How to do #TWANTA

A-upOnLCQAAj3_f.jpg largeJingly balls, jingly balls, jingly all the way. It’s time for #TWANTA2013 to hitch up the reindeer to the jingly sleigh and decorate his shiny balls. Here’s a reminder of how it all works.

Star You must have specifically asked me, and I must have confirmed that you’re taking part if you are to join in. This is an attempt to avoid the slight wobble that happened a couple of years ago for two of our lovely twantadors. There is a list of confirmed twantadors at the foot of this post. (There’ll be a glossary post later, don’t worry).

widget53 Thank you #twant2012 !! @twanta2012 Happy Christmas!!!Here is my very Japanese #TWANTA2012 gift. Thanks to the sender, and to you for organising! x Star Make sure to DM your address to @twanta2013 so that I can pass it on to your own Secret Twanta. I do remember some of your addresses from last year, but obviously I deleted all the addresses of those who asked me so to do. If the Twitter Unfollow Bug has caused @twanta2013 to unfollow you, let me know so that I can correct that.

Star Tell me if there’s anyone in the list below that you want to avoid. I don’t want to be responsible for any “INCIDENTS”.

waywardlou My #twanta2012 gift with a note that read “Merry Christmas & happy wedding planning”. Thank v much, it’s gorgeous xxxStar Once I have everyone’s address, I’ll DM you to let you know for whom you are buying a gift (grammar), together with their address. You might want to spend a little while researching their timeline to find out a little bit about them. Yes, that’s a bit stalkery, but you’ll be able to make your gift a bit more personalised.

Star Buy a pressie for your twantee (as the recipients have somehow come to be known) and send it to them. Mark the envelope #TWANTA so they know what it is. Let @twanta2013 know that you’ve posted it (so I can keep track in case anything goes missing). It’s entirely up to you whether to remain anonymous or declare yourself.

smiler1313 my wonderful prezzie thank you mwahhhhStar Do NOT buy hugely expensive pressies (unless you’re buying for me, obv). Small, fun and imaginative is the rule of thumb, but don’t send an actual thumb. That would be hideous. I recommend spending no more than a fiver, though that of course is up to you. The photographs accompanying this post are of some of last year’s gifts, should you need inspiration.

Star When you receive your #TWANTA pressie, again let @twanta2013 know. Challenge yourself to wait until Christmas Eve or Day to open the thing. Harness your willpower, grasshopper.

theflossietp Modesty prevents me from quoting, but my #twanta2012 not only sent a gift, but a riddle too! Thanks, 'twas ACE!Star When your willpower fails, take a photo ready to post at Christmas. I’ll collect all pics that use the hashtag #TWANTA2013 into a glorious blog post celebrating how wonderful you lot are, and revealing (unless you tell me otherwise) who sent you your gift.

If it all goes tits up, remember that it was originally all the idea of that @captain_doodle, and castigate him mercilessly. Here’s a list of all those confirmed to take part. (It’s in four columns, phone users, so scroll across). If you want to play and your name’s not here, let me know faster than sugar off a shovel.


Confirmed Twantadors for 2013

Let me know NOW if you also want to take part.

@doodledawne’s Em


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  1. Wow! This gets bigger every year……… Sooo excited


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