Biscuit World Cup Semi Finals

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Semi-finals, dudes! Who thought we’d ever get here? Young biscuits, kickabouts in the park, teacosies for goalposts, isn’t it? And for me, two of the biscuits in the last four are a complete surprise. Voting, which you can do over on the right there, runs until midnight. Remember to add a comment to this post to explain why your choice should win. Such comments have already decided several matches. All commenters will be entered into the AMAZE PRIZE DRAW (see below).


Almond Thinschocolate_chip-cookies_1Almond Thins                                 v                    Choc Chip Cookies
It’s hard to see any other result but a Choc Chip win here, despite Thins disposing of the surprisingly resilient Tim Tams yesterday. Apparently Tesco sell Tim Tams, I’m told.



Custard_Cream-1Shortbread-3Custard Creams                       v                      Shortbread
A marvellous result for Shortbread yesterday, knocking out the much fancied Nobs of the Hob, will boost their confidence. They will be severely tested by the awesome might of the Custard Creams, though.


PRIZE DRAW: everyone who leaves a comment will be entered into a Prize Draw after the tournament to win three packets of the World Champion biscuit (unless Tim Tams win cos I have no idea where to get them. You can have Penguins instead) along with a range* of teas in which to dunk them. *might not be a terribly huge range; it depends what I’ve got in the top cupboard.


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A Yorkshireman in the green hills of Lancashire, UK Not a real wombat, obviously, or typing would become an issue. I do have short legs and a hairy nose, however. Oh, & a distinctive smell.

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  1. Chocolate chip cookies as I don't like almond's !


  2. This is hard! After a very lonh contemplation I voted for the almond thins, they are after all so much more delicate, elegant and non-American than the choc chip cookies…


  3. Woah Nelly…Custard creams are taking a beating!
    Went for almond thins over chocolate chip as think we need something delicate in the final…


  4. For me this is like the final already. I don't give a hoot around the first pair, but custard creams and shortbread are both delicious. The creams win for me because they are yummy, iconic, and a real family favourite. I have a biscuit tin that looks like a giant custard cream. It's fab!


  5. Now it is tough. Almond thins should never of even got this far they are just not a tea dunking biscuit at all. I know it's not about tea dunking but when I vote it is. My fave fig rolls went out so now my money is on custard creams…come on you custards


  6. Gah, you've all got no taste in biscuits, I'm still a gingernut fan!


  7. Go shortbread. I'm supporting my national biscuit 🙂


  8. Oh Custard Creams have finally come into their own. There is no comparison. Shortbread is for Christmas, but a custard cream is for always.


  9. A shortbread beats a custard cream- know which way I am voting


  10. Only one of these biscuits makes the perfect Hogmanay gift. You know the right thing to do is vote Shortbread.


  11. These results are surprising me. Mind you I expected shortbread vs custard cream in the finals…

    I don't mind whether shortbread or custard cream wins ultimately, but please, it cannot be chocolate chip! They pale next to either of the other buttery yumness. yumnesses. Er. whatever.


  12. Mind you for honesty I should say that I did vote shortbreadly. But I've only ever had a half-packet of custard creams – they aren't the same as US sandwich cookies, alas, and they were heavenly.


  13. Come on you b******d's, vote for custard creams. They're way better than dry old shortbread.


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