“Soul of the Universe” cover reveal

1901160_276107002566027_1489326342_nFinally I can show you all what I’ve been drooling over for the last week or two. *blows a squeaky trumpet*

It is my immense pleasure to present to you the splendid cover for my new book, “Soul of the Universe”, which will be available to buy on March 18th. I feel properly proud that it has been chosen as the first book to be published by Anthology Club, a growing collective of writing talent that has been causing something of a stir, and is predicted to become quite the thing over the coming months. Already Anthology Club have eight further collections in the works.

As for my collection, it runs to a hundred and sixty pages and six tales set in a widely varied range of genres. The title derives from something that Plato (you know Plato, right?) said –

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

I’m sure that from that you can work out that all of the stories in this book are inspired by music. Each story has a YouTube link to the song that inspired it, so that you will be able to listen as you read. I’ll tell you more, and introduce you to the individual authors, over the next few weeks. For now, let us just bathe in that glorious work of art up there, and the many symbolisms therein. From the design, can you guess what genres are represented in the book? Go on, have a wild stab and tell me in the comments.

The cover was commissioned from a young artist named Kit Cooper, who was told the theme “Music is the soul of the universe” and nothing else, and given the seemingly impossible task of interpreting that theme. Now, I may be biased – hell, of course I’m biased – but I think Kit did an incredible job.

“Soul of the Universe” will be available for purchase on March 18th. You can see more of Kit Cooper’s work, including his own books, at http://rogueheartillustration.tumblr.com/


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  1. OOoooooooh ….


  2. Incredible indeed!


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