncing from one planet to another, @Mallrat_uk got this treasure for his students! Win!

So let’s keep with these heady times and explore what the lovely @woodvetch has to say, “I generally wear a scarf or snood to hide my alien head in public.” Actually, having met her, I can tell you she normally wears 3 pairs of glasses…

Continuing with the far overhead theme for a moment, @DanteGalgo shows us a pic from @Astro_Ron, taken on Easter, from the ISS, of Jerusalem… stunning it is… and look, no little dotted lines to show the borders? Think about it! …ok, no more political commentary, let’s on with the show…
Bringing us back to Earth, @OldMotherRiley says “….and this could be spaced on all kinds of levels”. And very tasty levels at that! What? Oh sorry, just my attempt at some dry humor…
Then she even goes another step forward, being the beautiful woman that she is, and shows off a more delicate arrangement of spaces… she claims it was a wedding, but looks like the aftermath of the Bachelorette Party to me?
So now comes @carolthescot with “This is another Buddy Bear I entered in a Jackie Chan comp”. Ummm… okaaay… so the KungFu and Movie Star asked for a Buddy Bear? I is confoozed? But abso luv the bear!
Another wonderful entry in the hand drawn mode is @IainLJ’s entry, “Found this when out walking the other day.” Wow, you must have the best strolls!

Next our globe twotting @mikeybaer shows how the CCTV Building, in Beijing China uses space! Very clever indeed…

Taking us out of the city, and into the country, the ever beautiful @RHSFB12 shows us the pic that her son (otherwise known as TennisPlayer) took of the recent Super Moon. Very mystical indeed…
And oh so delightedly, our penultimate entry is from @nyncompoop, who gently shows us The Boy being spaced out… it truly is an “Awwwwwww….” picture… don ya just wanna cradle him? Or maybe sputter his tummy? Oh, oops, maybe not while he’s napping… 😉
As I bring this unassuming and very spaced out blog to a close, if you haven’t seen *your* pic, (in the words of Douglas Adams) “Don’t Panic”! Just kindly resend me the link, and I will include in a post script below. Considering how long this has taken, I would be surprised if some *didn’t slip thru the cracks?
And as for my lame entry, I decided that since this began with me spacing out and going to Georgia on a mission, and that I’m about to go get all spaced out again at the #NASAJPLtweetup next week, it is only fitting to display the NASA-JPL Tweet itself! So look for my tweets on 6 June, from Geek Central, and join in the #nerdgasm…

I do wish to thank Mr Mike The Mighty Marsupial for allowing me to play in his sandbox, and with his toys. Without the luv of a Wombat, none of this would have happened! Also, again, if I’ve somehow spaced your entry out, just let me know and I will be happy to include! Ciao all!

Ah ha! Just as I thought! A stray, random entry that must have been in the Lost Sock Universe appears. The ever lovely @talojo gently reminds me that her entry must have made off with my athletic sock? Than goodness it was laundered first! But my, there really are “nicely spaced”. 


Numbers (Director’s Cut)

The next chapter…

Well then, it all seems to have gone rather well. In fact, so much so that I’ve had numerous requests for prints! I think it’d look great on a canvas so I’m working at getting it into shape for print-ready artwork. I’ll of course be checking that you’re all OK with giving permission to use your pics before anything gets printed, and will sub any out that anyone’s not OK with. It’s an ongoing mini project at the moment so watch this space. I’ve had to have a bit of a tinker as some of the images aren’t of sufficient resolution for print etc, so am in the process of putting together some artwork from all the pics I received. If you want to eventually buy a print/canvas and you find your pic has been removed from the grid I’ll happily customise your own artwork by popping it back in. The artwork’s currently set up to 12×12 INCHES (canvas people *clearly* haven’t gone metric!). Anyway, here it is…

UPDATE: It’s done! Need to Photoshop ’em a bit, but everything’s in place. I’ll shortly be doing the rounds asking for permission to use images. Thanks, everyone 🙂



Things you got in the post

Hey dudes, well that was another Simian sundaypics!
This week theme was ‘Things you got in the post’

I’ve said it before but I do love those Royal Male dudes, they are proper helpful in all sorts of ways and can bring very cool stuff to peoples. I reckon they bring nicer post than those email dudes do.
I only found about posts and things when I came to this country and have been lucky to get some very cool stuff, and I reckon the Christmas #Twanta thing loads of us did was awesome!
I got some v cool lights from @Em_and_Lola but when she was called @babymakingfiles – looking forward to getting those hung up again this year.

But enough about my posts, what about you lot…
There seems to be a few online peoples that send out stuff to loads of you, which I reckon is nice.  The first one that I learned about what a dude called eBay (funny name)

@Ariadnes_web got this from that very dude, it lights up her hallway apparently.  Pretty funky I reckon, you could get it to change colours maybe and then it would be like your own lil disco! Although I have been told that red lights in the hallway mean something else and should be avoided unless ‘you’re that sort of person’ whatever that means.

The very lovely @nyncompoop (lovely cos she sent me awesome post, but also just seems lovely I reckon) got this as her very first thing from eBay, they’re called Dillbert and Dogbert. They used to be in cartoon strips and are quite funny. If you don’t believe me look here: 
Now this one from @julietims is a nice story – it’s a childhood fav of hers and it seems the lovely @Womabt37 got it for her, as he’s mates with eBay and then sent it on. Isn’t that a nice thing! It’s a bit of theme I’ve found actually doing this – cos it seems quite a few of you are sending stuff to other twitter peoples.
Now the other dude I discovered that sends you loadsa stuff is Amazon – he sounds like one of them Gladiator types and I imagine he spends his spare time wrestling lions and riding those chariot things.

