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Brief Encounter

You all probably know that Brief Encounter is possibly my favourite fillum ever, right? I just rediscovered this, a splendid parody by Victoria Wood poking fun at the whole thing. Enjoy

Poems – your lines

“Why have you given us our lines like this, you sexy Wombat?” I hear you say. Well now, I did think (and I was asked) that some people might not know the monologues herein dissected, and may prefer to hear them in their full entirety only when I reveal the complete, pasted together mess. Also – 162 DMs? Far more tedious than knocking this up. (Use the “Next Theme” tab just up there if you want a reminder of what we’re doing here).

So, find your name and click on the little image next to it in order to reveal your lines. Record them, get them onto Audioboo (are other audio sites available? I know of none), and on Sunday 4th post a link to your boo so that we can all hear your lovely voice.

If your eyes are such that you have trouble reading your lines from the image, let me know so I can DM them to you instead. And don’t worry about pronunciation, try to use your normal voice – that’s what we’d all like to hear after all.

aaronkelly@_AaronKelly alezed@alezed
alliterative@alliterative ariadnes@Ariadnes_web
avensarah@avensarah bexagin@bexagin
bottyb@BottyB butmadnnw@ButMadNNW
captain_doodle@captain_doodle cha0tic@cha0tic
chickenprincess@chickenprincess cloudofutopia@cloudofutopia
cymraescoch@cymraescoch davidgilray@davidgilray
ellililalou@ellililalou em_and_lola@em_and_lola
ericafairs@ericafairs fannyingabout@fannyingabout
flylilypad@flylilypad greythorne@greythorne
hallmork@hallmork hinnyhlw@hinnyhlw
hugeshark@hugeshark iamsilvergirl@iamsilvergirl
jimthesg@JimTheSG johnrands@johnrands_tmtl
judgetread@judgetread julietims@julietims
keithy73@keithy73 lardychap@lardychap
lilac_dreamer@lilac_dreamer little_mavis@little_mavis
louwiseman@louwiseman markystewart@markystewart
matcochr@matcochr mckjerral@mckjerral
mrchambers@mrchambers richlieu@richlieu_uk
sarahhanner@sarahhanner sarahpez@sarahpez
secretstef@secretstef shinytuppence@shinytuppence
spiffykates@spiffykates starlitwolf@starlitwolf
teddy_red@teddy_red theflossietp@TheFlossieTP
thetiniestvole@TheTiniestVole thorn_w@thorn_w
tipyourhat@TipYourHat tonihill79@tonihill79
underbundle@underbundle waywardlou@waywardlou
xkylet@xkylet yura_toole@yura_toole


AmmCiH3CMAE65T1A couple named Holly & Ed

Spent hours on a hospital bed.

“How jolly” cried Holly,

“Oh fucking good golly,

My minge feels like The Walking Dead”

The return – Road Stuff

The post Christmas break did me a world of good, and it seems to have done you lot good too, with around a nundred photos posted on the day. Some really good ones too, you talented lot.

Now listen, at #mancscurry I discussed #SUNDAYPICS with those who enjoyed it, in the main about the best way to prevent me from burning out now that there are so many entries for every theme, and given that I wanted to write proper narrative blogs. Most suggested I make it a monthly event, so that I’d be able to write the blogs and not feel forced to spend the whole of every Sunday collecting, tagging and commenting. Those who have done a guest stint on here will tell you how time-consuming the process actually is.

So, #SUNDAYPICS will be weekly up to and including 4th March, after which I’ll change to running a theme on the first Sunday of every month. Of course, this doesn’t stop you having unofficial #SUNDAYPICSFRINGE events like the recent Animal Arses. Before we hit the pics, enhoy this video and listen to the music as you browse. @alliterative says the theme reminded him of The Arrogant Worms.

Now here’s your Roady pics – hover over them as usual for names and explanatory notes. They really are worth a look – some fascinating pics.

