#NuddyChristmas–a festive joy

Although rather more sparsely attended than its noteworthy predecessors, presumably because many of the usual suspects had other calls on their time, this fourth in the #Nuddy trilogy featured some remarkably artistic entries from courageous funsters. My eternal thanks to you all – I hope that thumbing your noses* at convention left you with a feeling of pride.

*not to mention other protruberances

Sixteen gorgeous people took part, rather more men than women this time, which was a switch from the previous three events. On with the pics, in roughly the order they were taken:

So here it is...


As usual, though, I’ll start with mine. Woefully unimaginative, and hard to capture as Father Christmas kept falling over, resulting in a series of outtakes that will never be inflicted upon the world. Sexy feet, huh?

Merry Christmas!




Here’s our very own @Grumpy_Mel, one of my long-standing Twitter heroes. As he puts it so succinctly, “Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a reindeer mankini.”






...having fun.


Here’s @louietwist, doing some unwrapping in one of the more action-packed photos of the set, and exclaiming “My eyes my beautiful eyes!” as she turns to spot @iannlou over on the right there.




Look to the...



A mug, a mat, and a hairy @samuraicicero – “Welp. Merry Christmas.” he squeaks.



...future now.





“Oh well, if you insist,” purrs @och23, setting off her gorgeous hair with perfectly colour-matched tinsel.



It's only just...


And here’s bad boy @vanished hippo, who, after a hard day of eating, likes nothing better than to relax with a stocking on. That’s a big one. Just saying.


...begu - hu- un.


“Happy Christmas Everyone!” cries @kyotowolf, over on the right there, while keeping his baubles well out of sight. Sensible boy.














Ah, ma belle @gemmajoobjoob dit “Ho Ho Ho” et pour une raison étrange me fait commence à parler en Français. Une femme puissante en effet, comme le montre par son recrutement de la digne @bieredeluxe dans le plaisir #NuddyChristmas.



A little bit of Slade for you there...



Ah, that’s better. @sjcoltrane has put an end to my French shenanigans. “Here we go,” he says, “Santa’s role isn’t very prominent, but I was in a hurry.” Thankfully, he was prominent enough.


 Next on Radio Wombat, Jonah Lewie is going to  stop that cavalry!




Welcome newcomer to #NuddyPics @baronhawkey, who seems to have turned his belly into Santa’s face – unless that’s not actually a fake beard, and his pubes are really like that. Scared now.



I'll just twiddle the tuner, hang on...



A couple from the delightful @WitchofScience now; on the left one of her remarkable #AdventBoobs series.

…while on the right you’ll see one of the sexiest #Nuddy photos ever, Hey, Mr. Churchill comes over here, to say we're doing splendidly...at least for those of us of a certain age. Bless Gizzy’s little cotton socks. Oh, she’s not wearing any. Or much else…



...but it's very cold out here in the snow marching to and from the enemy.




Behold the arse of @davidtims, man of the world. “I hope you appreciate,” he says “That not only has Kamini been forced to take several naked photos of me this evening, she is also witnessing me sending a naked picture of myself to a man I met on the internet.” Lots of men, David, and not a few women either. That should make her feel better.



I have had enough.Oh I say it's tough,Mr. @sjnewton, ever the gent, posted the first arousing pic of two expressly for @TheFlossieTP, @dawbes and @QuantumTree, but here you can all enjoy his enormous hat. The second, more artistic pose, will arouse yearnings in even the most stoic of viewers. Look at his lovely pom-pom.



Can you stop the cavalry?


Last, but never the least, everyone’s fantasy woman @BottyB lights up all our hearts with a veritable work of art.

Dummy dummy dum dum dummy dummy dum...



And I couldn’t resist including her outtake when her knockers exploded with light. In the words of the bequiling Zoe herself – Merry Christmas Everyone!

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