@talojo got these from Amazon, they are v cool dinosaur stamps – now she reckons that they’re not for her, but I reckon that she’s gonna have a go with them anyway dudes. I mean, who wouldn’t – they look awesome!  She is insisting though that they’re for her SP’s birthday which is in June.. incidentally, all the cool dudes have birthdays in June 😀

Sadly not every Royal Male dude is as good as the ones I know. It seems that the ones that delivered this calendar to @LilianLouvaine thought it was okay to through it over the back gate and it ended up all wet in a puddle. Luckily the calendar was okay, but not cool post dudes, not cool!!

@Tonihill79 got this bumper pack of DVD’s in the post. This Angel dude must have a very interesting life to have soooo many DVD’s made about him! It kept her busy for ages watching them all and I’m not surprised!  I reckon if they made a DVD about my lil life you would barely fill one of these boxes, but then it turns out this dude is very very old, even though he looks young, maybe he had that plastic surgery I’ve heard about.
Now this next one, and I don’t reckon you’ll believe me cos it’s crazy, but… it’s from Japan!  I know dudes, that’s what I thought!
@The_Super_Vixen is staying in Japan at the moment and that Amazon dude delivered her an artwork book and CD over there.
I’ve not been to Japan and I reckon it’s loads different to England or the Windward Isles, seems that it rains less than England too – but honestly dudes I’ve never been anywhere else that doesn’t.
This book was sent to @MrPeterWood He didn’t say if Amazon sent it, but I know he does send a load of books.  Peter reckons this has given his loadsa laughs, but make sure you read the one that came out before this one first. I reckon it won’t be as funny or make sense otherwise, books are like that.

Now I mentioned it earlier and for those dudes that weren’t about for Christmas or missed #Twanta I should prolly just quickly explain. It was like a secret Santa thing, we all popped our names in the Wombat hat and then he let us know who we had to sent to – it was totally awesome and you can read the full blog here
@sarahpez was very excited when she got her #Twanta gift. I am loving that cute lil shoe! It’s a bit topsy-turvy though, there’s like a tiny shoe and some massive money, craziness dudes!
@jamerz3294 has his #twanta gift in pride of place too ‘Keep calm and carry on’ it says. Good motto I reckon dudes.  Jamie gets loads of cool post it seems and he’s also put other stuff in the pic like, he says “various magazines, many books of science and scifi, and Geocaching goodies; Pathtags and Geico Gecko Trackable Lizard”  I don’t know what half that stuff is dudes, but I am liking the sound of a trackable lizard! Lizards are awesome lil dudes.
Now stuff from fellow twitter peoples doesn’t just happen at Christmas, some of you are sending stuff all year round it seems.  Well I know this dudes, cos I’ve got some of it 😀

@wombat37 has dudes that he’s never met send him yummy post, not sure if this was a twitter or facebook dude or maybe someone else, but how yummy does this look!
@wombat37@wombat37 2

Seriously tasty post, the American cookies that you can see Wombat munching on are called Snickerdoodles he says – no, I’ve never heard of them either dudes! Womabt said “They were all sugary and coconutty” Still not convinced that’s a real word and the tin is chocca full of yummy fudge. Coconuts remind me of home 😀
@MrsAshborosCat is doing a very cool thing, she’s collecting postcards from her twitter pals and is gonna try and cover one of her fridges with them 😀  I reckoned it was such a good idea that I sent her one from me, but it hadn’t arrived by the time this pic was taken.  These ones looks nice though, I can see one is from Inverness and another from Plymouth.

The @StuntPigs got themselves a new pal in the post in the form of @MarcoMunkeh who of course travelled there and ended up with a new family and a while new country to explore!

But I know this cos it was me that helped him get there! For those that don’t know the story *shameless plug alert* it’s on my blog: 
It’s nice that the lil twitter family are sending cool stuff, and it seems that some of you get cool stuff from your real families too.

@hunyock is all about family in these pics, lovely old photos she got that were found in her Uncle’s roll top desk “he’s the thin, dk haired guy w/ the butch sitting at the table in a pic. : )” she tells me.  You gotta love old photos and all the stories behind them 😀 Can’t put a price on these dudes.

@starlitwolf got these cuties in the post. The fairy in the middle was sent by her [then] future Sis-in-law who handmade it! Clever lady I reckon – she even stitched her name around it’s belly button, that must look odd dudes 😀
The other two were sent by starlitwolf’s best mate from the US to the UK as a bit of a gag when she found out that her and Mr were hooked on Neopets website games, no idea what they are dudes but sounds like fun!

This sweet lil glass cat was sent to @Bawdy_zombie by Mum from Gran Canaria.
It’s made from glass so you can see it being handled v carefully here!  I reckon that was a good choice, cos Bawdy clearly likes cats judging by the current avi.
I’m a bit clumsy so not allowed to touch the glass and ornament type things in case I break them.@Pepper_Patty_PP 

How cute are these socks!
@Pepper_Patty_PP was sent these by her Mum.  Obviously keen that Arya keeps her feet nice and toastie while camping 😀
I reckon that’s a great things to send on the post and reminds me that I need to find me some Munkeh socks for the winter!
Watch out dudes, cos love is in the air!
@katediamond This is the first ever letter that @katediamond got from her husband, back when he was just a penpal.  the magazine is the one that she found his penpal ad too. Awwww!
What you should know is that it seems Mr katediamond spelt her name wrong, oops! Let’s hope that he doesn’t have this problem anymore, guessing that he fixed that mistake quite quickly, seeing how they are married and that now.@little_mavis

@little_mavis was sent this odd looking thing, which she tells me is a rooftile with a drawing of a twergle on it. No dudes, I have no idea what a twergle is either! But obvioulsy it didn’t impress that little_mavis too much as she ended up with the Wombat. 

