How The Grinch Failed to Steal Twanta

DSCF5662I make no apology for firstly pointing you once again to @davidtims blog. It perfectly encapsulates everything that is good about Twanta, and might help go some way to explaining to those who didn’t, why so many people got angry about this. Also, I’ve drawn The Grinch, look. Terrible, isn’t it? Looks more like a cat about to be spayed – but I’ll not nick a copyrighted image off the internet so you’ll have to put up with it (and I don’t like posts without a pic – that’s like chips with no vinegar). You’ll understand the Grinch theme in a minute.

Now bear in mind as you read this, not everyone who sent a gift late was at fault – some had valid reasons, and were thoughtful enough to let me & their twantee know. However, since this has caused a bit of a twitterfuss lately, I’d just like to give you just one example about one person who let Twanta down. To maintain anonymity we’ll call this person “The Grinch”. After you’ve read this, you’ll be aware of the sort of crap that’s been going on behind the scenes this year. There are other examples, sadly.

Back in November, The Grinch asked to join Twanta. As November and December unwound, I posted regular reminders of last posting dates. A fortnight before Christmas, I DMd a reminder to all those whose twantees hadn’t yet received a gift. I did the same with a week to go, plus an extra two DMs to those who had not mentioned Twanta at all on their timelines (including The Grinch). The Grinch’s timeline was full of normal tweets, so I knew Grinch wasn’t dead or missing. After Christmas, with still no sign of either a gift or a response, I brought in one of the kind & fragrant Twanta Fairies to send the twantee (who we’ll call Flower) a consolation pressie. Now, Flower (bless her) assumed that this had come from her original Twanta (she had learned the identity), and sent thanks to The Grinch for the gift. Grinch, being a twatmonger of the first order, did not even have the decency to tell Flower that the present hadn’t come from them. All this came to light as I checked that the Twanta Fairy pressies had arrived, and I was able to put Flower right about who had actually sent her gift, so she was able to thank the proper Fairy.

Now read David’s blog again – see what we lose when people act like The Grinch? Faith in humanity, that’s what, and sparkly Christmas Days, and I for one rather like those things.


dinkymumRight This bit is Mavis: I got a bit cross the other day. (Sorry, it’s what I do) but a few of you called me on it & you were right. I shouldn’t let it spoil things, & it hasn’t really. We should focus on the good stuff. I just got a bit cross because I knew how much work Wombat had put into this & (like many wives & mothers) was protecting my family. I didn’t want anyone to think that he’d just sent out the original emails then just left things to trundle along. Everyone was reminded, sometimes on several occasions, and all they needed to do was explain. Several people did (thank you all) & messages were passed on, ruffled feathers smoothed & contingency arrangements put in place. Very, very special thanks go to the Twanta Fairies who stepped in with extra presents so no-one would remain disappointed (I’d like to name them at some point – with permission). Also Royal Mail didn’t perform this year with the superb efficiency they did last year which added to the (relative) chaos.

We have learned our lesson & assuming Wombat has the strength to do it all again next year, we will be much more careful about who is allowed to take part.

BUT the bits that went well went superbly well. We had about 120 people involved from about 10 countries, which is pretty brilliant.

Oh & Happy New Year.


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