@__aaronkelly  the road outside my house@alexbrightsmith Wandering home a few days ago thinking about all sorts of splendid things I have seen beside roads and not photographed when I turned a corner and what should I see but one of these@_dunebug A road



@ariadnes_web One for The Road. A road in the highlands of Scotland@avensarah the ice-road across the lake in the middle of town@ariadnes_web A road in Marrakech's medina



@b_wildered This was in a lane near our house. Does it count@beanobundle dog on kerb@baronhawkey


@beanobundle Dublin@beanobundle hotdog@beanobundle Dublin 2


@beanobundle starfish pavement lighting, Dublin@ButMadNNW Mysterious markings on the road near the ButMadhouse - sign of a double murder@bottyb So umm, yes. #roadstuff #sundaypics #veryverydrunk


@candysherbet Just about to post mine but before i do.You've got 2 picture the scene-it's thunder   lightning.Hail and snow and this happens@captain_doodle It's not a post in the ground. No siree. It's the VERGEMASTER@captain_doodle Danger! Pensioners humping!


@ceee_j @crowmogh Having a chat down the road, Cornish village life@chickenprincess the road to The North


@crowmogh Rainbow Road - the entrance to Truro@dbrereton Cobbled Lane to Naden@davidtims Cobbles! A short-cut through rural Poland. No, I wasn't driving



@diamanii bit late but here r 2 of ours in Australia@em_and_lola Road Stuff, glow in the dark@dr_steph_ I don`t know who George upset to lose his street


@englishkirsty a scenic sign@ericafairs 1st gas street lighting in UK was in Godalming. Replica street lamp in town@englishkirsty Irish potholes


@ericafairs An explanatory plaque on the wall - and I got it wrong! Electricity, not gas!@hallmork@ericafairs 'Road' Going home on this afternoon on the M25. Strangely quiet



@greythorne a sign by a tunnel on the A50.  A very bad depiction of a horse and cart.@hallmork5@hallmork4




@harrietkap I just follow these around in case we get caught in traffic@johnrisby iPhone 4s HDR of road-pavement in Frigiliana, Spain@hippo_critic



@HRHPrincessCat My favourite road sign ever@johnrisby non HDR of same view (Frigiliana, Spain) with man@jaxbourne Well, it's a motorway here



@judgetread Road things! - the Camel Flyover at Wadebridge@leontia2001 The scourge of many drivers in NI, potholes! This is on a main road on a bend!!@lauriepink From 2008, an unexpected tiny cutlass stuck to the ground


@lilianlouvaine Here's some road stuff from the entrance to a car park in Sheffield@lizardsimpkins The Road@little_mavis Scarborough Valley Bridge


@m73ichelle open road@matcochr Old, old photo taken on the way home from university for Christmas one year@matcochr My last #sundaypics for the day, just because I happen to find it amusing



@matcochr Some bad stuff seems to have happened on this street (I didn't make this, just took the photo@oldmotherriley Icy puddle in the road@mrsactive slightly off road sign from my travels yesterday


@quantumtree Up nort by da lake, ya@richlieu_uk Street lamp@reltubkram Time to hit the road


@rachamuffin@rachamuffin Found in Staithes last summer.@rachamuffin3


@sarahpez a very cold & snowy road in Amsterdam@sarahtregear The road up Liddington Hill in the mist@sarahtregear A bride and groom crossing the road in Istanbul


@scullyscully Since I am poorly, & the 'road' to recovery means I'm in bed, here's an old pic with an old road@sherbertpip68 And another - this is my road with the sea at the bottom of the hill @scyrene My #Sundaypics effort, from the archive a local road long exposure, taken by putting the camera on the ground



@sherbertpip68 who's this on the road ahead Why it's @Tonihill79 on her way to work in the car in front@sjnewton 'Street Stuff' The best decorated rubbish bin ever! (Carnival del Pueblo, 2010)@shouldbeinbed Road stuff. Near Manchester Uni science block