I found that there is all sorts of love dudes, love from ya families, love from those special peoples in your life and then there is this other sort of love. It’s this other sort of love that I reckon @hollylightly has for her boots. Yup, boots. She loves them so much she sent me two pics of them.  Seems they are ‘Carvela boots’ No idea what that means, they’re an odd sort of boot that Holly doesn’t even wear in case they get ruined. I guess that makes them like an ornament boot or summink. Anyway they arrived in the post and here they are:
@hollylightly 2@hollylightly

Talking of footwear
@Superblouse says she is being “postally stalked by this *comfortable* shoe catalogue” They do look comfy dude, but she reckons that at at only 39 she might be a bit young for this sort of thing just yet.  I reckon a comfy shoe is what you need whatever age you are, but then we munkehs don’t wear any!

@matt_cochr got his catalogue, for furniture, from Americaland, and like him I’ve never seen so many stamps on one envelope! I tried to count them all but I can only go up to ten and then I get muddled – there are more than ten on this one!
I hope they were the sticky sort of stamps and not the licky sort, you’d have a very yucky tongue otherwise eh dudes!
The doodle dude @captain_doodle seems to get lots of post. He send me two pics of some of he leaflets he’s had. The first one has a very odd looking dog that the Captain seems to think might be so trustworthy with ya car, if you ask me he looks a bit familiar.  And the second is a nice peaceful looking place, but in his words “Think this was a door drop. Life in a peaceful new world… before the bear rips your lungs off” I don’t reckon that’s the message they would quite be going for though dudes.
@captain_doodle@captain_doodle 2
@ToffeegirlUK got this charity newsletter in her post.  If you look closely at the bottom there are two dudes that climbed a mountain! That sounds awesome! I struggle with the really big trees, never mind a mountain – and we munkehs are great climbers too!

@ceee_j likes to get “geek post”. I can read that it’s a ‘Bluetooth to Serial Port Module’ but I no idea what any of those things mean. I know that ports are where nanas get delivered too, but I don’t know what a serial one might be. Oh, unless it’s a port where cereals get delivered to and they’re spelt it wrong?  Anyway seems that Clint finds all this very interesting and obviously understands more than me 😀
Not to be outdone @RHSFB12 got what you could call geek post too. A new used tablet. Now I know about these dues and I first thought she meant tablets that you take when you’re poorly, but when I saw the pic I knew she meant one of those pooter tablets which are awesome and very clever.  I’m saving up some of my pocket money to get one of these.
Have you ever had anything yummy arrive in the post? Well @hastillonlyme and @TheTiniestVole have.  Helen (hastillonlyme) got this very yummy looking lemon drizzle cake sent to her from a friend, what an awesome friend she has!  And Laura (TheTiniestVole) got some munchy yummies. I’ve had stuff from these Graze dudes, it’s proper tasty

This package of lovely stuff was sent to @ButMadNNW from the nice @leda_lu and it’s full of “lovely Parisian arty stuff”.  I am loving the fan, reckon that would keep you nice and cool, even in the desert – which is handy cos that’s where she lives.

Look who it is! It’s the lil cutie Lola. Now it wasn’t her that came in the post, I don’t reckon you’re allowed to send babies by parcel, but @Em_and_Lola got this sweet lil giraffe. I reckon Lola isn’t looking all that sure she likes it just yet though.
Talking of cute, look that at this lil dude! This is one of the fav things that @greythorne has gotten in the post.  He is awesome! It’s also worth saying that he looks a bit similar to greythorne too, judging by the avi, so maybe they’re related.
@carolthescott This is @carolthescot’s most fav things she got in the post too. It’s Jackie Chan dudes, with some cards Carol decorated! Let me tell you the story, or rather I’ll let Carol do it:
”One of the charities Jackie Chan is involved in is a place he visits regularly in China is an old folks home.So i wrote to him along with my cards and asked him to give them to the old buddies to cheer them up.It wasn’t just the one year I sent them but several years until i was no longer able to do so due to health reasons etc. One of the years Jackie sent me this photo- I’ll tell ye i nearly fell off my seat when I got it in the post as i never expected anything in return.”  What an awesome story eh dudes!  I reckon that is one of the best post stories I’ve heard 😀

Now, these funny looking things were sent to @minidibdob They are giant inflatable handcuffs, presumably Debs gets a load of giant inflatable villians where she lives, cos I can’t imagine what else you might need these for!  Possibly the funniest thing I’ve seen to get in the post!

I bet @flossieTP was chuffed when these arrived, they’re tickets to see some American group called The Fleet Foxes. I’d never heard of them, but they are quite mellow dudes, have a listen:
I don’t reckon that @ericafairs got very excited when she got this. Seems that this is as exciting as it gets for her post though. I’ve never had a tax return to do, but they don’t sound very interesting do they?!  She’s not alone though as @kaPOWed got post from the tax people too, hers was a very odd demand to pay £0 which seems like a very odd letter to send!

