Flicktionary TV–the answers (as far as I can make out)

Here are the answers to your Flicktionary TV photos, as near as I can get using my swiss-cheesey mind. There’s quite a few I’ve not been able to work out, so I’ll have to rely on your help. PLEASE let me know if you get one that I didn’t. The winner of the “Send In The Answers” quiz, by virtue of actually sending in his answers, is the mighty @richlieu_uk. I can think of no finer man deserving of your kudos. I must say, chickadees, that I was a bit disappointed that no one attempted Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Here we go then, how many did you spot?….



“The Sopranos” from #SUNDAYPICS debutant @37ellie – this one fooled me entirely, but then it is pretty clever (Bass, Tenor, Alto…. geddit?)




Next, let’s see – the first of these two is Soup-ER  something Alf. GREAT drawing of Alf, by the way @waywardlou – I can’t get this one, unless it IS the classic Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! The second from @quantumtree, I believe, is “Angel”, one of the best telly programmes ever. That’s a pretty damned fine photograph, too.

02quantumtree-Don't look at me. I'm lonely... hungry. Don't look... I shall turn to stone

01waywardlou-Premature #sundaypics lols at own crapness









@em_and_lola provided this catty selection, where two out of ten cats are different. Hmmm, what could it possibly be? “Two Out Of Ten Cats”, naturally. Rather giving the game away, but with a beautiful drawing, is @candysherbet with “Playschool”.

04candysherbet-This was one of my fav programmes

03em_and_lola-Flicktionary. An easy one, well, if people can actually tell what they are








Next up we have @dbrereton taxing my brain, until I realised his “Next on BBC1” was actually an important clue. This car has a ‘Y’ on it, so next would be….? That’s it, “Z Cars”. Clever one, that. The second, from @sjnewton, took me back many years to the horribly animated “Crystal Tipps and Alistair”.

05drereton-next on BBC1.

06sjnewton-Here's one for the cough slightly more mature.






Only people of a certain age will have got @oldmotherriley’s collection of loads of kids, a cracker, a car jack, and (the giveaway) those cabbages. Yes, it’s “Crackerjack”, which featured a game where kids had to hold on to cabbages if they answered a question wrongly. And I can’t imagine what the cube from @hallmork might represent. Oh wait – “The Cube”. I’m so slow.

07oldmotherriley-All cheer

08hallmork-Ok because it was a easy one, I couldn't resist. my first #SUNDAYPICS










@hallmork also provided us with a pooch bravely killing some jelly babies. She told me at the time what it was, but in typical Wombat fashion I’ve completely forgotten. Dimwit. I also have no idea about this 75 one from @ButMadNNW. Perhaps you can help?

08hallmork-oh no



09butmadnnw-Flicktionary, TV edition, my (poorly drawn) entry









The maestro of the Sharpie, @captain_doodle, designed us these stonkingly good works of art. The first? “Seinfeld”  I believe (sign felled – geddit?), and the second is obviously the legendary children’s serial, “Condom Goalie”. What? There wasn’t? Oh. I do wonder what goes on inside my head sometimes. Is there a telly programme called “Saved by the Bell”, I wonder?

11captain_doodle-Here you go, my #Flicktionary TV show for

11captain_doodle-Oh, g'wan then, another #Flicktionary #sundaypics entry







Again, my mind is blank about @alexbrightsmith’s entry, unless it’s that late night porn-channel thing, “Blue Orifice”? No? I give in then. But awww, look at the @scullyscully’s bag with a puss in it. It can only be “Bagpuss”.

10alexbrightsmith-As I have a) no live batteries and b) no artistic ability, this is the best #sundaypics I can manage for now

12scullyscully-Flictionary (tv edition) for the delight of @wombat37 et al. #sundaypics










I feel that the first one here from @ericafairs MUST be “Morse”, although I can’t be arsed looking up what it means…. oh bollocks, alright then. *Googles*  AAAAH! Well now, that’s improved my mood greatly. I love you Erica. For a long time I believed that @ariadnes_web had thought we were on films again, and that her delightful photograph showed “A River Runs Through It”, n’est-ce pas? It now strikes me that she may have been going for “Brookside” all along, and I have been mightily unfair.