@snowgirl1972@starlitwolf@splashman Sunday road works


@starlitwolf I wasnt sure I should send this... SOUTH....A 'Which way do I go' signpost in Plymouth @starlitwolf SOUTH Narrow 2-way street in Cornwall. @wombat37 No motorized 30mph What@starlitwolf Sorry, forgot the close up shot of it. 'Which way do I go and how far' sign SOUTH




@sundayhandbag Looking both ways, & Devon mud 1@sundayhandbag Looking both ways, & Devon mud 2@sundayhandbag Looking both ways, & Devon mud 3


@sundayhandbag Looking both ways, & Devon mud 4@theflossietp Roads and stuff @theflossietp Manchester, at it's mucky best. My kinda town Thankyou for having me



@thorn_w A street in Prague@underbundle No stunt bikes @tizbanana Snowy road in north Tromsø


@vanishedhippo A slightly unusual sight on the road - is it a boat or a bus@yura_toole 7pm - 5pm. Am a cock up@wombat37 northern quarter



@yura_toole End of the road, the car park@yura_toole It's for #sundaypics so smile for the camera@yura_toole Enos Burdette off smokey and the bandit parking space. Learn to spell lads


@yura_toole -Road closed- ohh go on then not for youhallmork Okay I can't resist just one morediamanii bit late but here r 2 of ours in Australia 2



womby 1womby 3

womby 2


@alliterative Highway driving around here is miles of trees and rocks, occasionally broken up by a lake@ivan_jellical@englishkirsty bit blurry to use but this is the traffic light with the arrow that always flashes orange that confuses me


@ivan_jellical 2@louwiseman In a slightly liberal interpretation of this week's theme, 'roadstuff', here's my #SUNDAYPICS offering@och23 The road we travelled today into Oxburgh Hall

The new National Anthem

Image1I’ve thought long and hard about this, prompted by the stirring renditions of “Flower of Scotland” and “Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau” at the recent rugby international. We need to replace our turgid dirge with something more arousing. I’ve considered the usual suspects – “Land of Hope and Glory”, “Jerusalem” and “The Theme from Dad’s Army” which, while far better than “God-save-our-gracious-queen-mumble-mumble-mumble”, still don’t lift the heart to the giddiest of heights. No, THIS should be our new anthem! As you listen, imagine a stadium full of people singing at the tops of their voices! Magnificent!

I know what you’re thinking – surely not everyone will want to learn to speak Dragontongue? With that in mind, I’ve written English words especially for the less linguistically gifted.

She’s the Queen, she’s the Queen, she’s so lovely and clean.
And she wears lovely coats while she’s eating Soreen.
She’s got millions of hats and a big crown as well.
Wherever she goes, smelly peasants all yell


Here’s another old blog from before Christmas – the joy of TOYS! Is your here?


Just two weeks to go before we start #SUNDAYPICS proper again, so I’ll try to catch up on the few outstanding blogs before then. Here’s one that you might have forgotten from two months ago.

How The Grinch Failed to Steal Twanta

DSCF5662I make no apology for firstly pointing you once again to @davidtims blog. It perfectly encapsulates everything that is good about Twanta, and might help go some way to explaining to those who didn’t, why so many people got angry about this. Also, I’ve drawn The Grinch, look. Terrible, isn’t it? Looks more like a cat about to be spayed – but I’ll not nick a copyrighted image off the internet so you’ll have to put up with it (and I don’t like posts without a pic – that’s like chips with no vinegar). You’ll understand the Grinch theme in a minute.

Now bear in mind as you read this, not everyone who sent a gift late was at fault – some had valid reasons, and were thoughtful enough to let me & their twantee know. However, since this has caused a bit of a twitterfuss lately, I’d just like to give you just one example about one person who let Twanta down. To maintain anonymity we’ll call this person “The Grinch”. After you’ve read this, you’ll be aware of the sort of crap that’s been going on behind the scenes this year. There are other examples, sadly.

