Running Out Of Ideas For Dog-themed Titles



First lad out with me today was BOB – look at him, the little cutie. He’s full of energy, full of life, and full of love. He was also full of poo, and used up three of the six bags I had in my pocket so that I had to cart Todd and Saffy into the office later to top up my supply. Bob wagged his tail, or more accurately his whole bum, the whole way round.





You may remember lively FLACK from a previous post. Today’s Flack, though, was very subdued, quiet and unresponsive. He also had several stitches close to his eye, the result of a bust up with Pudding. Until hostilities broke out in the run, those two had been the best of friends and there had been no hint of trouble. Pudding has a bit of a sore ear, but he gave poor Flack’s face a right seeing to. I took Flack round the long circle today (past the Duckworth Arms, since you ask). He enjoyed himself, but quietly.




Remember CHARLIE, the happy chappie from a previous post? I took him out in a twosome today with his kennel-mate NIPPER. Nipper, as you might imagine from his name and size, is a bit of a tinker. It was fun to watch them, Charlie being led on by Nipper to bark whenever we saw another dog, something Charlie didn’t dream of when I had him out alone.




A couple of old friends were last, kennel mates TODD and SAFFRON, who you’ve seen a few times now. Saffie was really good letting Adie put in her eyedrops before we left. I don’t think Todd was any different from usual Todd, to be honest, but Saffie, bolstered by the presence of her kennel-chum, was far more outgoing today than before. There was a brief problem when Todd’s lead got caught in Saff’s tightly-curled tail, but otherwise they were a complete delight.


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