Biscuit World Cup, Group 1

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PHEEP! The first four matches are now underway. Vote for your favourite biscuit in each of the games in the poll boxes on the right. Add a comment to this post to explain why your choice should win. (if you need further information on any biscuit, harness the power of Google).

In the event of a drawn match, the comments that impress Referee Wombat the most will win for that biscuit. All commenters will be entered into the AMAZE PRIZE DRAW (see below). The games:

fatrascalsAlmond ThinsFat Rascals                     v                    Almond Thins

Vote for your favourite in the box on the right. Comment below


biscotti4_iced_gemsIced Gems                       v                     Biscotti

Vote for your favourite in the box on the right. Comment below


Biscuit_Lemon_PuffperkinsPerkins                           v                     Lemon Puffs

Vote for your favourite in the box on the right. Comment below


kletskoppentimtamsKletskoppen (lace biscuits) v                   Tim Tams



PRIZE DRAW: everyone who leaves a comment will be entered into a Prize Draw after the tournament to win three packets of the World Champion biscuit along with a range* of teas in which to dunk them. *might not be a terribly huge range; it depends what I’ve got in the top cupboard.


About wombat37

A Yorkshireman in the green hills of Lancashire, UK Not a real wombat, obviously, or typing would become an issue. I do have short legs and a hairy nose, however. Oh, & a distinctive smell.

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  1. I've never had Kletskoppen but they look awesome so Tim Tams are going DOWN.


  2. I'm on a phone! No voting boxes! 😦 I vote Biscotti – because I suggested it. Very sturdy. I feel bad for Iced Gems but they are flimsy. I can inhale them. But a biscotti – I *wrestle* with it. Julia x @teddy_red


  3. Belgian biscuits for the win! Voted Kletskoppen of course. Now a bit sad I didn't put Galettes St Michel in the pool, they're definitely the best biscuits.×449.jpg


  4. Tauntongardener

    Never had a Fat Rascal, but Almond Thins slip down very easily. Iced Gems are a classic and beat dry old Biscotti hands down. Lemon Puffs are dry and dusty, and are always the last biscuit to be eaten out of a biscuit assortment. Although Tim Tams is a poor mans Penguin it still beats Kletskoppen, 'cause you can't do the Tim Tam suck with one.


  5. View the web version to get the voting boxes. I'm still not sure what some of these biscuits are thousands. @VanishedHippo


  6. Fat Rascals are NOT a biscuit! Iced Gems are VILE. I've never heard of Perkins and TimTams are AMAZING with a cuppa. 🙂


  7. Fat Rascals ARE a biscuit cos I like them and I'm the boss of you 😉


  8. You're not the boss of me! Dean is, and you're NOT MY REAL DAD! *runs upstairs, slams door and puts music on LOUD*


  9. Lemon puffs, euch.


  10. 'mon the Iced Gems!


  11. I don't know most of these… *sobs* I need to spend a year just eating biscuits!!!!


  12. @badunderpants

    Tim Tams are chocolate covered. You can bite off diagonal corners and suck hot coffee through. You then have about two seconds to eat it before it collapses in a heap in your cup. Fortunately there's about twelve in a pack so you can practice.


  13. Kletskoppen any day yummy love iced gems too


  14. After looking at all the winners, I'm very disappointed for iced gems, I'm going to go and buy twenty packs and eat them all in sympathy


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