#NUDDYTEDDY (and snake and cushion and Bagpuss and Hulk….)

Well now, you delightful people. Thanks every one of you brave souls that took part, and congratulations to those who joined me in completing your #NUDDY hat trick. I don’t know about you, but I get a great feeling after stepping outside my comfort zone like this, coupled with pride that I did it. Hope you felt good afterwards too. You should.

I’m starting with my own photo, as we did on the day pour encouragez les autres. Be honest, you thought my Bagpuss was bigger than that, didn’t you?







Actual brilliance from @_Inno here. I want to know if Lego guy gets his genitalia from Snap-On Tools Ltd.















I love this woman. She needs to practice her make-up application technique though. Tis @alexbrightsmith, author extraordinaire, and what the wiggins is she doing to poor Sweep?












Oh @bathcat, sweet Donny siren,lying on the kitchen floor with a cold bum. I hope the postman didn’t peer in at the window.













Another Twitter crushe now, and the subject of the perverted fantasies of hundreds of Tweeters*, it’s that @BottyB with an ever-so-sexy hip-curve.


*oh alright, me







Is that a Catbus you’re holding,or are you just pleased to see me? In his spare time, @captain_doodle likes to wash his catbus. I hope.












@ceee_j must be upset that his is way smaller than mine. Photo, I mean, obv. WTF is that pink thing?






Oh noes! The poor teddy is shocked by @davidtims and his warm proclivities. Also, the poor teddy must have a singed bottom.








The dissolution of a wastrel life takes its toll on @metaltax,who was found in this positionon a rug that I sat on only a week before. I’ll bet he gets pregnant now.










It’s Mr. @effieoffie, modelling the latest in #NUDDY footwear. Greater love hath no man than to allow his missus to stand him out in the garden in the nip with a toy… what IS that? Dragon?














Another from @effieoffie here, who expects us to believe that it is of an anonymous friend. Lookit, it’s Porngu!










Now this IS a dragon.The cuddly toy, I mean, obviously. Nice curves, @FannyIngAbout.












Aw lookit, @gemmajoobjoob looking pregnantly gorgeous. What’s the owl looking at, eh?





And a bonus! It’s Mr. @gemmajoobjoob and his roaring green penis.










Nice appliance, @grumpy_mel.It’s got a big aperture.










Oh, @heidivodka, Twitter’s Sweetheart, she whose knees send a man’s heart a-quiver. Nice owl.














This is a lovely one from @joblake1. I just want to reach out and…. sorry, did I say that out loud? A plea – show us more tattoo! I want to know what it is.







@KingOfAnkh with Pooh coming out of his arse. #obviouscaptionsRus









Another Bagpuss. Tis one looks rather more startled than my own Baguss. I imagine that’s because @KyotoWolf has more with which to startle him.














Nice nips! Oh wait, they’re eyes. This is my lovelyWarren Peace cheerleader @MrsAshborosCat of course. That’s a thought – I wonder if she owns a cheerleader’s outfit?












We all love @nyncompoop with her infectious smile and her snuggly teddy and her remarkable singing voice when pissed.










Oh I say!You don’t get many of them to the pound. Nice boobs, @quantumtree. What? What else am I supposed to say? I’m trying desperately to avoid straying into dirty old git territory here…









It’s that delightful @rachamuffin, she of the come-to-bed eyes, in a pic taken (apparently) a year or two ago for a calendar. Remember that calendar I made available (briefly) on Redbubble?That was quality, that was.








Raggedy Ted investigates our voyeuristic camera as @richlieu_uk takes a pic specifically designed to inflame @MrsAshborosCat’s lust. Nice bottom, sir.













@rogerablackwell’s pic may well be ‘shopped, but it’s hilarious. Probably due to both expressions.














A tiny Hulk is just enough for @SamuraiCicero, international hairy man of mystery.









You should all recognise @sciencewitch’s arse by now,from the theme page for this, erm, theme. It’s a nice arse, although I imagine by now that she’s regretting using superglue to keep teddy in place.







This is like a Pre-raphaelite painting: just look at the artistic curve of the left foot, and the typically PRB hair.Fine work, @sjnewton.








@Tilbo_Tweets and his Amazing Exploding Head. Can’t remember the name of that creature, but it looks rather alarmed.










Already people are discussing a fourth part of the #NUDDY trilogy (sic). If it does happen (it will), it will take place in the warm months, and the gentlemen at least will be glad of that,as will @bathcat’s bum. I’m thinking #NUDDYKITCHENUTENSIL at the moment….

Huge thanks, everybody. You’re all stars.

About wombat37

A Yorkshireman in the green hills of Lancashire, UK Not a real wombat, obviously, or typing would become an issue. I do have short legs and a hairy nose, however. Oh, & a distinctive smell.

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  1. Moria *grins*… purrfet ginger!Must be the first blog int eh world to have two twins taking part in something, other than pron!


  2. Last one is ‘Stitch’ (from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch). Very funny. Very arty.


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