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Look at the size of this, baby!

A romantic present from my beloved on her return from Filey.


Remember This

Take on Me by Wombompoop
An experiment in embedding.

#TWANTA2011 News

twanta2twantaHO HO HO! I’ve started DMing addresses, so you should hear shortly (if you haven’t already) who you are being a Twitter Santa for – your twantee if you like weird, made-up Twitterised words. You may or may not want to stalk them for a while to find out what they are like – you know, read their bio, check their recent tweets; not real stalking please.

Buy them a fun gift (I recommend no more than £5 just to exercise the imagination and the funny bone, although again that is entirely up to you). Send the gift (anonymously if you like) in plenty of time for Christmas. Write #TWANTA on the envelope so they know what it is.

If you have any questions, ask me via @twanta2011 – and do read that italicky bit below.


When you receive your own pressie from your own “Twanta”, take a photograph or a movie of it that you can tweet for the Christmas #SUNDAYPICS Special (which may well be Christmas Day actually, since that’s a Sunday this year).

The pig in the bathroom

We’ve lived here for 30 years, and only now have I noticed the pig in the bathroom door.


Here’s another theme you’d probably forgotten. Before playing the video, though, go over to @bexagin’s BLOG POST which was her entry for this theme. It’s truly brilliant, and includes the phrase “itchy vagicky”, which I shall no doubt steal at some point in the future..

Flower power!


Here’s the latest grid. @little_mavis’ £ (and full blog) coming soon. Anyone got a $ for me? 🙂

Old Photos

Bet you’d forgotten about this theme by now, hadn’t you? The Wombat never forgets, however, and gets round to blogging eventually. I asked you to recreate an old or famous photograph. This is what you lovely peeps turned out.



@lindacoggs tells us nowt about this pic. Make up your own minds.



01lindacoggs-2b ok no leo


More @lindacoggs on your left, recreating… well, I’m pretty sure you can guess what. She’s missing a Leo mind. Sexy outfit.



02em_and_lola-My brother & my daughter Lola over 40 years later

02em_and_lola-my Dad & Me


From @em_and_lola, a photograph of her and her dad, and then 40 years later, Lola with her uncle. This is lovely.


03oldmotherriley-Inset my dad, dog, Land Rover, 1950. Main pic, 2011. Gosh this is harder than you'd think



@oldmotherriley now, showing in the inset pic her dad, dog, and Land Rover in 1950. The main picture was taken 61 years later. “Gosh this is harder than you’d think” she says, and I do agree.


04ElsieAssap-See how they've grown



Here’s @elsieassap with a couple of tearaways – “See how they’ve grown” she says,proudly and rightly so.


05cloudofutopia-Recreate a picture. My low-budget rendition of 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'



This is a lovely pic – see those gorgeous eyes? Yum. Tis from @cloudofutopia who says “My low-budget rendition of ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’”. Lovely stuff.




06DaveStaton-Not quite Ozzy. Best of Black Sabbath album cover


Along comes “not quite Ozzy” – it’s actually @davestaton with a tribute to the mighty Sabs.



07fbishwife-me at 6 mths in my christening dress07fbishwife-30yrs later G. In my christening dress at 6mths


Over on the left there, looking as innocent as anything, is @fbishwife at six months old in her Christening dress. On the right, also at six months, in the same Christening dress, is daughter G. How moving is that?




08sjnewton-Me in 1988 at UEA, and this morning note the 80s vintage cassette tapes & 5.25 floppy disk box in the new oneHere’s a cracker from @sjnewton – “Me in 1988 at UEA, and then this morning. Note the 80s vintage cassette tapes & 5.25 floppy disk box in the new one”. PROPER floppies, they were! You should bring back the beard. Beards rule.



09sarahtregear-Me aged 4 months on my Mum's sofa in 197409sarahtregear-C aged 3 months on her sofa in 2006


Here comes @sarahtregear. That’s her, over on the left, defying gravity on her Mum’s sofa in 1974 (God, I was 23 then) followed by C. aged 3 months, also on her Mum’s sofa.




10mizzlizwhizz-recreated in 201110mizzlizwhizz-1988, my BF walking in the PyreneesThis might be one of the best entries we’ve ever had. @mizzlizwhizz shows us her boyfriend, walking in the Pyrenees in 1988, followed by A LEGO RECREATION FOR SUNDAYPICS! This is entirely awesome.



11missathena-Selsey Lifeboat Station 1998 11missathena-2009 We are indebted to @missathena for showing us how very much Selsey Lifeboat Station has changed between 1998 and 2009. Erm…. well, the boat moved.



