Numbers (Director’s Cut)

The next chapter…

Well then, it all seems to have gone rather well. In fact, so much so that I’ve had numerous requests for prints! I think it’d look great on a canvas so I’m working at getting it into shape for print-ready artwork. I’ll of course be checking that you’re all OK with giving permission to use your pics before anything gets printed, and will sub any out that anyone’s not OK with. It’s an ongoing mini project at the moment so watch this space. I’ve had to have a bit of a tinker as some of the images aren’t of sufficient resolution for print etc, so am in the process of putting together some artwork from all the pics I received. If you want to eventually buy a print/canvas and you find your pic has been removed from the grid I’ll happily customise your own artwork by popping it back in. The artwork’s currently set up to 12×12 INCHES (canvas people *clearly* haven’t gone metric!). Anyway, here it is…

UPDATE: It’s done! Need to Photoshop ’em a bit, but everything’s in place. I’ll shortly be doing the rounds asking for permission to use images. Thanks, everyone 🙂



About wombat37

A Yorkshireman in the green hills of Lancashire, UK Not a real wombat, obviously, or typing would become an issue. I do have short legs and a hairy nose, however. Oh, & a distinctive smell.

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  1. Good work, that man.


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