Back in November, The Grinch asked to join Twanta. As November and December unwound, I posted regular reminders of last posting dates. A fortnight before Christmas, I DMd a reminder to all those whose twantees hadn’t yet received a gift. I did the same with a week to go, plus an extra two DMs to those who had not mentioned Twanta at all on their timelines (including The Grinch). The Grinch’s timeline was full of normal tweets, so I knew Grinch wasn’t dead or missing. After Christmas, with still no sign of either a gift or a response, I brought in one of the kind & fragrant Twanta Fairies to send the twantee (who we’ll call Flower) a consolation pressie. Now, Flower (bless her) assumed that this had come from her original Twanta (she had learned the identity), and sent thanks to The Grinch for the gift. Grinch, being a twatmonger of the first order, did not even have the decency to tell Flower that the present hadn’t come from them. All this came to light as I checked that the Twanta Fairy pressies had arrived, and I was able to put Flower right about who had actually sent her gift, so she was able to thank the proper Fairy.

Now read David’s blog again – see what we lose when people act like The Grinch? Faith in humanity, that’s what, and sparkly Christmas Days, and I for one rather like those things.


dinkymumRight This bit is Mavis: I got a bit cross the other day. (Sorry, it’s what I do) but a few of you called me on it & you were right. I shouldn’t let it spoil things, & it hasn’t really. We should focus on the good stuff. I just got a bit cross because I knew how much work Wombat had put into this & (like many wives & mothers) was protecting my family. I didn’t want anyone to think that he’d just sent out the original emails then just left things to trundle along. Everyone was reminded, sometimes on several occasions, and all they needed to do was explain. Several people did (thank you all) & messages were passed on, ruffled feathers smoothed & contingency arrangements put in place. Very, very special thanks go to the Twanta Fairies who stepped in with extra presents so no-one would remain disappointed (I’d like to name them at some point – with permission). Also Royal Mail didn’t perform this year with the superb efficiency they did last year which added to the (relative) chaos.

We have learned our lesson & assuming Wombat has the strength to do it all again next year, we will be much more careful about who is allowed to take part.

BUT the bits that went well went superbly well. We had about 120 people involved from about 10 countries, which is pretty brilliant.

Oh & Happy New Year.

Twanta2011 Megablog part 1 rescued

Thanks to a @splashman rescue, you can once again read Part 1 after I accidentally deleted it.

Here we go with a mega-blog of your #TWANTA2011 gifts. *cracks knuckles to prepare for days of typing*. There are so many to get through that it will appear in two parts. Also, let’s maintain the one-year tradition of last year by making you hover over each picture to discover, through the magic of popup, the identity of the kind Twanta who sent that particular treasure. But first…

An introductory whinge – This year’s Twanta was tainted by too many gifts not turning up. Royal Mail did lose one or two, and some had a perfectly valid reason for sending late (don’t worry, I know who you are), but too many people asked to join in & then completely ignored it, even to the extent of ignoring any DMs I sent in their direction. How sodding thoughtless to agree, then fail to take part, thus disappointing people and denying them the chance to participate in the Christmas Day fun. Not sure what I’ll do about this next year, or even whether I’ll bother, given the hassle such twatmongers cause. I DO though want to thank my TWANTA CHRISTMAS FAIRIES, who stepped in to sent a pressie to those who missed out. I’ll name them as the gift-giver in each case.

Now read on to find out which considerate person / annoying git sent yours. Oh, and every so often I’ll burst into song as I type, depending on what music was playing as I wrote. One hundred extra Wombat Points to anyone who recognises all the songs.

@womble61@tsaksonakis (for it is he!) starts off our marathon gift giving. “Rudolph Beginnings!” as he wryly puts it. “A big thank you to my #Twanta – I waited three weeks to open that; as soon as it reached midnight the temptation proved too much”. Honestly, you big kid!