Some of you dudes really don’t get very exciting post at all, and @beanobundle reckon she’s no exception.  This I reckon is the biggest post I’ve seen! I don’t even know how the postie managed to get this in his bag – it’s mahoosive dudes!  But also not very exciting, I’m not keen on these vaccuum thingies, they are very loud and you have to be very careful when lil munkehs are about that they don’t get sucked up the pipe 😦

And just when you thought that you’d heard it all @EnglishKirsty leaps in with this uber exciting post!  She got sent a hollibob!  How cool is that dude! Who knew you could even get them sent to you!  Seems that she won a competition on the radio for it.  The only downside being that she wasn’t all that keen about talking on the radio – for a free hollibob you would though eh dudes!
@richlieu_uk I reckon the only way to top that one would be a pic of @richlieu_uk modelling some of the bike gear he gets in the post.  Now, Richard wouldn’t let us have a picture of that and sent a pic of just the bike gear on it’s own – it all looks very stretchy though, which is I guess what you want if you’re doing lots of bike riding.
@_zephirine_  I know what you’re thinking, but what sort of post would you want of you were the bike? Well luckily we can ask @_Zephirine_ who got this big book with lots of cycle routes in, the perfect thing for a bike.  Zephirine is a self confessed “bicycle of style and distinction” and from what I’ve seen I have to agree dudes.
Not straying too far from the topic of style and distinction we have this entry from the lovely @OldMotherRiley, who also send this lovely bit of a Morris song:
”Every morning true as the clock, somebody hears the postman knock, and this is what he brought me”. Says it all eh dudes, and it seems ‘what he brought’ was a v cool tractor book.
Here’s some post that arrived for @Alliterative, it’s a “DVD of Slings & Arrows from (Canadian version of Netflix)” and is an excellent Canadian show apparently, mark told me that it’s “a darkish comedy about a Shakespeare festival. Very well written.” Don’t reckon we’ve had that over in England, unless I missed it.

Ooooh big boxes! I like big boxes, they’re great fun. @davidtims got these ones sent to him and they look fab!  Oh, and inside the boxes is one of those grilling machines, David has called it George and it’ll be great for cooking nanas and stuff on it. Nom!

The very clever @rosamundi made this from some material she was sent in the post, I reckon that is v clever.  Seems that her Mum is teaching her how to make stuff which is nice and helpful.
I’m trying to make stuff from material I was sent and it’s quite tricky, so I reckon rosamundi has done really well.
@moynsquidgeim These things made me laugh, @moynsquidgeim was send these and will be wearing them at a hen night she’s going to.
I dunno about you dudes, but !am so looking forward to seeing the pics of them all being worn!
 @gib46What an awesome mix of different posts you all get dudes, nearly done, but no Simian SundayPics would be complete without a pic from my bessy mate @Gib46. He got sent this lil duck in the post and is v cute.  His name is Duckie and he’s a special lil duck as he helps to support the dudes over at You should go check it out I reckon, it’s a great charity and loadsa famous people have lil ducks like this one too.
@mannymunkehAnd last but not least (I hope) is my sundaypics entry. You all know how much I love hats, well look at these beauties that came in the post – four lil bobble hats in four awesome colours, one for each season! I am gonna be the best dressed munkeh about!
Once again, thanks for all your awesome entries dudes, I like doing these sundaypics and I hope you like doing them and what I’ve said about them. 
Now I did say when I posted the topic that there might be special prizes for this theme, well I didn’t like to put peoples on the spot if they didn’t feel happy about sending me their addresses and stuff so I’ll say this instead: For everyone that entered this ‘Things you got in the post’ sundaypics, if you want some more post send me a DM and I’ll make sure you get ‘something’, promise it’ll be more exciting that a tax letter but maybe not as exciting as a holiday 😀

Peace out dudes, Manny xx

Spam spam spam spam

spamRecently, a fair number of spam tweets have been appearing using the #SUNDAYPICS hashtag. They’re easy to spot, as they mostly (but not always) have an egg avatar. The big giveaway though is machine-generated user names, such as FredspmjKjhhgdj. See the pic on the right for examples.

They don’t appear to be malicious – the one I checked appeared to be trying to sell a new website thing – but I’d advise you not to click on them anyway. You might want to report them for spam, too.

This has been a public service announcement.

Numbers (a.k.a. Doodle Bingo!)

Hey, sundaypiccerers, guest blogger @captain_doodle comin’ atcha…

Firstly, a big thanks to all those who took part in a fun, frantic Sunday of number crunching. I asked for numbers and boy did I receive them in droves! When I set the theme (find and photograph numbers and, as an added twist, help fill a card, bingo-stylee, with the numbers 1-50 on a ‘first come, first served’ basis) I wasn’t sure how it’d go. As it turned out twas a rip roarin’ success with more than enough to call BINGO! by mid-afternoon. Here’s the final Doodle Bingo grid in all its glory…

The contributors were as follows:

