Chocolate World Cup Round 2

Yes, Kit Kat Cheese - wonder if @captain_doodle has tried this?

Yes, Kit Kat Cheese – wonder if @captain_doodle has tried this?

In the final Round 1 matches, Kit Kat beat Fudge (boo!), Dairy Milk trounced Wispa as expected, and quite ridiculously Bounty beat the divine Drifter. Stupid Bounty lovers.

I thought the fourth match, Mars v Curly Wurly, was going to go to extra time, but against the run of play Curly Wurly scored in the fifth minute of injury time to go through.

We now know the full line-up for the second round, and here they are with tips from WomBet, ‘the bookmaker with form’. You can vote on the first four matches at the foot of this post.

Ripple v Twix Poncy posh chocolate against workaday snack. Twix to win.

Crunchie v Toffee Crisp Friday tooth-rotter versus hopeless wannabe. Easy Crunchie win.

Milka v Flake A walkover for Flake, cos of the oral sex connotations.

Snickers v Toblerone A mighty tussle between two titans. Toblerone might just edge it.

Twirl v Double Decker Kids’ lunchbox favourite takes on weird layered crap. A Twirl win.

Galaxy v Milky Way The Stoke v Middlesbrough of the chocolate world. YAWN.

Kit Kat v Curly Wurly Tough to call, a fascinating match-up. Kit Kat has the backing though.

Dairy Milk v Bounty WomBet are no fans of Dairy Milk, but we hope they stuff sickly Bounty.



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