The return – Road Stuff

The post Christmas break did me a world of good, and it seems to have done you lot good too, with around a nundred photos posted on the day. Some really good ones too, you talented lot.

Now listen, at #mancscurry I discussed #SUNDAYPICS with those who enjoyed it, in the main about the best way to prevent me from burning out now that there are so many entries for every theme, and given that I wanted to write proper narrative blogs. Most suggested I make it a monthly event, so that I’d be able to write the blogs and not feel forced to spend the whole of every Sunday collecting, tagging and commenting. Those who have done a guest stint on here will tell you how time-consuming the process actually is.

So, #SUNDAYPICS will be weekly up to and including 4th March, after which I’ll change to running a theme on the first Sunday of every month. Of course, this doesn’t stop you having unofficial #SUNDAYPICSFRINGE events like the recent Animal Arses. Before we hit the pics, enhoy this video and listen to the music as you browse. @alliterative says the theme reminded him of The Arrogant Worms.

Now here’s your Roady pics – hover over them as usual for names and explanatory notes. They really are worth a look – some fascinating pics.

@__aaronkelly  the road outside my house@alexbrightsmith Wandering home a few days ago thinking about all sorts of splendid things I have seen beside roads and not photographed when I turned a corner and what should I see but one of these@_dunebug A road



@ariadnes_web One for The Road. A road in the highlands of Scotland@avensarah the ice-road across the lake in the middle of town@ariadnes_web A road in Marrakech's medina



@b_wildered This was in a lane near our house. Does it count@beanobundle dog on kerb@baronhawkey


@beanobundle Dublin@beanobundle hotdog@beanobundle Dublin 2


@beanobundle starfish pavement lighting, Dublin@ButMadNNW Mysterious markings on the road near the ButMadhouse - sign of a double murder@bottyb So umm, yes. #roadstuff #sundaypics #veryverydrunk


@candysherbet Just about to post mine but before i do.You've got 2 picture the scene-it's thunder   lightning.Hail and snow and this happens@captain_doodle It's not a post in the ground. No siree. It's the VERGEMASTER@captain_doodle Danger! Pensioners humping!


@ceee_j @crowmogh Having a chat down the road, Cornish village life@chickenprincess the road to The North


@crowmogh Rainbow Road - the entrance to Truro@dbrereton Cobbled Lane to Naden@davidtims Cobbles! A short-cut through rural Poland. No, I wasn't driving



@diamanii bit late but here r 2 of ours in Australia@em_and_lola Road Stuff, glow in the dark@dr_steph_ I don`t know who George upset to lose his street


@englishkirsty a scenic sign@ericafairs 1st gas street lighting in UK was in Godalming. Replica street lamp in town@englishkirsty Irish potholes


@ericafairs An explanatory plaque on the wall - and I got it wrong! Electricity, not gas!@hallmork@ericafairs 'Road' Going home on this afternoon on the M25. Strangely quiet



@greythorne a sign by a tunnel on the A50.  A very bad depiction of a horse and cart.@hallmork5@hallmork4




@harrietkap I just follow these around in case we get caught in traffic@johnrisby iPhone 4s HDR of road-pavement in Frigiliana, Spain@hippo_critic



@HRHPrincessCat My favourite road sign ever@johnrisby non HDR of same view (Frigiliana, Spain) with man@jaxbourne Well, it's a motorway here



@judgetread Road things! - the Camel Flyover at Wadebridge@leontia2001 The scourge of many drivers in NI, potholes! This is on a main road on a bend!!@lauriepink From 2008, an unexpected tiny cutlass stuck to the ground


@lilianlouvaine Here's some road stuff from the entrance to a car park in Sheffield@lizardsimpkins The Road@little_mavis Scarborough Valley Bridge


@m73ichelle open road@matcochr Old, old photo taken on the way home from university for Christmas one year@matcochr My last #sundaypics for the day, just because I happen to find it amusing



@matcochr Some bad stuff seems to have happened on this street (I didn't make this, just took the photo@oldmotherriley Icy puddle in the road@mrsactive slightly off road sign from my travels yesterday


@quantumtree Up nort by da lake, ya@richlieu_uk Street lamp@reltubkram Time to hit the road


@rachamuffin@rachamuffin Found in Staithes last summer.@rachamuffin3


@sarahpez a very cold & snowy road in Amsterdam@sarahtregear The road up Liddington Hill in the mist@sarahtregear A bride and groom crossing the road in Istanbul


@scullyscully Since I am poorly, & the 'road' to recovery means I'm in bed, here's an old pic with an old road@sherbertpip68 And another - this is my road with the sea at the bottom of the hill @scyrene My #Sundaypics effort, from the archive a local road long exposure, taken by putting the camera on the ground



@sherbertpip68 who's this on the road ahead Why it's @Tonihill79 on her way to work in the car in front@sjnewton 'Street Stuff' The best decorated rubbish bin ever! (Carnival del Pueblo, 2010)@shouldbeinbed Road stuff. Near Manchester Uni science block



@snowgirl1972@starlitwolf@splashman Sunday road works


@starlitwolf I wasnt sure I should send this... SOUTH....A 'Which way do I go' signpost in Plymouth @starlitwolf SOUTH Narrow 2-way street in Cornwall. @wombat37 No motorized 30mph What@starlitwolf Sorry, forgot the close up shot of it. 'Which way do I go and how far' sign SOUTH




@sundayhandbag Looking both ways, & Devon mud 1@sundayhandbag Looking both ways, & Devon mud 2@sundayhandbag Looking both ways, & Devon mud 3


@sundayhandbag Looking both ways, & Devon mud 4@theflossietp Roads and stuff @theflossietp Manchester, at it's mucky best. My kinda town Thankyou for having me



@thorn_w A street in Prague@underbundle No stunt bikes @tizbanana Snowy road in north Tromsø


@vanishedhippo A slightly unusual sight on the road - is it a boat or a bus@yura_toole 7pm - 5pm. Am a cock up@wombat37 northern quarter



@yura_toole End of the road, the car park@yura_toole It's for #sundaypics so smile for the camera@yura_toole Enos Burdette off smokey and the bandit parking space. Learn to spell lads


@yura_toole -Road closed- ohh go on then not for youhallmork Okay I can't resist just one morediamanii bit late but here r 2 of ours in Australia 2



womby 1womby 3

womby 2


@alliterative Highway driving around here is miles of trees and rocks, occasionally broken up by a lake@ivan_jellical@englishkirsty bit blurry to use but this is the traffic light with the arrow that always flashes orange that confuses me


@ivan_jellical 2@louwiseman In a slightly liberal interpretation of this week's theme, 'roadstuff', here's my #SUNDAYPICS offering@och23 The road we travelled today into Oxburgh Hall


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