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A reet champion Tweetup

DSCF4524Aye, chums, ayup and sithee and stuff. On 20th August went to another Tweetup – this one arranged by that sexbomb @nyncompoop at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, which is in that weird nameless bit of Yorkshire between Wakefield, Huddersfield and Barnsley generally known locally as “Just off the M1”.

Dscf4539The car park was packed but huge, thankfully, and I had to queue up to pay me £5 parking fee, but after that entry to the park was free which appealed to my inner Yorkshireman. Picture a vast swathe of parkland, with buildings, woods, lakes, sheep and sculptures both enormous and teeny-weeny.


Dscf4515Twitter Assembled had a mega-picnic first, swapping scones for flapjacks and children for dogs. The kids and the dogs were all well-behaved and at their most charming, and the grown-ups were fragrant and witty.


The mighty Twitter Army included @RuthRosselson @essers @lauriepink @smiththewhippet Dscf4552@arthurwhippet @barnygalgo @maxisaluki @cormaggio @helenatron3000 @captain_doodle & shelly @SplashMan @4boysareplenty @greythorne @flossieTP @fraggle_red23 with doginasnood @lucysch76 @shouldbeinbed @Pixel_8 @BinaryDad @Puddled_Pudding & her mum @Snowgirl1972 @thorn_waite @nyncompoop @wombat37 @little_mavis & Cat

Dscf4527Regular readers will know that I do heart my tweetups, more for the splendid people there are to meet and the feminine bums there are to ogle, than for the actual events, but this was a special place indeed. I reckon you’d need three days to cover the entire place, but maybe the photos below will give you some idea of what it’s like. If you’re anywhere near, do visit – and take your camera! One caveat though – the lollies from the caff are expensive shyte.Dscf4558

Dscf4561Dscf4562Dscf4567Dscf4574Dscf4578Dscf4612Dscf4614Dscf4623Dscf4630Dscf4635Dscf4638Dscf4647Jaume Plensa - Heart of TreesSitting Lady Hare by Sophie Ryder





What do you reckon?

dinkydadComrades, I need your opinion on something. Such is the popularity of #SUNDAYPICS that it now takes at least 15 hours to properly blog all the entries every Sunday. I often therefore fail to do justice to them all. As you know, I’ve tried guest-bloggers, but as soon as they discover the time involved they (quite rightly in my opinion) lose much of their enthusiasm.

Now, I can address this in two ways – by either cutting #SUNDAYPICS down to once a fortnight and carry on blogging every theme, OR I can continue to set you a theme for your photos every Sunday, but only blog about the ones I like and have time for. The question is, which do you enjoy more? Looking at people’s theme pictures every Sunday, or reading the blogs about them?

Do me a favour and take a minute to click on the poll top right to tell me which of the options you’d like me to follow with #SUNDAYPICS. I’ll go with the majority. Probably. And see how it goes from there.

Thanks, chums.


Given that the blog posts are backing up, I’m going with the video option again. I have a cunning plan, however, which when instigated will mean the blog posts will appear much sooner after the event. In the meantime, look at these pink things!


I’m @matt_cochr and for my week in the #SundayPics shed (I like what you did with the shelving in here, Mister Wombat) I’d suggested the theme Mondegreens. You can read all about what mondegreens are, and why they are called that, here. What we mostly ended up with was visual representations of misheard lyrics. So let’s dive in, shall we?
Now some of these pictures were quite detailed, so I recommend you click on them to see them in a slightly larger size. They might be easier to work out that way.
Tina Turner - What's Love Got to Do With It
On the left here we can see that @_AaronKelly has depicted Tina getting a reaction from her folks when her boyfriend visits. We can only hope that worked out well.
David Bowie - Time
And here is the image sent by @bellgore which seems to depict Jareth the Goblin King reminiscing about Bowie-breakfasts of the past.

I suspect that @Ariadnes_web (on the left) and @cha0tic (on the right) may have been thinking along similar lines here. I do hope it isn’t a song about kissing dead men. I’m not even sure if such a song exists.
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Purple Haze
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Purple Haze
@davidtims caused a little confusion with this one. “Hanging on the Telephone”? “Telephone Line”? It was only when we were sick and tired of everything that we worked it out.
Abba - Super Trouper
In the three photos below we can see that @davidtims isn’t the only one to find inspiration in the supermarket, @heidivodka tells us that “We’re having…” Meatballs?
Later on Heidi also tells that “He’s just a poor boy from a poor family,Spare him his life from these poor…” Bangers?
And more bad links from me, @EnglishKirsty is clearly in the supermarket too. Cryptically, EnglishKirsty says that we should “take the French word for my picture & put into a very famous 80’s song, some might say its not good” Bad lardons… there must be a song.
Big Fun - Inner City Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody Michael Jackson - Bad
EnglishKirsty also posted this on behalf of T (not Mr T), which certainly had me puzzled.
It looks like an elephant with a fancy hair-do, owned by someone whose name begins with an S. Helpfully Kirsty added the clue that it is a super hairy elephant.
Take That- Happy Now
I had to look up the lyric @deadredbug picked “The oceans part and they’re pants in my mind.” Hmmm… lyrical. Rocking track as well, and <geek> one of the first rock albums to be recorded completely digitally </geek>.
The Prodigy - Zeroes and Ones Lady Gaga - Poker Face ("chick in the casino...")
And here we have @hardyheroine’s fab doodle of a… chicken playing cards. At first I thought it may have been Goldfrapp (“teasing your poultry”) but apparently it’s simpler than that. It looks like an impassive chicken doesn’t it.
Cunning @doodledawne was busy on Sunday but still found time to post these two:
The Beatles - Ticket to Ride The Killers - Human
You’ll see below left that @hunyock has found a TARDIS. Oh, wait it’s a toilet. TURDIS? Anyway… what’s it doing there?
@lizardsimpkins tells me the answer to her fine drawing (in the middle) is not “making love with his eagle,” so what is it? Should we be alarmed now?
@MacJude posts this picture (below right) of a book I remember reading when I was a younger, and adds “The finest girl you’re ever gonna meet.”
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising Led Zepplin - Stairway to Heaven Jackie Wilson - Reet Petite
Now let us have an @Wombat37 interlude. Despite not taking the hotseat for this one, everyone’s favourite Twitter-based marsupial posted three pics. He must mis-hear a lot of songs. So, we have someone fizzy about the head, the baldy fella from Star Trek standing in the middle of the road, and some bulls puffing at the baby J.
Elton John - Your Song Simon & Garfunkel - America Away in a Manger
@xkylet has a little narrative going on here. I hope he remembers to let it ring a long, long, long, long time.
R.E.M. - The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite R.E.M. - The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
Now for a triple shot of @nyncompoop (“I wrapped it up and scented it.”) @Och23 (“”Oh vegetables, I’ve got my baby. Oh vegetables, I’ve got my baby”) and @starlitwolf (“I like my feet fast and my face down low”)
Wham! - Last Christmas Paolo Nutini - Pencil Full of Lead Dev - Bass Down Low
And just before we collapse in a heap from exhaustion, here a couple I posted throughout the day. “A little bit of sand there, in the sun,” and “Go on, go on, feed me breakfast.”
Lou Bega - Mambo No.5 The Corrs - Breathless

And now the big reveal: if you hover your mouse pointy cursor thing over any of the pictures, it should tell you which song they represent.
To end, my own personal favourite of the day, from @OldMotherRiley who chose a classic song and a classy way of presenting it. OldMotherRiley adds that “The dog is not part of the mondegreen but he insisted or supervising.” You can’t be too careful with pies can you, especially when they are high up.
Judy Garland - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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