14ariadnes_web-Here is my #SundayPics. @wombat37 Do I need to say what it is A clue first- It's a Brad Pitt film









Most prolific of all on Flicktionary Sunday was @sarahhanner who provided us with THREE entries. Let’s see… “Gardener’s World”, “One Man and His Dog” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Sperm” … no wait – “Spooks”. The fourth one here is from @RHSFB12, and is one of my favourite telly progs – “Castle”.

15sarahhanner-Here's one courtesy Mr H

15sarahhanner-My Flicktionary TV programme; baaaaaaa










15sarahhanner-Ok last one

16rhsfb12-representing a tv show











OK, I know @thetiniestvole said that this first pic was a ‘joke’ entry, and isn’t meant to represent a programme at all, but I’m going to have a try anyway – “That’s Life”, or possibly “Embarrassing Bodies”? And @_aaronkelly’s almost pre-Raphaelite artistic talents can only be “The Only Way Is Essex”.


17thetiniestvole-I don't know what today's #sundaypics theme is, but I'm going to enter this picture of an oddly shaped carrot anyw

18_aaronkelly-A poor #sundaypics from me










Da da da derder derder da dah, der der der da dah der… yes, it’s Match of the Day, courtesy of the lovely @little_mammy. And the second is… erm, it’s from @jofilm, and must have taken AGES. Erm, it’s…. damn, she let slip what it was as well. When will I ever learn? “Always write stuff down cos a wombat’s memory is… what the hell’s that word now?”

19little_mammy-(easy one...)












These two pics from @friendlysolrflr – lovely cat by the way – can only be “Bones”, that detectivey thing that’s got Angel in it.

21friendlysolrflr-1probably too easy - never mind the cat, he was just being curious

21friendlysolrflr-2probably too easy - never mind the cat, he was just being curious











Oooh, a puzzle one! I like puzzle ones! Let’s see about this one from @richlieu_uk. The first arrow’s pointing at a little cowboy standing next to Michael Heseltine, then there’s a pile of pigeons, a small bedpan, and a clock. Hmmm… might have to have a mull about this one. The second one seems simple, however. Erm, since this theme was for 9th October, would I be right in thinking it is “The Tomorrow People”, @davidtims? I *adore* these clever ones… ooh, “Hancock’s Half Hour”!


23davidtims-Lacking both drawing skills and imagination here is an easy one







First we have some dogs from @lindacoggs – is it “Crufts”? No, that would be too obvious. I know! “Snow Dogs”, that well known television programme that was really a film. And look at this awesome pic from #SUNDAYPICS newbie, @annasportel – it MUST be “Friends”. Well played.

24lindacoggs-pretty shit effort but here goes

25annosportel-Easy one. #newbie







Boobs! This first pic from @och23 must be my favourite programme of all time – “Boob Train” – or is that a tractor? Oh look, sheep! In that case, this must be “The Body Farm”. And here’s a clever one from @missmandymoo78, which I can’t even pretend not to know right away – “One Tree Hill”.

26och23-TV flicktionary - a very bad drawing of one of my favourite TV programmes at the moment

27missmandymoo78-1Can't decide which of my two #SUNDAYPICS efforts is worse so you get two







Last couple now – firstly a second entry from that @missmandymoo78, which appears to show the largest fart ever seen. Oh wait, it’s “Top of the Pops” innit? And finally, one for you oldies from me – which of you remembers “Double Your Money”?

27missmandymoo78-2Can't decide which of my two #SUNDAYPICS efforts is worse so you get twoDscf5221







PLEASE let me know what the ones I didn’t get are, I beg of you.


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A Yorkshireman in the green hills of Lancashire, UK Not a real wombat, obviously, or typing would become an issue. I do have short legs and a hairy nose, however. Oh, & a distinctive smell.

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  1. LOL. It was Supernatural. Or Soup-ER-Nacho-Alf. It's obvious, isn't it? What do you mean that was rubbish? *strops off*Awesome blog Wombat.@waywardlou


  2. Wombaaaaat! *affectionate eyeroll* I emailed you the answer to mine!7 and 5 are prime numbers.I drew them being evil (devil horns, "MWAHAHAHA").Prime-evil.Primeval.Geddit?


  3. Ah, yes, did think perhaps that looked less like a naval signal flag than it might.In case that doesn't help, it was sepcifically supposed to be the letter P.No? Also known as the Blue Peter?@AlexBrightsmith


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