12elsieassap-Bit of a cheat as they are both old pics12elsieassap-cureNice juxtaposition from @elsiassap here. I used to have that Cure album on cassette, till it got all tangled in the car cassette player and resisted all attempts to extricate it safely. Good album, if a bit tangly.



13cymraescoch-Sorry the old 1 is so Pixelated but here is #SUNDAYPICS Mr C in 1977 and 2000.thank you so much @KingOfAnkh for tech support


The lovely @cymraescoch says “Sorry the old photo is so Pixelated, but here is Mr C in 1977 and 2000. Thank you so much @KingOfAnkh for tech support”. Twenty three years, eh? It’s all leaves these days.



14hallmork-don't have old pics so almost recreated a famous one


@hallmork doesn’t have any old pics “so (almost) recreated a famous one”. That’s pretty cool actually.




15davidtims-Rare posed shot taken by @jazzlegs in 198615davidtims-, recreated in 2011 especially forThe mighty @davidtims on the left there, in a rare posed shot taken by @jazzlegs in 1986. And oh look – there he is again, in 2011. Not moved in 25 years, the lazy get.



16alliterative- I've been recreating this pic every so often as the kids grow up



An imaginative man, that @alliterative – “I’ve been recreating this pic every so often as the kids grow up”. That’s excellent, really. I tried to do that with my two every Easter, but they refused to take part after the fifth one. Bloody kids.


17little_mavis-1I reckon these were taken about 20 years apart 1978 & 2008 (ish)  2nd was done from memory so not exact






17little_mavis-1I reckon these were taken about 30 years apart 1978 & 2008 (ish)  2nd was done from memory so not exact

17little_mavis-2And finally my graduation (19xx)








17little_mavis-2Ellie's graduation this year

And there’s @little_mavis again at her graduation on the right in 19hem-hem, recreated by her (and my) wonderful @37ellie in Lancaster this year.

18lauriepink-4th Sept '09 & 7th Aug '11



Aw lookit! It’s @lauriepink and @smiththewhippet taken on 4th Sept ’09 & 7th Aug ’11. Someone’s very good at keeping dates on photos!




19pixki-now they're HUGE19pixki-Chester Zoo when they were small


@pixki says of these two photos “Chester Zoo when they were small, and now they’re HUGE!” Are you sure? Maybe the elephant just shrank. Shrinked. Shrunk. Whatever the hell the word is.




20I_R_BUCKAROO-and 2 months ago20I_R_BUCKAROO-about 4 yrs ago@I_R_BUCKAROO tells us no more than that these photographs were taken 4 years ago, and 2 months ago. They’re smashing photos nonetheless.



21BestofTimes-Fountainhead II. Over 10 years between these two photos in Assisi. The lion has aged better




Look, it’s spurty old @BestofTimes. He says “Fountainhead II”, whatever that means. “Over 10 years between these two photos in Assisi. The lion has aged better”. Don’t say that – you’ve matured like an old whine. Sorry, ‘wine’.







22hebbie-2same boy same bed same room even some of the same soft toys, Stewie all grown up22hebbie-same boy same bed same room even some of the same soft toys, Stewie all grown upIt’s @hebbie! “Same boy, same bed, same room, even some of the same soft toys –  – Stewie all grown up now”. Yeah, but he still has a cuddly panda (or summat). I like that.



23mrsashboroscat-first photo taken in 2007. Second taken today23mrsashboroscat-In the first photo they were 4 and about 10months. Second photo they are 8 & 5


The smiles *never* change! @mrsashboroscat says “In the first photo, 2007, they were 4 and about 10months. Second photo they are 8 & 5”.

24VanishedHippo-Recreate a photo or in my case are really old photo made of stone





Look at the knees belonging to @VanishedHippo, not the arse of that person in the white shorts. “Recreate a photo or in my case are really old ‘photo’ made of stone” he says, thus showing the imagination that I treasure in these #SUNDAYPICS parties of ours.


25katediamond-1Mine & Cecilia's first trips to the beach. Both 8 months old. 1981 & 201125katediamond-2Mine & Cecilia's first trips to the beach. Both 8 months old. 1981 & 2011@katediamond says “Mine & Cecilia’s first trips to the beach. Both 8 months old. 1981 & 2011” – and LOOK how happy you both are at the prospect of a HUGE ocean! Nice legs, by the way.




26superblouse-August 201126superblouse-August 2006


What a co-operative child @superblouse found to recreate the photo on the left from August 2006 in this year of our Lord 2011. Well done, that boy.


