Pie Butties

Step 2 of the recipeWhenever I mention that I’m having a pie butty, Twitter (well, some of it) responds with an almighty WTF? I thought it about time that these poor lost souls were introduced to an epicurean delight. I give you, The Pie Butty Recipe.

Ingredients: Pie of your choice, bread of your choice.

1. Butter bread of your choice.

2. Squish pie of your choice onto bread of your choice.

3. Add condiments (optional).

4. Fold bread of your choice over pie of your choice.

This simple recipe can give rise to a huge variety of meals. For instance, you could use a big crusty cob instead of sliced bread, in which case Step 1 becomes ‘Hollow out bread of your choice’ and Step 4 is now ‘Stuff pie of your choice into hollowed out loaf’.

A meal fit for a JimCheese pie, steak pie, chicken pie, balti pie – the world of pies is your playground. And you needn’t stop there. Pie subgroups, such as the pasty family and the pudding genus can offer the connoisseur even greater variety. If you feel particularly daring, you might even hazard a.. we might as well put it out there… sausage roll IN a roll.  I am an aficionado of the meat and tater pie, laid gently on a nest of granary bread, and drizzled with salt and vinegar. It’s the food of champions.

Since I became official spokesman for the Pie Butty Board, other splendid (though slightly less traditional) butties have been brought to my attention, including the Curry Butty, the Quiche Butty, and the legendary Pot Noodle Butty.

Though I may occasionally stray into these exotic sarnie realms, however, I shall remain stalwartly a Meat & Tater Granary man. How about you?


About wombat37

A Yorkshireman in the green hills of Lancashire, UK Not a real wombat, obviously, or typing would become an issue. I do have short legs and a hairy nose, however. Oh, & a distinctive smell.

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  1. The Cheese & Onion Omelette butty is a favourite of mine.


  2. Meat pie, brown sauce, barmcake.


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