1 – @FBishWife’s celebratory balloon
2 – @BestofTimes – a big fairgroundy number 2
3 – @hastillonlyme – a 3d postage bargain!
4 – @little_mavis – 4th birthday with an under sea theme
5 – @carolthescot – gimme five!
6 – @davidgilray – six little birdies
7 – @captain_doodle – photocopying bargains
8 – @och23 – scrabbling around in the dark with some kiddies glowsticks
9 – @PinkPipala – lock gate number
10 – @nyncompoop’s kids throwing some shapes!
11 – @ToffeegirlUK – platform 11 at Waterloo
12 – @JudgeTread – old skool
13 – @TiggerLlily – teenager’s birthday card
14 – @Tonihill79 – 14 pegs making a 14
15 – @Em_and_Lola – the day sundaypics took place
16 – @LilianLouvaine – Swedish Ice Hotel room number
17 – @Jensunny – tarot numerals
18 – @Bv079 – old skool Sesame Street style
19 – @ScullyScully – n-n-n-n-nineteen. An 80s classic
20 – @SkydiveMacca – stuck in a weird Post Office wormhole with no maths laws
21 – @Ariadnes_web – daughter Rose turns 21
22 – @Crofty – two little ducks. Both grandparents worshipped the bingo gods at Mecca
23 – @starlitwolf – Ohio state sign
24 – @flossieTP – on paper
25 – @MacJude – San Francisco tram
26 – @SarahTregear’s house number
27 – @wombat37 – cooking up some potato cakes
28 – @damien_safc11 – iPhone action
29 – @gibbonarms – 29p
30 – @treadgently – roadsign. A classic of the numbers genre
31 – @MannyMunkeh – formation monkey business
32 – @sjnewton – pun-tastic hut!
33 – @ButMadNNW – door to the infamous Club 33 at Disney
34 – @louwiseman – Dreamies!
35 – @Belfegore – door numbers
36 – @MrsAshborosCat – “Nottingham fire hydrant sign thingy”
37 – @white76 – homage to the mighty Wombat
38 – @superblouse – supercleavage! *SECRET BRUCEY BONUS PRIZE SQUARE!!!*
39 – @IainLJ – wheely bin
40 – @CallCentre_Guy – mucky face wipes
41 – @robmorrey – tasty breakfast
42 – @oldMotherRiley – tractor number
43 – @talojo – Lego!
44 – @treadgently – daughter Yasmin’s plasticine 44
45 – @hardyheroine – clothing number
46 – @watty62 – it’s on the cards
47 – @FannyIngabout – decorative house number
48 – @richlieu_uk – race time from his 10k Great Manchester Run
49 – @greythorne – Bridlesmith Gate in Nottingham
50 – @Pixel_8 – microwave clock

More pics you say? OK then… Missing out on the Doodle Bingo card were the following people, arriving just too late to claim a grid square, or being mavericks and lobbing in crazy off-piste numbers! 😉 

Thanks go out to…

2) @treadgently, 2) @wombat37, 3) @Och23, 6) @white76, 7) @SarahTregear, 8) @teddy_red, 9)  @Janegoth, 10) @davidtims, 11) @nyncompoop, 11) @Shysarah2009, 12) @treadgently, 12) @white76, 17) @BestofTimes 18) @richlieu_uk, 19) @julietims,  23) @starlitwolf, 23) @greythorne, 23) @och23,  24) @treadgently, 25) @little_mavis, 25) @treadgently, 28) @treadgently, 29) @treadgently, 33) @talojo, 40) @FannyIngabout, 45) @treadgently, 46) @davidgilray 46) @Gib46, 48) @minidibdob, 110000) @wombat37, 54) @CallCentre_guy, 56) @Snowgirl1972, 70) @little_mavis, 74) @EnglishKirsty , 104) @captain_doodle, Various numbers) @DavidWaldock, @hollylightly, @starlitwolf

Was now going to post the full images for all of these, but a) it would take me forever! and b) I think they’re fine as they are in this context and the final card looks fab as it is 🙂

The next chapter…

Well then, it all seems to have gone rather well. In fact, so much so that I’ve had numerous requests for prints! I think it’d look great on a canvas so I’m working at getting it into shape for print-ready artwork. I’ll of course be checking that you’re all OK with giving permission to use your pics before anything gets printed, and will sub any out that anyone’s not OK with. It’s an ongoing mini project at the moment so watch this space. I’ve had to have a bit of a tinker as some of the images aren’t of sufficient resolution for print etc, so am in the process of putting together some artwork from all the pics I received. If you want to eventually buy a print/canvas and you find your pic has been removed from the grid I’ll happily customise your own artwork by popping it back in. Right, enough waffle. The current artwork I’m putting together is currently set up to 12×12 INCHES (canvas people *clearly* haven’t gone metric!) is below, looking rather like the 2nd Death Star under construction…

The blank pink squares are either awaiting replacements or are casualties of war. As you can see, to get rid of the awkward 50 sat on its own in a 49-square grid, I’ve now extended the grid to a 64-square one, which means I’m after SOME MORE NUMBERS!!! #sundaypics has gone into extra time! As I say, I’m trying to get tweaked/bigger versions of some numbers, but the following are up for grabs…


Please twitpic (or similar) as many submissions for these numbers as you like, as high-res as possible, copying me in, and we’ll go from there.

Thanks again, gang; twas a fab #sundaypics to host 🙂


Spam spam spam spam

spamRecently, a fair number of spam tweets have been appearing using the #SUNDAYPICS hashtag. They’re easy to spot, as they all have an egg avatar and machine-generated user names, such as FredspmjKjhhgdj. See the pic on the right for examples.

They don’t appear to be malicious – the one I checked appeared to be trying to sell a new website thing – but I’d advise you not to click on them anyway. You might want to report them for spam, too.

This has been a public service announcement.

Google’s Mr. Men

To mark what would have been the 76th birthday of Roger Hargreaves, Google is today giving us no less than 16 rather wonderful Google doodles based on Hargreaves’ Mr. Men characters. To see them all, you can either refresh the Google home page lots of times, giving your F5 key a rare work-out, or just peruse them below. Mr. Bump’s my favourite – what’s yours?