@nnop“Choc inside & out, Sod #WifeysTwitterDiet” says @wifenotlodger, “Fantastic!” Erm – but what good does smearing your face with chocolate stuff do? Other than making you look daft and amusing us all, obviously. Your Twanta who obviously wants to smear you with chocolate.



Can’t quite make this out from @matcochr… *clicks to see bigger pic* ..oh right. Spongebob Squarepants things, and something foreign. I’ve never seen Spongebob Squarepants, and never been tempted to. I’d have those biscuits, though. Hover over the pic to find out who the exotic foreign tongue belongs to.



What could be more perfect for @TheFlossieTP than naked men? Why, naked rugby players arrayed in calendar form of course. Look at him smirking there, with his funny-shaped balls and his poncy tattoo which’ll look dead stupid when he’s 65 by the way. Not a patch on a real man. Jealous? Me? Dead right.



One of several premature ejaculators, #SUNDAYPICS-wise (What? It’s a metaphor, just a metaphor) was @teddy_red, displaying a fine range of comestibles in a pic that I now realise would also fit into the New Year’s Day #nuddyfood theme. Flick a switch and open your third eye, you’d see that we should never be afraid to die, so come on.


@littlebit_bodTwo pics now from @shysarah2009, which I’ll let her describe – “My beautifully wrapped #twanta2011 gift, and Also @littlebit_bod obv.the most gorgeous smelling candley contents I LOVE IT”. She does like a candley content, obviously.





Look! It’s one of those thingies that I want! @breadesign is now the proud owner of a foldaway book light, precisely engineered to work with foldaway books. “Thank you Twanta whoever you are!” comes the cry.



And as if by magic, here comes @jigsawtherapy herself now. Listen, she can’t contain herself – “Wow! Love my Xmas socks – on my feet now! Chocs later! Thank you so much whoever you are ;-)”



@ButMadNNW@ButMadNNWOne of the brightest stars in my Twitterverse, @ericafairs, says “Thank you! All the way from America. It’s going straight on our tree! – Prime position on the tree!”




Here be the delightful @cloudofutopia – “My Twanta is awesome, even the pups were remembered!!”. That’s one of the things I like about #twanta when it’s done properly. A bit of investigation really helps make sure a pressie *fits*.



@minidibdob unwrapped (ooer)@minidibdobHey look, it’s that @waywardlou woman. I’d better let her speak or she’ll hit me – “Merry Christmas #sundaypics folk. Here is what I got. So pretty. Inside was this… LOVE IT. *tries to eat it* Oodles of thanks”



I rather like the Twitter-based content of this next gift, which was sent to @1mumble – “My #twanta #sundaypics gift. My tweets maybe mildly amusing from now on. Thank you” Why on earth am I pretending? I’m here again, the stars befriending; They come and go of their own free will.





@xemk8x ‘s -#twanta present “is fab – the perfect gift for me! Thanks – whoever you are!” If you hover your cursor over the picture, you’ll find out!



Here’s another that’s had some thought put into it – tis the present received by @lardychap, he of the danger pandas and stuff. Sadly, I failed to record his ejaculations when he opened it. Yes, I said ejaculations, it’s a perfectly valid word. You pervs.



“A HUGE thank you to my Secret Twanta for the Fab Mug & lovely chutney” effuses @doodledawne , showing great restraint as well as elegance by not drawing something filthy on the mug, as I would obviously have done.




Tis a monkey for @ariadnes_web, who says “Merry Christmas everyone and thank you, Twanta, for making me smile. Look, we’re being supervised!” Now who on earth could have sent her a monkey?


25lottedh-Thank you #Twanta2011 for my lovely gift!



“Thank you #Twanta2011 for my lovely gift!” says lovely @lottedh. Perfect for this time of year, eh? Nicely laid out for the photo too.


26cara_erin-Thank you to my #twanta2011 I absolutely love my gorgeous gifts!



