In a desperate attempt to catch up with the few older missing blogs, I’m just going to fling this one up here in a quick and dirty fashion (yes, I’m just wearing pants) and let you hover over each pic to see what the poster said. Bet you’d all forgotten this one anyway.

@_aaronkelly My niece's tea party. Today we eat like kings! Specifically King George II

@calmprotractor more food! Best rock cakes baked today@andromedababe Squidgy, orangey, chocolatey lusciousness. It wasn't Terry's@ariadnes_web Greedy Jenny Has TWO Food pictures. Moroccan pastries@ariadnes_web My favourite Food - scrambled eggs and smoked salmon@b_wildered  I'm not proud@baronhawkey@beanobundle Every so often, the alti in my choir have a tea party. No other section is clever enough. NOM@beatsbassnbears a home-made bolognese and pasta. That was for breakfast that day. Hearty@beatsbassnbears Banner's Potatos. One of my fave hearty breakfasts at one of my fave local restaurants@beatsbassnbears BBQ dinner Atlanta, GA. No one does BBQ like The South@beatsbassnbears Because kids and grownups love it so@beatsbassnbears Home-made jam from one of my Greek customers. I am not big into jam but needed to be polite@beatsbassnbears I couldn't eat half the food I do without these@beatsbassnbears I have to have these to keep me going at work some days@beatsbassnbears Lastly, a nice home-made Vietnamese salad@beatsbassnbears My first #SundayPics submission. Pizza from a coin-op machine that makes it in 3 minutes@beatsbassnbears Yes. Here 'tis. With 'real' cheese and tomtoes. A beast of a machine but for £3.50 in 3 min@belfegore homemade marmalade and sunshine@bottyb Blessed are the cheese makers@briandgregory@butmadnnw @usmcfm bought this during Sat. outing I picked a brekky from it to make; pic later@butmadnnw Just made these breakfast egg muffins from Paleo Comfort Foods. Simple, but I feel a proper chefi@caddac23 My cookies@calmprotractor food!! took this on a market in France ! Can one enter more than one picture@calmprotractor ooh! More food! Same market, different veg@candysherbet The evidence from Friday's shopping@candysherbet This is Sparky my cockatiel feeling a bit peckish@captain_doodle Browsing books at local country park today. My rather tragic entry @cha0tic Pork, Pineapple 'n' Beans@cloudofutopia On the 7th day she ate breakfast, and it was good@davidgilray Strawberries for tonight's dessert


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A Yorkshireman in the green hills of Lancashire, UK Not a real wombat, obviously, or typing would become an issue. I do have short legs and a hairy nose, however. Oh, & a distinctive smell.

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