Mr. Bumpbump


Little Miss Chatterboxchatterbox


Little Miss Curiouscurious


Mr. Dizzydizzy


Mr. Forgetfulforgetful


Mr. Funnyfunny


Mr. Happyhappy


Little Miss Magicmagic


Mr. Messymessy


Little Miss Naughtynaughty


Mr. Rushrush


Little Miss Shyshy


Mr. Slowslow


Little Miss Sunshinesunshine


Mr. Tickletickle


Little Miss Tinytiny

Special Simian One-off

Just discovered this photo that I missed off the Happiness blog post. It’s such a good ‘un, that I thought it deserved to be brought to your attention. I’ll let the top dude himself, @mannymunkeh, explain –

“Dude you missed me off the Happiness blog Happiness is when all the gang are together dudes”Dude you missed me off the happiness blog Happiness is when all the gang are together dudes

Bury’s Going Up!

I took my little camera to the Bury v Wycombe match after The Shakers had won promotion to League 1.

The Royal Widdletons

As well you remember, a short time ago Prince William and Kate Middleton became The Widdletons, and simultaneously the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, by getting married in what, somewhat surprisingly to this royal cynic, was a moving and entertaining ceremony. Here are your postings of either something weddingy you made, or what you were doing during the wedding.

Pride of #Sundaypics

I wanted to give these two entries a special place in this blog post, because they are so very, very wonderful. Here’s all the glory of the Royal Wedding courtesy of the mighty @headcase10 and @TheTiniestVole 41TheTiniestVole 231headcase10 @wombat37 #sundaypics the mini royal wedding party


Creative People

01@andymcf @wombat37 Here is an offering from the Maths dept of England's oldest school forAnd now, you creative types can take pride of place in this post, led by the redoubtable @andymcf, who says Here is an offering from the Maths department of England’s oldest school”. If you look closely, you’ll see integration symbols and the like, all of which I used to know backwards before I became old and, you know, a wombat.

03doodledawne-I made crowns for two little anti-princesses



“I made crowns for two little anti-princesses” reports @doodledawne. There’s a lot of work gone into those, so well done. *tries to resist joke about what size boobs would fit snugly in those*


04carolthescot-Crappy Royal Wedding souvenirFrom @carolthescot comes this “Crappy Royal Wedding souvenir” (her words, not mine – but it is). You should click to see the larger version, which you’ll then be able to read. Yes it is a design for a bejewelled plaster, in case of Royal Wedding paper-cut emergencies, and is emblazoned with the letters “W C”. I trust that refers to the royal couple, rather than a nearby toilet.

10Tonihill79-Not quite how i pictured it but here is my #SundayPics, its supposed to be the English FlagAs we all know, Twitter wouldn’t be Twitter without photos of people’s food. Here, @Tonihill79 maintains that proud tradition with a pic about which she says “Not quite how i pictured it but here is my #SundayPics, its supposed to be the English Flag”. The pedant in me is compelled to point out that the English flag is the cross of St. George. What you have attempted to create there is, I believe, the Union Flag (it’s only the Union Jack when flown from a vessel). A superb effort in any case, although perhaps some judicious ketchup stripery might have added to the overall effect.

21sherbertpip68 @wombat37 my 5yo son's wedding plaqueAw, now this is nice! @sherbertpip68 posted this photo of her five-year-old son’s wedding plaque. It’s magnificent – look how happy The Widdletons are! And Wills, he’s such a hunk with those manly shoulders and spherical feet. Lovely. Get him to draw Pippa Middleton’s arse next, Lucy.


33Jaxbourne #Sundaypics my home made wedding cookies



This piece is entitled “My home made wedding cookies”, and is the work of @jaxbourne. It was a temporary art installation. Nom.

35hardyheroine #Sundaypics - I didn't take any pics but think this one with coughs minor additions looks the part



[FX Camilla Joke Generator OFF] This delightful pic is the work of notorious papparazzo @hardyheroine (although I do have a slight suspicion there may have been some minor enhancements made to the photograph). “I didn’t take any pics but think this one with *coughs* minor additions looks the part”.

38SarahTregear My #SUNDAYPICS A flag made, waved and broken by C



And finally in this section, a perfect example of the sort of thing I was looking for. This is @SarahTregear’s entry, and shows “A flag made, waved and broken by C”. Oh, the wistful poignancy of this end-of-the-day detritus almost makes me want to relive the whole ceremony over again. Almost.




02LilianLouvaine-Friday was my birthday, so I was admiring my new mixer most of the morningLazy Sods


It was @LilianLouvaine’s birthday on the day of the Royal Wedding, so she was admiring her new mixer most of the morning. It’s a good-looking beastie, but personally I’d rather have Lego.

05pixel_8 - spent the day at mcr people's history museum Oooh, it's a Slicemaster 3000! Good lighting on the blade actually.



That @pixel_8 spent the day at Manchester People’s History Museum, and took this rather well lit photograph of… oooh, it’s a Slicemaster 3000!

06wombat37-Here's what I did during the Royal Wedding



And here’s what I did during the Royal Wedding – ate bacon butties and faffed about on Twitter. Such is my life.


07greythorne-I chased geese through a daffodil meadow during the royal wedding



Far more active was @greythorne who chased geese through a daffodil meadow, although it looks here like the geese are doing the chasing.

09EXNavyGirl-On the Royal Wedding I was in my catsuit playing my guitar along to a-ha



@EXNavyGirl was in her catsuit playing her guitar along to A-Ha. Nice guitar shape there…..


