01ButMadNNW-Full-length shot to show off ring, etc.Nearly called this section of the Eight Bells theme “Noonies” or “Nooners”, but both of those are a bit rude (look them up in Urban Dictionary), so it’ll have to remain short and sharp yet tedious.

First up is the rather wonderful @butmadnnw, who was at a Con which I’ve forgotten the name of. This full-length shot gives you the complete effect. You do know the character, don’t you? Lose 50 Geek Points if not.

02xkylet-Midday & all's well. Especially now I've had my coffee


Here’s the reliable @xkylet again – “Midday & all’s well. Especially now I’ve had my coffee”. I’m the same. Can’t do a thing before I’ve had a caffeine kick. Gain 25 Geek Points if you recognise the coffee shop.

03och23-hanging out the washing


Who’s this hanging out the washing? Why tis the hard-working @och23 – look at all those pink things! Should have used the same photo for the ‘Pink’ theme. Hang on, wait a minute… who put that blue shirt in with the pink? If you do that again it’ll turn purple!

05ericafairs-Am having a lovely time. Hoovering. That's irony that is



@ericafairs says “Am having a lovely time. Hoovering. That’s irony that is”. Erm, no it’s not. It’s a Hoover. An irony is a big flat metal thing for smoothing clothes.

06greythorne-About to make some @wombat37 recipe ice cream


@greythorne was having a much more pleasant time – about to make some @wombat37 recipe ice cream. Oooh, I hope it turned out well: I love it myself – cos it’s easy. In my latest batch I crumbled four Cadbury Flakes into the mix before freezing – it’s wonderful.

07little_mavis-Packing for home


All these different activities going on at the same time – my own @little_mavis was busily packing to come home from her dad’s house. Gain 25 Geek Points if you can remember where that is.

08mannymunkeh-yawn will ya turn the bell off dudes it's too early, oh wait is that the time



Ah now, this is more like my idea of a noontime activity! @mannymunkeh (for tis he) says “yawn will ya turn the bell off dudes it’s too early, oh wait is that the time…?”. What can be better than sleep, eh dudes?


This next pic deserves a proper spread, so let me clear a space here *throws dirty pants into corner of room*. Here’s @thorn_waite, who at noon was visiting Arnot Hill park, where he took this impressive panorama.

09thorn_waite-Arnot Hill park - panorama - at midday







10randominvisible-Just about to start cooking


Ms @cymraescoch was in the kitchen on the stroke of twelve, just about to start cooking. Of all the things I like about Liz, one of the foremost is that you can always rely on her to be ready with a big gourd, in case of gourd-related emergencies.

12ariadnes_web-Putting the finishing touches to a simple cake


Also in the kitchen (unless she cooks in the bedroom) was @ariadnes_web, busy putting the finishing touches to a simple cake. Simple, she says. More complicated than mine which are usually two cake slices with buttercream in the middle. Look – she’s all sprinkly-sugared and strawberry-scattered hers. Nice.

11wombat37-Noon #SUNDAYPICS - in the back garden, in me pinny, with @CleverGirlBuffy


Now who’s next? Oh, c’est moi. Here I am in the sunny back garden, in me favourite pinny, with @CleverGirlBuffy peering into the back field, probably bird-spotting.

13HistoryNeedsYou-The way to the stars is from a back-street in Mercia

@HistoryNeedsYou says of the sight he saw at noon – “The way to the stars is from a back-street in Mercia”. Of course, I want a back garden observatory now. It’s my birthday soon, Twitter. Observatory please.

14hastillonlyme-boring, putting the washing out


Here’s the one, the only @hastillonlyme – NOW we’ll see something exci…. oh. It’s washing. “Boring, putting the washing out”. Yes, we can see. Oh wait, unless…. nope. No bras, sorry folks. Moce right along, nothing to see here.

15heidivodka- it was in Koffee Pot in Northern Quarter tres strange



Our next Tweeter was sitting in Koffee Pot in Manchester’s rather wonderful Northern Quarter (about which I did a blog HERE) at noon. @heidivodka, for it was she, looked up and saw this. Tres strange. You’ll need to click to see the original to make it out clearly – but was that your card?

16mrsactive-At midday I was weeding...#sundaypics bell 3jpg


Who’s definitely going to be active at noon? @mrsactive, that’s who. “At midday I was weeding” she says, probably in a sultry voice.At least in my head it’s sultry, Oh, and a weed is just a plant growing in a place you don’t want it to.

18oldmotherriley-at midday I was following this car to the pub (shame there wasn't another one in my mirror) @oldmotherriley, driving on the right there, tells us “At midday I was following this car to the pub (shame there wasn’t another one in my mirror)”. Lovely wing mirror!

17lilianlouvaine-Late posting, but statue on the edge of the pond at noon for


Here’s @lilianlouvaine – well, no, THAT’s not her, you cheeky buggers. I’m sure her ears aren’t that large, and she’s probably much hornier. No, that’s a “statue on the edge of the pond at noon”. He looks dead cash, doesn’t he?

23alliterative-12 o'clock noon here, and I'm doing the kids' laundryYou know, I’ll bet Canadians do thrilling, exotic things on Sundays! And…. nope. Here’s thrilling, exotic Canadian @alliterative, and “I’m doing the kids’ laundry”. No chance of bras here either, so let’s move smartly along.

24avensarah-1200pm Trying--and failing--to get out the door to go to Dynamic Eart


Meanwhile, in the next room, @avensarah is “Trying–and failing–to get out the door to go to Dynamic Earth”. Get tough, woman! Turn the telly off! Oooh, is that Spidercat?


25thetiniestvole-When the clock strikes twelve, Voley is up a tree


There’s nothing I like better than a woman up a tree, so I’ll treasure this photo forever. “When the clock strikes twelve” purrs @thetiniestvole, “Voley is up a tree”. Pfft, that doesn’t even rhyme. Climbing tree though is FTW. Love doing it myself.

26hunyock-Letting friend's dog, Oden, out at 12noon


@hunyock, ever a friend in need, was letting friend’s dog, Oden, out at 12noon. Here Oden! Sit! Roll over! Bit faster, Oden! Clean my car! Oden’s not even stirring. Useless dog.

27flossietp-My noon #Sundaypics The men in my life, charm personified


Ah, Andrea. What an ethereal name for an ethereal woman, who stands far above even The Wombat’s basest fantasies (not really). At noon, she who is @flossietp was in town with “the men in my life, charm personified”. Click it to make it bigger (which is co-incidentally what I said to her last time we met).

28snowgirl1972-12pm in the park with the boysOh, remember that panorama up there that @thorn_waite took? Here’s @snowgirl1972’s perspective of the trip to the park. “With the boys” she says, with remarkable restraint.

29captain_doodle-And finally here’s @captain_doodle, obviously preparing for a spot of wallpapering. Careful, Una, it’s not as easy as it looks. Oh, and Sundaypiccers should remember this one, because we’ll see how El Dood gets on at 4pm and 8pm, if ever I get round to writing those blogs. Stay lucky!


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A Yorkshireman in the green hills of Lancashire, UK Not a real wombat, obviously, or typing would become an issue. I do have short legs and a hairy nose, however. Oh, & a distinctive smell.

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