She loves you, yeah yeah yeah…. sorry. Anyway, here’s @cara_erin showing us her rather nice gift and saying “Thank you to my #twanta2011 I absolutely love my gorgeous gifts!”


27cymraescoch-I know I'm taking a little twitter break but I had to pop by to say thank you twanta!!


@cymraescoch pops in from taking a little twitter break to say “thank you twanta!!”. What’s that thing on the right? *clicks to see bigger picture* – ah, it appears to be an Inukshuk. My, an Inukshuk eh? Not many people get an Inukshuk. Pssst, Canadians, what’s an Inukshuk?


28dawbes-Pretty wind chime which I've so far used to scare the cat with28dawbes-Hahahahaha THANK YOU! I drink vodka tooI said NUTBUSH! Nutbush City Limit! That @dawbes, bless her little cotton socks, offered to be two Twantas this year. Her first pressie elicited this response “Hahahahaha THANK YOU! I drink vodka too!” Her second is a dangly goodie, a “Pretty wind chime which I’ve so far used to scare the cat with”.



29dutch_bitch-Thank you Twanta!29dutch_bitch-I LOVE my #twanta2011 gift. It's a message fan! I LOVE it! I can't stop fiddling with it

@dutch_bitch is a fan of her gift. (ba-dum-tish) – “I LOVE my #twanta2011 gift. It’s a message fan! I LOVE it! I can’t stop fiddling with it”. I do wonder whether you’re able to change the message, cos I’d have chosen something… well, you can guess.




30awesomeorchid-I got a WHOOPEE CUSHION!!!

I’m so glad someone had enough respect for tradition to send @awesomeorchid this – “I got a WHOOPEE CUSHION!!!” she squeals, in evident girly delight. Strange woman, but then we all like that, don’t we?


31fbishwife- how fantastic! Thank you the whole family loves it!!


Hop two it! This tandem space-hopper is a winner with @fbishwife, despite it looking like a normal space-hopper with a haemorrhoid problem. “How fantastic!” she enthuses, “Thank you the whole family loves it!! Mealtimes are much more interesting now”. Yes, OK, I added that last sentence myself.

32candysherbet-I keep saying WOW to this fantastic gift.TY SO much to the sender xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx32candysherbet-Love the rating of virtually impossible too heh heh.Just the way I like them. I LOVE MY CO



Which cheapskate sent a cup of coffee? Oh wait, tis more than that, n’est-ce pas? Tis a PUZZLE. @candysherbet is enthused “I keep saying WOW to this fantastic gift.TY SO much to the sender xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (blimey, snogs) Love the rating of virtually impossible too heh heh.Just the way I like them. I LOVE MY CO…” Yes, yes, calm down dear, calm down Smile


33littlemammy-Wow!! I don't hide my childish side as much as I thought!! I LOVE it. Thank you @jamerz3294

Are those … buttons … on that dolly? EW *shudder*. I loathe buttons (koumpounophobia – look it up). @littlemammy can finish this herself while I move swiftly on to more chocolatey concerns. “Wow!! I don’t hide my childish side as much as I thought!! I LOVE it. Thank you @jamerz3294”


34newsmary-Thank you #twanta2011 for my CHOCOLATE COFFEE BEANS



Here’s the estimable tube-station-walking @newsmary – “Thank you #twanta2011 for my CHOCOLATE COFFEE BEANS”. Those three words go perfectly together, don’t they? I’m romancin’ the sto-one! Never leaving your poor heart alone…


35little_mavis-Thank-you #twanta2011 A lovely gift of festive indulgence

Here she is, my bonny lass. Baileys chocs and booze? Yes please! Rats, she won’t let me have any. Apparently when we got married I endowed her with my wordly goods, but not the other way round. Bloody small print. @little_mavis says “Thank-you #twanta2011 –  A lovely gift of festive indulgence”




36mannymunkeh-DUDES!!!!!!! Awesome #TWANTA201136mannymunkeh-I'm going in

We’ve got three pictures from @mannymunkeh (count ‘em!), cos he got all excited. “I’m going in” he squeaks, then “DUDES!!!!!!! Awesome #TWANTA2011!!!” 36mannymunkeh-My other #TWANTA2011 #sundaypics @Cara_Erin @wombat37 We got beetles to makeNo wonder he’s thrilled – he has a new girlfriend, AND some beetles to make and play with. Lucky monkeh.



