YSP Tweetup – Best Wedding Anniversary Ever?

Knackered but eating liquorice ice cream

Well, it was a cracking day, wasn’t it? The weather behaved beautifully, Dave behaved beautifully, and the kids….. well they had fun too. Sorry we got there a bit later than planned, making some of you hang around the exciting car park. This was due to circumstances.

There’s a shedload of pics here, not all mine, so if I’ve used one of yours that you’d rather wasn’t here, let me know. Think I’ll let the pictures tell the story.





Me and Austin had a fascinating visit to “Australia – a nundred miles away” from the picnic site. He was particularly taken by the masked man and what had happened to his underpants…..





… and the racing man, who he thought would slip over in the mud.






283646_2904900080512_1434071103_nI ate SO much stuff, but how could I resist? Samosas (five second rule applies), cornbread, millionaire’s shortbread (my favourite), strawberries and champagne (thank you Andrea).



“And then Wombat ate it OFF THE FLOOR! EEEWWW!”




new DSCF7091I love the happy faces in this pic: I think Matt must have just told the best joke in the world cos Lou and Dawbes are peeing themselves.












Dave has a pork pie, while Otherdave reaches for his FNP 45 USG Bitone.





MEN are here! Men who have proper rucksacks and tattoos and stuff.




new DSCF7079


The pickernick table. Rob & Aud are obviously seated ‘below the salt’ (look it up) with the sprogs.



600846_2904871799805_707109447_nThirty-third Anniversary stuff. It’s quite remarkable that me and Maeve have been married longer than some of you have been alive. Sweet Baby Jeebus, but we’re old.  I have to say, though, that I’m still besotted by this woman even after 33 years. 205233_2904883720103_848592219_nThanks to everyone who came and helped us celebrate (you know, proper heartfelt thanks, not just hey-its-a-word thanks), and particular hug-and-a-bottom-feel thanks to ‘Manda for the flowery goodness, and Andrea for the champers.


Entertaining The Kids. And Dave.



Uncle Johnny entertains the kids with tales of tigers disembowelling zebras, and games about strangling.






Cat and Nell, either best buddies, superhero and sidekick, or evil mastermind and minion. Only they can decide.





AwGxpeICQAAwY-K.jpg large


I fell in love with Dave (and a little bit with his owner, but don’t tell her that). Speaking of which, have a few more Dave pics while I have them to hand….





“Can’t… quite… reach… the… itch…..”






Dave plays “Spot The Difference”.






The canine appreciation of Antony Gormley’s work.




Turning The Titanic

556531_2904955281892_1733744533_nSorry, that was Cat’s way of describing getting the group moving after nomming. It’s not easy to think up interesting titles, you know. This pic by Mel is one of my favourites, showing the herd flocking South.



A nice sit down. The kids, I have to say, were wonderful, and really added to the fun of the day.


new DSCF7116



Sexy rabbit, just cos I like to take every opportunity to look at a nice arse.





David reckons this looks like I’ve just beamed down from the Enterprise, and he’s not wrong. I did enjoy that crystal cave thingy.




Team photo by Steve’s camera, minus a few who had got lost by walking past a sign that said “Do Not Go Past This Sign”.

new 5


new6I’m pretty sure this is what made my arse ache so much on the Sunday, sitting-down-dancing on the Snow Patrol benches. No bugger rubbed my buttocks better either Sad smile


new10I like this photo of the do-not-climb-on-this-sculpture simply because of the way the kids are positioned. It’s like an album cover.





Proper photographers with proper cameras, making mine seem most inadequate. Their penises are probably bigger than mine too.




new chickenprincess


Peep-oh! Look, there’s Ted!





Jim’s Leap









Showing us all how to behave responsibly in the presence of children, Jim discovers that the properties of an umbrella as a parachute are greatly over-rated by cartoons. Click this sentence to hear his song about this foolhardy leap of faith.


Around The Lake



Artistically posed by accident. Well played, gang.






What’s in the box, Will?









Rob is very proud of his bumbershoot.







Mel decides to…. well I’m not sure, actually. Maybe he found a lovely ladybird or maybe a wounded tiny bird.






Uncle Johnny in charge at the stepping stones.







Waterfally falllingdownhousey shot. Just because.







Awwwww! “Chums”





And finally – bring on the wall! Dave loves it inside this Goldsworthy sculpture. He got all excited, bless him.



Thank You

I’m not going to name you all individually, cos I’d be bound to forget someone and then you’d be upset, but I really do appreciate everybody who came on 23rd June. I appreciate the effort it took, especially following days of rainy deluge. You made it a right special day, ta. Special thanks to Jim, for his Wombat song. That’s right, click just there to hear it.



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