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rssfjMary Wombat recently tweeted “I absolutely love the choral music at the start of Skyrim. It makes me tingle. It’s just so bloody butch”. Especially for her, here it is (click the player below). The picture on the right is of my very own Dragonborn, Flax, who you can follow on Twitter.



SR-Img-SoundtrackYou can buy the soundtrack album, a stonking 4-disc set, by clicking  HERE.

Wombat’s Musical Advent Calendar, Day 25

DSCF5470Yes yes, I know that Advent Calendars aren’t strictly supposed to have a 25th window, but I couldn’t resist this. Twitter followers worldwide sent me their personal recording of this song, and I glued them all together into a ramshackle celebration of the Christmas Spirit, and of how Twitter brings us all together. Enjoy.

Wombat’s Musical Advent Calendar Day 24

DSCF5359Smooth, cool crooning from … oh wait, it’s me. Maybe not so cool then. Have yourself a merry little Christmas Eve. Fancy a couple of me sprouts?




Merry Christmas, dear reader

Here’s your Christmas card. Don’t say

Tis, as you’ll see, an animation by Terry Gilliam, made in 1968 for the telly series Do Not Adjust Your Set

Wombat’s Musical Advent Calendar, Day 23

DogT_SantaStep forward @captain_doodle, the man made from cardboard, with a mighty rendering* of Stop The Cavalry.

*you know, like when they boil down old bones

Wombat’s Musical Advent Calendar, Day 22

Ooooh, listen to me and @little_mavis singing the Latin!

Wombat’s Musical Advent Calendar, Day 20

imageStrummy Welsh goodness from world-famous songbird @cymraescoch , and our-house-famous croaker me. Forgive me for being flat all over the shant and distracting from Liz’s soothing tones.

Wombat’s Musical Advent Calendar, Day 19

Wombompoop’s finest hour. Yes, it’s THAT one.

Wombat’s Musical Advent Calendar, Day 18

Don’t stop listening during the talky bit – there IS singing, from me and a cheeky little robin that turned up at my window looking for food.

Wombat’s Musical Advent Calendar, Day 17

A truly moving rendition of O Holy Night by yours truly and Jim Nabors, who sings up a storm.

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