Totems – an object that defines you

Hello. It’s @waywardlou here again, this time to natter along to all your pictures. Wow. Just wow. Thanks for all your entries for this week’s #SundayPics. Might I just add, that I have *so* much respect for @wombat37 right now? This is a little bit hard, and rather time consuming. Also, while writing this I have had to come to terms with the fact I’m not as witty as I thought I was. I shall divide the counselling bill equally between you and send it off henceforth. Seriously though, I’ve had a lot of fun, and I hope you did too.



I’m going to start with this one, because, well…because it’s my favourite.  This is from the very lovely @carolthescot who has made a crossword puzzle out of her favourite hobbies. That’s dedication to #SundayPics right there, that is. 




Actually, a few of you shared with us your defining interests…

Right: @binarydad’s totem. Showing off a love of trains and Master Binary.

Below: @lettyP1: “Love Dr Who, have done since I was a child” Below centre: picture by @sjnewton Below right: @IainLJ: ”From buying my 1st vinyl at aged approx 4 it’s safe 2 say my #totem is music”







Above right: @tipyourhat’s mis/well spent youth, centre: @davidwaldock (beam me up); Above left: @FBishWife: Known for her love of food, and her awe inspiring appetite. I think a #sundaypics dinner party is in order. *invites self round for dinner*

I’m not sure I’d let @Keithy73 (below left) cook though. I’d put @emmaloopy and @thorne_waite in charge of refreshments:-

thorne_waite2keithy73 emmyloopy




Rather usefully, @crofty can help out on with the cooking, AND provide the entertainment:




And so we are agreed. Next Sunday, at your house it is. I’ll bring a tiramisu.



Some of your interests were more esoteric than others…

Here’s @vanishedhippo’s totem. It’s a…erm…well, it’s obvious really, it’s a…. What the hell is it?


“words, words, words”

Hamlet, Act II, Scene II

_aaronkelly1_aaronkelly2Nicely put there by @_aaronkelly (see his pics on the right).


Being a rather smart and wordy lot, it’s no surprise that so many of you are passionate about books and plays, and perhaps draw a little bit of inspiration from those words, be it written, or performed. Like this –>






@missmandymoo78, @basicallygeek and @macjude book journal.



@em_and_lola’s rather fine little library on alternative remedies, @susiewoosie’s beloved kindle, and @mannymunkeh indulging in highbrow pursuits.

Darling, you look FABULOUS

Well, we knew it in our hearts and now it is confirmed. You’re a rather attractive bunch aren’t you? Here are a few of you sharing your signature look….




Right: @bottyb

Left:  @elsieassap






Right: @och23

Left: @CorinnThom


‘SHOES!!! I mean *cough* those are rather lovely aren’t they?  On the topic of lovely, have a look at this:



“I always wear it. Gift from Mama 4 us both surviving long enuf 2 reach my adulthood LOL […] she said ‘You’re an adult now. We made it! Together we did it! I love you’ Then gave me the necklace.” @starlitwolf

In unrelated news, I think I’ve got something in my eye.  Actually, a few of you have some very beautiful jewellery, each item with it’s own little story.


vpolicharxkylet_pict@vpolichar (left): “Grandma wore it every day; now I do. Didn’t realize she was Buddhist ’til she died & we saw her books.”

@xkylet (right): “My grandfather bought this in Singapore when he was doing national service”



philhallsleontia2001@philhalls (left): “Mine is my watch I bought as a treat when I passed my ambulance technician course”

@leontia2001(right): “My fave ‘necklace’ made by my 6 yr old – a little battered, but my heart still beats for love, always.”



gibbonarms@gibbonarms’ submission was also high scoring in sentimental value. A cap badge belonging to his grandfather. “I keep it prominently displayed. It reminds me of him and makes me try to be more like him.”


More lovely jewellery….





@wannabestarbuck’s Ax of protection (left), a gift from her beloved @B0atG1rl and decision ring


@ivan_jelical’s ‘kissing kippers’ (right)


But back to the topic of how very attractive you all are….


SkydiveMacca@tonihill79 always carries one of these about and gets given oodles of them as gifts. Pucker up Toni!

@SkydiveMacca tells me he is never seen without these sunglasses. Mysterious.

And our very own @wombat37 shared his totem with us. His trusty hat. Proving all good things improve with age.





Some of your totems not only carry great meaning for you, but are also part of you. Literally.

sarahtredegar@sarahtregear: “A Phoenix rising…. I had tattooed somewhere discrete after my divorce as a new beginning” What a lovely tattoo and a lovely idea.




“my secret tattoo … I love the idea of having magic constantly whispered in my ear”

Use that force for good tattoo Pixy.



Favourite things – Things that are just….you.






Above (clockwise): @MrsAshborosCat, @richlieu_uk, @johnrands_tmtl, @hyperbolicgoat, @emmyloopy, and @englishkirsty

alliterativeRight: @alliterative’s selection of defining objects. It’s a bit obvious when you think about it, but a few objects is more telling than one. Maybe I should have asked for a selection from you all.

So thanks to those of you who provided more than one totem, and completely satisfied my nosiness!



@sarahtregear (left): “this is my other totem. He rocks my world everyday.”





You, in metaphor.

Rather cleverly, you lot have done a rather good job of sending pictures that sum up your personalities and aspirations. In your own words….


@beanobundle: “The little chest has 3 drawers for my past/present/future. Or for my conscious/subconscious/dreams. Depends on the weather though.”scullyscully


@scullyscully: “Fizzy when fresh, flat when tired, & best when served chilled. This #totem represents me quite well.”




@Thom_Waite: “I’m a part time dad but a full time graphic designer. So this wins.”

OldMotherRiley@oldmotherriley: “My surname means Living By Oaks, could be why I’m drawn to this, on my favourite dog walk”





@judgetread – because he’s ‘always getting lost!’

@misssteffnee: “The totem of my life is a toybox: Bright, diverse and a bit too full.”




@cloudofutopia: “My totem – A desire to escape everything and travel.”


Thank you for sharing your totems with us.  And thanks for waiting so patiently for the blog.

Hugs and kisses,



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