And here are three photographs from @Em_and_Lola of Lola’s reactions at three points throughout the big day – at the start, during the ceremony, and finally waking up for the kiss on the balcony. Aw.08em_and_lola - 1start of wedding 

11IainLJ #Sundaypics What I did during the wedding - went for a walk


Oooh, this place looks pleasant. That @IainLJ went there for a walk during the Wedding. Might well have done that myself if there was anywhere like that round us. There’s not.

12Cumbrianvixens Me, Jenny and Amanda, A friend, big sister & her daughter played kendo on the royal wedding. - Motoko



My favourite Cumbrian Vixens, @Cumbrianvixens (naturally) posted this Kendo stick. It’s probably not called a stick really, but I’m a lay wombat and can’t be arsed Googling. Motoko says “Me, Jenny and Amanda, a friend, big sister & her daughter played Kendo on the royal wedding”. Hitting things – like it!

13HC_Illustrator Edie chose this outfit herself to watch the Royal Wedding #SUNDAYPICS #holdingoutforHarry


13HC_Illustrator Royal Wedding activitiesFrom @HC_Illustrator – “Edie chose this outfit herself to watch the Royal Wedding  #holdingoutforHarry” Helen also posted this pic of a street party. Both wonderful pics, these. I particularly like Edie’s demure expression.


Here we have three entries from @Woodvetch, who spent the aftrnoon playing with her Brit action figures. Let’s see – there’s Tom Baker’s Doctor of course, with his infamous Big Gourd (maybe the Chameleon Circuit was working for once). There’s the Empty Child in the middle, and on the right I think that’s Pond and Eleven, with me and @little_mavis circa 197514woodvetch-2Played with Brit action figures of course14woodvetch-1Played with Brit action figures of course.14woodvetch-3Played with Brit action figures of course



15shouldbeinbed-sorry about the flare taken on my phone camera


Here’s a pic from @shouldbeinbed, obviously making a strong point about tax avoidance. Not sure whether it took two hours to take the photograph, or possibly to create the painting from scratch. Or even the whereabouts of @shouldbeinbed, who says “Sorry about the flare taken on my phone camera”.

16mannymunkeh-Me and Marco looking down on the ceremony from the balcony dudes



Our #SUNDAYPICS VIPs, @mannymunkeh and @marcomunkeh, were obviously given prime positions. Manny says “Me and Marco looking down on the ceremony from the balcony dudes”. A treasured memory for Marco to take to America with him.

17ButMadNNW #sundaypics At the time of the royal wedding, I was... sleepin


Speaking of America, what with timezones and stuff, it’s no surprise that @ButMadNNW says “At the time of the royal wedding, I was… sleeping”. Not so soundly that you couldn’t focus on the clock, though.

18jfzola25 #SUNDAYPICS what I did during the royal wedding. Much watering of the garden



Now here’s a busy chappie – @jfzola25 says “What I did during the royal wedding. Much watering of the garden”. Looks like you’re holding about seven hoses there, matey, although the lawn obviously needed it.

19EnglishKirsty #Sundaypics Scrumpy the geriatric one eyed blind Shih Tzu enjoying the Royal Wedding



Cruel @EnglishKirsty chucked a cushion at poor Scrumpy for her entry – “Scrumpy the geriatric one-eyed blind Shih Tzu enjoying the Royal Wedding” she says wit a laugh. Poor Scrumpy. Mind you, she also sent us this fantastic photo of 19EnglishKirsty Gracie in her tiara enjoying a bit of flag waving at one of the few Royal Wedding parties in Eire“Gracie in her tiara enjoying a bit of flag waving at one of the few Royal Wedding parties in Eire”, so maybe I’ll forgive her.


20RHSFB12 @WOMBAT37 #SUNDAYPICS GETTING MY ROYAL ON FOR THE WEDDING AT 4AM US TIMEOh look, here’s another mad Colonial. It’s that 20RHSFB12 (to the right there), who describes herself as “Getting my Royal on for the wedding at 4 am”. You daft ‘aporth, woman.


22kirtle @Wombat37 This is what my youngest thought after watching 10 minutes of Friday's goings on


Aw bless! This is from @kirtle – This is what my youngest thought after watching 10 minutes of Friday’s goings on”. Perhaps that’s the best attitude of all in the long run. After all, which is more important? A public ceremony costing millions, or a nap?

25widget53 @wombat37 Em modeling the dress that @friendofwidget wore on RW day. To the pub. #sundaypics I was workin




Here’s another cutie, from @widget53. This is Em modelling the dress that @friendofwidget wore on Royal Wedding day… to the pub. I was working” Your friend wore a wedding dress to the pub? Trying to get free drinks then? Did it work?



