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“Summer Shorts” call for flash/short submissions


Sumer is icumen in,
Lhude sing, cuccu;
Groweth sed
and bloweth med,
and writeth shorts shall yu.

With ‘Soul of the Universe’ now on sale, and the piratical ‘Cutthroats & Curses’ soon to be published, Anthology Club is rapidly becoming an established publisher of quality anthologies of independent writing.

Submissions are now welcomed for ‘Summer Shorts’, a collection of flash fiction and shorty-short stories of between 100 and 2,000 words. The editor says “word count requirements are very loosey-goosey, and the most tenuous of summer connections is probably fine.”

The deadline for submissions is June 15th. Go to the Anthology Club website to register and submit your hot tale of sun, sand and anything else that might or might not begin with ‘S’.

Revell… ambitious… BUT BRILLIANT!

Revell... ambitious... BUT BRILLIANT! I don't believe it! I swear I do not believe it!

“Revell… ambitious… BUT BRILLIANT! I don’t believe it! I swear I do not believe it!”

Bring kids, dogs, cake and especially cake

It’s only just occurred to me that it’s quite close to #YSPtweetup 2014, and what have I done in preparation? A lot of sod all, that’s what. It’s about time I extracted my digit and started winding up the arrangements.


For this year’s Wombat Wedding Anniversary hoopla we will once again be at the delightful Yorkshire Sculpture Park for picnics, walks, art and having a lot of fun together. The date to mark in red in your diary is Saturday 21st June.

As usual, bring food, chums, OHs, smiles, kids and canine companions. We’ll follow the usual plan: meet up around ten (although it usually takes at least half an hour to get the gang moving – honestly, you lot are as nippy as the Titanic sometimes), then stroll down to the picnic area for food, chat, and watching the kids. After we’ve all eaten each other’s food, we’ll “do” the park – lakes, woods, artworks, and climbing on that sculpture that you’re not supposed to climb on.

basdriver map


An offer of a lift: @basdriver is driving up to YSP from Cardiff and is kindly offering lifts to anyone near his route (click on the map on the left to see it large), which is roughly Cardiff-> Cheltenham-> Birmingham-> Nottingham-> Sheffield-> Wakefield). Contact him if you want to take him up on his lovely offer. Nice chap.

And if you can offer a lift to anyone who might want to go but has no transport, then let me know and I’ll put out a call on here.



YSP mapOK, here’s a map (click it to big it) and some bullet points. Gotta love bullet points.

  • YSP is just off the M1 junction 38.
  • Meet between 10 and 10:30 near the main car park, by the entrance to the main building. If it’s stair-rodding, you could always pop inside.
  • Car Parking is £8 for all day, payable at a machine that takes cards or cash, and asks for your car reg. number. The Car Park is HUGE and everyone will fit in.
  • Bring picnic food & drink OR buy stuff in the cafés there. Tap water is available free.
  • If you have any of my books you want signing, bring them along. I’ll also be available to sign boobs *eyebrow waggle*
  • We don’t have to stick together the whole day, but I hope we can at least get a big team photo of the whole company like before.
  • Official hashtags – either #YSPtweetup or #YSPtweetup2014.

Check the YSP website to see what they’ve got on at the moment, and ask me if you have any questions. Finally, clicky these links to see my blogs of previous #YSPtweetups: 2011, 2012, 2013.

Cutthroats and Curses

Scrivener is coming into its own during the editing process of the forthcoming Anthology Club compilation Cutthroats and Curses – oh yes, that’s what the Pirate anthology is called now – Cutthroats and Curses: an anthology of Pirate Tales. The title is all down to you lot, of course, overwhelmingly preferring it over the other candidates in the recent poll. It’s a good title, too, all rousing and all-iterative.

Have a butcher’s at the screenshot below (clicky clicky if you want to see it up close) and you’ll see that we have eleven rattling good yarns of sea battles, maps, and hidden treasure, as well some whoa-making surprises that would no longer be surprises if I told you about them. Established authors like Marissa Ames, Lisa Shambrook and Alex Brightsmith are joined by newcomers such as Boyd Miles and Stephen Coltrane. Oh, and me, trying to be funny again. It’s all very exciting.

That’s not the final order of stories, by the way; I’m still shuffling them about, balancing light against dark, action against calm, Beth against Eric. Scrivener makes handling such a wriggling sack of writers a dream with its corkboard, colour coding and inbuilt writer’s tools. I’m right enjoying myself, which is as it should be. You’ll right enjoy this an’all when it comes out.


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