27xkylet-Recreating an old photograph... Well, kinda.


Bow down before the skill and imagination of the mighty @xkylet, who mildly sums up this wonderful effort as “Recreating an old photograph… Well, kinda” – sterling work, sir.


28sherbertpip68- 2. My creative recreation28sherbertpip68-I have two entries today 1. My cat a few weeks ago




“I have two entries today” reports @sherbertpip68, “My cat a few weeks ago, and my creative recreation”. I do like this – the attention to detail, the pretty flowers…



28sherbertpip68-2-I am Harry Potter aged 2 28sherbertpip68-2- and again at 5



More fun from @sherbertpip68 – “I am Harry Potter aged 2, and again at 5”. I tend to forget that children have grown up with Harry Potter, until I see photos like this.



29englishkirsty-ou've seen those famous shots of 70's Elvis, here is T recreating the King


More kiddy shnanigans now from @englishkirsty. “You’ve seen those famous shots of 70’s Elvis” she insists, “Here is T recreating the King”. Telvis at his best!



30johnrands_tmtl-and now ... the incredible change of years, I have a different coloured hat




I *adore* this entry – @johnrands_tmtl “Then and now … the incredible change of years” Also he has a different coloured hat.


And now you have to put up with some of mine…. oh, or stop reading I suppose. First up is a photo of the village from 1900 which I recreated by making @little_mavis stand in the road to take the pic, and then shoving “Sepia” on.99wombat37-299wombat37-1 Look closely – I AM sitting there on the big old rock.

The Audition Experiment

This is a bit of an experiment, inspired by (and assisted by) the rather wonderful blog “A Bit Like You And Me”  I’m attempting to embed anMP3 file for you to listen to.

Try this out – let me know if it doesn’t work. I’m certain that you’ll enjoy it. I recommend it particularly to my American readers.

(apparently to listen to the embedded file, you’ll need Flash, which you can find here if you don’t have it already. Don’t forget to uncheck the box that installs McAfee/Google Chrome)

Beetroot Buns*

ak2usz“I really liked it. It was good”  –  @37ellie “Tasty and moist. Less sweet than usual; the flavour mix works really well”  –  @little_mavis

Don’t worry about the title – there’s plenty of chocolate in there as well. The beetroot helps make a rich chocolate mixture, which produces a faintly earthy sweet cakiness. I nicked this recipe from Donal Skeehan’s website but found that he made GINORMOUSLY too much topping. If you follow his recipe, there’s enough topping for over an inch of guk on the top of each bun. My measurements are more reserved. OK, ingredients –
Makes 12 of the luxurious sods:

  • 100g dark chocolate
  • 200g cooked beetroot, puréed with a blender
  • 110g caster sugar
  • 110g soft butter, softened and cut into small pieces
  • 2 large eggs
  • 175g self-raising flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder (optional)
  • 50ml milk

Chocolate topping:

  • 75g butter, at room temperature
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 250g icing sugar
  • 3 tbsps cocoa powder
  • 60ml double cream

Pre-heat your old oven to 180°C/350°F/Gas Mark 4. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake as me by turning the grill on instead of the oven. Bloody symbolic oven controls. Sick some bun cases in a bun tray. Pretty ones make your buns taste better. Honest.
65cohStick the cooked (not pickled) beetroot in a blender until it looks like something you would use in a zombie film. Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of what they always call ‘gently simmering water’ and then stir in the puréed beetroot.
In a large bowl – or a small one, I don’t care really – beat the sugar and butter together until light and fluffy. The mixture should be light and fluffy, not you. Whisk in the eggs, one at a time, until it all melds together. Mix in the flour, baking powder (if you’re using it), milk and then your chocolate and beetroot glop.
55vkmDivide the glop more or less evenly among the paper cases and bake (not grill) in the oven for 15-20 minutes, or until firm. Again, the mixture should be firm, not you. While they cook, wash up your mucky utensils. You’ll thank yourself later. Allow the cupcakes to stand for a minute before transferring to a wire rack to cool.
To make the gloppy chocolate topping, beat the butter and vanilla extract together in a bowl until light and fluffy (see above). Then add the icing sugar and cocoa powder and cream, a little at a time, until it is all incorporated and the mixture is smooth.
DSCF5340Using whatever comes to hand, “frost the cupcakes” (just getting all American on your ass there) when they are completely cool.

* I’ve used the word “buns” here, cos that’s what we always called small cakey things in South Yorkshire when I was growing up. These days, people say ‘”cupcakes”, but “buns” is more alliterative.

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