Numbers (a.k.a. Doodle Bingo!)

Hey, sundaypiccerers, guest blogger @captain_doodle comin’ atcha…

Firstly, a big thanks to all those who took part in a fun, frantic Sunday of number crunching. I asked for numbers and boy did I receive them in droves! When I set the theme (find and photograph numbers and, as an added twist, help fill a card, bingo-stylee, with the numbers 1-50 on a ‘first come, first served’ basis) I wasn’t sure how it’d go. As it turned out twas a rip roarin’ success with more than enough to call BINGO! by mid-afternoon. Here’s the final Doodle Bingo grid in all its glory…

The contributors were as follows:

1 – @FBishWife’s celebratory balloon
2 – @BestofTimes – a big fairgroundy number 2
3 – @hastillonlyme – a 3d postage bargain!
4 – @little_mavis – 4th birthday with an under sea theme
5 – @carolthescot – gimme five!
6 – @davidgilray – six little birdies
7 – @captain_doodle – photocopying bargains
8 – @och23 – scrabbling around in the dark with some kiddies glowsticks
9 – @PinkPipala – lock gate number
10 – @nyncompoop’s kids throwing some shapes!
11 – @ToffeegirlUK – platform 11 at Waterloo
12 – @JudgeTread – old skool
13 – @TiggerLlily – teenager’s birthday card
14 – @Tonihill79 – 14 pegs making a 14
15 – @Em_and_Lola – the day sundaypics took place
16 – @LilianLouvaine – Swedish Ice Hotel room number
17 – @Jensunny – tarot numerals
18 – @Bv079 – old skool Sesame Street style
19 – @ScullyScully – n-n-n-n-nineteen. An 80s classic
20 – @SkydiveMacca – stuck in a weird Post Office wormhole with no maths laws
21 – @Ariadnes_web – daughter Rose turns 21
22 – @Crofty – two little ducks. Both grandparents worshipped the bingo gods at Mecca
23 – @starlitwolf – Ohio state sign
24 – @flossieTP – on paper
25 – @MacJude – San Francisco tram
26 – @SarahTregear’s house number
27 – @wombat37 – cooking up some potato cakes
28 – @damien_safc11 – iPhone action
29 – @gibbonarms – 29p
30 – @treadgently – roadsign. A classic of the numbers genre
31 – @MannyMunkeh – formation monkey business
32 – @sjnewton – pun-tastic hut!
33 – @ButMadNNW – door to the infamous Club 33 at Disney
34 – @louwiseman – Dreamies!
35 – @Belfegore – door numbers
36 – @MrsAshborosCat – “Nottingham fire hydrant sign thingy”
37 – @white76 – homage to the mighty Wombat
38 – @superblouse – supercleavage! *SECRET BRUCEY BONUS PRIZE SQUARE!!!*
39 – @IainLJ – wheely bin
40 – @CallCentre_Guy – mucky face wipes
41 – @robmorrey – tasty breakfast
42 – @oldMotherRiley – tractor number
43 – @talojo – Lego!
44 – @treadgently – daughter Yasmin’s plasticine 44
45 – @hardyheroine – clothing number
46 – @watty62 – it’s on the cards
47 – @FannyIngabout – decorative house number
48 – @richlieu_uk – race time from his 10k Great Manchester Run
49 – @greythorne – Bridlesmith Gate in Nottingham
50 – @Pixel_8 – microwave clock

More pics you say? OK then… Missing out on the Doodle Bingo card were the following people, arriving just too late to claim a grid square, or being mavericks and lobbing in crazy off-piste numbers! ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Thanks go out to…

2) @treadgently, 2) @wombat37, 3) @Och23, 6) @white76, 7) @SarahTregear, 8) @teddy_red, 9)  @Janegoth, 10) @davidtims, 11) @nyncompoop, 11) @Shysarah2009, 12) @treadgently, 12) @white76, 17) @BestofTimes 18) @richlieu_uk, 19) @julietims,  23) @starlitwolf, 23) @greythorne, 23) @och23,  24) @treadgently, 25) @little_mavis, 25) @treadgently, 28) @treadgently, 29) @treadgently, 33) @talojo, 40) @FannyIngabout, 45) @treadgently, 46) @davidgilray 46) @Gib46, 48) @minidibdob, 110000) @wombat37, 54) @CallCentre_guy, 56) @Snowgirl1972, 70) @little_mavis, 74) @EnglishKirsty , 104) @captain_doodle, Various numbers) @DavidWaldock, @hollylightly, @starlitwolf

Was now going to post the full images for all of these, but a) it would take me forever! and b) I think they’re fine as they are in this context and the final card looks fab as it is ๐Ÿ™‚

The next chapter…

Well then, it all seems to have gone rather well. In fact, so much so that I’ve had numerous requests for prints! I think it’d look great on a canvas so I’m working at getting it into shape for print-ready artwork. I’ll of course be checking that you’re all OK with giving permission to use your pics before anything gets printed, and will sub any out that anyone’s not OK with. It’s an ongoing mini project at the moment so watch this space. I’ve had to have a bit of a tinker as some of the images aren’t of sufficient resolution for print etc, so am in the process of putting together some artwork from all the pics I received. If you want to eventually buy a print/canvas and you find your pic has been removed from the grid I’ll happily customise your own artwork by popping it back in. Right, enough waffle. The current artwork I’m putting together is currently set up to 12×12 INCHES (canvas people *clearly* haven’t gone metric!) is below, looking rather like the 2nd Death Star under construction…

The blank pink squares are either awaiting replacements or are casualties of war. As you can see, to get rid of the awkward 50 sat on its own in a 49-square grid, I’ve now extended the grid to a 64-square one, which means I’m after SOME MORE NUMBERS!!! #sundaypics has gone into extra time! As I say, I’m trying to get tweaked/bigger versions of some numbers, but the following are up for grabs…


Please twitpic (or similar) as many submissions for these numbers as you like, as high-res as possible, copying me in, and we’ll go from there.

Thanks again, gang; twas a fab #sundaypics to host ๐Ÿ™‚



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