Spiders are our friends

DSCF8118I’ve never understood the urge some people have to kill spiders. They are innocent little creatures, doing their tiny best to get along with their arachnid lives, and helping us out by catching the far more annoying flies. They don’t want to hurt anyone; they’re just trying to get places. If they could speak they’d be saying stuff like

 “Hey bro, how’re you doing? Nice morning, huh? Yeah, lots of flies, I’m trying to take care of that for you, I’ll just stay out of your way on the curtain rail, but I might have to make a run down there at some point. I’ll be quiet though, yeah? Cool, man, ‘ppreciate it.”

Kit has two HUGE ones who chill out with her near her desk in the corner, and occasionally one will go for a stroll and get scared by one of the cats. One is big and greyish and prettily patterned, named Adonis, and the other one is smaller and sort of blackish brown. Much shyer, name of Makar. Apparently. Kit imagines that the spider neighbours have little meetings where they discuss spider-drama and they hang out and they’re best friends and they’re like “hey man wanna come over, share a moth?” “sure that’d be awesome I’ll see you in ten? Gotta freshen up, y’know.”

DSCF3023I myself have Travelling Spider as a companion. She lives on the wing mirror of my car, and has been all over the country with me. On journeys she’ll sometimes just nip out from behind the mirror into the wind-stream for a thrill, and to see how much damage is being done to her web. I’ll miss her when she goes.

See?  They’re wonderful. And yet some people just thoughtlessly snuff out their poor little spider lives, when they are just trying to do harmless spider things. It’s very sad.


About wombat37

A Yorkshireman in the green hills of Lancashire, UK Not a real wombat, obviously, or typing would become an issue. I do have short legs and a hairy nose, however. Oh, & a distinctive smell.

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  1. Dad had a wing mirror spider, too, but it decided to rebuild its web one day when he was only waiting for the lights to change. Never heard of anyone else having one.


  2. She hides in the wiing mirror behind the glass, so I think she's safe for a while. I'll be sad when she goes though…


  3. I've got a wing mirror spider too. 🙂


  4. My wing mirror spider stupidly tried to survive a motorway ride, he couldn’t get back along his web it was shaking to much, so when I slowed down near my work, I tried to help him, but I just can’t let them touch me, makes me panic, so he ended up being left on the side of the road in a strange neighbourhood, no idea if he survived! But I felt quite guilty.

    I don’t mind them at all, and in fact a great deal of spiders die of starvation, and sometimes if you break their webs they aren’t able to rebuild as they don’t have the strength, so I am always apologising when I break webs!

    I was really upset to see the big fat one running about the lounge was dead in a ball in his web! I think when our cat, Sally chased him for a bit it scared him too much and eventually he died of shock or a heart-attack, which is also quite possible with spiders. I never deliberately kill them…but Daddy Long Legs (Crane flies)? That’s a whole other story!

    Oh and I have been bitten by a spider, a tiny one, when I was clearly out some toys, it left two red dots on my finger, and I was hysterical….but my boyfriend at the time kept reminding me that there were no poisonous spiders in the UK. I must have really scared him if he bit me!


  5. I have Travelling Spider in the side mirror on the car too. Now, either Travelling Spider has branched out and built a summer home on the side mirror on the other side of the car or she now has a neighbour Travelling Spider ( a matching set).

    We have Garden Spider making his home on the outside of the window to our kitchen door (it faces the back garden). So far, Garden Spider has caught and consumed two of those pesky flying Daddy-Long-Legs bugs, so I’m happy for Garden Spider to stay.

    We also have giant British House Spider, also known as “Spoookkkyyy” (thus named by my 5 year old son) who either has a lot of buddies in residence or travels the house on regular rounds. So far, Spooky has been seen running up the living room curtain and then leaping off from almost at the top (he’s a thrill-seeker), sitting at the top of the wall just under the ceiling above my sons bed and then jumping down (told you – thrill seeker) and chilling out between the fridge and the kitchen wall. He’s even run across the hallway floor right under the nose of our spider-hunting cat in his quest for greater thrills.


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