What you see is what you hear

Moth Girl Episode One Cover_ImageI’m over the parrot to be able to tell you that Moth Girl is now available as an Audiobook. Now you can listen to Thea’s adventures in the car, while you’re washing the dishes, or, you know, anywhere else where you might use your ears.

I am indescribably grateful to the remarkably talented voice artist Matt Thurston for agreeing to read it for me. Episode One is available for download from Bandcamp now. You can name your own price for downloading; pay what you think it is worth (and yes, that does include paying nothing; grab it free, if you like, as our gift to you. If you do think our efforts are worth rewarding, though, the option to bung us something is there).

CLICK HERE to download Episode One now.


About wombat37

A Yorkshireman in the green hills of Lancashire, UK Not a real wombat, obviously, or typing would become an issue. I do have short legs and a hairy nose, however. Oh, & a distinctive smell.

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