40minidibdob-@dawbes thank you so much for my #Twanta gift.. Genius it's very me & completely lush

The lovely @minidibdob worked out who her Twanta was, and so was able to say “@dawbes thank you so much for my #Twanta gift. Genius it’s very me & completely lush”. Lush? Isn’t that someone who drinks a lot of gin? Oh I see….


37sarahtregear-Just opening my gift.... I have a helper too37sarahtregear


There’s @sarahtregear on the left, opening her pressie with her three hands…. wait, what? What does she say? “Just opening my gift…. I have a helper too”. Oh phew, thank goodness for that. Mind you, I could think of a few uses for a three-handed woman.



41richlieu_uk-My #twanta2011 gift- superb, thank you

“Killer Klowns from Outer Space – in space no one can eat ice cream”. Meryl Streep’s finest, I reckon. I’ll bet @richlieu_uk really enjoys it for its poetic sub-theme. “Superb, thank you” he effuses. Your bones will be broken and your blood will be shed, Your eyes will be taken and your hands will be tied




38flylilypad-Thank you, #TWANTA11. Most excellent stalking- the perfect post-dinner project

38flylilypad-Living my new lamp! Cosy corner )) (note Geoff on back of sofaMeanwhile, @flylilypad says “Thank you, #TWANTA11. Most excellent stalking – the perfect post-dinner project”. Then later – “Loving my new lamp in my cosy corner – note Geoff on back of sofa”



43lettyp1-My wonderful hen related #Twanta presents...they're perfect.


“My wonderful hen related #Twanta presents…they’re perfect” says dear @LettyP1. I happen to know the artist, you know. Oh yeah. (psst – it’s Wombette Minor).



39moynsquidgeim-Thanks #Twanta39moynsquidgeim-I love buttons! Thanks you! #Twanta EW EW EW EW! I *loathe* buttons! Take over, @moynsquidgeim – “Thanks #Twanta – I love buttons! Thanks you!”





44mrpeterwood-Loving my #twanta2011 present. My Twanta obviously knows me well

Ah, now that’s more like it! There’s a gift I could get on board with, as obviously could @mrpeterwood – “Loving my #twanta2011 present. My Twanta obviously knows me well” he purrs. Yes, purrs. Sometimes you get fed up of just using “says”.


42julietims-Twanta present. I'm going in. (lots of glitter, by the way)

42julietims-Thank you very much to #twanta for my lovely present! (There is glitter everywhere!)


@julietims sent two sparkly pics – “Twanta present. I’m going in. (lots of glitter, by the way) – Thank you very much to #twanta for my lovely present! (There is glitter everywhere!)” I’ve got a great idea for a use for that glitter…. oh, my conscience advises me not to put that idea into words. I’ll play it safe and obey.


45superblouse-This is my ace #twanta2011 present. The black Bic biro is the KING of the pen world

Look, there’s a quiz in this one! Click on the pic to see a bigger version, and see whether you can answer the riddles therein posed. This, from @superblouse – “This is my ace #twanta2011 present. The black Bic biro is the KING of the pen world” The sun is a mass of incandescent gas, a gigantic nuclear furnace where hydrogen is built into helium at a temperature of millions of degrees.


Now, under the principle that you can only read so much at once, I’m going to have an intermission here. Part 2 of the Twanta2011 blog, featuring the rest of your stuff, will appear as soon as I’ve typed it (and definitely before #SUNDAYPICS re-appears in February). Watch this space.

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