23joehambleton-MrsAshborosCat @wombat37 Just for you. Joe gives pippas bum the ahem thumbs up23MrsAshborosCat #SundayPics @wombat37 We watched the #RW on the 'in-laws' rather small tv…loved it. Very romanticOK now, here’s a couple of photos from @MrsAshborosCat and @joehambleton that sort of go together. First, “we watched the wedding on the ‘in-laws’ rather “small” TV…loved it. Very romantic”. And then, just for me, they kindly showed us Joe gives Pippa’s bum the *ahem* thumbs up”. I wouldn’t mind giving her arse a bit of a thumbs up, too. I’m sorry, I’ll get me coat…

24Alliterative #sundaypics This is what I was looking at during the royal wedding (the insides of my eyelids, as I was asleep)


Here’s @Alliterative “This is what I was looking at during the royal wedding (the insides of my eyelids, as I was asleep)”. 26AvenSarah-During the royal wedding I was up with an early-rising baby, watching in the dawn light1And while he was asleep, he also forced – forced, I say! – his poor wife out into the dawn light. See? @AvenSarah says “During the royal wedding I was up with an early-rising baby, watching in the dawn light”



27OldMotherRiley I was at a beer festival of Kent and Sussex beers. No. 18 is fairly wedding appropriate


Now this is my kind of activity. Our old favourite @OldMotherRiley “was at a beer festival of Kent and Sussex beers. No. 18 is fairly wedding appropriate”. Ah yes, “Trouble & Strife”. Three quid a pint? Blimey.

28Ariadnes_web #SundayPics My hairdresser came at 12 and we set up in front of the tv to watch The Wedding




And on our right we can see @Ariadnes_web’s #SundayPics – “My hairdresser came at 12 and we set up in front of the TV to watch The Wedding”. I do hope the hairdo went OK, and that the strange bird there didn’t poop on your mantelpiece. Your hairdresser is hot, btw.

29chickenprincess Wedding coverage started at 1am here, we may have had a little drink beforehand. Dave was Very Excited


Awwww! Dog-cuteness! @chickenprincess reports that “Wedding coverage started at 1am here, we may have had a little drink beforehand. Dave was Very Excited”. Very royal, I have to say!

30WaywardLou #sundaypics This photo sums up much of my life, not just #rw2011 Watching telly with mum, tea, cat in shoe box



“This photo sums up much of my life, not just #rw2011. Watching telly with mum, tea, cat in shoe box” – I think that covers most of us here, actually (except in my case it’s my Mum that gets in the shoe box). This is, as if you hadn’t guessed, the entry from @waywardlou.

32Superblouse @wombat37 My wedding watching headgear (taken in a toilet just for you)


Long-time followers will know of my predilection for photographs of women in toilets (don’t ask). @Superblouse certainly does – “My wedding watching headgear (taken in a toilet just for you)”. I’m easily please. And ah look – cleavage no. 38!

33Jaxbourne #Sundaypics what I was doing at the wedding! Drinking


Here’s that @Jaxbourne babe now, showing us what she was doing during the wedding. Drinking. A wise decision, IMHO. I don’t think this one was taken in the toilet, unless Jax’s house is super-endowed with tellies.

36FBishWife #sundaypics G. Playing with her royal wedding happyland whilst watching the wedding


Acording to @FBishWife, this is “G. Playing with her Royal Wedding Happyland whilst watching the wedding”. It all sounds a bit circular and self-referential to me. I want one of those, though


37Och23 #sundaypics well I had a very lazy day on the sofa...


Right, now here @Och23 tells us that she “had a very lazy day on the sofa…”. I’ve zoomed in, and she appears to be reading a John Connolly book. Can’t quite make out the title though. Meanwhile, out in the garden (below), 37robmorrey was rebuilding the summer house as a more practical shed@robmorrey was rebuilding the summer house as a more practical shed. Now who wears the trousers in that house, do you think?



39Mallrat_uk @wombat37 #sundaypics I was doing this during the wedding



Here’s @Mallrat_uk – “I was doing this during the wedding”. Oh yes, that’s my sort of Royal Wedding party too – wine, women and… well, maybe not the crappy magazine.

40zevans23 #sundaypics This is what I was doing at 11am on Sunday




You should zoom in on this pic, my dears – tis lovely. @zevans23 says “This is what I was doing at 11am on Sunday”. A right breath of fresh air. Almost as perfect a view as Pippa’s bum.



No explanation at all of this entry from @TheTiniestVole. Tis a humungous jigsaw of… let me see… I think of some naff cartoons of previous royals. Hey, look at the triffids trying to break in through the window!

42Littlebit_Bod @wombat37 #Sundaypics during the wedding I was mostly doing this



“During the wedding I was mostly doing this” says @Littlebit_Bod. I did receive a full explanation of what all the squiggle was, but I’ve since mislaid my notes, in true wombat fashion. What an eejit. It’s an audio thingy, I can tell that from my experiences recording the Audioboo Christmas Advent Calendar last year.

43captain_doodle Late #sundaypics entry (busy day!). During the royal wedding I was mostly buying these



Here’s @captain_doodle with a late entry (“sorry, busy day!”) – “During the royal wedding I was mostly buying these”. Ah, that sort of busy day!

44sarahpez My wedding watching decorations



On the left you can see @sarahpez’s wedding watching decorations. If I zoom in to find something to be rude about, I fail miserably, cos it’s all done in the best possible taste. The flag is even hung the proper way up (broad stripe at the top nearer the flagpole, or the left if there is no pole).

45ericafairs #Sundaypics Highly unoriginal, but I did spend most of the day watching tv.---Worst bobsleigh team ever



The delightful @ericafairs was “highly unoriginal, but I did spend most of the day watching tv”. Look at those four – worst bobsleigh team ever.

46ToffeegirlUK @wombat37 rushes in Sorry I'm late but here's my #Sundaypics. This was our (drunken) rendition of Jerusalem..I think!. This was our (drunken) rendition of Jerusalem..I think!



And finally, @ToffeegirlUK rushes in with a “Sorry I’m late but here’s my #Sundaypics. This was our (drunken) rendition of Jerusalem..I think!”. Are you sure you weren’t onto Agadoo by then?