“Amnesia” (or possibly “Fog”) extract

Here’s another extract from the first draft of the new book. I’ve censored it slightly to avoid spoilers. Hope you enjoy this, and find it enticing enough to want to readmore. Remember, it IS a first draft, and forgive any errors.
“Her hair was bedraggled, and her face was smeared with dirt. Her mouth was gagged with a cloth, tied behind her head. She looked exhausted. Her wrists were bound behind her, but evenso the two minions gripped her arms tightly. I took this as a sign that she’d been putting up a fight. That’s my girl.
Motoko had noticed my barely audible gasp. She laid a hand on my arm and applied a slight pressure. Stay calm. Remain silent.
“I have a hankering,” said the leader, sweetly, “To take a closer look at what we have here. Hold her still.”
He reached forward and fingered the zip of his captive’s hoodie. He looked her directly in the eyes, then drew his fingers down slowly, revealing her T shirt. She breathed heavily, either through fear or anger, her breasts pushing against the white material.
The leader smirked as he inserted a forefinger into the neck of the T-shirt and pulled it out towards him. He peered down inside, then turned to his cohorts.
“Nice,” he said, “Want a look, chaps?” The two with him nodded eagerly.
“I suggest that you remain quite still, my dear, lest my knife slip,” he continued, in an almost chatty tone of voice. He introduced his knife blade alongside the finger that tautened the neck of the captive’s shirt, and drew the keen edge down slightly. A small tear appeared in the material.
I readied myself to leap forward and throttle the life out of the bugger. Motoko squeezed my arm. Not yet.
I looked at Motoko, my eyes pleading. She silently gestured with her hands as if baring her breasts, then pointed to her eyes and at the leader. Wait until he is thoroughly preoccupied.
Motoko then indicated herself, held two fingers up and drew a finger across her throat. I will take out the two guards. She then pointed at me and indicated the sap in my pocket. You attack the leader and try to knock him out until I have dealt with the guards.
Motoko drew a short pipe from her belt, and found a feathered dart from a pocket. She inserted the dart into the pipe and raised it to her lips in readiness. The bound woman shook her head from slowly from side to side as the leader pulled the sharp edge of his blade through her shirt, removing the frail protection and revealing her cleavage. The two halves of her shirt fell aside, displaying her generous breasts, supported by a white bra.
I touched Motoko’s arm. Now, please! She shook her head firmly. Wait!
The two minions stared hungrily at the soft curves of the woman’s skin; her breasts rising and falling as she breathed rapidly, thrust outwards by her bound arms.
The cold knife edge wandered gently across her bare stomach, almost caressingly, and the tip played around her navel before wandering upwards. The sharp edge crept underneath the front of her bra, then with a sharp twist, sliced it in two. The material fell away from her breasts, revealing them completely. One of theminions sniggered.
The leader laid the flat of his cold steel blade against the helpless woman’s right breast, and ran his fingertips across her left nipple. It stiffened from the attention. I squeezed Motoko’s arm, hard. Come on, Motoko!
Motoko made a chopping motion with her hand. WAIT!
The knife edge trailed down between the woman’s breasts, leaving a faint red line and drawing a drop of blood which trickled slowly down to her belly. The knife continued its inexorable progress towards the waistband of her jeans.
Motoko held up three fingers and, full of anger now, I prepared to launch myself at the bastards. She lowered one finger, then another. Three, two, one… NOW!


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A Yorkshireman in the green hills of Lancashire, UK Not a real wombat, obviously, or typing would become an issue. I do have short legs and a hairy nose, however. Oh, & a distinctive smell.

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