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My goodness me, how time flies when you’re doing whatever it is that you do when time is flying? Apologies for just how late this SundayPics Blog is, but after gathering all your nifty pics, then my dear wife and I were called away, as Red Cross volunteers, to go down to Georgia, and help the good folk there after the tornado went thru. So this blog really is spaced out, at least in the sense of time that it took for me to complete! But hey, like a beautiful woman, it just gets better and better, doesn’t it? So I’m just going to post your great pics, along with my patter, in a random fashion…

So first up we have @davidgilray with his Peace Man snail… somehow fitting as this blog has moved along at just that pace!

Next the lovely@Ariadnes_web shows just how peaceful a spaced out kitty can be….

Next @captain_doodle shows the trajectory of his hotdog at the stadium? Brown or yellow mustard is my only question!
And from an outdoor stadium to the Great Outdoors, @Crofty shows us a fave place of his to enjoy the wide open spaces… lovely!
Meanwhile @Alliterative asks us if this is an alien planet, or just a strange Easter Egg? Depends on what kind of omelet it makes I would say!
But I say that our wonderfully literate friend has an even better  pic, and here it is! E1 has a smile that is out of this world! =)
But not to be out done in the skies above us department, the lovely @Superblouse snapped this picture out her window. Yes, you can see Uranus from there! Oops, are those Klingons?

But to be truly Spaced Out, it takes a cat… the larger the better! Just ask @robmorrey who favors us with this one…
Meanwhile, the wonderful @Och23 shows us how her daughter sleeps. Similar idea, but just too cute!
With all the sleeping going on, I think I need a nap! *yawn* But just to enliven this blog up a bit, @bols shows off her wonderful talent, and graces us with this fine piece of art! Quite stunning and well done!
But enough of such philosophy says @att_land, the truth is simply the truth… or something like that?
Next up is an entry from @shouldbeinbed (gawdz I love that moniker!) who says “I confess, not one of mine but I think its great & has a UFO drawn in it” It does indeed!
The following entry from my fellow countryman… oh wait would she be a countrywoman? But that’s not really right either is it? Anyway, @ButMadNNW gives us a truly delightful pun! Kudos to you my dear, well done!
Meanwhile back in Europe, the irrepressible (does that mean he can’t be pressed after laundering?) @davidtims shows the world just what being “spaced out” is all about… Amsterdam style… duuuude..
But wait! @att_land had another fine entry, that certainly shows us just how genuine he is? Or sumpn like that… what a heartfelt pic…
So next, in the Winner of the Beautiful No Matter How Tired She Is After A Day At Alton Towers (What?! you didn’t know we had that category? Really, do try to keep up) is the wonderful @Tonihill79.
Returning to Mutual Of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom (apologies if you Brits don’t get that one… it was a fun show in the 60’s where the assistant always had to do the dangerous work), @ericafairs tries to not disturb the deadly lion, Nev, during his nap…
Continuing with the Wild Kingdom theme for another delightful, if not as dangerous, is the lovely @LillianLouvaine who shows “Spaced out stones of the King’s Men stone circle in the Cotswolds:
Next up, in an entirely different kind of Wild Kingdom, the beautiful @LottieLee1960 shows that you really do hafta be spaced out to drive in Atlanta! (Been there, done that, she is SO right!)

And bringing in the artsy fartsy crowd, @Underbundle shows us how his lovely missus can really be spaced out! I say she looks four times as lovely there!
Meanwhile, @scyrene must have known I was already a Space Case, and thoughtfully kept it simple  for me… Thanx, and a beautiful shot!
Up next, again in random order, our fave simian, @ManneyMunkeh shows what happened when he and Marco met a very spaced out dude… So is that Manny or Marco showing off the primate chest?
But wait! @matt_cochr takes us to a nightclub in Leeds, and shows us a real spaced out place…
Back again to the Not So Wild Kingdom, @MrsAshborosCat always knew her dear Apollo was just a tad different… now she knows why! Too much catnip maybe?
Then, our very own @Shysarah2009 shows us the best part of being spaced out… not being spaced out! Way to go girl, you have rocked the house once again!
Now moving from feeding your soul, to feeding your tummy (you did want a healthy snack, didn’t you?), @Em_and_Lola show us how their allotment (another Brit word I got to learn, yea!) is filled with “leeks,spring onions, garlic & salad leaves”. YUMMEE! 

So bouncing from one planet to another, @Mallrat_uk got this treasure for his students! Win!

So let’s keep with these heady times and explore what the lovely @woodvetch has to say, “I generally wear a scarf or snood to hide my alien head in public.” Actually, having met her, I can tell you she normally wears 3 pairs of glasses…

Continuing with the far overhead theme for a moment, @DanteGalgo shows us a pic from @Astro_Ron, taken on Easter, from the ISS, of Jerusalem… stunning it is… and look, no little dotted lines to show the borders? Think about it! …ok, no more political commentary, let’s on with the show…
Bringing us back to Earth, @OldMotherRiley says “….and this could be spaced on all kinds of levels”. And very tasty levels at that! What? Oh sorry, just my attempt at some dry humor…
Then she even goes another step forward, being the beautiful woman that she is, and shows off a more delicate arrangement of spaces… she claims it was a wedding, but looks like the aftermath of the Bachelorette Party to me?
So now comes @carolthescot with “This is another Buddy Bear I entered in a Jackie Chan comp”. Ummm… okaaay… so the KungFu and Movie Star asked for a Buddy Bear? I is confoozed? But abso luv the bear!
Another wonderful entry in the hand drawn mode is @IainLJ’s entry, “Found this when out walking the other day.” Wow, you must have the best strolls!

Next our globe twotting @mikeybaer shows how the CCTV Building, in Beijing China uses space! Very clever indeed…

Taking us out of the city, and into the country, the ever beautiful @RHSFB12 shows us the pic that her son (otherwise known as TennisPlayer) took of the recent Super Moon. Very mystical indeed…
And oh so delightedly, our penultimate entry is from @nyncompoop, who gently shows us The Boy being spaced out… it truly is an “Awwwwwww….” picture… don ya just wanna cradle him? Or maybe sputter his tummy? Oh, oops, maybe not while he’s napping… 😉
As I bring this unassuming and very spaced out blog to a close, if you haven’t seen *your* pic, (in the words of Douglas Adams) “Don’t Panic”! Just kindly resend me the link, and I will include in a post script below. Considering how long this has taken, I would be surprised if some *didn’t slip thru the cracks?
And as for my lame entry, I decided that since this began with me spacing out and going to Georgia on a mission, and that I’m about to go get all spaced out again at the #NASAJPLtweetup next week, it is only fitting to display the NASA-JPL Tweet itself! So look for my tweets on 6 June, from Geek Central, and join in the #nerdgasm…

I do wish to thank Mr Mike The Mighty Marsupial for allowing me to play in his sandbox, and with his toys. Without the luv of a Wombat, none of this would have happened! Also, again, if I’ve somehow spaced your entry out, just let me know and I will be happy to include! Ciao all!

Ah ha! Just as I thought! A stray, random entry that must have been in the Lost Sock Universe appears. The ever lovely @talojo gently reminds me that her entry must have made off with my athletic sock? Than goodness it was laundered first! But my, there really are “nicely spaced”. 



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