Early birds

Here’s the first part-blog of the Eight Bells theme, my little chickadees, which covers the first three timeslots of the day. Before we start though, CLICK HERE to have a read of @Sarahtregear’s blog of her #SUNDAYPICS day. It was a day that was a bit on the brilliant side.

0midnight1-01xkylet-Midnight & all's wellSome men suffer from premature posting, as I’m sure you’ll know, and here is @xkylet now, with his entry from the midnight before the #SUNDAYPICS day started. I’m sure you’ll agree he looks ecstatic to be taking part in this historic project.

4am-01alliterative-A bit past the first check-in, 4am, if you reckon by British timeAnd so to 4am, and three hardy souls managed to rouse themselves at that godawful early hour, although I suspect from his picture (left) that @alliterative had some help. “A bit past the first check-in, 4am, if you reckon by British time” he says, although you know me – I wouldn’t care which time zone you used. Martian, for all I care.

04doodledawne-My view at about 4am, picturesque innit.


Someone else who had a little help being awake, due to her job, was the glorious @doodledawne, who seemed to be having Flour Fun (and not the good kind). “Picturesque innit?” she says, displaying her street cred and stuff.

03cumbrianvixens-time taken is 4am. Photo is under the bed covers shot... looks shifty


“Time taken is 4am. Photo is under the bed covers shot… looks shifty” reports Twitter’s favourite Cumbiran Vixens, erm, @cumbrianvixens. Sensible to use the flash, I reckon, otherwise we might have seen nothing at all Smile


8am01-xkylet-8 am & all's well. Apart from being a bit tiredAnd so tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day, and we move inexorably on to 8am. I was still azizz, but many of you woke as fresh as daisies. Look! Here’s @xkylet again, looking none the worse for…. well, actually he does look the worse for his late night. “All’s well” he says, “Apart from being a bit tired”


8am02-minidibdob-8am time for the 2nd cup of the morning


This is more my kind of thing, a fine coffee to jolt the wotsits into life. This particular coffee is fated to jolt @minidibdob’s wotsits, the lucky beverage. Second cup of the morning, was this, which leads me to conclude that maybe you should invest in a big old enamel mug.


8am03-flossietp-Bed head and all #SundayPics at 08


Long have I fantasised about @flossietp in bed, and here she is, all tousled and bed-raggled. ”Bed head and all” she says, although I’m struggling to see the all.


Now lets have a threesome with a trio of beautiful women:

8am04-little_mavis-Trying to put off getting up.#sundaypics8am06-heidivodka-8 bells and this is where I should be

8am05-scullyscully-0800 and all is well on this ship. Still a'bed me hearties

Over on the left we have my own beloved @little_mavis on the East Coast in Filey, trying desperately to use the power of Twitter to put off getting up. Much the same scene in the centre, where @scullyscully is perfectly happy to lounge around. “All is well on this ship” she says. The right-hand pic is the boudoir of @heidivodka, and shows “Where I should be”. Ah well, never mind – early to bed etc.

8am07-nyncompoop-bells thingy hotel breakfast. Check out humongous lamp8am08-nyncompoop-also this is checking out my every move. (how did I miss it yesterday morning)@nyncompoop was in a hotel – “bells thingy hotel breakfast” she says, incomprehensibly. “Check out the humongous lamp!” The second pic is of some creepy thing “checking out my every move. (how did I miss it yesterday morning)”


8am09-superblouse-Never empty your clutch bag onto the bed.


Here’s that @superblouse, making a mess as usual. “Never empty your clutch bag onto the bed.” she warns, a tenet I shall abide by assiduously whenever I have my sparkly clutch-bag with me.


8am10-ariadnes_web-At 8 am, I was helping watching my husband open his b'day present from R and fielding a call from her

Aha! More coffee – or at least some cups. @ariadnes_web explains “At 8 am, I was helping watching my husband open his b’day present from R and fielding a call from her”. I can only assume that the mysterious R is none other than Racquel Welch, because yes, I am that stupid.



Pancakes require no explanation. These were made by @avensarah, so I can only assume that they were smothered with that Canadian glop, maple syrup. Mmmmm.

8am13-oldmotherriley-At 8 am I was making tea




Tea is the beverage du jour chez @oldmotherriley – note the piggy mug and the …. what is that other one? Oooh, Austin Seven! I’ll have that mug please!

14sarahpez-Here's my 8.00 am. TH asleep in Liv's bed



Here’s the final pic in the Early Birds section,  – this photo takes us back to bedrooms, and here’s “TH asleep in Liv’s bed”. Do you recognise those sultry tones? Yes, I thought you would. It’s the honey-voiced @sarahpez of course.


Well that consludes the Early Birds section of this theme, during the whole of which I was zizzing away like a good ‘un, dreaming of sex in a bath with Theda Bara. The blog of your noon pics will follow shortly, or possibly longly if I can’t be arsed to write it.


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