Thank you profusely to all of you who responded so wittily and bravely to the late call for this theme. As you’ll see on the Next Theme page, #SUNDAYPICS is taking a few weeks off to recharge its batteries, and this was a fantastic one to end with. If you hover your cursor over each picture, you should see who tis from, and a few rough notes from pervy old me.

@_AaronKelly pays a loving tribute to @tonihill's #nuddybooze entry@badunderpants, a #sundaypics virgin, and what better way to break his duck@alexbrightsmith says 'Might feel braver later, for now here's one that should survive the censors'. And it did, although she didn't feel braver after all





@baronhawkey and - wow, that's a big one. Also the end's been circumcised@captain_doodle puntastically explains from behind his Quavers 'Short n curlies. Eep. runs away'

@bottyB 'I could just go a bowl of cereal'. If you're wondering about that cute tattoo, that's her honey bee, that is. Buzz


@cha0tic proves that skanky cheese has its uses. Whatever you do, don't squint while looking at this one@davidtims going 'in for a penny.... uses for a King Coconut no. 53'. I don't know what that is, but I'm glad it's quite large@chickenprincess cheats a little bit cos she's eaten her chocolate penny. Actually, I wouldn't mind.... no, I'll not go there


@gibbonarms suffered from censorship by Yfrog at first, but persisted in exhibiting his hirsute form by other means@lesleysherreard, raven-haired and bed-raggled, says 'This is all you get, it involves an apple so it should qualify'. Oh it does indeed. @heidivodka, well-known fan of frolic and fun,asks 'Who's for a bit of duck'. Erm


@little_mavis with a lovely pair of vegetables@paintgirlMCR and her 24-carat legs. Apparently there were more carrots, but she hasn't shown us those@nyncompoop, the one we were all waiting for, here deflowers two very surprised Santas. She says 'It was either the choc or bacon'


@quantumtree's bottom, smooth as a baby's, busy melting some sort of American confectionary. I wonder if nuts were involved@simonhurst says nowt about his pic. I daren't, but if I did, it'd be a joke about being caught short in the kitchen@richkieu_uk and a mirror I think we all remember, explains 'There's a bag of crisps somewhere'


@sjnewton says 'May Contain...err... Warning I am not supplying a sick bucket'. You've a big sack there, young man@theflossietp got in early with her fruity goodness. I wonder if it hurt in a spiky way@splashman here, keen to point out that 'Anyone who meets me on a twissup is told how shy I am in real life'. Yes, we can see


@waywardlou begs 'For the love of christ, if I know you, don't look at these pics'. Oh, too late@wombat37, for it is I, with one for the ladies. Warning - may go off in warm, humid conditions@waywardlou 'feels a bit weird emailing Wombat a photo of me in the nip. But here goes anyway'. Warning may contain scenes of nudity, spam or copyright violation


@xkylet - 'Excuse me whilst I get naked'. See what he did there@yura_otoole, not content with ruining one kid's foodstuff, also debases another juvenile favourite. 'Who needs a G-string when you have a Cheese string'@yura_otoole Billy Bears all for Sundaypics

About wombat37

A Yorkshireman in the green hills of Lancashire, UK Not a real wombat, obviously, or typing would become an issue. I do have short legs and a hairy nose, however. Oh, & a distinctive smell.

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